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Eastern Illinois University alumni newsletter magazine

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Eastern Alumnus Vol. 33 No. 4 (Summer 1980)

Eastern Illinois University alumni newsletter magazine

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lA� 1 ER U.l l �I U� IV1. ..,11 Y'
Cl l\RLESTON, ILU1 'OIS 619?0

Board of Directors

VOLXXXIII No.4 June 1980 F. Jack Kenny ' 55
Decatur (1980)
Eastern Illinois University is committed to a policy of non-discrimination with
respect to sex, race, religion, and national origin in all facets of University life Al Daniels '49
and administration. Elgin (1980)

Contents Page Lewis Crane '60

The Association Has a Birthday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Palatine (1981)
An Open Letter From the President . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Homecoming Plans Set 5. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jahala DeMoulin '50
Four Alums to Receive Honor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Decatur (1981)
7Portrait of an Alumnus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Panther Sports 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Keith '69
Alumni Newsnotes 9. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hillsboro (1981)
In Memoriam 15. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
H. Gene Markos '74
This year, 1980, is the 15th Alumni Association
Anniversary of the EIU Alumni Litchfield (1981)
Association. For three quarters of Officers
a century alumni have demon­ Marilyn Oglesby '55
strated their loyalty to their alma President Charleston (1981)
maier through their Association.
M. J ane Duensing '51 Gail Borton '54
The Association has in turn
carried out many worthwhile Algonquin (1980) West Franfort (1981)
projects in behalf of the University
and its alumni. Vice-President J ames G. Kehias '52
Normal (1982)
In these times of rapid change it Robert D. Kovack '57
is good to know that there is an Jack Miller '49
organization that has endured in Mattoon (1981)
the high aims of its founders for so Waukegan (1982)
many years. With perserverance Secretary-Treasurer
and a bit of good fortune, this will Owen (Gene) Strain '63
continue to be the case and we will Kathleen Medder '68 Olney (1982)
be able to look forward to another
75 years of service. Charleston (1982) Mark Wisser '76

Charles Titm Elgin (1982)
Director, University Relations
Kenneth E. Hesler

Director, Alumni Services
Charles Titus

The Eastern Alumnus+ Published in the months of June, September, Second class postage paid at Charleston, Illinois 61920.
Subscription rates are as follows: one year - $4.00; two years - $7 .00; three
December, and March by Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois. years - $I 0.00. USPS 567-820
All relating correspondence should be addressed to Charles Titus, Editor,

Alumni Office, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois 61920.

EIU Alumni Association Has A Birthday!

This year, 1980, mark s the seventy-fifth an­ project which will also place a brick flooring
niversary of the Eastern Illinois University around two of the trees growing in the same area.
Alumni Association. In 1979, the Board of
Directors, under President Park Fellers, '40, A display of memorabilia from t he
established a Diamond Jubilee Celebration Association's history has been placed in the
committee. The committee, chaired by Board Alumni Lounge in the University Union. Items on
member Don Vogel, '73, recommended ways in display include publications produced by the
which the Association could observe its special Association, photographs, and a copy of the
anniversary . minutes of the first Association meeting of June
14, 1905.
As a part of the committee 's suggestions, the
Association has purchased two decorative benches This special issue of the Alumnus magazine is
which were installed on Eastern's campus during another avenue of celebration for this significant
the montl1 of June. The benches, which are point in the Association's history. Many of the
located in the area between McAfee Gymnasium articles and other items herein relate to the
and Ford Hall, are part of a campus beautification celebration or to the Association's history.

OnAJuneEveningin 1905...

Teddy Roosevelt was President, automobiles were a since that time. The Association has also backed many
rarity, and tractors largely unknown. The derby was in projects which have assisted Eastern. One of the most
high style in men's wear as was the bustle for women. important of these was the establishment of the
The drawings of Charles Dana Gibson depicted the Livingston C. Lord Scholarship, which has been
ideal couple, while stories in publications such as Mc­ presented annually since 1934.
Clure's, Cosmopolitan, Scribners and Harpers Ba::,arr
kept magazine readers up-to-date on the latest in The Association for many years has sponsored area
literature and news. meetings of Eastern alumni throughout Illinois and
across the country. Extensive financial support for the
That was the American scene some seventy-five years Univerity's Distinguished Alumnus Award program and
annual giving Telefund projects has also been provided
ago when on the evening of June 14, 1905, in by the Association.

Charleston, Illinois, a group of former students of the More recently the Association provided a grant of
Eastern Illinois State Normal School gathered for an
alumni reception at the Seventh street residence of $1,000 to help send Eastern's Marching Blue band to the
Livingston C. Lord, EISNS president. During the
course of the reception at the President's pleasant, tree Pioneer Bowl during EIU's national championship
shaded home, those present decided to create an football game in 1978. The band received attention
organization for the alumni or their alma mater. acrms the nation through its appearance on television at
half-time of the game.
A temporary chairman, Frank Henderson, '04, was
selected and a motion made by Lloyd Goble, '00, "That Members of the Association's Board of Director'>
have at various times served on search committees
an Alumni Association be formed of the graduates of which revie\\ the candidates for important ad­
the Eastern Illinois State Normal School and that this ministrative positions at Eastern, thus giving alumni an
Association receive the name 'The Eastern Illinois State input into the selection process.
Normal School Alumni Association' ". That motion
carried and the organization that was to become the In 1977, the Association established the Old
Eastern Illinois University Alumni Association was Railsplitter Trophy which annually goes to the winner
born. of the EIU/WIU basketball game. During the
University's Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 1973, the
Motions were then made and passed to establish the Association provided significant financial assistance for
structure of the group and to elect officers. Roscoe some of the Jubilee projects.

Farrar, '03, was elected President; Ethel Anderson, '04, In 1977 the Association was incorporated as a non­
was elected Vice President; J .0. Stanberry, '05, was profit corporation, and is classified as such by the
United States Internal Revenue Service. After .seventv­
elected Treasurer.
Since the As sociation was formed those many years �five years of distinguished history the Associati n

ago, it has grown and expanded to meet changing times. continues to serve the graduates and former students of
In 1947 the first issue of the Eastern Alumnus magazine Eastern Illinois. University through services to alumni
was published. The journal has been issued quarterly and by support of our alma mater.

Page 2

An Open Letter From
The Association President

Dear Fellow Association Member,

Here we are at the 75th Anniversary of the EIU M. Jane Duensing
Alumni Association. This is a time for celebration and
to afford classes on subjects as varied as " Life In The
for concern, for congratulations and for continued Universe" to "Everything You Wanted To Know
commitment. We are nearly 3,000 strong. We can take About Stocks."
pride in the history of Eastern Illinois University, in its
past and present quality, in its students, faculty and To celebrate the Alumni Association' s 75th An­
administration. But none of this is to be taken for niversary the Association Board has chosen to add to
granted, least of all our University and our role in her the beautification of the campus. Two benches have
future well-being. been placed between the McAfee Gym and the Gregg
Triad residence hall complex. Bricks will also be placed
There are numerous uncertainties and problems in circles under two trees in the same location. We will
which affect us all personally. It is a challenge for us to also fund part of the cost of an addition to the
take a hard look and to understand the effect of these broadcasting facilities at O'Brien Field. This special
elements for us as alumni to assist when you consider issue of theA/umnus is also a part of our celebration.
spiraling energy costs and inflation, an unpredictable
economy and fewer numbers of college age students. The Alunni Association's success in the future is
dependent on your involvement. Loyalty to the ideals of
The Alumni Association was founded 75 years ago to our university and a rededication by all of us is needed.
promote good fellowship among its members, to foster
loyalty to our alma mater and to further her interest. There have be.en nearly 30,000 alumni who have been
Those noble purposes still guide our organization, and it graduated from our fine University. Among them are
is to achieve them that all of the efforts of the men and women of great distinction. They have brought
Association are directed. great credit not only to themselves but to our ·alma
mater. This, of course, is the best endorsement of our
The tradition of strong alumni support by school, and one of which we can all be proud.
Association membership, by participation in alumni
activities, and by generosity towards our University will Thank you for your time, your talent and your
be even more necessary in the next quarter century. I energies. May Eastern Illinois University continue to
urge your participation in these ways. nurture learning, to inspire self-confidence and to lead
more educated and dedicated men and women into lives
As a result of three-quarters of a century of dedicated of service.
effort by concerned alumni, Eastern has a strong
Alumni Association. The Association has conducted Cordially,
many worthwhile programs in support of the M. Jane Hesler Duensing, '51
University. It has remained constant in its founders
hopes. President
EIU Alumni Association
But the Association can be an even stronger one than
it presently is. This can be achieved by your continued
membership, and by your efforts to ask fellow alumni
to become members of the Association.

The programs of the Alumni Association include

functions of many types. Almost everyone "1s familiar
with receptions before athletic contests. But the
Association is also the sponsor of the Lord Scholarship,
the most prestigious academic award presented at
Eastern. It has supported the Distinguished Alumnus
Visiting Lecturer Program. It has helped, through a

grant to the University, to send our band to the Pioneer
Bowl in Texas. It has arranged tours of attractions as
diverse as racetracks and symphonys.

The Association also helped promote in July of this
year what I hope will become an annual event-An
Alumni Summer Weekend. This was a two-day program


Athlete, Class of '25 1980 Lord Scholars Named

Glen Hesler,

Prominent EIU

Alumnus, Dies

A. Glen Hesler, '25, former
Alumni Association President and
longtime supporter of Eastern, died
on August 3. He was 77. A retired
executive of the Quaker Oats
Company, Mr. Hesler had also
served as President of the Eastern
Illinois University Foundation and
as Chairman of the University's
Annual Giving Campaign in 1 973-

Brionne Rolens Ann Terese Scheck

A. Glen Hesler Two undergraduate women Lord Scholars for 1 980 are:
won distinction this past spring Brianne Rolens, a special
In 1 973 he received the se11e1 ster when they each won a e d u c a t i o n m aj o r f r o m
Distinguished Alumnus Award Livingston C. Lord Scholarship Springfield, Illinois. An honors
from Eastern. The Award, which is for 1 980. The two women were scholar, Brionn has been active as
the highest tribute the University selected from fourteen of the a member of the Student Council
can pay to a graduate or former highest academically ranked for Exceptional Children and as a
student, was presented to Mr. upperclassmen on campus. volunteer worker at the State
Hesler for his distinguished career Council for Exceptional Children
and his long and continued efforts The Lord Scholarship is the Convention in Chicago in 1 979.
on behalf of his alma mater. most prestigious scholastic award She is a recipient of the Special
presented by the Univer­ Education Recognition Award.
During his years on campus Mr. sity.Established in 1 934 m Brionn wants to help " children
Hesler was active in athletics, memory of Eastern's first grow, to see them discover things
playing in the backfield on Eastern's president, the Lord Scholarship is about themselves and the world
football teams. For the past several administered by the Eastern in which they live. " She believes
years he had been closely associated Illinois University Alumni an outstanding teacher should
with the University's Century Club, Association through the Eastern " be part of an education that
a support group for Eastern's in­ Illinois University Foundation. It would open up many op­
tercollegiate athletic program. is given annually to two persons portunities in childrens lives."
whose " character, scholarship
Mr. Hesler is survived by his wife, and potential skill in teaching Ann Terese Scheck, an English
Mildred, a daughter, Judy, three promises service of distinction in major from Terre Haute, In­
grandsons and a granddaughter. the field of education. '' Each diana. Ann is an honors student
Lord Scholar receives a cer­ who says she looks forward to the
(continued on page 1 6) tificate and a cash stipened of " satisfaction of conducting a
$ 1 , 500. creative learning environment in
Page 4 the classroom, and the challenge
One scholarship is awarded to of successfully providing one part
a junior or senior who is of a young person's educational
preparing to work in elementary foundation. "
or junior high school education.
The other is presented to a junior Ann has been active in Sigma
or senior who is planning a career Tau Delta, an honorary English
in secondar education. The fraternit .


Homecoming '80 Plans Set

Homecoming plans for 1 980 are coffee hours as an opportunity to of baked beans, potato chips or
well underway at Eastern. Several
activities are planned for the see friends who were on faculty or potato salad and a soft drink. The
weekend, which will center around
Saturday, October 4, Homecoming who majored in the same field. " barbeque will be held in front of the
Eastern's Art Department will Lantz Building unless there is bad
Class reunions, an art show, the
traditional football game and the hold its coffee hour in the Sargent weather. " In that case we'll go
Homecoming parade will all be part
of the festivities, according to Art Gallery in the University Union, inside but we'll still have the bar­
Charles Titus, Alumni Director at
EIU. " Homecoming is early this the Mathematics Department will beque, " said Johnson.
year and that means we probably
will have good weather. We're have its function in the recently Kickoff for the Homecoming
looking for a big turnout because of
that and because of the increased remodeled area on third floor west football game will be at 1:30 p.m. in
interest in the football team. ''
of Old Main, and the Music O'Brien Stadium. The Panthers will
Homecoming class re union
luncheons are set for the Classes of Department will hold its coffee hour face traditional Homecoming rival
1930 (Golden Anniversary), 1 940,
1950, 1955 (Silver Anniversary), in the foyer of the Fine Arts Center. Illinois State in what looks to be an
1 960 and 1 970. The reunions will be
held in the Grand Ballroom of the The Home Economics department exciting conte. st. The Panthers
University Union.
will hold a departmental coffee hour defeated the Redbirds last season 24
The luncheons will be followed
immediately by a presentation of in room 110 of the Home too.
Distinguished Alumnus Awards to
four of the University's most Economics Center in the Applied The Homecoming play will be
outstanding graduates. Dr. Daniel
E. Marvin, Jr. , Eastern's president, Arts and Education Building. All presented on Friday evening, Oc­
will honor Tressa Bennett, M.S. '58,
James Galloway, '58, Donald other departmental coffee hours tober 3 at 8 p.m., on Saturday

Shawver, ' 47 and Philip W. Smith, will be in McAfee Gymnasium, evening at 8 p.m. and at a Sunday
according to Titus. matinee at 2 p.m. This year's
The Homecoming parade will
begin at 10 a.m. near Morton Park The Residence Hall Association production is "Candida", written
and follow its usual route along
Lincoln, up Sixth Street, around the will hold its Sixth Annual Barbeque by George Bernard Shaw.
Charleston square and down
Seventh Street to campus where the on Saturday from 11 :00 a.m. until Several open house receptions are

procession will end near the Buzzard 1 :00 p.m. According to Randy also being planned by fraternities
Education Building.
Johnson, Assistant Housing and sororities and other campus
Departmental coffee hours will
again be held for many academic Director, the meal will feature two groups during the weekend.
departments, according to Titus.
The coffees will be held either in barbeque sandwiches, a side order

McAfee Gymnasium or in depart­ Poke Cobb breaks free in 1979 Homecoming Game.
mental areas. " We're planning on
holding the bulk of the coffees in
McAfee Gym because it worked out
so well there last year, " he said. " I
encourage all alumni to use the

Page 5

Four Eastern Alumni To Be Honored With
Distinguished Alumnus Awards At Homecoming

Admiral Philip W. Smith

Four Eastern alumni have been served as a consultant to the

chosen to receive the Distinguished General Electric Company.

Alumnus Award, EIU's most James R. Galloway
prestigious honor. Those · who will

receive the awards at a ceremony on James R. Galloway, '58,

Homecoming day include: Assistant S uperintendent,

Tressa Bennett Department of Adult, Vocational
and Technical Education, Illinois

Mrs. Tressa Bennett, masters ' 58. Office of Education. Galloway
Mrs. Bennett was a librarian for the previously served as Director of the
Medical Training Center in Nairobi, Program Approval and Evaluation
Kenya until her retirement there in Unit in the Illinois Office of
1979. She maintains her home in Education. He has been Assistant
Superintendent since 1 976.
Nairobi. The Distinguished Alumnus

Admiral Philip W. Smith Awards will be presented at a

luncheon ceremony in the

Admiral Philip W. Smith, ' 44, University Union on Saturday,

President of the Naval Reserve October 4, Homecoming Day at

Ass'ociation. Admiral Smith is a Easte rn. The Awards were

naval aviator who served in World established in 1972 as a means to James R. Galloway

War II, Korea and Vietnam. He is honor the University' s most out­ MOVED?

also an attorney and a retired standing alumni. Please Let us
captain for Delta Airlines. Alumni who wish to attend the
Notify the
Distinguished Alumnus Award Alumni Office, EIU

Donald L. Shawver presentation luncheon are welcome

Donald L. Shawver, '47, a to do so. Meals are priced at $7.25
Professor of Marketing at the per plate. Checks should be made
University of Missouri. Dr. Shawver payable to the EIU Alumni
is former head of the Department of
Marketing at Missouri and the Association and mailed to the
author of several books. He has also Alumni Office at Eastern. Tickets
and a name tag will be sent by return
Page 6 mail.

Mary Hempen, '75

Portrait of an Alu01nus

Dhahrain. Ramadan, Khobar. issued and the new arrivals learned
The exotic words roll off the tongue their way around the camp. " It was
with the flavor of far off places, the the month of Ramadan, a Moslem
tang of the different, the distant, the holiday when we arrived, and it was
strange. For most Americans the intersession at the school," Mary
words never get beyond conjuring explained and she was immediately
up Arabian Nights like images in the introduced to one of her host
mind, but for Eastern alumnus country's traditions.
Mary Hempen, '75, they've taken
on reality. Work for the American teachers,

Mary, an elementary however, began right away.
education/special education major
while at Eastern, is employed in "During the months of September,
Saudi Arabia. The attractive
brunette told the Alumnus about October and November I do the
her experiences during a recent visit
back to campus. Stationed in testing for the remedial reading Mary Hempen
Dhahrain, the New Baden, Illinois
program. There are close to 500 kids
native serves as a reading specialist
for the Arabian American Oil in the system there, in three schools. countries, she and the other women
Company. She lives in a company
camp, works with children from We have an elementary school, an employed by ARAMCO must ride
kindergarten through the ninth
grade and sponsors a jogging club. intermediate school and a junior the bus into Khobar for shopping.

Her adventure to Saudi Arabia high school, " said Mary. Most of And though Mary says she oc­
began when Mary, then a remedial
reading teacher at Tidwell her students are Americans, but she casionally feels threatened by the
Elementary School in Houston,
Texas, learned of openings in also works with some British and world political situation, she has
ARAMCO's dependent school
system. Because she had earned a Dutch children. experienced no anti-Americanism in
masters degree in reading from the
University of Houston and had her two years overseas.
three years teaching experience, she
met the company's basic And how does the Eastern Mary plans to continue her work
qualifications. After she and a
friend had applied, they were in­ graduate like her work overseas? " I at Dhahrain during the coming year.
terviewed and hired.
like i t a lot," she says. "When I was After that would she be interested in
In late August of 1 978 the new in the public schools in Houston a n o t h e r o v e r s e a s t e a c h i n g
ARAMCO employees attended a
there was never really adequate assignment? " I would," she said
week long orientation program.
"We saw slides and movies about funding to acquire all the teaching with a smile.
oil production," Mary said.
"Another man talked about the materials we needed," Mary ex- ---.
Arabian language and another
about the country's ecological plained. "That isn't the case here. Don't Forget
system. " And I also wanted to experience

A flight from Houston to living in another county. " Some of Parents Weekend is
Montreal to Amsterdam to those experiences are unique she
Dhahrain took Mary and the other November 8
new employees to their new jobs. says. Because women are not
Once there, another orientation
followed, identification cards were permitted to drive in Moslem ---

1906 Alumna

Luauda Foote Dies

One of Eastern's earliest and Great Falls, Montana. Miss
graduates and a long time Foote entered the University of
educator died July 1 4. Luauda Washington and graduated Phi
Foote '06, a retired teacher, Beta Kappa in 1 9 1 7.
passed away in Portland, Oregon
after a short illness. She was 99 After her gra.duation from
years old. Washington, Miss Foote taught
high school English until her
Miss Foote was born in Coles retirement in 1 948. During her
County on December 3, 1 880. career she was active in Pi
She graduated from the two year Lambda Theta, a national
program at Eastern in 1 906, and organization for women in
then taught in Anderson, Indiana education.

Page 7

EIU Picks Samuels EIUGoes
As New Cage Coach
Division I

Eastern Illinois University' s

Rick Samuels, 31, former me n ' s intercollegiate athletic

assistant and co-head coach at Iowa program is moving into Division I'
effective with the 198 1 -82 season.
State University, will become the
Earlier this summer the NCAA
new head basketball coach at
Classification Committee approved
Eastern, Athletic Director R.C.
EIU's request to advance to
Johnson announced in July.
Division I in all sports except
Samuels replaces Jene Davis
football which will move to Division
�Indiana University assistant, wh
I-AA status.
resigned after less than one week on
EIU Athletic Director R.C.
the job.
Johnson said, "The move up is now
"After inteviewing all four
a reality. It' s something we' ve been
candidates earlier ctohmisfomrtoanbtlhe 'wwithe
said we would feel talking about for some time' but
finally it' s reality. "
any one of them, " said Johnson.
Johnson said since so many of
"When Davis resigned, there was
Eastern' s common foes are also
no hesitancy in offering the position
/ making the move up to Division I
to Rick. He has accepted fully aware
" our schedule won't really be
of what has transpired in the past
changing that much. We'll still be
and is eagerly looking forward to
playing basically the same people. ' '
the challenge of moving Eastern
Rick Samuels Western Illinois and Northern
basketball into Division I com­
victories over Kansas State, Iowa, two other Mid-Continent
petition. " Oklahoma and Colorado.
Conference institutions, have also
Samuels has been a member of
A one point· loss at Oklahoma been approved for the Division I
the Iowa State staff since 1 976, first
�State ept I-State from ending the move.
as a part-time assistant and then as a
year with four consecutive victories. "Right now I envision us
full time assistant. Last year he
p r"a i_sAe mong Rick' s many (Eastern) to be on the same level as
served half a season as co-head worthy and personal
the other state schools with the
coach following Lynn Nance's
�haracteristics are his loyalty and exception of the University of
resignation in mid-year.
mtegrity, " said Iowa S tate Illinois. To me, that' s what's most
"I feel the same about Eastern as
P:esident Robert Parks. " He along exciting about the move. ' '
I did when I interviewed. . . it' s a
with another assistant coach took For instance, the Panthers played
great place to be a college head
over the coaching job, pulled the Southern Illinois last year and have
basketball coach," Samuels said.
pieces together and ended last them on the schedule for the next
" My family and I are excited about season with a much happier and
several seasons.
the challenge and the opportunity.
more productive team than he Long time rival Indiana State
" It' s obvious the loss of a couple inherited.
inow a member of the Missour
of starters (Dennis Mumford and Valley Conference, returns to the
" In a job where I hear criticism
Mike Pickens announced they schedule this season and has signed
much more often than praise, I have
would tranfer to Texas-San An­ a long term contract.
never heard a single word of
tonio) will hurt but I'm anxious to Western Kentucky and Middle
criticism of Rick Samuels, and I
see what talent is available. Tennessee State, both I-AA in
have heard numerous highly
" In the next few weeks I plan to football and members of the Ohio
favorable comments about Rick as a
familiarize myself more with Valley Conference, are on future
person and as a basketball coach' ' '
Eastern plus explore some Parks said. schedules.

possibilities to recruit for this Samuels' other head coaching The future of the Mid-Continent
stm_ t was at Chadron (Neb. ) High
coming season. . . I don't know how Conference, though, is uncertain.

productive we can be at this point School where he guided that in­ The league will compete with five

but I plan to see some size," he stitution to two conference titles in members this season, EIU, WIU,

explained. only two seasons there. Northern Michigan, Northern Iowa
He sandwiched in one year as an
During his short time as co-head and Youngstown State.

coach, the Cyclones shocked Big (continued on page 1 6 ) However, Youngstown State

Eight basketball circles by recording (continued on page 16 )


Alumni News Notes

Editor's Note;

Keep your news notes coming! If your item does

not appear in this issue, it has probably been

deferred to the fall issue. If you have any

' questions however, please get in touch.
degree from the University of their 50th wedding anniversary on
'10-19 Illinois and a master of arts from May 1 0. They have eight children
the University of Chicago. She is
and seventeen grandchildren.

retired after 44 years of teaching. Raymond Bitner, ' 27, and his

Charles L ong, Jr., ' 1 1 , resides at Jessie Moore, ' 2 1 , (Mrs. Maurice wife Florence reside at 246 North

253 Lawndale in Hammond, In­ Crew) and her husband reside at Raymond Avenue, Griffith, Indiana

diana 46320. 2025 East Lincoln, Bloomington, 463 1 9. Ray is retired after work in

Gladys Campbell, ' 1 4, makes her Illinois 61701. education and as a radio engineer at

home at 11 57 East 56th Street in L ouise Trager, ' 22, (Mrs. Charles stations WDZ and WIND.

Chicago, Illinois 60637. A recipient Dunphy) and her husband live at Elizabeth Manhart Krauss, ' 27,

of Eastern's Distinguished Alumnus 7224 North Claremont, Chicago, makes her home at 1 608 S.E.

Award, she is retired from the Illinois 60645. The Dunphys Boulevard, Evansville, Indiana

faculty at the University of Chicago. recently visited Florida and make an 477 1 4. She taught four years in

Corrine Kenny Gillon, ' 1 6, makes occasional trip to central Illinois. Evansville and has two children.
her home with her son at Rural Tinsie Welsh, ' 24, makes her E. Margaret Coon, ' 27, (Mrs.
Route #2 West Baden Springs,
home at 22 1 North Washington, Wilmer Shadday) resides at 306

Indiana 47469. Ladoga, Indiana 47954. She is Greeley, Vevay, Indiana 47043.
Lasca Crispin Hospers, ' 1 7, and retired after a 41 year teaching L illian Tevault Bell, ' 28, makes
her husband Dr. Anthony Hospers her home at Rural Route #1 , Box
live at 4238 Franklin, Western Delbert Miller, ' 28, and his wife 1 47, Carlisle, Indiana 47838. Her
Springs, Illinois 60558. They have husband, Donald, passed away on
three children. Evelyn (V. V.) Whitacre, '25, live at March 24.
Palm River Mobile Home Park,
Priscilla Davis Thompson, ' 1 8, Naples, Florida 33940. Elizabeth I. Stiner, ' 28, (Mrs.
and her husband William have their Lewis Grimes) retired from teaching
residence at 59 1 2 Compton, In­ Thomas Reedy, ' 25, and his wife in 1 974. She has been a widow for
dianapolis, Indiana 46220. June Price, ' 25, have their home at
1 335 Somerset, Glenview, Illinois the past two years. Elizabeth lives at
Aveyrilla Mae Hood Teal, ' 1 9, 60025. June writes that she has been 1 304 E. Sycamore, Vincennes,
resides at 3443 Maura Lane, In­ a housewife for 50 years, has never
dianapolis, Indiana 46236. She is gone on strike, has nine grand- Indiana 4759 1 , and tutors
retired after a career in education children and has had a "rich and elementary age children.
which included four years at Arcola, productive life."
Merna Romine Hotson, '28, lives
at 1 585 Ridge Avenue, Evanston,

Illinois, six years at Mooseheart and Illinois 6020 I.

two years of substitute work in the Effie Ringo Hoops, ' 26, is retired Elvira Anna Rau, ' 28, retired on
Indianapolis schools. from teaching and makes her home February 22, 1 980 after 38 years
at Rural Route #6, Greencastle, with the Department of Treasury,

'20-'29 Indiana 46 1 35. U.S. Savings Bonds Division. Elvira
Carroll E. Prater, ' 27, is retired. now lives at Rural Route #2, Box 1 6,
Tower Hill, Illinois, but she worked
He was senior vice president at

Harris Trust and Savings Bank in both in Chicago and Washington,
' Dorothy Baker, '20, resides at Chicago. He and his wife Selma D. C.
Rural Route #1 , Box 80-E North Funk Prater have one son who is a
' Salem, Indiana 461 65. She has her Colonel in the United States Air

'30-'39bachelors degree in Home Force. They reside at 421 6 Linden
Economics from the University of Avenue, Western Springs, Illinois G. Paul Bridges, ' 30, resides at
Illinois and a master of arts from 60558. Rural Route #7, Streator, Illinois.
Columbia University. He is retired.
Fleeta Park, ' 27. (Mrs. Charles
MeaDona Deames, ' 20, has her Alexander) has as her address Box L etta Kelley O'Brien, '30, makes
home at 1 509 Hinman, Evanston, 4 1 3, Waynetown, Indiana 47990. her home at 242 Marimack Court,
Illinois 6020 1 . She has a bachelors Fleeta and her husband celebrated Crown Point, Indiana 46307. She is


a retired social worker and is active Louise Gray McNutt, '35, resides grandchildren and reside at 5981
in church and community social Cleveland, Merrillville, Indiana
agencies. at 639 Surrey Lane, Glenview, 464 10.
Illinois 60025.
Glen Dodd, '3 1, retired from John N. Dickerson, '40, is
Josephine Novotny, '35, (Mrs.
teaching in 1972 and is presently retired. He now resides at Route #I,
taking adult education courses in William Wilson) and her husband
geography at Wright State College. make their home at 3308 North New West Union, Illinois 62477. He
He lives at 1947 Newcastle Avenue England, Chicago 60634. Josephine holds a masters degree from Indiana
Westchester, Illinois 60 153. has a master of arts degree from
Loyola Univeristy in Chicago. University.
Vera La Verne Graham Gray, '3 1,
Marion Mathias, '36, retired in Wilson Day, '41, is Superin­

makes her home at Rural Route #I, 1974 after a career in education, tendent of Schools for Payson
Community Unit # 1, Adams
Clinton, Indiana 47842. including service as an elementary County, Illinois. Wilson and his
principal. Marion now has his own wife Norma make their home at 1 18
Geneva Jared, '3 1, (Mrs. Wade West Seymour, Payson, Illinois

Hepler) is retired. She and her painting business. He resides at 646 1 62360.

husband live on their farm at Route North Oakla'nd Avenue, In­ Daniel James, '42, is vice

#5, Streator, Illinois 6 1364. dianapolis, Indiana 46220. president of Management Logistics
International Limited, 1401 Wilson
Pauline Josserand Mackintosh, Elizabeth Jane Wilson, '36, is Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia
'3 1, retired in 1974. She resides at retired and lives at 10608 South
Catherine Winkler, '42, (Mrs.
200 North Smith Road, Wood Street, Chicago 60643.
Bloomington, Indiana 47401. Don White) is retired from 'teaching
Charles Carlock, '38, retired on and "enjoying grandchildren." She
and her husband reside at 2209
Margaret Thompson, '32, (Mrs. May JO from Indiana State Jolinda Court, Columbus, Indiana
University. He has his home at 7 10 4720 1.
Howard Begeman) is retired from South 34th Street, Terre Haute,
29 years of teaching. She and her Indiana 47803. Virginia Dolan, '43, makes her
husband live at 406 North An­
derson, Sandborn, Indiana 47578. Stan £/all/, '38, plans to retire on home at 5960 E. 42nd, Indianapolis,
Indiana 46226.
Lyle Henderson, '32, and his wife December 3 1, 1980 as director of
Margaret Lyons, '32, make their Phi Delta Kappa publications but Ross Stephanson, '43, and his
wife Jane Setliffe, ex '44, reside at
home at 10 14 Keystone, North continues as contributing editor of
brook, Illinois 60062. the Phi Delta Kappan magazine. 1233 Diamond, South Bend, In­

Ruby Keltz, '32 (Mrs. Lovell Stan and wife Elizabeth have their diana 46628. Ross is an assistant
home at 469 Kenwood Place, football coach at the University of
Miller) and her husband have three Bloomington, Indiana 4740 1. Notre Dame.
children and seven grandchildren.
They reside at 2271 Berne Avenue, Isabel Larimer Reynolds, '38, is George Crawford, '48, and his
Terre Haute, Indiana 47805. wife Mary Stewart, '47 live in
head of academic counseling,
Golden Flake, '33 and his wife School of Consumer and Family Evansville, Indiana. Their address is
Rita Nay, '33, make their home at Sciences, Purdue University. Isabel Post Office Box 5434.
resid.:� at 64 1 Dexter Lane, West
5860 Susan Drive East in In­ Lafayette, Indiana 47906. James L Hanks, '47, is regional
dianapolis. Golden is a professor
emeritus of physics at Indiana Helen Borton Arnett, '39, has her vice president for Indiana for State
University/Purdue University. Farm Insurance. He and his wife
home at 7 13 Prairie Drive,
Ivan E. Bailey, '34, is retired. He Brownsburg, Indiana 46 1 12. Bess Townsend, '43, have their

and his wife Pauline live in Helen Roberts Pate, '39, retired home at 205 East Navajo, West
Evansville, Indiana 477 12. Their Lafayette, Indiana 47096.
address is Route 12, Box 187G. in June of 1979 after a teaching
career. She and her husband have D. K. Dressback, '48, is head of
Gail Weber Roemke, '34, resides five sons and four grandchildren.
The Pates reside at 485E Harding, the Lake Alone Development
at 70 19 Riverton Drive, Fort Orleans, Indiana 47452. Corporation and the Ryan Oil
Wayne, Indiana 46825.
Marjorie French, '39, (Mrs. Company. He and his wife Kay
Lucien W. Cox, '34, is retired Duff, ex '49, have their home at
Robert Zimmerman) and husband 5207 Monroe, Evansville, Indiana
from the International Harvester 477 14.
Company. He and his wife Bob, '40 make their home at 2425
Margaret make their home at 624 1 Mary Schouten, '48 (masters '60)
Seminole, Acton, Indiana 46259. Maple Avenue, Northbrook, Illinois
60062. resides at 1523 East Elm, Streator,
M<hy Marsters Davidson, '35, Illinois 6 1364.
retired from teaching in 1970. She Mary Eloise Dickerson, '47,

has a ceramics studio in the spring Henry Rowland, '40, is retired (Mrs. Harold T. Sparks) is married
and summer and spends the winter to a physician. She and her husband
have two married daughters and
in Sarasota, Florida. Her address is after a career in teaching and ad­ three grandchildren. Mary writes

Route I, Box 182- 12, Greencastle, mistration. He and his wife Mildred

Indiana 46 135. have three daughters and seven

Page 10

that her home overlooks the Ohio school year Audree will serve as chairman of the math department at
River, and asks other EIU alumni supervisor of secondary reading at Chauncey-Rose Junior High School
"to come see us!" The Sparks' Carmi High School. in Terre Haute, Indiana. Gilbert
address is 21 1 East Jennings, lives at Rural Route 16, Box 400,
Newburgh, Indiana. Roberta Hiatt, '56, (Mrs. Harry Brazil, Indiana 47834.
Burton) is a housewife. She and her
Phillip E. Ayers, ' 49, has a husband have a grain farm and Edward Kohlman, '50, and his
daughter who graduated from produce hogs, farrow to market. wife Norma, '50, make their home
Eastern this past spring, and a son, Harry and Roberta have a daughter, at 5299 Woodridge, Newburgh,
Buck, who works for Trailways. Dixie, who also helps with the Indiana 47630. Ed is senior minister
Phil lives at 1 7 N. Lakewood, Burton farm. Roberta teaches at St. Johns Church and Norma is a
Effingham, Illinois 6240 1 . Sunday School six months a year reading specialist.
and serves on the church education
'50-'59 committee. The Burtons live at Virgil Sweet, '50, is executive
Rural Route I, Box 374, Neoga, director of the Indiana Basketball
Harold Zimmack, '51, is a Illinois 62447. Coaches Association. He and his

professor of zoology at Ball State Paul Halsey, '56, now lives at wife Perri live at 255 Granite Street,
Rural Route 2, Box 34, Fortune, Valpariso, Indiana 46383.
University. He and his wife Barb, Missouri 65034. Paul and his wife
Pat have a new cattle ranch and are Alvin Spries, '51, and his wife
'51, make their home at Rural raising registered Simmentel cattle. Edith Farrell, '51, make their home
at 21 Swisher, Danville, Illinois
Route 9; 'Box 495, Muncie, Indiana Tim McCarthy, '57, is in real 61832. Alvin and Edith are retired
estate in St. Louis. Tim and his from careers in education and spend
47302. family make their home at 310 the winters in Florida.
Conway Lake, St. Louis, Missouri
Mary Beth Cobble, '52, (Mrs. 63141. Jack Winkleblack, '51, is
president of the Continental Wood
Ivan Gard) and her husband are Barbara Christner, '57, (Mrs. Products Company in Elkhart,
Leonard Brumbaugh) resides at 126 Indiana. He and his wife Sue reside
retired. They have moved to Florida North Maple, Princeton, Illinois in Elkhart.
6 1356. Barb is completing 14 years
from. Plainfield, Indiana. They of teaching at Logan Junior High '60-'69
reside at 1914 Sandpiper Clear­ Jack Foss, '60, is presently an
Bernice Ridlen, '59, (Mrs. Avery elementary principal. He and his
water, Florida 33516. Justin Elliott) and her husband wife Barbara have two children.
reside on a farm at Rural Route 2, They reside at 541 Shawnee, Lowell,
Marie Onken, '52, (Mrs. Claude Canton, Illinois 6 1520. The Elliotts Indiana, 46356.
have three children.
Hershey), lives at 601 Erickson, Emma Lou Edwards, '61, (Mrs.
Janet Hill, ' 59, (Mrs. Donald Van Sarni M. Arida) is a teacher at
Ottawa, Illinois 61350. She and her De Keere) and her husband have Quincy Senior High School. She
two children and make their home and her husband, Sarni, make their
husband have three children. at 308 Oak Street, Manlius, Illinois home at IO Rutledge Place, Quincy,
6 1338. Illinois, 62301.
Victor Wilson, '52, has his home
Sandra Costello, '59, (Mrs. Phyllis Fasking, '61, is currently
at 204 South Meridian, Toledo, Frederick Davis) and her husband teaching in DePue High School. She
reside at Lake Ozark, Missouri lives at Apt. K, 1004 E. Peru Street,
Illinois 62468. Vic is retired from a 65049. Fred, '57, is president of the Princeton, Illinois, 6 1356.
Missouri Motel-Hotel Association.
career in education and is now in the Daughter Stacy; 16, was recently Francis L. Smith, '62, resides at
selected as All American Juvenile 14350 Oak Ridge Road, Carmel,
piano sales and service business. Rider by National Horseman Indiana, 46032 with his wife Jane
Magazine. and their five children. He is em­
Glenn F. Van Blaricum, '52, is ployed with Eli Lilly and Company,
Catherine McQueen, '48, (Mrs. a pharmaceutical manufacturing
retired from education and working Richard McConnell) makes her firm.
home at 413 W. 44th Place, Grif­
part time as an insurance broker. He fith, Indiana 46319. Neveta Novy, '63, (Mrs. Gene
.Salmons) is an order department
and his wife Mary live at 1 6 North John Barr, '49, is teaching in the Supervisor. She and her husband,
Indianapolis public schools where Gene, '63, have two children and
First Street, Princeton, Illinois he has been employed for the past they make their home at R.R. 2,
22 years. His address is 1 1 1 S. 17th Liberty, Illinois 62347.
6 1356. Street, Beech Grove, Indiana 46107.
Ivan E. Gard, Jr., '63, resides at
Gail Borton, '54, is serving as a Gilbert L. Hassler, '50, is 1728 W. Vartikian, Fresno,

member of the Illinois High School

Association Board of Directors. He

is also a member of the Board of

Directors of the Eastern Illinois

University Alumni Association. he

and his wife Rosalie live at 49

Frankfort Drive, West Frankfort,


J. Edward Tichenor, '55; is a

bookbuyer. He and his wife Wanda

reside at 511 North William, Farmer

City, Illinois 6 1842.

Audree M cM i l l a n ,

55, (Mrs. John Riddell) is a can­

didate for the Ph.D. in educational

leadership at Southern Illinois

University. During the coming

Page 1 1

California, 93711 with his wife, Kansas City. He and his wife, Jean Charles C. McLaughlin) retired
Mary Ellen Fye, '79, and their two
children. They will be moving to Hettich, '66, have four children. from teaching to be a mother. She
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in
August. Ivan is employed by They make their home at R.R. 3, and her husband, Charles, have two
Penwalt Hane.
Box. 151-D, Franklin, Indiana, children and live at 748 Tranquill,
Jerry C. Milliner, '63, is manager
of Corporate Accounting for Arvin 46131. Greenwood, Indiana, 46142.
Industries, Inc. He and his wife,
Rosalie M. Gudauskas, '62, live at Rick Gard, '68, is employed as an
R.R. 12 Clifty Farms, Columbus,
Indiana, 47201 with their two applications chemist for the Perkin­
D.D" MebaorrlaowCel)afilsin,pr'e6s4e,n(tMlyrst.eaJcahminegs Elmer Corporation. He and his
gymnastics at Small World Nursery
School in Cedar Lake, Indiana, She wife, Sharon Peterson, '68, reside
and her husband, James D.
Marlowe, have been married for ten with their two daughters at 4944
years and make their home at 7417
W. 136th Avenue, Cedar Lake, Columbia Road, Mason, Ohio,
Indiana, 46303. They have two
children. 45040.

Judith Fehrmann, '64, resides at Sherry Anne Joseph, '68, (Mrs.
R.R. 4, Box 197, Alexandria, In­
diana, 46001. She is teaching Latin Bob Flick) and her husband, Bob,
and English at Highland High
School in Anderson, Indiana. make their home at 707 Applewood

Richard A. Opphan, '64, lives at Drive, Huntingburg, Indiana,
131 W. 2nd Street, Hobart, Indiana,
46342 with his wife, Shirley Ann. 47542. She is an English teacher at
They have five children. Richard is
employed as an assistant principal. Jasper High School, Jasper, In­

Sandra Perry, '65, is teaching diana.
second grade at Streator Elementary
School. She resides at 402 E. Kent James L. Cochran, '68, is em­
Street, Streator, Illinois. 6 1364.
ployed as Consumer Loan Officer
Nancy Phelps, '65, (Mrs. Arthur
S. Mikrut) and her husband, Ar­ of Citizens 1st National Bank,
thur, '64, make their home at 8546
Forest Avenue, Munster, Indiana, Princeton, Illinois. He and his wife,
46321 with their three sons. Arthur
is the Head of the Art Department Pamela, live at R.R. 4, Deer Run,
at T.F. South High School in
Lansing, Illinois. Bill Arnett Princeton, 6 1356 with their three
Margaret Ho/th, '65 is the head of Bill Arnett, '66, is Registrar at
the Home Economics Department Humboldt State University located Joan Lacey, '69, is a subcontract
at Charleston High School. She and in Arcata on the coast of northern administrator with McDonnell
her son live at 525 Jefferson, California. Prior to his appointment Douglas Astronautics Company. He
Charleston, Illinois 6 1920. at Humboldt State, Bill served as and his wife, Jan, reside at 6 Olde
Assistant Registrar for three years at Forge, St. Charles, Missouri, 63301.
Sandra Avenatti, '66, (Mrs. Joe the University of South Florida,
Giovanini) resides at R.R. 12, Box Diane Cashen, '69, is teaching
351, Columbus, Indiana, 47201 with Tampa. Bill's home address is 1500 third grade in Wonder Lake,
her husband. She is currently a Illinois. She resides at 2113 Stone
mathematics teacher in Bar­ Panorma Drive, Arcata, California, Lake No. 114, Woodstock, Illinois,
tholomew Consolidated School u0098.
Corporation, Columbus, Indiana. 95521.

Tad Heminger, '66, is employed James K. Brackett, '67, and his '70-'79
as a Special Representative for wife, Beverly, '61, have one
Business Men's Assurance of daughter. They reside at 952 Gloria Grubaugh, ' 70, (Mrs.
Washington, Spencerport , New Joseph Boerio) is the merchandise
York, 14559. James is a Pastor of manager for linens and budget for a
Ogden Baptist Church in Spen­ Denver Dry Goods department
ceport, New York. store. She and her husband live at
4185 Oro Blanco, Colorado
Jerry D. Brumitt, '67, is a Springs, Colorado 80917.
Director of Finance at St. Johns
Hospital in Anderson, Indiana. He Steven Brewer, '70, is safety and
and his wife, Jane, make their home licensing supervisor for Marble Hill
at 1027 Lancashire Lane, Pen­ Power Plant in Indiana. Steve holds
dleton, Indiana, 46064 with their
two children. a masters degree in nuclear
engineering from the U niversity of
George L. Cutright, '67, and his Illinois. He and his wife, Diane
wife, Dorothy, '67, have just Bridges, '70, have two children and
returned to the States after seven
years of living in Mexico and Brazil. live at Route 1, Box 110, Hanover,
George is Manager of Manufac­ Indiana 47243.
turing Engineering, International
Lamps Affiliates Operation, Ken Caraway, ' 70, and his wife
General Electric Company. They Kathryn Mary Hough, '69 make
reside in E. Cleveland, Ohio, 44112. their home at 909 Buckeye, Olney,
Illinois 62450. Ken is employed by
Donna L. Smith, '67, (Mrs. U nion-Frondenberg U SA, a

German based company. The

Page 1 2

Caraways have three children, Terry C. Treausant is 630 Meadow Lane, LeRoy,
Tyler , 6, Alicia, 5, and Erin, who is Illinois 61752.
almost two. Terry C. Teausant, '70, has been
a p p ointed c o n s u mer hardware Thomas Reynolds, '7 1, is a
Larry Daily, '70 , is an accountant rep resentative in the Colorado,
Wyoming, New Mexico and El business education teacher at
with Miller and Company, a CPA Paso, Texas area, for Stanley Southmont High School. Tom lives
firm. He and his family reside at Hardware. Terry lives in Lakewood, at 600 Cherry Stree t , Crawford­
Rural Route 2 , Vincennes, Indiana Colorado . sville , Indiana 47933.
4759 1.
consultant for the American United Pam Workman, '7 1, (Mrs.
John Eagan, '70, resides at Rural Life Insurance Company.
Lawrence Sebby) has a masters
Route 25, Box 29, Terre Haute, Martha Callahan, '70, (Mrs. degree in education from Northern
Indiana 47802. John is an instructor Illinois University. She and her
pilot with the Air National Guard, Stephan Williamson) and her husband and son Brian live at 309
working with the air to ground husband have two sons and make East Fourth Street, Streator, Illinois
mission of the F-4C Phantom. their home at 3 130 27th Street, 6 1364.
Columbus, Indiana 47207.
Marlin "Pete " Heiden, '70, is a Greg Sweet, '7 1, (MB A '72) is a
John Bacone, '7 1 , is a branch
sales representative for Mabey real estate consultant to Southern
Chemical Company. He lives at 4 10 manager for Burroughs Cor­ Pacific Communications Company.
West Crown, Princeton , Illinois poration. He and his wife Barbara Greg and his wife Sheree live at 650
6 1356. have two children Andrea and Eric Court, Herndon , Virginia
Jamison and reside at 6036 York 22070.
Lynn Daily, '70, (Mrs. Curtis D. Road, South Bend , Indiana 466 15.
Hicks) and husband Curt, '70 have Judy Dieckhoff, '72, (Mrs. James
Donna Dash, '7 1, lives at 1340
three children and reside at Rural Albus) is teaching business at Gem
Route 2, Covington, Indiana 47932. Wellington Way Apartment 3 C, City College in Quincy, Illinois. Jim
Decatur, Illinois 62526. and Judy reside at 124 State Road,
Mark Jej/'erson, '70, has been Mendon, Illinois 6235 1.
Terry Meece, '7 1, lives at 79 1 1
promoted to shift manager at Bill Betka, '72, lives at 1068
Northeast U t ilities Wethersfield Orchard Valley , Chattanooga ,
Data Center . Tennessee 3742 1. He and his wife Cherry Lane, Peru, Indiana 46970.
have three children. Terry is Bill is a - pilot with the United States
Mark P. Lammers, '70, i s an regional sales manager for Air Force and is assigned to
Cleveland Chair Company. Grissom Air Force Base.
automotive technician and teacher
at Indiana Vocational Technical Dannie Monceski, '7 1, lives at Sheila Nelson Callahan, '72, lives
College. He makes his home at 12 10
South Fairlawn, Evansville, Indiana Rural Route I, Buda , Illinois. at 8 16 Country Club Heights,
477 14. Dannie writes that he is to be No. 100, Quincy, Illinois 6230 1.
promoted to assistant claims
Robert Bevan Labeau, '70, supervisor for the Economy Fire Dan Cox, '72, is manager of the
and Casualty Company.
received his Juris Doctorate degree group underwriting department of
at ceremonies held May 10 at Robin Hagerstrom, '71, (Mrs. the Jefferson National Life In­
F ranklin Pierce Law Cen te r , surance Company. He and his wife
Concord, New Hampshire. A.J. Randol) is a registered nurse in Cheryl have three children, Chris,
Bloomington, Illinois. Her address eigh t ; Mat t , six ; and Amy, almost
Durwood Nolan, '70, is working two. The Cox family resides at 204 1
Suffolk Lane , Indianapolis , Indiana
as an auditor for the U . S. Army 46260.
Corps of Engineers. Durwood is
presently working at Ouda , Israel. Thomas K. Davidson, '72, and
His address is Near East Project his wife Rebecca, '72, make their
O ffice , Corps of Engineers, APO
NY 09674. home in Bringhu rst, Indiana 469 13.
Their address is Route 1, Box 95G.
Gerald Schlenz, '70, and his wife The Davidsons have three children.
Tom is director of product
have two children and make their development at Syndicate Sales,
home at Rural Route No. 1, Spring Inc. , a plastics molding company.
Valley, Illinois 6 1362.
Robin Walters, '72, (Mrs. Will
Larry Strohl, '70 , is a
Downs) and her husband have two
manufacturing sales representative children. Will is attending Ozark
for Pullman Trailmobile. He and Bible College. Robin and Will have
his wife have their home at 1954 their home at 20 17 Pearl, Joplin,
Lexington Drive, Terre Haute, Missouri 6480 1.
Indiana 47802.
Marcia Jean Olson, '72, (Mrs.
Hobert Todd, '70, and his wife
Bonnie Willrett, '7 1, have a son, Charles Farley) and her husband
have two boys, Ethan and Brian.
Bradley , and live at 609 Hopkins The Farleys reside at 2 17 Church
Road, Cumberland , Indiana 46229.
Bob is a reinsurance underwriting

Page 1 3

Street , E arlville , Illinois 605 18. Avenue , Vincennes, Indiana 47591. Bill Gorman, '73, is employed at
Dave is working with Vincennes
John Fish, '72, (masters '78) is University and was recently elected the LaSalle County Mental Health
Center . He and his family make
associate director, educational

t alent search for V incennes tra10 1ng and development vice their home at 507 Lindberg Roa d ,

University. He and his wife Dorothy president for the Indiana Jaycees . LaSalle, I llinois.

live at 1 10 Moran Drive , Vin­ Priscilla is teaching second grade . Randy Pollen, '73 and his wife
Donna, '73, have a new home in the
cennes, Indiana 4759 1. Thomas £. Swanson, '72, was
country. Their address is Route I ,
Patricia Hutchins, '72, is learning recently promoted to regional

laboratory/library coordinator at claims manager for Montgomery Box 67, Milford, Indiana 46442.

the Indiana Vocational Technical Ward I nsurance Company. Tom Donna received a masters degree

College. Pat received her masters and his wife La Donna reside at from Saint Francis College. Randy

degree in library science from In­ Rural Route 2 , Box 145 Grant Park, is a vice-president for manufac­

diana State and was listed in the Illinois 60940. turing.

I Ith and 12th editions of the Who 's Faye Mi/Iburg, '72, (Mrs. Robert Megan Scruby, '73, (Mrs. Chuck
Who In American Women. Price) and her husband Chuck, '72,
Waugh) is a registered clinical
Verna Jones, '72, a reporter for dietician at the Community live at 375 Dreier Boulevard ,
the Suburban Tribune, recently Hospital of Indianapolis. F aye and
Evansville, Indiana 477 12. Chuck is

received the Silver Feather Award Bob have one son and make their a science education professor at the

from the Illinois Woman ' s Press home at 55 East Tulip Drive , In­ Evansville branch of Indiana State

Association as its outstanding dianapolis , Indiana 46227 : University.

woman journalist . Verna won the Robert Alexander, '73, received Robert Tipsword, '73, has been

award based on the high number of one of three Teacher Excellence teaching math for three years at

the points she achieved in the an­ Awards presented by Evanston Buffalo Grove High School where

nual Mate E. Palmer contest. Township High School. Bob he is also fall and spring sports
received a $ 100 stipend and a trainer. He has just completed his
Stuart Lenhoff, '72 , and his wife, certificate of merit at ceremonies first year as head wrestling coach.
Patricia Ryan, 'ex '73, are the

rarents of a new daughter who was · held at the school. Bob and his wife Kyla D. , '73, have

horn on February 6, 1980. Julie Mae Gerry Arnold, '73, graduated a three year old son and a one year

j o i m a brother, Jason, who is two, from the University of Nebraska old daughter. They reside at 985

and a big sister , Melissa , three. College of Law in 1977 and is Plum Grove, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Stuart, Pat , Julie, Jason and presently a staff attorney for the 60090.

Melis�a live at 1 102 Marlowe Place, State' s Attorneys Appellate Service Gary Schwartz, '73, and his wife

Vernon Hi lls, I l linois 6006 1 . Commission in O ttawa. Gerry lives Cheryl , make their home at Rural
Route 4, Box 3MB, Jasper, Indiana
Willia111 L ude, '72 , lives at 3329 at 423 West McKinley, Apartment 8 47546. Gary is assistant comptroller
in Ottawa, IL 6 1 350. for Kimball I nternational. He and
l · a i rn a ) Drive , Carmel, Indiana
Jane Hoban, '73, (Mrs . Max
-l60.:12 . H i l l is an air traffic controller

: 1 t Indianapolis Air Route Traffic Brandt) is a second grade teacher at Cheryl have three daughters ,

Control Center . the Triton Elementary School. She Christie , eleven; Carrie , five; and

Lynn Ohrenstein, 72, is the and her husband live at Rural Route Leslie, who is one.

recipient of a Celia M. Howard I Box 25 1C Flat Rock , Indiana Kenneth Dean Weller, '73, is

Fel l o w ship from the Illinois 47234. guidance and counseling coor­

Federation of Business and Mary Lynn Wertman, '73, (Mrs. dinator for four schools in the East

Pro fessional Women's Club . The Kevin Brooks) taught for four years Washington School Corporation.

Fel lowship will provide tuition for in Cuba, Illinois and in Canton, He lives at Rural Route 4 Salem,

the study of law at the University of I llinois. She and her husband live at Indiana 47 167.

I llinois College of Law where Lynn Rural Route 3 Box 4B, Pin­ Mark Gedraitis, ' 74, is vice

present ly is enrolled. ckneyville, Illinois 62274. They have president of Mercier Insurance Inc .

Danny Parkinson, '72, is a buyer a three year old son and are ex­ Mark received his Cerfified In­

for Fiat-A llis Construction pecting a new baby in August . surance Counselor s t a tus i n

Machinery Company. His wife Mary Jo Zimmerman Dierker, January. H e and h i s wife Pam live

Cheryl, '72, is secretary for the '73, has been teaching grades five at 925 Putnam, Peru, Illinois 61 354.

Springfield Southern B aptist and six at St. Thomas Acquinas Jean Mabis, '74, is a medical

Church . The Parkinsons have a son, School in Knox, Indiana. Mary Jo technologist at the Doctors Building

Stephan Andrew , who is almost was named Teacher of the Month in Laboratory in Champaign. Her

one. They live at 2 108 Skipton November, 1978. She also won the address is 1 1 Church Street,

Road, Springfield, Illinois 62702. Olin W. David Award for Indiana Apartment 1 , Champaign, I l linois

David Salmond, '72 (masters '78) for the teaching of economics. She 6 1 820.

and his wife , Priscilla Parsons, '74, resides at 204 Lake Street in Knox Sandra Tanner, '74, (Mrs. David

make their home at 1 153 McKinley 46534. Seyler) and her husband live at 1 1 8

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Candlelight Plaza, West Lafayette, Mark Greider, ' 76, and his wife Illinois 60420.
Indiana 47906. Dave, ' 76, is a Ph.D. Paula Anderson, ' 74, live at 2721
candidate at Purdue. MacArthur, South Bend, Indiana Patricia Alberts, ' 79, is in­
466 1 5. Mark is operations super­
Robert Shuff, ' 74, was nominated visor for Ryder Truck Lines and stallation supervisor for South­
on the Democratic ticket for the Paula is assistant office manager of
office of State's Attorney in Jef­ Health Quest Corporation. western Bell Telephone Company in
ferson County, Illinois.
Nancy Kenigsberg, ' 77, (masters Springfield, Missouri. Pat lives in
Christine Berndt, ' 75, (Mrs. Rick ' 78) is head of the department of
D. Alger) and her husband have a speech pathology and audiology at Springfield at 1 644 S. Marion,
daughter. They live at Rural Route the Eastern Maine Medical Center,
3, Quincy, Illinois 6230 1 . Chris is a Bangor, Maine. Nancy lives at 54 Apartment 21 0B.
substitute teacher. Forest Avenue, Bangor, Maine
04401. Patricia Braas, '79, is an internal
Lynn Hedger, ' 75, (Mrs. Marc
Cheffer) is a kindergarten teacher Kimberly Webster, ' 77, (Mrs. auditor for State Farm Insurance
and public relations head · of Steve Conrad) is teaching third
Streator Elementary Teachers grade in Syracuse, Indiana. She is Companies corporate headquarters.
Association. She and her husband also coaching high school gym­
have their home 704 North Monroe, nastics-and had one member who Pat makes her home at 305
Streator, Illinois 61364. was the IHSA champ in all events
but vault. P r.o s p e c t , A p a r t m e n t 4 ,
Dave Dickerson, ' 75, and his wife
Kristine DeSalvo, ' 74, have a new Donald C. Leynaud, ' 77, is an Bloomington, Illinois 6170 1 .
daughter, Mary Frances, who was instructor of biology at Wabash
born March 24th. Kris graduated Valley College. He makes his home Bob Knoop, ' 79, is teaching and
from nursing school in May while at 2200 College Drive, Mt. Carmel,
Dave is working toward a Ph.D. in Illinois 62863. going to graduate school in
plant physiology at Purdue.
John C. Needles, ' 77, and his wife Houston, Texas. Bob says any EIU
Steve Whitlock, ' 75, recently Yoshi have their home at Rural
participated in the military exercise Route 1, Box 192, Danville, Illinois alumni needing assistance in
" MAGEX-80" in Korea. Steve is a 46122.
first lieutenant in the Marine Corps relocating to Houston can give him
and is assigned to the 3rd Battalion, John Staff, ' 77, recently was
9th Marines, based in Okinawa. designated as a naval aviator after a call at 7 1 3-974-2676. Bob's ad­
graduating from 18 months of flight
Jeff Brinker, ' 76, is a Navy training. John is a lieutenant in the dress is 1 0925 Briar Forest Drive,
lieutenant (JG) serving on the United States Marine Corps.
guided missile cruis er, USS Houston, Texas 77042.
California. The California is Emma Sue Suh/, ' 77 (masters ' 80)
assigned on station in the Indian is currently teaching learning MarianneMarciniak, masters ' 79,
Ocean with its home base at Nor­ disabilities at the Brownstown
folk, Virginia. Elementary School. Her address is (Mrs. J.P. Postel) has worked the
233 North First Street, Apartment
Donna Beccue, ' 76, (Mrs. Dale 3, Vandalia, Illinois 6247 1 . past two years as a behavorial
Busch) is director of the West
Central Indiana Nutrition Program Ann Higgins, ' 78, is employed as clincian at the Juvenile Detention
for the Elderly. The Busches reside a mental health specialist at Fox
at 1 820 North Center, Apartment Development Center. Ann resides at Center in Indianapolis.
25C, Terre Haute, Indiana 47804. 405 E. Seminole, No. 2, Dwight,
Matt Piescinski, ' 79, is quality

assurance auditor with Kai Kan

Foods in Mattoon. Matt lives at 9 1 7

A Street, Charleston, Illinois 6 1 920.

Kris Rosentreier, ' 79, is a sales

representative for Moore Business

Forms. He and Theresa Kirbach of

Carrollton, Illinois are to be

married on October 18, 1980. Kris

lives at 1 60 1 South 24th Street,

Quincy, Illinois 6230 1 . .

Glenna Neubert, ' 79, is now

" Newsfeatures" editor of the

Leesburg (Florida) Commercial.

She is involved in the designing and

editing of an entertaim;i ent

magazine for the paper called "R &

R". Glenna lives at Route 4, Box

496, Leesburg, Florida 32748.

JJ fllt.emnriam-Ip1l9aiE-nS7ss9oives.iatdse-rpaLaSwastasec-eyelldyaa,aMt-w'Maa1 ry3ei-,aricnHyoOfo-McgtTaaonnob-,olee'rrd1o4io-nf,, -AJCseao-lrEnuvmumdeamdnnrainyiatts2LeA8ea.,fs1srHm9oo8aecm0mriar.1itbsi9eoo6rnn9,-o1fE9' 27tx4h2e,e.c-uEdtiiIevUde PEsSpthrrauoeesdvftiweeieorssasnuosasrt9lfyN4ro.oso-mhfMrethissh1osC9acE2daia0lrlltoianluuigsnngttatuohidnClt ioesw1osl9lace5siga2aaet.l -
Aurora, Illinois. for Women and in the public
Donald D. Schriner, ' 31 ,
Howard Allison, ' 2 1 , of schools of Mississippi. During
passed away August 1 6, 1 979. He
Charleston died at his winter World War I she served in the
is survived by his wife, Mrs.
home in Mesa, Arizona, on Adjutant General' s Office of the
Nellie M. Schriner.
Thursday, May 8, 1 980. He was a War Department in Washington,
Lena B. Ellington, a longtime
teacher and principal for 35 years faculty member at Eastern, died D.C. Miss Ellington had lived

in Kentucky and in Illinois. H e o n June 6 in Arlington, Virginia. in Arlington since her retirement·

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. . .Samuels . . .Division I . . . Glen Hesler

(continued from page 8 ) (continued from page 8 ) (continued from page 4 )

assistant coach at Eastern departs after this season to join the Funeral services were held in
Washington State in between his OVC and Northern Michigan has
tenure at Chadron and Iowa State. applied for admission to the Great Mattoon, on Tuesday, August 5 .
Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic
His playing record is equally Conference. B urial was in Dodge Grove
successful. He was named to the
Wyoming all-state team two straight Southwest Missouri State has Cemetery.
years spearheading the Laramie officially stated its desire to join the
University High School team to two MCC and now that Division I status The Glen Hesler Memorial Fund
state championships and one has been approved for remaining
runnerup finish. members, MCC Commissioner has been established in the Eastern
Frosty Ferzacca said several other
A 1 97 1 graduate of Chadron institutions have expressed interest Illinois University Foundation.
State he captained the Eagles during in the league.
his senior season when they cap­ Alumni who wish to contribute to
tured the Nebraska College Con­
ference title. the fund should send their con­

Samuels earned a masters degree tributions to the EIU Foundation,
from Eastern Washington State and
has completed some course work Eastern Illinois University,
towards a doctorate at I-State. He
and his wife, Janice, have a six Charleston, IL 6 1 920. Checks
month old daughter, Tiffany
Suzanne. should be made payable to the EIU·


Voight Wins Honors At SIU

John Voight, '42, was recently named by the Vice President for
Academic Affairs and Research, at
recognized by the AMOCO SIU, received his honor on May 1 7 .

Foundation in ceremonies at Voight has been a member of the
SIU faculty since 1 950. He is a
Southern Illinois University. specialist in grasslands ecology and
has written widely about the plant
Voight, a member of the SIU life of southern Illinois. He is one of
the co-authors of the well known
Botany faculty and associate dean in book The L and Between the Rivers.

$th1e,00C0oll'eAgwe aorfd Science, received a
For Outstanding


Voight, who was selected for the

award by a campus wic!e committee


Sept. 6 ( 1 : 30) SOUTH DAKOTA O'Brien Stadium Series
1 -0

Sept. 1 3 ( 1 : 30) at Southern Illinois Carbondale, Ill. 1 4-25 - 1

Sept. 20 (7 : 30 CST) at Indiana State Terre Haute, Ind. 20-28-3

Sept. 27 (1 :30) NORTHEAST MISSOURI O'Brien Stadium 4-4

Oct. 4 ( 1 : 30) ILLINOIS STATE O'Brien Stadium 25-35-8
(Homecoming) 3-2
Oct. 1 1 ( 1 2 :30 CDT) 1 2-30-4
Oct. 18 (1 : 30) at Central State Wilberforce, 0. 1 -6
Oct. 25 ( 1 : 30) 2-5
Nov. 1 ( 1 2 :30 CST) at Western Illinois* Macomb, Ill. 1 -3
Nov. 8 ( 1 :30)
YOUNGSTOWN STATE* O'Brien Stadium 0-0
Nov. 1 5 ( 1 :30)
at Northern Michigan* Marquette, Mich.

NORTHERN IOWA* O'Brien Stadium
(Parents Weekend) O'Brien Stadium


* Mid-Continent Conference

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