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The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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Volume 3, Number 5 (September 1974)

The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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�@)Bloomington ···Normal

-Vol.-3 No. 5·

- Sept 1974

INSIDE: . election funny business
h a.1.ry Ieg_s
gerald's jive BULK RATE
manda in cafe- closing U.S. POSTAGE





Until Thursday August 29, Bloomington Silverstein said he lived there, On Thursday August 29, Bosshardt told
patrolman Glenn Jenkins thought his and Jenkins told Silverstein to go Silverstein that Jenkins had been
uniform allowed him to threaten pho­ on into the house. Instead of
tographers with confiscation of their leaving, Silverstein asked what was reprimanded for his conduct. The
cameras, going on, Jenkins said "It's none chief said that if a citizen wants
of your business," and again in­ to stand in his own driveway, that's
At least that's what Jenkins' behav­ structed Silverstein to leave. his business. And the Chief said
ior the Monday before indieated--he About that time, Phil Dick came out that Jenkins was also out of line in
threatened to take away Phil Dick's of the house, camera in hand, He threatening confiscation of Phil
camera while Phil was taking pic­ stood in the driveway, taking pic­ Dick's camera.
tures in his own driveway. tures of the police and their two Ultimately two good ·things came out
"suspects" (or whatever they were).
According to Bloomington Police Chief of Jenkins' August 26 visit to Roose­
Bosshardt, Jenkins has now been re­ Jenkins tried to tell Dick to leave,
primanded for his conduct that night. but also with no success. A hostile velt St. Jenkins was reprimanded,
Bosshardt's action followed an in­ tension began building, and Jenkins and the Chief encouraged Silverstein
formal complaint made by Mark Silver­ finally threatened that Dick had to report any future difficulties
stein, who witnessed Jenkins' author­ "ifbetter go on into his house you with Jenkins.
itarian behavior. want to keep that camera." Also, the folks who had no place to
stay but their car got to sleep in
The incident took place late evening While Jenkins never carried out his
August 26, when a paddy wagon pulled threats, Silverstein decided to in­ the house .
into a private parking lot on South form Chief Bosshardt of Jenkins'
Roosevelt St. Living next door to bullying conduct. Any people who have any trouble with
Office r Jenkins should report the in­
that parking lot, Dick and Silver­ (Jenkins and his companion, Officer cident to the Police Chief.
Frika, had allowed the two car-sleep­
stein went outside to watch what the ers to leave, with the agreement that Patrolman Jenkins has earned him­
police were doing. Dick said that they wouldn't stay in the parking
he believes that citizen monitoring self Post-Amerikan publicity in the
of police helps prevent illegal lot. )
searches and other harassment. Dick past. Just last June, the Post pub­
and Silverstein watched the police When Silverstein first went to com­ lished an account of Robin Archer's
from their house's driveway, which arrest at the Red Lion for being un­
ad joins the parking lot. plain, he did not know just !!h2 he derage. The Post told Robin's ac­
The police were apparently checking count of the police's excessive
out a car parked in the parking lot. was complaining about. Bosshardt verbal abuse and use of unnecessary
Two guys had been sleeping in it. agreed to check it out and find out force on her,
When Silverstein came out of his which officers .had been sent on the "While she was in the squad car,
house, Officer Jenkins asked Sil­ call. another unidentif.ed uniformed of­
verstein if he was with the two ficer who was short and had a mous­
men in the car. Receiving a nega­ When Bosshardt later found out that tache kept pulling up Robin's arms
tive reply, Jenkins asked if Sil­ it was Officer Jenkins who had been against her joints and insisted on
verstein had been the one who had pushing his weight around, the Chief pulling and tugging on her hair,•
phoned in the complaint. Again told Silverstein that Jenkins had the Post reported last June. The
receiving a negative reply, Jenkins Post reporter who spoke with Robin
suggested that Silverstein leave. had to be corrected a couple times said she later identified this "un­
identified officer" as Glenn Jen­
before. Jenk ins tended to be an ag­ kins.
gressive type person, Bosshardt told




B£-£R S€�V£D DAlL8

tu<0sday spCbciol:
·�ny drink
"'i th sandwich purchase,
7/ II pm (includcis Be,er � \.J; ne,)

Monday /am ro B pm
T u<&sday / Safurday 1 am fo r\idnighf
Sunday I 0 om ,Yo /"\idni9ht

\0 7 £. B£AUfORT votJnrotJn noRmAL


A N T I -ABOR T I ON G R O U PS RALLY TO S EV ­ T h e H ogan Amendment d o e s n o t a l l ow A n d in K en t u c ky the 2 , 5 0 0 member

ER ELY ER ODE 1 9 73 SUPR EM E C OURT DE­ ab o r t i on e v en t o s av e a w oman ' s R i ght-to-Life affiliate was instru-
C ISION l i fe , alth ough Sec . 2 of the Buck-
ley Amendment seems to make that mental in getting the legislature
to p e ti t i on C ongr e s s for an ant i -

W a s h ington ( LN S ) --W i th impeachment c onc e s s i on , but realistically it abor t i on amendment to the C onst i -
debate f inished , the House Judici­ c ontradicts Sec . 1 . t u t i on . S imilar ac t i v i t i e s c an be
ary C ommi ttee i s be ing pre s s ured to found in almos t every s tate .
As Adele M eyer of the Aborti on Alert
re- open debate on abort i on i s s ue s . Ad H o c C omm i t t e e p o ints out , " if a R ight- to-Life f orce s are agi tating
Various " r ight t o life " lobbying w oman may have an aborti on to sav e t h e i ssue , deluging C ongress w i th
groups are proposing measures that h e r l ife , then o bv i o usly , the f e t u s mai l and busily sec uring ant i -
revise or reverse the Supreme C ourt d o i s not have an equal right to l i fe . " abortion resolutions from almost
dec i s i on of 1 9 7 3 that sanc t i on e d the ' one-third of the state legislatures .
surgical terminati on of pregnancy . In addition to the three riders and

Thr e e r i d ers to b i l l s have already the thr e e c on s t i tuti onal amendments , I nev i tably-- even though i t i s an
pas sed the C ongre ss that undercut
the Supreme C ourt dec i si on a an amendment to the Soc ial Secur i ty e le c t i on year-- the House J udiciary
Ac t of 1973 has been proposed by C ommi tt e e and the Subc ommittee on
*Helms Amendment t o the F or e i gn
A i d B i l l of 1973 . Pas s e d in J un e S enator Buckley . This s tates that C on s t i t u t i onal Amendments w i ll hav e
1 9 74 , this measure stipulates that no i:Fe deral Medicaid funds may be di ms s i ons o n
hospi tals refus ing to perform abor­ used for abortions! Last year , in to b e gin s er i ou s Pas s �: o f any o f
t i ons may not be denied federal ge
funds , even if tho s e h o sp i ta l s are th es e me a s ur e s. s a
i n t e n d e d to s e rv e as community
health fac ilit ies . C al i forn ia , M e d i c a i d funds pa i d for C on s t i tuti onal Amendments w i ll have
1 7% of all abor t i ons . Th i s amend- t o begin s e rious d i s c u s s i on s on
the s e measures . Passage of any of
ment would deny w omen on welfare

,the r ight to abor t i on s . these measures c ould severely limit
�............................................ _ _ at w orst c omple te ly revers e --
t h e Supreme C o urt dec i s i on al l ow ing

abortions .

*Legal Serv i c e s Ac t . This bill ,

pas s e d in Apr i l 1974 , was am en d e d I t i s of v i tal importan c e n ow t o

t o read that attorneys fun de d by exert whatever pre ss ure possible to
Legal S e rv i c e s may not ass i s t a d ef eat the s e measure s . Members of

w oman in a s u i t for an abor t i on . s ubc omm i t t e e #4 o f th e H o u s e J u d i c ­

i ary C omm i t t e e inc l u d e s Don Edwards
( D-C al ) , Jerome Waldie ( D-Cal ) ,
A s w e l l a s the abov e riders , c on­

s t i t u t i onal amendmen t s hav e b e en Paul s . Sarban e s ( D-M d . ) , Robert F .

proposed that w ould totally invali- Drinah ( D-M ass ) , C harl e s Rangel
· date the Supreme C ourt dec i s i on . ( D-NY ) , C harles W iggins ( R-C al ) ,
C ongres s i onal debate on the measures R o bert McC l ory ( R - I l l ) , C al dw e l l
B u t l e r ( R -V a ) , T r e n t L o t t ( R -M i s s ) .
has be en nil due to impeachment hear­

ings . Indivi dual c ongre sspeopl e , up

f or re - e l e c ti on in N ov ember , , have M embers of the subc omm i ttee on C on­
also been hoping to postpone debate
t i l l after e l e c t i ons . But right- to­ s t i tutional Amendments are s B i rc h
l if e groups are pr essuring to begin
d i s c u s s i on . The prop o s e d amendments Bayh ( D- I nd ) , Jame s Eas tland ( D­
M i s s ) , Sam Erv in ( D-N . C . ) , Harry
are a Byrd , Jr . ( D-W . V a ) , Quentin N .
B urd i c k ( D-N . D . ) , J ohn T unney ( D­

* Hogan Amendment.,;, " Se c . 1 . N e i ther C al ) , H iram F oag ( R -Hawai i ) , R o ­
the u . s . nor any s tate s hall d e prive man Hruska ( R-N e b ) , Strom· Thurmond
( R -s . c . ) , Marlow C ook ( R -Ky ) , Hugh
any human be ing , from the moment o f
c onception , of life w ithout due pro­ Scott ( R-Penn ) .
. c e s s o f law , nor d eny • • • t h e equal
pro tec ti on of law . Sec . 2. N e i ther
We ' I I p u l I ou r own st r i ngs ! · �oo�
the u . s . or an y s tate s h a l l n o t de­ � .._.. � -

' pr iv e any human b e ing , o f l i fe on ac­ ,13 t() t() )()
, c o un t o f age , i l ln e s s or inc apac i ty . "

*W h i t'ehur s t Amendmen t . " S ec . l . The press ure for h earings has cre­ ��
" N othing in th i s C ons t i tu t i on s hall ated s everal nati onal c oal i t i ons on IU11:>
bar any state or territory or the each s ide of the i ssue . The Nation­
D i s tric t of C olumb ia w i th regard to al R ight t o L i f e C ommi t t e e , the i::i
any area which it has j ur isdiction Nati onal C ommi t t e e for a Human Life <'t-
from a l l ow ing , regulating or pro­ Amendment and the Life Lobby c on­
hibiting the prac tice of abortion . " �\,gi
front such gr oups as the National
T h e W h i t ehurs t and H ogan Amendmen ts 11:>
are n ow in s ub c omm i t t e e #4 o f the Abort i on R ights Ac t i on League , the Q
H o u s e Jud i c iary C ommi t t e e , a c om­ Planne d Parenthood F e d erat i on and ""
m i ttee inc identally made up of a l l the American C ivil Liberties Uni on . """
me n . Donald Edwards ( D-C al i f ) , 11:>
c hairman o£ the subc omm i ttee and a Last N ov ember , the National R ight $:).,
pro-abortionist s upporter , had table d to Life C ommi ttee began c ompiling
t h e amendments o n t h e grounds o f lac k 113tl:J
of c ongre ss i onal interes t , n o doubt what i ts new s l e t te r c a l l s " an e l ab­
because of the impeachment inquiry . orate profile" on each member of ... .

M eanwh i l e , " R i gh t to L i f e " groups C ongre s s . " W e n e e d t o know h i s
hav e been push ing for a p e t i t i on to ( his?-- typist ' s inter j e c tion ) I��
discharge which would take the mea­
sures out of c ommittee and onto the pos i t i on on human l ife i s s u e s , . .g
floor f or a v o te . S o far , h ow ever , h i s v o t ing rec ord , h i s c omm i t te e s ,
they hav e been uns ucc e s s ful in get­ h i s fri ends , h i s s ource of c am­ ...,
ting the number of votes needed to paign fund s , h i s bas i s for pol i t i ­
do so. c al s upport , h i s family , and any­ IV
th ing else that w i ll give us an ad­ i
The th ird propos e d c on s t itut i onal vantage in influenc ing h i s vote . "
amendment is the Buc l:l e y Amendment s Planned Parenthood • • • • • • • • • 829- )0 2 8
And the r ight- t o - l i f e groups hav e "'4.5 2 - 92 2 1
*Buckley Amendment . " Se c . 1 . W i th . People ' s Food • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
respe c t to the r ight t o l if e , the ' the resources to get that kind of POST-AMERIKAN • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 452-922 1
w ord � person" as use d , • • appl i e s to 4)6-70 60
all human be ings , inc luding the un­ informati on . W arren Schaller , di­ Women ' s C enter , SUSY • • • • • • • 452-2412
born offspr ing at ev ery s tage of de­ rec tor of National R ight to Life , 452-4422
velopment , irrespective of health , Student Store s • • • • • • • • • • • • • 829-94)6
: age , func t i on or c ond i t i on of d e ­ e s timates that 8 8 5 organ i zat i ons on PATH • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 828-9148
• pendency . Sec . 2. This article shall 4) 8 - )4 1 1
not app1¥ i f reas onavle medical c er­ his mailing list c on st i t ute 1. l � s s · Food Stamps • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 829-4807
tainty exis ts that c ont inu11.t i oni of the than half of the act iv e aff l 1 a t
pregnancy w il l cause the death of the e s CSA • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Gay Pe ople ' s All iance • • •• • •
in e x i s tenc e .
Free Dental C linic
A c t iv i ty on the l o c al l ev e l has al­
( We stern Ave . Center ) • • •
so been p ervas iv e . M inne s o ta r i gh t­
t o - l i f ere m ov e d into the R epubl i c ­ 3ehve. i-t. . . .
a n and Democra t i c F armer-Labor par­
t i e s in une xpec ted number s in J une tYl .Et.SE/I

t o push for an ti -abor t i on r e s olu­

t i ons .

mother . " I n Utah , where · the ant i-aborti on

Hearings on the Buckley Amendment be­ p o s i ti on of the M o rmon c hurc h i s Fl6 /.EAF W1 1'11
gan in M ar c h in Birch Bayh ' s S enate influential with all of the poli­
s ubc ommitte e on c on s t i t u t i onal A ziPPER .'
t i c ians , an e f fort i s underway to
amendmen ts--also c ompo s e d entirely
of men--and has continued at regu­ s trengthen the exi sting s tate abor­
t i on law .

lar interval s e v e r sinc e . Bayh i s I n I n d i ana where the R i ght to L i f e FcUJdJ'f.1f&1
running for re-election in a s tate group i s headq uartered , the mayor
w i th a subs tantial R oman C athol i c o f I n d i anapo l i s i s mov ing t owar d s IJJ A CA V6" r ll
populat i on . s upporting the group .
/tfE�PtJ TA/fl/II .'!

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