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The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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Volume 12, Number 4 (August 1983)

The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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Religion; welfare; endometriosis; liquor; Sanders

Bloomington- Normal 25¢

Vol.l2 No.4
August 1983

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In this I• SSUe

The Bloomington Liquor Commission said o.k., but the city ALTERNATIVE SINCE 1972
council said there are too many bars downtown •••.•.•..••••.••.•••..... 3
Volume 12, Number 4 August, 1983
The general public's panic about AIDS is related to ignorance, P. o. Box 3452, Bloomington, IL 61701
fear, and political opportunism•••••••••••.••••.•••••••••.•••..••••. 4-5

He ripped people off in the quad cities~ now he's right here Indexed in the Alternative Press Index

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The Post Amerikan is-an independent

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Is the unemployment rate really 12.4% or below 6%? It depends mation and analysis that is screened

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news sources. We are a non-profit,

THE DEATH OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM worker-run collective that exists as
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The Christian Conservative Church of America is preparing for Most of our material and inspiration
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COMING OUT STRONG, COMING OUT PROUD IN 'FRISCO We'll get back to you, usually with-
A report on the largest gay pride parade in the world, or what in a week.

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THE ONLY GOOD INJUN IS A DEAD INJUN two double-spaced typewritten pages.
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The u. s. government has found a new way of killing Indians:

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MYTHS ABOUT WELFARE EXPLODED likely to get printed. Long, bril-
People who get government assistance aren't the way you think
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An upbeat story about one woman's triumph over pharmaceutical An alter~ative newspaper depends very

companies and the medical establishment•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 20 directly on a community of concerned
people for existence. We believe that

THE SAD DEMISE OF FINK 1 S it is very important to keep a paper
Several Post staffers mourn the closing of their favorite bar •••••••• 23 like this around. If you think so
too, then support us through contri-

butions and by letting our advertisers

CITY STATE HELP ISSCS DEVELOPER GET RICH know,you saw their ads in the Post
'The guy who got the low-low--interest loan just happens to be
Amerikan. --

Gov. Thompson's ex-campaign manager •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 24 The deadline for submissions for the

My Sister, the Punk Rocker •••• 20 September issue is August 18.
Miscellaneous Outrages •••••••• 21
On the Music Scene •••••••••••• 22
Classifrieds •••••••••••••••••• 23
Amerikan Almanak ••••••••••••••• 6 T l 7 be~s
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Blacks outraged over liquor
license denial

Bloomington's black community is outraged has to do is evict the Grace Christian "Each of the Commissioners agreed that
over the city council's refusal to grant Fellowship (or wait for their lease to there is a strong need in the community
a liquor license 'to another black bar. expire). Then Forbes can apply for a for a middle-class tavern which will
liquor license himself, or rent to some- attract primarily black persons."
Ignoring the recommendation of the Bloom- one who wants to open a bar.
ington Liquor Commission, the city coun- "The cover charge and dress code were
cil denied the license for Different Outrage considered to be significant as methods
Faces, 426 N. Main St., on June 13. of controfling the types of persons who
would go to the establishment."
Owners of the proposed tavern, Mrs. The denial of Different Faces' license
Earlene Smith and her son Ferrell has produced a spate of outraged letters "There was a strongly felt attitude that
Robinson, charged that the license in the Pantagraph. Coming so soon after this was a reasonable and appropriate
denial was racist. a particularly outrageous denial of a location for a middle-class establish-
license to the Ace High Lounge, the city ment of this type."
The council's action carne less than two council's action reinforces the view that
months after they refused to permit that the whites who run the town would In recommending approvial of a license
another black tavern, the Ace High rather not even see blacks at all. The for Leggy's, the former Hi-De-Ho, the
Lounge, to re-open under new management. only black bar in town now, the Third Commission again offered reassurance
Ward Club, is located under the Main based on class prejudice. To be oper-
The council's excuse for denying the St. viaduct--it literally keeps its ated by a former employee of Big Rudy's,
license to Different Faces was the prox- patrons out of sight. Leggy's would supposedly "upgrade the
imity of Grace Christian Fellowship at block by attracting a different type
416 N. Main. Under state and local of clientele than had frequented the
liquor laws, bars cannot locate within Hi-De-Ho." According to the Commission
100 feet of a church. minutes, Commissioners viewed the for-
mer Hi-De-Ho patrons as unsavory working
Church? class types who might bother passers-by
or urinate in alleys, while Leggy's
But is Grace Christian Fellowship a could attract middle-class jock types who
church within the meaning of the Illi- who wouldn't do such things. (Have the
DOis Dram Shop Act? Commissioners ever walked by Big Rudy's
on a Saturday night?)
In a six-page legal opinion submitted to
the Bloomington liquor commission, Asst. Blacks watching
Corporation Counsel Paxton Bowers said
basically "I don't know." When the council voted on Leggy's liquor
license application July 11, the black
The city council could have chosen to community was watching closely. If this
issue the liquor license and allowed white bar got a license after two black
Grace Christian Fellowship to appeal the bars were turned down, there would have
decision to the Illinois Liquor Control been he~l to pay.
And the council knew it. Leggy's was
The need for a gathering place for turned down too.
blacks is so strong that the Human Rela-
tions Commission took the unprecedented Now that the city council has turned
step of supporting the license applica- dow~ thr~e licenses which the liquor
tion. commission has recommended favorably,
the two groups are planning a joint
· Commission Chairman Hezekiah Webb dis- meeting to discuss criteria.
missed the church issue by saying that
Grace Christian Fellowship existed in Meanwhile, Ferrell Robinson and Earlene
temporary rented facilities, had no mem- Smith are appealing the decision that
bership list, and no board of directors. Grace Christian Fellowship is a church ...
It is more like a reli'gious meeting
room. --Mark Silverstein

Although the Different Faces building A proposed black bar was denied a ~Fourth annual
bas housed a bar for years (most recent- liquor license when the city
ly, My Place), it was unoccupied at the council claimed that this store- Cultural Fest
time Grace Christian Fellowship rented front meeting room (above)
its quarters in November, 1982. qualified as a church. The joint efforts of five local sponsors will -
result in the Cultural Fest 183, an- aU-day outside
The Forbes angle After Robert Bacon was convicted of event which is centered at the Miller Park
delivering cocaine (he says MEG en- outdoor theatre. The festival, organized by Gary
Grace Christian Fellowship is renting trapped ·him) , he lost his liquor Gaston and Lee Otis Brewer, will be held from
from Leo Forbes, who is also interested license for the Ace High Lounge on Man~ noon until 9:30 p.m. on August 27.
426 N. Main. When Mrs. Smith and her roe Street. When Mrs. Annabelle Grimm
son bought the My Place building at a applied for a license to reopen the This year the cultural festival, which is largely
public auction earlier this year, Leo bar, her long-time association wi~h a music-oriented affair, is adding a children's
Forbes was the only other bidder. Bacon prompted the liquor commission jump-rope contest and a speakers' forum. The
to pull an unheard-at move: they de- NAACP will be on hand again for voter
In his legal opinion, Paxton Bowers de- clared a four-month moratorium on any registration, the Gojo Kai will stage a karate
livered this warning about considering license on that location. The reason: demonstration, and local dance troupes are
Grace Christian Fellowship a church: "to clear the place out." Just what tentatively scheduled for appearances.
"Any minister could open a storefront was supposed to be in the premises that
church near a liquor establishment that needed to be "cleared out" in a few Music buffs should attend for the local jazz and
was for sale and effectively prohibit months was never spelled out. After funk. Three bands are already signed up. Free
the sale because a liquor license would four months, though, the commission refreshments will be provided by the Cush
not be available to the buyer." okayed Mrs. Grimm's license. But then Masonic Lodge, and the Eastern Star Lodge will
the city council turned it down. paint faces and provide balloons for the children
With the denial of their liquor li- attending.
cense, Mrs. Smith and her son may be Race, class prejudice
forced to try to sell their building. Local artists are encouraged to attend and show
Since the premises can't be used as a Controversy over the two licenses, plus and sell their work. Toni Kennedy, who is
tavern, the property's value is likely a third for Leggy's, which attempted to involved with the advertising for the festival will
to drop. They are unlikely to recoup open in the old Hi-de-Ho, reeks of race have a display of her own art on hand.
the $16,000 they have already spent on and class prejudice.
renovation. This year's cultural festival is sponsored by
I have read minutes of Liquor Commission
And if Leo Forbes is still interested for years, but only recently has there s. A. G. E., the Bloomington Human Relations
in the property, he'll be able to buy it been so much overt consideration of the
for a song. social class of a prospective tavern's Commission, Delta Kappa Delta, Gaston's Upper
patrons. Cut Barber Shop, and the Cush Lodge.
And if Leo Forbes wants to suddenly in- Individuals who wish to donate their assistance
crease his new property's value, all he In approving the license application for to this year's festival are encouraged to call
Different Faces, much of the commis-
sion's attitude was this: "Well, they 452-9231 or 828-8465 for more information••
might be blacks, but don't worry,
they're middle-class blacks."

Here are some quotations from the
minutes of the Liquor Commission's hear-
ing June 1:

Post-Amerikan AIDS hysteria • the second
Aug. 1983 4

A New York ambulance company refused Sociologists and anthropologists who uncertainty of scientists. Ambiguity
to transport a man possibly suffering study public reactions say that the and the absence of authoratative ex-
from AIDS. Some funeral directors in AIDS hysteria has a lot to do with the planations create anxiety and rumors.
New York state are refusing to embalm fact that the outbreak is within a "The more the fear, the more the
bodies of persons who die of AIDS- group (gay men) who are already social- rumors flourish because people need
related diseases. Four San Francisco ly stigmatized. "The fear of contact to articulate and express their fears,"
city workers put on disposable paper with an outcast group is widespread said Alan Dunfies.
suits and surgical masks before they anyway," said Alan Dundes, an anthro-
picked up trash from the Gay Freedom pologist at the University of Dr. Selma Dritz, a specialist in
parade. California at Berkeley. disease control for the San Fran-
cisco Health Department, emphasized
These are the latest incidents in a "In terms of so-called macho types, that "you get infected with AIDS
series that has led some observers to there might already be the fear that when you get the virus from semen
call the hysteria surrounding AIDS a homosexuality is catching. The AIDS or blood from the AIUS patient and
second epidemic. Feeding on rumors, situation then gives them a medical it goes into your own blood supply
fear, prejudice and the uncertainty rationale for their fear, saying that through a break in your skin.''
surrounding the disease's cause, these people really could be
public reaction to the AIDS outbreak dangerous." Even doctors and nurses who have
has resulted in increased anti-gay workeq without precautions with
sentiments and discrimination against According to Thomas Pettigrew, a UC AIDS patients for 2 years have not
individuals suffering from illnesses sociologist and expert on prejudice, come down with it, using instruments
related to the immune deficiency the fact that AIDS has occurred pri- and needles with some of the sickest
syndrome. marily in gay males should reassure patients. Why should a man worry
the rest of the population that they about picking it up from garbage in
Juries and television technicians have are less susceptable to the disease, the streets?"
refused to be in the same room with but it hasn't. Instead "it seems to
people who have AIDS. Landlords have enforce what they thought anyway about Dritz, who finds herself increasingly
evicted tenants with AIDS. Some gays. People can say they got what in the position of chief assuager of
nurses, _who routinely treat patients they deserve, or if they'd just fears, said with a sigh, "All we can
with everything from legionnaires' straighten up and fly right they would do is keep repeating the facts. Some
disease to rabies, have refused to be all right." people are listening, and are cooling
offer their services to those dying of off, and others have a stone wall
AIDS. Another cause of public fear is the there and don't want to be convinced."

The street workers who donned protec-

Falwell wants gays curbed

On July i2, Rev. Jerry Falwell held orientation and give a detailed After all,-there is one heterosexual
a press conference in Washington, health history. rape every 7 minutes in this country.
D.c., on behalf of the National That's a far more serious health crisis
(misnamed) Moral Majority (MM), During the course of the new than the one Falwell has chosen as his
asking for preventative actions by conference, Falwell said that he pretext for grabbing the spotlight and
federal health officials against the considers the AIDS outbreak a "holy spreading his homophobia ...
AIDS outbreak. retribution" against homosexuality.
After criticizing the government for He also remarked-that the --Ferdydurke
its slow and inadequate response to government can control "c,attle
the AIDS crisis and calling for disease in Texas" better than it has
increased research into the cause of handled AIDS.
the mysterious disease, Falwell got
down _to the real purpose of his Although Falwell's proposals were
appearance: he called on the carefully qualified and presented as
government to 1) close gay "reasonable" requests (in contrast to
bathhouses, and 2) require all blood the hysterical rantings of MM's
donors to disclose their sexual national secretary Greg Dixon--see
adjoining story), they still pose a
NESTGAY ENTERTAINMENT serious threat to the nation's gay
community. It would downright stupid
JN CENTRALJLLINOIS to accept at face value Falwell's
sudden concern for the health and
OPEN NIGHTLY 'TIL 4 A.M. welfare of people he's publicly
condemned and vilified for the past
. CUSTOMER PER NIGHT Falwell and Co. have more than just
medical objections to the baths.
They think what goes on in them is
sinful, immoral, disgusting, and
vile, regardless of how many
microorganisms are or are not
exchanged. Today it's the baths--
tomorrow the bars? And having people
indicate their sexual preference in
order to donate blood seems to me like
a good beginning for a nationwide
registration of gays.

AlsE>, Falwell's "requests" simply add
more stigma to an already overly
stigmatized group. He's blaming the
victims of the disease for having it.
Gay men didn't create the virus that
causes AIDS--if indeed it's a virus
that causes it. Gay men are the
victims of AIDS and don't deserve to
be held responsible for its deadly
effects any more than people who get
influenza and pass it on. (The flu,
by the way, causes several hundred
more deaths a year than AIDS has
caused in three years.)

If AIDS is "holy retribution," then
god created the virus. Blame him.
Maybe we should put a ban on gqd in
this cou~try until he's been
medically checked out and cleared.

More seriously, if Falwell really wants
to save people from pain and death,
he should propose a curfew on all
heterosexual males over the age of 12.

epidemic Moron majority exploits Post-Amerikan
Aug. 1983 5
tive garb won't be doing it again. ac-
cording to the director of San Francis- AIDS Cri•SI• S
co1s parks and recreation: "It is not a
department policy and it should not In a guest opinion column that appeared orgy-type situations ..• (with)
have been done. It was an anxious in the June 22 edition of USA Today, writhing masses of humanity engaged
over-reaction, stemming from ignorance, some religious pervert from in the most gross of possible
and it could contribute to an atmos- Indianapolis has all but called for the actions." (I don't know what Dixon
phere of hysteria." extermination of gay people. means by the "ultimate homosexual
act": I wasn't aware it had been
In New York it was reported that the Under the blunt headline "Stop invented yet.)
ambulance company suspended a driver. Homosexuals, Or They'll Infect Us All,"
an attendant, and a dispatcher for Greg Dixon, an admitted baptist Dixon also complained that "most
their refusal to transport the AIDS minister who openly flaunts his homosexual acts are among those who
patient. The company 0 s chief admin- position of national secretary for do not know one another" and "the
the misnamed Moral Majority, Inc., act is under unplanned and furtive
istrator was quoted as saying, "Our used the AIDS crisis as his pretext circumstances •.•• " That's a
for urging "the citizenry of this little like shooting people in the
policy is that we have no policy country to do everything in their foot and berating them for limping.
on AIDS. An ambulance call is an power to smash the homosexual If you were gay and Greg Dixon came
ambulance call and a patient is a movement in this country." charging toward you waving his copy
patient .• " of Leviticus in the air, wonldn't
Dixon didn't give details for his you head for the bushes or the nearest
And New York's Governor Mario Cuomo final solution to the gay problem, bath house?
moved quickly to push legislation but his Third Reich rhetoric left
which would provide sanctions against little doubt what he'has in mind: Indiana Adolf concluded his tirade with
funeral directors who refuse to enbalm "If homosexuals are not stopped, these uplifting sentiments: "Modern
the bodies of victims. In introducing they will in time infect the entire science has now confirmed that the God
his legislation, Cuomo said, "We must nation, and America will be of the Old Testament was not a 'dirty
not permit AIDS sufferers and their qestroyed--as entire civilizations bully' when he called for the
families to be subjected to irrational have fallen in the past." (As with extermination of entire nations who
and unscientific behavior born out of most claims about civilizations were infected with veneral disease.
fear rather than fact."e that were destroyed by sin-and-sex, We know now that he is a loving God
Dixon failed to name any.) who is watching over his creation so
--Ferdydurke that man might not destroy himself."
Not surprisingly, Dixon seems
Sources: New York Native, July 4-17, fascinated with the sexual habits of A loving god who exterminated entire
1983• San-pranciSco Chronicle, 28 June gay men, and he dwelt on them in his nations in order to keep people from
198J. - column: "the average number of peing destroyed??? How many
partners in the life of an active contradictions can you find in that
male homosexual is more than 1600": concept? Well, when you're trying to
"more than 300 'gay baths' exist in make genocide into a christian duty,
the nation, and because of them, I guess you can't worry about making
9~/o of all homosexuals engage in the sense .•
ultimate homosexual act": "almost
,half of all homosexual acts are in --Ferdydurke

---a.i.d.s. notes-----------------------------

New treatment: Medical researchers The vaccine's makers and the federal AIDS network.
have discovered that a substance Center for Disease Control agree that
called Interleukin-2, which is AIDS transmission is improbable Two federation projects are the
produced by the white blood cells because the manufacturing process establishment of an office to lobby
of a healthy person, is not present inactivates viruses "of all known for AIDS-related research funds and
in the blood of people with AIDS. types." It is estimated that 200,000 the creation of an information
In lab tests, Interleukin-2 boosted new cases of hepatitis B occur each clearinghouse. (Gay Community News)
the infection-fighting ability of the year in this country: 4000 of them
defective cells when added to the are fatal. Only 634 persons have died ***
blood of AIDS patients. from AIDS in the last 3 years.
(Chicago Sun Times) Anger and fear: Speaking at a press
Tests on human subjects have already conference called to warn against
begun and will continue for several *** AIDS hysteria, Bishop Paul Moore of
months. Researchers also need to the Episcopal Diocese of New York
explore ways to produce the substance Support network: Representatives of 38 pointed out that"underneath the panic
synthetically, since it occurs national and local AIDS-related about AIDS itself is an unresolved
naturally only in very minute organizations have established a anger and fear and a looking down
amounts. (USA Today: "All Things federation of groups doing AIDS work. upon the gay community and the
Considered") The new federation includes 7 city- Haitian community." (Gay Community
based AIDS organizations, the National News)
*** Gay Task Force, the National Gay Health
Education Foundation, and the Women's --compiled by Ferdydurke

Leveling off: The spread of AIDS is .What? The Post-Amerikan
slowing in New York City, according
to the city's health commissioner. needs _money? James, Seriously, folks, we've been strug-
For a while, cases were doubling gling along putting out this paper for
every 6 months, but Dr. David Sencer
said they recently leveled off to get -my checkbook! ·eleven years now, trying to make
about 60 a month. He said the come from ads and paper sales
leveling off is partly the result of stretch to cover rent, supplies, and
gay men curtailing their sexual
activity but may also indicate that printing (which has gone up four or
the disease is less virulent than
previously thought. (Chicago Sun five times in two years), and what
have ~ done to help except throw-
'* * *
ing us a lousy quarter once a month
Shunning vaccine: Many health workers
and gay people are risking liver cancer (when you remember)?
by shunning a new vaccine against
hepatitis B because they fear they'll We are depending on our readers,
catch AIDS from it. The vaccine is those who feel an alternative news-
extracted from blood obtained from paper is good for the community.
people infected with hepatitis B If you can send at least $25.00, you
including gay males who are a high-risk get a lifetime subscriptiontto the
group for AIDS. Post. Also, every Christ~s you
can send a free year's sub to a
friend (or enemy). Send donations to:
Post-A meri kan
' ,PO Box 3452
Bloomington, Ill. 61701

Shady character at Tarvin's Mobile Homes

Watch out, Bloomington-Normal, These people and others with their The way Marty serviced mobile homes
there's a fly-by-night "businessman" broken promises harassed Marty so
on the run seeking·refuge in your much that he spent many an afternoon often created more problems than
city. This guy is the type who hiding out at the Greenbriar Pub.
.gives used car dealers and mobile When he was at work he usually wouldn't he fixed. He got such a bad
home dealers a bad name by taking answer the phone. He would signal to
advantage of unwary consumers. the secretary to say that he wasn't reputation that one of the mobile
I stopped by Tarvin's Mobile Homes in. When people did confront him,
July 7 to confirm a rumor. I he usually lied or made additional home manufacturers considered
heard that Marty Bowerman is now promises to quiet them.
employed there. Sure enough, he's quitting selling homes through his
there, but I hope they don't let Both consumers and honest businesses
him sell and service homes like he were taken advantage of, but the dealership. A service representative
did in his old territory. people who bought homes from him
were hurt the most because some of of that company told me that they
After servicing and selling mobile these people had their life's savings
homes for more than ten years, Marty and dreams wasted on broken promises. can tell where Marty is working by
fled the Quad Cities (Davenport,
Bettendorf, Rock Island and Moline) For a typical example, a young couple the quantity of service requests
because he couldn't get a job anymore with children had just bought their
and because of numerous threats to new home and they needed a clothes made by home owners and dealers
his life and property. washer and dryer. Marty told them
they could trade their living room alike. The model homes are always
I've seen a number of crooked mobile furniture and $200 cash for a washer.
home dealers come and go, but this Now the people are missing their missing light fixtures and plumbing
guy is the most outrageous. I have furniture and cash with no washer
recently taken over the job Marty and dryer to show for it. parts, both of which can be sold
fled from, and I have personally
dealt with his victims. for quick cash or resold to mobile

home owners for service repairs.

After Marty left the Moline business,

5 central air conditioning units, 'tl
3 sets of washers and dryers, 42
mobile home tires and 6 axles 0en
were missing from the inventory.
This is the land of the free, and I



Marty is free to move on to another ~

town to swindle new victims. I ~

know of a lot of hurt people,

though, who wish this was the Old

West. They want a lynching ...

--Greg Stoewer I-'



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production of "Where's Charly?"
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Free Film: "Herbie Rides Again" Mon., Aug. 15
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More razzle-dazzle

about unemployment

There's an old adage that says, with the way the Bureau of Employment Let's take this hypothetical example:
"Figures don't lie, but liars can Security determines who gets extended if 10 out of 100 insured workers are
figure." I don't know who that old benefits and who doesn't (or, more out of work and actually receiving
adage has been listening to lately, accurately, when people get extensions benefits, the "insured unemployment
but if he's had any recent dealings and when they don't). rate" is 10"/o. But if 5 of those 10
with the Labor Depar~~ent and the exhaust their unemployment insurance,
Illinois Bureau of Employment You see, the "insured employment rate" then only 5 out of 95 are actually
Security (BES), he's got ample is the proportion of working Amerikans receiving benef1ts and, presto: the
evidence for his cynical observation covered by unemployment insurance who "insured unemployment rate" is 5.3%.
about statistical manipulation. actually receive benefits. Two Ten people are still out of work, but
observations need to be made about BES counts only the 5 who are getting
For your consideration, I submit the this term (which, by the way, BES benefits.
case of the shifting unemployment never bothers to explain to people
statistics--or, the Bureau giveth who apply for unemployment benefits), In reality, of course, the situation
and the Bureau taketh away: and you'll have to pay attention here is much more complicated: insured
because this is where the razzle workers return to their jobs, others
1. On June 16, 1983, the Pantagraph begins to dazzle: get laid off, more run out of benefits,
carried an Associated Press story and so forth. But the important thing
which said that the unemployment 1. Only 88.5 million of the 99.4 to remember is that BES doesn't count
rate for Bloomington-Normal was 8.3% million working Amerikans are covered a lot of unemployed people--namely,
for the month of April. While no by the unemployment insurance benefit those no longer getting benefits and
statewide figure was given, program. Among those not covered are the "uninsured."
unemployment rates for cities in the self-employed. At first glance
Illinois ranged from 6.6% for this distinction seems to suggest that They also don't count students who
Champaign-Urbana to 16.5% for Peoria since the unemployment rate for the are unemployed for the summer, or
and 17.9% for Kankakee. The "insured" is below 6%, then the other farmers and construction workers who
national jobless rate was reported 6.4% of the jobless rate must come don't work in the winter months.
to be 10%. from the much smaller portion of the These unemployed people are dismissed
work force who are the "uninsured." in the name of "seasonal adjustments."
2. On the same day or shortly In other words, it appears that 11% Which is another way of saying we
thereafter, some 56,000 unemployed of the labor force accounts for more expect these people to be out of work,
people in Illinois received the than half of the unemployment in this so who cares? Of course, if these
following notice from the state BES: country. But on to our second folks do find a job, they'll be counted
"You are currently receiving benefits observation: as part of the insured working force
under the Federai Supplemental a,nd help keep the "insured unemployment
Compensation Program. The number of 2. You need to focus of the phrase rate" down.
weeks that you are entitled to "who actually receive unemployment
receive these payments is determined insurance compensation benefits." It's been estimated that if all of the
by the insured unemployment rate in If a lot of so-called "insured no-counts were counted, the
Illinois. Because this rate has workers" are no longer actually unemployment rate would be 25 to 3~/o.
dropped below 6%, the number of weeks receiving benefits--and they're not-- Is it any wonder the Labor Department
payable to you will be reduced from then the proportion goes down. When and BES sweep these people under the
14 weeks to 12 weeks efective June workers have exhausted their statistical carPet?.
19, 1983." unemployment benefits, the Labor
Department no longer figures them --Ferdydurke
3. On July e, 1983, the Pantagraph into the "insured unemployment rate."
carried another AP story which said
the unemployment rate for Illinois
climbed in June to 12.4% and that
this figure represented an increase
of 0.4 of a percentage point over
the May jobless rate.

How can this be?

"Now, how can this be?" you may ask.

Even Nancy Reagan, should she ever

take a look at the unemployment

statistics, could probably figure

out that 12.4% is a long way from

being "below 6%."

...........................................The key to our riddle is the phrase
"the insured unemployment rate."

: Labor Council begins jobWhat you read in the paper about

unemployment rates has nothing to do
,••:••••••••••••••••••. development programStuggle/cpf
Unemployed? Tired of the endless search they have, what programs they are eli-
even for the minimum wage jobs, that gible for, and what jobs they can be
aren't even there? Unsure about your trained for •
GED programs, or high school diploma
Your fate, and that of millions of equivalencies, will be one of the first
other Americansp is in a difficult offerings of the project.
situation right now.
Then in October, when CETA is replaced
There are no easy or immediate answers by Reagan's new alternative, the JTPA
to the situatiJn, but some steps are (Job Training Partnership Act), local
being taken to give out-of-work folks organizations will propose specific job
a chance • training programs for local unemployed
workers, and provide a list of names
The Bloomington and Normal Trades and of people eligible for such programs •
Labor Assembly (AFL~CIO), the local By first gaining a sense of who the
organization of about JJ unions, in unemployed are, programs can then be
conjunction with McLean County CETA, put together that will upgrade their
United Way of McLean County and the skills to ones that are more market-
Bloomington Area Vocational Center, able.
has begun a new program to aid un-
employed workers in our coml!l:mity. The program has no immediate easy

Tell our advertisers + The program is long-range and might answers and can guarantee a job to
you saw their ad +not have an immediate answer to some- no one. But hopefully, by pooling
+one's dilemma, but it will soon be our resources and getting a head
start on the new Job Training Programp
+able to offer alternatives to people. answers and jobs can be won for the

unemployed. For more information,

in the Post-Amerikan : The first task of the program is contact the Trades and Labor Assembly,
P.O. )248, Bloomington, 828-881J·4t
+ to develop a sense of who the unem-
+ployed are in our community, what needs --MgM

Post-Amerikan Aug. 1983 8

The death of religious freedom somebody will take a similar case to court
involving discrimination against women.
On May 24, 1983, the Supreme Court ruled that pity for their damned souls and their blighted
Bob Jones University and Goldsboro Christian minds." "If a church refuses to ordain women because it
Schools were not eligible for tax exempt status sincerely believes men should lead, could its
because of their racist policies~ BJU admits Jones also told his students that "our nation tax exempt status be removed?" asks Beth
black students (it has about a dozen among its has declared itself to be the enemy of the God Spring in Christianity Today. Very possibly,
6300 students), but does nof admit students in heaven today. Our nation from this day for- now, she concludes, and almost certainly if the
involved in interracial marriages and expels ward is no better than Russia insofar as ex- Equal Rights Amendment ever passes.
students and faculty for dating interracially. pecting the blessings of God is concerned."
The Goldsboro Schools do not admit black Now, maybe I'm being stupid, but I really don't
students in their elementarv and high schools. Poor baby. see the problem here. It makes sense to me that
if you want rights and privileges from the
Reactions to the ruling were mixed. The Jones also said that BJU would not change government that you have to play by the
NAACP, the ACLU, and other civil rights "its religious beliefs and practices" despite government's rules. These same religious freaks
groups were, of course, enormously pleased the ruling. are lauding and applauding the federal decision to
with the decision. Chief Justice Warren Burger make university students prove that they have
wrote that "Entitlement to tax exemption de- As though anybody cares. The ruling did not say registered for the draft before they can receive
pends on meeting certain common law concepts that the schools had to change their religious federal education grants, regardless of how
of charity " and that "there can no longer be any beliefs. It said they couldn't get a free ride sincere and conscientious the students are about
doubt that racial discrimination in education from the IRS if they didn't. Freedom of opposition to tlie draft.
violates deeply and widely accepted views of religion was, of course, one of the things being
elementary justice." argued. Justice Burger made it clear, however, Sincerity has never cut a lot of ice with the feds.
that although the ruling might indeed place And it cuts no ice at all with the IRS.
President Reagan, who had supported the tax financial burdens on the schools, it"would not
exemption for the two schools, said simply interfere with their practice of religion. So Bob Jones thinks racism is Biblical. So
"We will obey the law. " That's white of ya, what? Bigamy is Biblical, too, as is human
Ron. ~ sacrifice, murder, and rape.

But religious leaders were not quite as pleased Other religious leaders are also reacting badly And so is taxation, or does nobody remember why
to the decision. "For the first time," says
as everyone else. Bob Jones Ill, president of Samuel Ericsson of the Christian Legal Society, eMary and Joseph went to Bethlehem in the first
"the Supreme Court has decided that the
BJU, ordered all flags at the university lowered government is free to tax unpopular religious place?
to half-mast after the Supreme Court's de- beliefs, no matter how sincere those beliefs may
cisiOn. "We':r:e mourning the dealth of re- be." --Deborah Wiatt
ligious freedom," Jones said.
William Bentley Ball, attorney for BJU, believes SOurces: Chicago Tribune, Wednesday, May 25,
In an assembly on the campus that day, Jones the ruling means that "religious bodies, if they 198::!; Facts .2.!!, File, May 27, 1983; Christianity
had a lot of other nasty things to say. He are to enjoy tax exemption, must lock-step Today, July 15, 1983.
maligned the Court, saying that "the nation was themselves to public policy even if it violates
in a bad fix when eight evil old men and one conscience and doctrine. " Exemption
vain and foolish woman can speak a verdict on
American liberties." He also expressed his While the churches are angry about having to equals subsidy
concern for the Court in that he had ''pity for comply with integration of blacks in their schools
the heathens who sit on the Supreme Court, or risk losing their tax exempt status , they seem May was not a good month for the
to be scared to death that sooner or later churches. The Supreme Court lambasted
them so badly on May 24 with the Bob
NATURAL FOODS Come visit our newly remodeled store. Jones decision· (see adjoining article)
We have more of everything, including that the decision on May 2) almost went
Sl6 N. Main St. an expanded produce section, to serve by unnoticed.
Bloomington, Ill. 61701 you better.
On that day, the Supreme Court
COMMON GROUND now offers you the opportunity to cut food referred to tax exemption as a form
of government subsidy. 'l'ne CiecJ.sJ.on of
and vitamin costs by 10%. You may obtain your 10% discount the Court was unanimous. Justice
club card in the following two ways: William Renquist wrote, " A tax exemp-
(1) You may purchase a discount card for a yearly fee of $10. tion has much the same effect as a cash
(2) You may earn a free discount card by accumulating $50 grant to the organization of the amount
worth of COMMON GROUND sales receipts. Simply save your of tax it would have to pay on its
receipts until you have a total of $50, at which time we will income.

present you with a FREE 10% discount card good for one year. Makes sense to me. It does not, howeverp
make sense to church leaders.
Once you have your discount card, simply present it at the
Dean Kelleyp religious li~erty expert
checkout counter for a 10% discount ~n every purchase. at the National Council of Churchesp
says "henceforth tax-exempt organiza-
:~ foods1.~1--CutKt»wW-'iidenca~el-eatt'ion~~·fvthoClO6ffe6eo.bmeaan~s1 tions will have to justify exemption
L as though it were a subsidy" by prov-
..._, """"\ - - ..,., rresb produce----r-, ing that they serve a public purpose
and do not violate public policy.
"That poses a serious problem for

No sh*t, Sherlock.

Most churches would have a hell of a
time proving that they serve a public
purpose. Most churches do not.

And I really don't care if churches in
Amerika do not serve a public pur-
pose and do violate public policy
every chance they get. But I do care
if they get a tax break to do it with.
And I'm glad that the Supreme Court
sees it my way for a change ...

--Deborah Wiatt

Post-Amerikan Aug. 1983 9

Small Changes· closes • but spirit
lingers on

Small Changes bookstore underwent its spirit and a feeling. A place for a people were a little more active
final transition when it closed its woman alone downtown to come in out politically. It's important to keep
of the cold. A place for people to places like that in the midwest."
doors for the last time June 16. meet and exchange ideas."
Dolan would like to see the store There was a time, she said, when there
One more opportunity for the counter- reincarnated. She has most of the was more of a community spirit among
culture in Bloomington-Normal slipped stock and is considering opening a the subcultures in town.
away. library in her home, but is hoping
first to get some community feedback. /
The non-profit, feminist bookstore's She also has taken on the debt, which
passing was quiet--symbolic of the she is paying off little by little. "We have to keep a network or .we'll
waning interest in the collective over stagnate. I'm afraid that women's
the past few years. Flagging interest groups will get isolated and strangled
in little pockets."
The radical community always expressed One reason for the flagging of
support for the collective, but there interest in Small Changes and feminist Dolan speculated that with the
weren't enough people willing to take causes in general, Dolan mused, is the tightening economics of the •8os,
responsibility individually by lack of perspective of young women, people don't want or can't afford
committing time and money. while older women become complacent additional demands on their time, or
with the victories already won. that they are afraid to jeopardize
"They cared, but they did,n't care "The people that win rights don't their paying jobs by being associated
deeply enough to put in the energy to enjoy them--the people that come after with countercultural enterprises.
keep it going," said Terri Dolan. She them do. Young women are taking for
and Cathy Ahart, the only two granted that they as women are equal "Now there are more people under-,
remaining memb~rs of the collective, in this society. But the fact that we ground. Things are getting harder for
closed the downtown Bloomington store. have rights now doesn't mean we're
always going to have them. all of us." 8
The immediate reason was lack of
money. The workers, Terri and Cathy "People are taking for granted now --Louise Bryant
and two other volunteers, couldn't what they could lose very easily, what
keep the store open long enough each they had to work very hard to get. What we're
week to bring in enough money to pay
the bills. Furthermore, as the down- "It's important that Small Changes going to· miss
town declined, so did walk-in traffic. stay here in Bloomington. It's one of
the few places left from a time when One of the most important things about
Hours became increasingly erratic as Small Changes bookstore--especially in
the women struggled to schedule around the winter--was that it was a place
their paying jobs. When the collec- you didn't have to pay money to be in.

tive was started in 1976, its seven Not only a store, it was a reading
roomp a community living room. You
members were able to keep the store could browse as long as you liked.
open eight hours a day. You could relax, drink a cup of tea,
read, and listen to music. It was
No money the collective's interest to main-
tain the store as a friendly, peace-
In recent months, there was no money ful, reflective space.
for rent, building repairs, utilities,
or for buying new stock. The store There was a range of books, magazines,
stayed open with donations, but the art and music unavailable elsewhere in
collective left still owing money. town. There was a community billboard.
There was a lending library, and a
Fundraisers in the form of monthly
coffee houses always drew a lot of selection o£ used books that cost 25
people, Dolan said. The last one
pulled enough donations to pay off the cents each.
phone bill. It also brought an
enthusiastic woman ready to pour The store was an outlet for local
energy into the collective, but by artists to display and sell their
that point it was too late. wares. There were buttons, pins,
bumper stickers and other political
In the final days, there was artifacts.
discussion as to whether to admit men
into the collective to keep it afloat, There were books on feminist issues,
but members decided that men would lesbian issues, agingp childbirthp
change the definition of the store, health, psychologyp education, science
which was in part intended as a refuge fiction, cooking, poetry and fiction,
for women. and non-sexist children's books.

"There was a danger of losing perspec- There was a wide range of pamphlets
tive and starting to think of it as a from small feministp lesbian and gay
business," Dolan said. publishing collectives. ·

"It was more than a store, it was a The name of the store was taken from a
book by Marge Piercy called Small
---How it all began--- Changes that became a feminist classic.
The original collective wrote Piercy
The founders of Small Changes EQok- raising within them and must continual- and asked if they could use the name of
store were a group of women who met ly make connections with other like- her novel for the bookstore. They
in a weekly discussion group. minded groups and individuals. To be received a letter from Piercy saying
most effective, small groups should be she would be pleased and proud to have
Out of the discussion arose a deci- made of people who are close to each the bookstore take the name of her
sion to take action. Six months other and caring about one another. book. The letter was framed and kept
laterp the dream became reality.
• •• for now, we as women can be most hanging on the wall of the bookstore. 4t
The following are excerpts from a effective basing our political action
statement that appeared in the Decem- on the experiences, the oppressionp --L.B.
and the strengths that we have as
berp 1976P Post by the collective to women. This belief will come through Moving?.
in the stock of the storep which will
announce the opening of the storea have a definite but not exclusive em- When you move, be sure to send us your
phasis on books for women. new address so your sUbscription gets
Small Changes was organized by a to you. Your Post-Amerikan will not
collective of seven women who come Lastp we share a commitment to a be forwarded. (It's like junk mail--
from different backgrounds and have Joyful struggle. We are involved no kidding!) Fill out t,he handy form
different philosophies and politics, 1n a struggle whose climax may very below and return it to us.
but agree on at least four important possibly not come in our lifetimes.
political ideas. These ideas brought But we also strongly intend to im- Name -------------------------------------
us together as a bookstore collective. prove our daily lives, and by god have
fun doing it. It is important to us Street ----------------------------------
We feel that radical social change is to become more loving with one another,
necessaryp that the ideals of peace and to hang out and deepen our friendshipsp City/State/Zip -----------------------
freedom and self-determination we were to laugh-and become daily strongerp
brought up on are not the realities of healthierp saner and happier, as it is
our lives, or most other people's to contribute to a more future-
eoriented, very often painful struggle
We also believe that small groups can
be a vital, workable means of deep for revolutionary change.
social change•••• these small groups
must have continuous consciousness- --L.B.


Ohio farmworkers begin cross-country march

Ohio Farmworkers, organized by the listed on company record books. "Labels for Education" program, in
Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), which school children collect soup
have begun a 560-mile march from Campbell's has consistently claimed can labels in exchange for school
Ohio's tomato fields to the head- that harvesting is. the farmers' con- supplies. FLOC has rel~ased studies
quarters of Campbell's Soup Co. in cern, and that it has no interest or showing "over.- charges" by Campbell's
Camden, New Jersey. input. In the past, Campbell's has in the program--the labels are re-
refused to even meet with farmworker deemable for only 1/10 of a cent,
For the past 4 years, these farmwork- leaders, until the national boycott while a can of Campbell's soup can
ers have been carrying on a national campaign brought pressure on the cost from 2 to 15¢ more than other
boycott of Campbell's products, and company. labels. If the cost of items given
striking tomato fields in Ohio where away to schools are compared to the
produce for Campbell's is grown. FLOC began organizing in the late extra cost of Campbell's Soups, and
60s in the Ohio tomato fields, and the 1/lOth of a penny label price
FLOC is demanding that Campbell's initially won contracts with area is computed, item "given away" by
recognize the needs of farmworkers, farmers. FLOC realized, however, that Campbell's are at a price 3 to 4
and that Campbell's provide decent the farmer was not in a condition of times their market value. For in-
wages and conditions for farm labor control over crops, and so FLOC stance, a $7.00 mini-calculator,
when they sign their annual production launched its~ demand for three-way available in most stores, costs $21
contracts with Ohio tomato farmers. negotiations between canneries, far- in soup labels.
mers, and farmworkers to set con-
-campbell's and other canneries ditions, and began strikes on fields The Campbell's boycott has been en-
annually contract with local farmers contracted to Campbells •· Soup. dorsed by the United Auto Workers,
as to the price per ton of produce, the United Farm Workers, and the
type of tomato planted, harvest dates On July 7, about 100 FLOC strikers Indiana and the Ohio Council of
and planting season. Yet nowhere in began their march from Toledo, Ohio, Ghurches, along with numerous Catholic
the contract is any allowance made the union's base in western Ohio, organizations. Locally, the Bloom-
for the use of hand labor, necessary and plan to reach Philadelphia on ington and Normal Trades and Labor
for maximum production in the tomato August 7, then march across the river Assembly (AFL-CIO) , has endorsed the
fields. to Camden, N.J., world headquarters Campbell's boycott.
of the Campbell's Company. Cesar
Ohio farmworkers have some of the Chavez, President of the United Farm For more information of this young
lowest wages in the nation, averaging Workers of America (AFL-CIO), will labor union, write FLOC, 714~ S. St.
less than $2.00 per hour, and with participate in the final leg of the Clair St., Toledo, OH 43609.
some of the worst child labor abuses. march. Letters of support for FLOC and call-
It is not uncommon to find whole ing for negotiations can go to
families in the fields, picking Through its campaigns, FLOC has sJc- Gordon McGovern, President, Campbell's
tomatoes, while the father or head cessfully convinced over 1,000 schools Soup, Camden, NJ 08101, 609/964-
of the family is the only employee to quit participating in Campbell's 4000 .•


Non-believers conference slated
G~oups presently scheduled to be at
The Friends of Robert Ingersoll will One of the more interesting events of the Freethought Fair include the
hold a sesquicentennial festival in the festival will be the Freethought Freedom from Religion Foundation, the
honor of the noted 19th century ag- Fair, an open air event to be held at American Humanist Association, the
nostic and orator, who practiced law the foot of the Ingersoll statue in Religious Freethinkers from California,
in Peoria and was Illinois' first Peoria's Glen Oak Park. Freethought the Arner~can Atheist Association, and
attorney general. The 3-day festival literature will be sold, displayed, the American Rationalists.
will take place at various locations and given away by various participa-
in Peoria on August 11 through 13. ting groups. More information about the Ingersoll
festival can be obtained from the
Ingersoll was well-known for lectures The Freethought Fair will also feature Friends of Robert G. Ingersoll, P.O.
on his creed of agnosticism. He· at- a "soapbox" to allow for the free ex- Box 5082, Peoria, Il. 61601, ..
tra9ted controversy for nearly 3 pression of ideas. Speakers may lec-
decades because he attacked orthodox ture to as many as they can hold with
religious beliefs. their oratory.

Praise the Lord and shoot the blacks

Licking, MO--In the rugged Ozark Moun- Identity church adherent. His death authority in the country to white
tains, far removed from the "mongrel" has made him something of a martyr in christians. "Identity is the secret
AmErican civilization they so deplore, the Identity movement. of the whole thing," he says. "We
a corps of "christian soldiers" is have the law (of God). The lesser
conducting bible classes while "Gcrdon Kahl Lives!" proclaims one breeds are without the law."
preparing for guerrilla warfare. pamphlet on display at Harrell's 230-
acre church campground, where his Other major figures in the Identity
The combat training sessions are being annual Survival Conference is being movement include Rev. Richard Butler
held in preparation for what they held. The conference, which in of the Aryan Nations and Church of
believe is an imminent racial conflict previous years was held in Southern Jesus Christ in Hayden Lake, Idaho,
and economic collapse in this country. Illinois at Harrell's larger-than- and Rev. Thomas Arthur Robb of
scale replica of George Washington's Harrison, Ark., who is national
This grim gathering is sponsored by Mount Vernon, features a wide variety chaplain for the Ku Klux Klan and
the Illinois-based Christian Conserva- of seminars: Bee Keeping, Bible editor of a newspaper published by
tive Churches of America and has Answers to Racial Questions, Jews and the White People's Committee to
attracted several hundred people who the Anti-Christ, Legal Use of Lethal Restore God's Laws.
hold a belief in a violent and Force, and Psycho-politics and Brain-
divinely ordained apocalypse on the washing. In Louisiana, Buddy Tucker leads the
national horizon. National Emancipation of Our White
The literature tables are over-flowing Seed group, and James K. Warner, a
"The patriots are going to rise up with such book titles as: "Better former officer of the American Nazi
with great force," said John R. Read Than Dead: The Complete Book of Party, operates the New Christian
(".Johnny Bob") Harrell, the outspoken Nuclear Survival," "Who Killed Crusade Church.
61-year-old founder of the church, Christ?," "Seven Financial
whose doctrines include belief in the Conspiracies," "The True History of Although Identity ~hurches appear to
supremacy of the white race. "We're the Holocaust," and "The Chemistry of have been proliferating in recent
getting ready to fight for our Powder and Explosives." years, they have been plagued by
survival, A caucasian, you know, internal strife. Unresolved personal
doesn't make a good slave." A retired military man, Col. Benjamin rivalries within the churches have led
F. M. von Stahl, heads up Harrell's to often bitter splits and freely
Harrell, who.lives in Louisville, Citizens Emergency Defense System. hurled charges that a former associate
Ill., presides over a tax-exempt no longer represents "true Identity"
church structure that includes five "We have 40 million illegal aliens beliefs.
other right-wing organizations. He
is a leading figure in the emerging here who should be bounced back to For his part, Harrell hopes to bring
"Identity" religious movement, which where they came from instead of
teaches that Jews are the "seed of allowing them to bring their disease, the divided movement together. "My
Satan" and that blacks are morally and their poverty, and their revolutionary
intellectually deficient. The ideas here," he says. job is to be the Old Testament watch-
Identity movement has recently been man on the wall--to sound the
linked with the paramilitary Posse "We're in a most perilous position,"
Comitatus and the Ku Klux Klan. von Stahl continues. "We're being ewarning," he says. "God always warns
disarmed all the time, both our
Tax protester Gordon Kahl, who was military and our personal weapons. before he wounds. "
killed in early June in a shootout Our army is now 60 percent black,"
with authorities in Arkansas, was a Source: Chicago Tribune, 26 June 198).
member of the Posse Comitatus and an The only hope for a change, says von
Stahl, is to restore all political

****************** ******************

News Griefspage 11
****************** ******************
compiled by Scaramouche

Just like you ~'~IJ'Hooray, hooray! We have our first ~0 They're preying again

citizen in space. He isn't a Post ~ The Nebraska State Legislature has had Here's what no less an authority than
Amerikan staffer, like I earlier the same Presbyterian minister on its the Chief Justice of the United States
suggested he should be, but our time payroll for 16 years. Is this a
will come. violation of the First Amendment ban Supreme Court, a man noted for his
on governmental establishment of sage, impartial rulings, has to say:
So who is the everyday private citizen religion? Of course not. "To invoke divine guidance on a public
who soon will be zipping overhead in
the space shuttle? Why, just an Just. ntncant body entrusted with making the laws is
ordinary joe, a regular feller, a not, in these circumstances, an
typical all-Amerikan hometown boy: \nS'g pests? establishment of religion or a step
that's who Charles Walker is. toward establishment. 1t is simply a
tolerable acknowledgement of beliefs
Oh yeah, he also happens to be an widely held among the people of this

engineer for McDannel Douglas, the It seems that the First Amendment At the risk of seeming to invoke a
people who brought you the Vietnam doesn't apply to hibh school students
War, the F-4 fighter bomber, ana in Washington, Illinois, our wholesome little divine guidance, allow me to
countless other practical necessities neighbor to the northwest. After some say: "Jeezuz Christ!" Burger's
"embarrassed parents and students" statement is a perfect example of why
of international diplomacy. And a called the school superintendent Ray he should be hawking vacuum cleaners
Torry to complain about items in the
finer representative of what Amerika's school's newspaper, censorship became during PTL Club station breaks, rather
all about would be hard to find. the word of the day.
than interpreting the u.s. Constitu-
They have The vile, odious items in question
tion. If paying a religious worker
to do religious tasks with tax bucks
isn't an official establishment of
religion, I don't know what is.

some nerve were in the gossip column, which only Divine guidance for politicians may
appears three times a year. They were
Thank God our blessed and all-wise not be a bad idea--they need all the
Senate has finally acted to plug an the usual smirky, unsigned things one help (however illusory) they can get.
embarrassing and spineless gap in our gets in a high school paper. Torry But to have a supposedly educated man
nation's defenses. They've voted--at called them "inside jokes normal
last--to build up our nerve gas readers wouldn't think too much of," justify this by calling it a
supply. Hallelujah! and said: "The paper will not be a
"tolerable acknowledgement of widely-
forum for personal messages." held beliefs" is more than a rational
mind can bear.

Now we can bargain with those godless Ka-Boom! No Valentine's Day specials, Since when is a widely-held belief the
commies £rom a position of strength. no Christmas specials, no senior basis for correct law in this country?
Nuclear ·missiles aren't tough enough wills. The last item was begged for
by the paper's editor, who promised Racism is a widely held belief, so is
to force those Russkies to get rid of that the wills would be "carefully sexism. Let's abuse the Jews--it's
their chemical weapons. vJe need the edited" (now there's a euphemism for what the peo~le want. Fair elections
gas ourselves. you). in· the South? Nobody cares, so why
bother? Freedom of the press?--hell,

What matter that the Russians won't Come off it, Ray. Once you start no! Let's shut up the troublemakers.
reduce theirs while we increase ours?
What matter that their soldiers are censoring the kids in a state-funded "There can be no doubt that the prac-
protected against gas, so we kill only educational institution, you're tice of opening legislative sessions
civilians? What matter that if they with prayer has become part of the
reduce theirs, we'll have to reduce trashing the whole scholastic system. fabric of' our society," says Burger.
ours, which we just spent billions to Bureaucratic excess always starts
make? What does it matter? So has homocide, kidnapping, and rape,
small, chipping away a tiny bit at a Warren.
Have a nice day! time. But then, that's the way
termites work, and what are they?

1-l ~ atl1 -Toll Free It makes
..Qc:) 0 great kindling
+' We're not just a
tr> Crisis Center! Pity the poor Ku Klux Klan. So
misunderstood. So maligned. So
~ Solving your problem can cruelly used. It can't even blow away
·.-l start with a phone call. a few commies on tv without catching a
lot of pinko flak.
~ 24 Hours - Confidential
iJ' 0 Tn a move designed to bolster its
til .--1 unfairly tarnished image, the Klan is
.--1 ·..·c.-:l going public with its constitution and
l1l p:) some of its ceremonies, though it
N still won't tell who belongs.

::l >o M ' "We have been hamstrung for a couple
't1 N of years with some people taking
.+.c:' N portions of our constitution, printing
>·.-l I'- t!) them out of context, and making us
' iJ' ""'I look bad," said the Imperial Wizard,
'g .·.-l ·.-l Bill Wilkinson.
.--1 CD MN
The Klan doesn't like to look bad.
·.-l til CD X
0 In fact, it's going to enter into the
til .--1 mainstream of public politics. Hot
Q) p:) damn! Save your confederate money,
1-l .--1 boys ••.•
0 til

Q) () 0 Naturopath
10 ~ p..
(J> ·.-l
::l +'
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~ 1-l Colonic Therapy .\ hilarious cartoon history
): Naprapathic Treatments of the good old t:.S.A.
Foot Reflexology
1-l By Estrlle C.1ro\.Rhoda Grossman
0 and Boh Simpson

Planned Consultation: Nutrition, Cleansing and Fasting S6.95
Parenthood Programs, Proper Breathing
won't Ask f~r it at your local Bookstor~
squeal Office: 662·5937 or orde-r from·
on teens! 1923 E. jack>on
Bloomington. ll .1/vson Puhlilatimu

PO Box 2 783 v.·pt. B·l

Bo.fton, .\lassat'hun·tts (.'22U8
57.50 postpaid

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Name________ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Address-_ _ _

City, Zip______

-il S i?e S M L XL
it Here's my generous donation of

~Proceeds go to the Po~t.

I~~!~ :~rikan
P. 0. _Box 3452
. B1oom1ngton IL 61701

mysterious disease A.:ms marched next .· h.o\lffant.wig.stuffed with baggies for
in the ~procession to the sympathetic··
extra height_. . ' ·. · , · . ·. ·
applause of spectators. The event was. ·

dedicated to victims of acquired

immune deficiencysyhdrome, most of
.whom· are gay .males . ·

Two gay plainclothes police officers
accompanied the group--inc~uding an

offi.cer .who has AIDS hiniself-;lcause

of phone threats made against the

patients• appearance. ·

The on].y urieasy.moment came-when an, Also in·'-the ·:PS:rade :wer~ tM Gay
· intoxicated· celebrator stumbled into
··. the ·AIDS cohtingent, .but they were Farmers Alliance--a single marijuana
grower from El Dorado County--Lesbians
ot}l.erwise·greeted'with applause or for Lipstick, Penguins for Gay Rights,
· $ilent no'ds of. compassion". and L~fe 1n th.e ,Fat Lane,· a group of ·
Then caine. gay .bue:linesswomen, ·gay gay men.
do.ctors, gay lawyers, gay clog .and .
sJimba danc.ers, gay. clergy, 'gay They ,Joined more: serious groups. li~e
···.gay fa thers.i.-whdse chi;Ldreri .ma,rched -·
. fathers, gay reformed alcoho.lics, and
just erio-ugh glitzy drag queens to with many of -them-•Black and White Men
e;.,.,Togetl'ler ,_ .Gay· Am1:1rican.. Indians, · tt_lEi ~ ...
fulfill the worst expectations of
:· ~our~s-~ _fr~~-J:~~~~a~! a~;·~erkeley Gay .Men's Health Co.llect;J,VEh
-.•' CO<(~~;' ~<' ,~f~:"t:~!'':''ft~~ ·, ~~· ~}>' :~~ ·:: •': ' ~'o' : <
. and' representatives from gay student
Among the more than 200 contingents groups.·
a...o.t?,~. o!,~~t,h.e~, ;lp.~ge~t--.~-~"''tll.~
·· and. floa t The Parents and Friends. of Gays drew
4:ssbcl'!at~.e>f:i'c qf:,'Usbiarl;t~&.~~~\~; ~· ~ perhaps the warmest response from the
Square Dance Clubs, which had partici-
pants from 7· clubs across.tha country~

·One performer,. who calls himself .

·. Steffany Stamper,, wore a .•black chiffon

dress, full beard, anda black

~;,Wl,ly~~ i ~9th~~-:b¥····th;i.s·verbal · ·
:disciimihation·?· ·Because· I ·.thil:lk "that
inclusion of the word: ·~ho~ose~ua.:I" in .•
~epor.t.s. ~~ut_ niutd~r: ari-d, ~~andal.: ' · · ··

.crea-tes·. an identification ~in the .public

· ··mind between _gayness: and criminal acts.·.·
~People· get used :t;o'b,earing pl\ra,se~ .i;i:ke ..

· '!homosexual killer'.. ana· ''nomosexual · ·
onemolester" and ·~admitted homosexual" (as
i f .it. s ·. some cri~e or :sin: admi.ts .


the word _,;heterosexual''··

tspectators, ',.;ho we~e ,;lined up _3..:.ctk~p of interest. to. -lesbians.· a:t;id gay m~ri, ·.

a:nd 2 • ·along .the. parade .route. In. 'the many speakers touched: on the need for
Parents Friends coritingEmt we're gay people· to show <::ompasf5ion to.each
men, carry;i~g placards . that reacl "I· i 1. '
Love.My .Gay ~on" and a woman marching. ,other, to take oarEl of their own.

arrri-ln-arm w2th. two young men whib'se · health, and to fight for the-ir rights.
t-shirts labeled them "son'! an& '~SOh'-'~· This emphasis wa:S;in keeping with the
·in-law.'n · · · 'f . ·· day's: official theme: "Strengthen the

· :... · · ties,. break. the ·.chains • '·'·

.othercrowd,pieiisersowere Ladies ~·Human:rii\l;hts and freedom ~are not .

Aga·inst Women, whose banner react . goodies that come :;;6 you while you slt
on your~ fat back," .said Wenche Lowzow,.
"~upperware PreserV-es th:e ;Family,". arid
G2rl Scout .Troop 69, whose mot-to.
a l.efJbian member of Norway •s
didn't say anything abo)lt reverence.
Parl2ament. Sh.e urge.d the.· .crowd to be
An(i, of. course, . there were·. the ever-
more involved. in each 'other's lives
,popular Sisters of Perpetual .. ·· ,. ·_all year ro~nd :_ . "Ga¥ Freedom Day

.··.Indulgence, with the' beloved S'ister" actshould·oe more than a.homosexual

'Boom-Boom carrying ·'a. small, tasteful·· . · Christ!naf?~ Eve,· where we all nice , ·
·sign that 'pro.claim8d _·''Reagan IS ··a.·~~.--~--:
·Fa:rt. " · · · . · ·· · to each other .and~give each other
;prese.nts ~ " · .· ·
.Amid ~he out~ag~ous costumes and· .the
high-spirited fU:n, serious political The rally began with Senior Voice-s--

•c.once.'rns stiitl managed to coine a¢ross, . speakers who•talked about the history
· In a~ion ;to such groups as the.· .· :
·of the this country-:-..:
and closed vi1th Youth Voices. The
Democratic Sbcialists of America, the young people who, ~nded th,e''day, 7 ' .

fuliforryia: Abortion Rights Action . -hours it all .began,. provided an·
League,·t,he A:Ll,.Peo'ples Congress, and
) a:pp~o.priately e~ci~ing and inspiring . •
the ·Lesbian/Gay Labor Alliance,. a· ·. ·
number of. participating groups se~nied · · . f2n2sh: They prom2sed. thai; gay youth

to f'ocus. on~ 'two current: issues:· are allve and n~althy and more than

· Central America_. (Friends of E]. willing to car.ry on the· struggle· and .
celeb:r;a~ioq of gay and lesbian pride
·Salvador) an'd the anti-nuclear .move-; \. in Amer2ka,~· · · ' ··
· ment (Nukes on Ice).· · ··

Representing this,last issue was the
Eno;La Gay Faggot· Anti-Nuke Affinity··.

Group, which marched•with! cmly 4 ..;
~embers pecause·· .th~ re§d; of the g~oup ·.

had. been arrested at the. Livermor:e · ·.

- ·; Lab demo; nO··ifJunteh•.e 20 :and were· .
st'ill in
m'einbers ;··of
. Enola Gay. who did inarep.· i:r:r: ttie Gay ' , .
Freedom Parade is Jack DaVis, a.·· fobnei'·

resident of' B-loomington-Normal: •and a

good friend of ,FerijY:P,urke)_.>(By the' .

way, Enola Gay•.s s;to.gari i'or. the parade

was "Gomorrah for a Tomor:t;'ah.")
- .· - • ~· t

i .; . Minneapolis:...-The editors of. . . .. to:ok the ·issust to .,:Ce4eral court.·'"
. .'
, And you may alscp know :that Rep. ·court ruled that thE! ad mus't 'be: ·
i~ only slightl.t. :less· coqservat.ive .•. ~ .a: high allowed to ru,l),~. · The deq,tsion wa-s .
than Paul LaxaH~i ·'!essie. !Helms; -.aria;·

aAtilla the Hun. I ¢]:-ane wa:fi· former,

bo~rd member of cpristian! .,Voice :ana'
receiv~d. a 100% ratiricf f~dm· that 'vety
right-wing lobbying cjio':ll?~ :£9r · · ·

_voting reco_rd in Congressi.

schoolnewspape.:r- have succe!3sfully · uphe-ld on. appear and the a:d iran in
· paper • s .May 27 issue. ·· · ··
fought the, _school board's atte1tfPt to
.censor gay..:orierited advertising in ths-
pa:per. ·· · · ··

Letters Likes
Robin Plan's show
To all the New Wave Readers of
The Post Amerikan:

Busted and There's an old saying that goes, "You
bummed out don't know how much something means to
you until you've los~ it." I recently
Dear Post: learned how true this is when I
recently lost Robin Plan's new wave
I just completed your expose on MEG. radio show by moving to western Kansas.
It's about time that the general popula-
tion was told of their activities! Things are tough here. Rolling Stone
isn't even available on the newstancts.
As you can tell from my return address, The only place that sells records--the Give
I am currently serving 5 years at the local discount store--has little to a moral boost
Dwight Correctional Center for Women for offer beyond Duran Duran, the Psych-
delivery of a gram of PCP. I was busted edelic Furs, and Culture Club. And Dear Post,
by an old neighbor of mine on Chestnut worst of all, about the farthest out
the local radio stations get is Bowie's Friends, volunteers and workers of
St. His name is Tom Ryburn and he's "Let's Dance" or a little carefully Planned Parenthood of Mid Central
currently working as an informant for selected Prince. Illinois will be staffing a booth
at the McLean County Fair Aug. 2-6.
the Dept. of Criminal Investigations. You don't know how lucky you are in
His partner is Gary King from Pontiac, Bloomington-Normal to have Robin and Sitting behind tables in the exhibit
with blonde hair, medium build, about her show. And as you know, it has been building, watching over pamphlets,
5'10", glasses, and he can be seen an uphill battle for Robin all the way models and posters dealing with
driving a blue truck or red Trans Am. to get and keep her show on the air. subjects that may not be welcomed by
This pair was also the cause of two She needs you not only to "lend her a portion of the citizenry can be
friends of mine being busted, as well your ears" but also to support her. pretty discouraging. Guessing about
as two acquaintences. the meaning of the glances directed
Let Robin, her boss and sponsors their way (embarrassment? ••. shock?
I think that the public should be made know you're out there. Write Robin •.• disgust? •.• ) is frustrating.
a letter. Send her a postcard when
aware of what these two are up to and you're out of town this summer. Call I know they would appreciate a visit
that you expose them for what they are. her. Write to her boss and tell him from a friend, a little moral support
They not only bought from me, but they how much you love her show. Let the or maybe even the purchase of a
businesses who sponsor her show know t-shirt or a "Moral Majority Is
also gave me a quarter of a gram back that you listen to her program and hear Neither" button.
to do, and they never reported that their ads. Get a WRBA bumper sticker
part of it. and put it on your car. Come on out and say hi,

Post, I have a subscription for your If yo~ don't, you may end up like me. Love carefully,
And it sure is quiet out here. Maggie Sanger
paper and read it faithfully; but I'd
like to see MEG or DCI in print more (Note to those who may not knowa
often. How about it? Robin's Show is on every weekday
afternoon from 1 to 6 p.m. on WRBA,
I hope your print my article, and if 1440 AM.)
anyone wants to write to me, I'll be
happy to answer. Keep rockin' Robin,

Sincerely, Dinah Faber
From Somewhere on the Lone Prairie
Carol Beehn 60420
Box C
Dwight, Il.

I would like to have my name in your I'm writing to compliment you on a
Prisoners paper for correspondence reasons. fine newspaper. Also if you will

I would be thankful. My name and place my name in your paper, I'm

·seeking mail address are: Glen Jackson #91714, seeking mature people to correspond
Box 711, Menard, IL 62259. with. Stanley Ash #A66301, Box 711,

Menard, IL 62259.

Post note: The following ads are Most of the views in your paper are

taken from longer letters which we interesting and enlightening since I saw a copy of your publication and

cannot print in full because of the other papers don't tell it like it was very pleased. I was told I

number of requests we receive. is. Would you run this ad for me? might be able to get my name listed

Age 29, Irish, looking for sincere in your letters column. I'm a male,

pen pals. Barry sell, #10487, age 27, 5'6". Jerry Clevenger #A50015

==================================P=. =0=. =B=o=x=7=1=1=, =M=e=n=ar=d=, =I=L==6=22=5=9=. ========B=o=x =7=1=1,==M=e=na=r=d,==IL===6=22=5=9=========

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The only good Injun

is a dead Injun

"Words will not give my people health. whom Giago and Illoway say should be genetically related Asian groups,
or save my people 0 s lives," Chief the backbones of their tribes, are may lack an enzyme which would
Joseph told the government of the dying too. Twice as many Native Amer- greatly reduce the ability for the
United States. A hundred years later, icans in that age group die from body to clear alcohol from the system.
aoout all Native Americans are getting diabetes as non-Indians, and the death This would reduce the tolerance for
from the gove;rnment is words. rate from cirrhosis of the liver is alcohol and make it easier to become
14.5 times that of the national death physically dependent on it.
The Native Americans do not exist in rate. But despite the seriousness of alcohol-
most people's minds in this country. ism among Native Americans, there are
And if they do exist, they exist in Many Native Americans are genetically very few detoxification programs on
Westerns, in ceremonial sideshows, and allergic to milk and dairy products; the reservations, and the few they
sitting colorfully in front of a tepee they cannot metabolize lactose from have are suffering from severe funding
making coin pur::;es for tourists. milk. The government allotments of cuts.
food to the Native Americans every
But Native Americans do exist, even month includes powdered milk, butter, The government also seems to be
though the government seems to be doing everything in its power to add
doing everything in its power to and 5 pounds of cheese. Most of this to the stressful lives the Native
exterminate them. The government used Americans already lead. Ten thousand
to kill Native Americans quickly with is given to animals because the Navajo and Hopi people are being
rifles and with ropes. Now the govern- Native Americans can't eat it. relocated, by congressional de~ision,
ment kills them slowly by insuring that from small farms where they ra1se
they have little or no adequate medical Pregnancy complications, accidents 0 sheep and cattle to the middle of
care, so they die lingering deaths from respiratory diseases, and digestive border towns. The few already moved
disease. illness are the four most frequent have become confused and disoriented,
reasons for hospitalization of and some of those are coming down with
"Across the country, the average life Native Americans. The fifth most physical illnesses due to the drastic
frequent reason is mental illness. change of environment.
span of the u.s. non-Indian population Relocation Commissioner Hawley Atkinson
The reasons are clear. is sympathetic to their plight. "They'd
is 65.1 years. Yet, the average life better be out by July 0 1986," he has
for the Navajo people ends more than --46% of Native American families at said. "Or else we'll go in with guns
22 years earlier at age 42.4" write the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux Reserva- and Federal marshalls."
Tim Giago and Sharon Illoway. tion live in 1- or 2-room houses. That So we're back to the rifles and the
compares with only 5% of non-Native ropes. And, sadly enough, it seems much
While the infant mortality rate among Americans who are forced to live in
Native Americans is declining thanks houses that small. more humane. tt
to "Well-Baby" clinics and better pre-
natal care, the death rate of Navajo --The Pine Ridge Reservation has an --Deborah Wiatt
babies over 18 weeks old is two and a unemployment rate of 75%· The Yankton Source: "Dying Too Young," by Tim Giago
half times that of the overall popula- Sioux and the Standing Rock Sioux and Sharon Illoway0 in Perspectiveso
tion. Reservations have 79% unemployment Fall, 1982.
rates. The Shoshone Tribe in Idaho
Navajo parents have neither the means and the Blackfoot Tribe in Montana College & Linden
nor the money to drive their babies to have 53% unemployment rates. Normal Illinois
clinics. When they stop going to the
clini~s, the babies die from pneumonia --The rate of health problems among
or diarrhea, mainly because their Native Americans is twice as high as
families do not have the money to give among non-Native Americans living in
them healthy diets or a healthy living the same geographical area.·
situation. Inadequate water supplies
and poor sewage control lead to --Average per capita government spend-
disease. 40% of Navajo families have ing in 1980 was $J,688. The average for
no piped-in water, and Federal plans Native Americans the same year was
for 10,800 units of housing include no $2,948.
sanitary or water facilities.
The appalling conditions under which
It is not only Native American babies Native Americans are forced to
that suffer from a lack of proper live lead to the huge problems on
medical care. The 25 to J4-year-olds 0 reservations: suicide and alcoholism.

Peace Arts Suicides for Native Americans have
increased since the 1950s. The suicide
Festival rate for Native Americans 15-24 years
of age is four times that of the
August 6th and 9th mark the national average.
anniversaries of the bombings of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Knowing that Alcohol addiction among Native Ameri-
it will take a massive effort to cans is very high. And the need for
prevent another such holocaust and escapism may not be the only reaso~.
celebrating J8 years free of nuclear Dr. Thomas Lowe, a health care admln-
war, the Bloomington-Normal Nuclear istrator with the Navajo 0 believes
Freeze Coalition invites all to join that N~tive Americans~ like severa1
in the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Arts

Taking place on Saturday August 6, the
anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing,
the festival will feature music,
dancing, -poetry readings, new games,
children~s story readings, the
construction of origami cranes and
banners, a literature table, munchies,
and more.

The festival will begin at 2:00 p.m.
with the program beginning at 2:)0.
The remainder of the time (until
4:00p.m.) is free for wandering and
participating. These activities will
take place at Franklin Park with the
Newman Center as a rain location.
People wanting to contribute talent
can contact Holly at 452-7291,

For Tuesday, August 9, a more quiet
activity has been planned to mark the
anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing:
we will be holding a candlelight vigil
near the Japanese bridge at Miller
Park. This will begin at 8:JO p.m.

The B-N Nuclear Freeze Coaiition also
invites energetic freeze supporters
to join us at our next meeting--
Sunday, July Jl, 8:00 p.m. at

J04 s. Evans, Bloomington ...


L------Community News

Post-Amerikan Aug. 1983 18

Medical Workshop
support services
on sexual abuse

Parents and children can talk about sexual abuse

The Mid Central Economic Opportunity at a workshop based on the "OK Bears" OK-
Corporation (MCEOC) is seeking
donations of wheelchairs. canes, Not OK Touches approach on Thursday, July 28.
crutches, walkers, or other medical
equipment that may be stored in The workshop will feature: ·
closets and is no longer in use.
--A demonstration of the OK - NOT OK

TOUCHES approach with small groups of

children, ages 6-10 years old

These items will be made available --Techniques and suggestions for parents

for loan to low-income people at no and other adults to help them in protecting
children from sexual abuse.

MCEOC, during the winter months, also WHEN: Thursday, July 28, 7-8:30 pm
loans space heaters at no cost to WHERE: Bloomington Public Library,
households whose main heat source is
inadequate or has been terminated. first floor meeting room

Anyone who would like to donate Pre-registration required for children's groups.
Pre-registration encouraged for parents and
w.medical equipment or space heaters
may contact MCEOC at 1100 Market adults.
Contributions to the OK - NOT OK TOUCHES
st., Bloomington (309-829-0691), or
sexual abuse library fund accepted at the
515 N. Ladd, Pontiac (815-844-)201). .door.
For pre-registration and additional information
call Susan Strand at 827-8025.

1'381-13.e.a.Ja.nomics The workshop is part of Planned Parenthood of
Mid Central illinois' sex education in the
family series, co-sponsored by the illinois
·state University child care center"

1~8 2.. -~ea. Ja..n~m i a. YWCA care Head Start
program begins registration
1~83-~e4..J«-n o 5is
YWCA Community Care Program has immediate McLean County Head start is taking applications
ftjtf1--'ile~ a...mor't is openings for McLean County Residents 60 years for the 83-84 program year. Head Start includes
of age and older who are in need of high level a pre-school program covering total development
Canning in-home care. If you, or someone you know is services to children age 4. To be eligible for the
workshop scheduled unable to or has difficulty preparing meals, program, your child must be 4 by Dec. I, 1983.
leaving home without an escort, performing In addition, family income must meet the
Mid Central Economic Opportunity Corporation, regular household tasks, grocery shopping, or Federal income guidelines, but if your child has
in conjunction with the Bloomington, Housing taking care of his or her personal appearance, a diagnosed handic.ap, your family may be exempt
Authority will sponsor a Canning Workshop for they may be eligible for Community Care services from the income guidelines. For information,
interested residents of Me Lean County. services. Charges will vary depending on phone 829-1381.
Margaret Esposito from the University of income and the amout of service provided.
Illinois Extension Office, will demonstrate Farmers market
techniques for canning fruits and vegetables, This is not a sitter service nor will it replace open to all
such as tomatoes, green beans and other produce. needed nursing care. For additional information
The workshop will take place at MCEOC's office, or application, phone Y. W. C. A. Senior Services Mid Central Economic Opportunity Corporation
llOO W. Market, Bloomington, Wednesday, July at 454-1451. is organizing a Farmers Market to enable people
20th at 7:00p.m. Fbr further information, to sell excess produce from their gardens.
phone 829-069L Households who are not low income will be
charged a minimal rental fee for space at the
market. Those interested in volunteering to help
organize the market, in donating the produce, or
in selling their produce at the Farmers Market
should contact MCEOC's office at 829-0691.

Child immunizations AWinning Experience

The McLean County Health Department Capture the feel of competitive cycling with
has scheduled a child immunization
clinic for Wednesday, August 10, 198), the Peugeot racing cycle.
from 1:00 P.M. until ):00 P.M. at the
Sunnyside Neighborhood Center at The quality and craftsmanship of
1612 W. Olive St. in Bloomington.
Parents must sign consent forms and Cycles Peugeot is in evidence
are requested to bring their ~h~ld's
immunization record to the cl~n~c. from the polished alloy

Senior handlebars down to the Michelin

health screening whitewall tires. We offer the

The McLean County Health Departmen~ amateur bike rider the same
will be conducting a health screen~ng
clinic for senior citizens at the lightweight and durable frames
Township Building in McLean on Thursday,
July 21st from 1:30 - ]:00 P.M. ~lood available to the professional
pressure, anemia, gluc?se and ur~~e
screening will be prov~ded to sen~or racer. Alloy side-pull brakes.
citizens 60 years of age or older.
~-----------------• Cotterless crankset. Simplex alloy
senior Citizens Health Check is a derailleurs.
program provided by the McLean.County
Health Department through part~~l . WILSON'S Come in and experience a proven
support of the East Central Ill~no~s
Area Agency on Aging. For more ~nfor­ CYCLE SALES & SERVICE winner today.
mation phone the McLean County Health
Department at 454-1161. 919 w. Market St. Bloomington




Post-Amerikan Aug. 1983 19

Myths about welfare exploded

Some "concerned taxpayers" have have been receiving assistance ten school. Now, some will say, if they
questioned the three billion dollars years or more. aren't at least going to get educated,
the State of Illinois spent in fiscal why don't they get themselves a job?
year 1982 (and is still spending in Another cultural myth is that And I say to them, look at the help
1983) to support those less fortunate welfare families are big families wanted ads and see how many oppor-
than they by providing Aid to Families and keep having kids just to get tunities you find.
with Dependent Children (AFDC)--wore more money. Within Illinois, the
commonly known as welfare. largest number of welfare families, I've got another suggestion for those
37.2 percent, have just one child, rich folks--I mean "concerned tax-
Their feelings are that tax dollars payers"--who think welfare recipients
could be better spent, and I agree, --LENGTH OF TIME ON WELFARE IN McLEAN COUNTY are living a plush life while t~ey
but not for the same reasons. Most are struggling at State Farm to
of their concerps are based on myths June 1982 make mortgage payments on their
within the culture about why it is $70,000 home. I think they should
that welfare recipients aren't Less than three months 3. J'/o quit their jobs and head down to
supporting themselves. Less than six months 1J. 1% their local public aid office
(Where, by the way, they may spend
Here are some facts from the Si·: months to one yea:r 20. J'/o all day or even several weeks gathering
Department of Public Aid that proof that they really are poor, but
present a clearer picture of the need One to hro yea:rs 21. 5~1o that's OK 'cause they'll have nothing
for Il+inois taxpayers to continue better to do.) to see what it's really
to support those less fortunate than Two to three years 13.~ like. Maybe after this experience
themselves. they will begin showing some genuine
Three to five yer>:rs 12.9'/o concern and seeking ways to provide
"Once on welfare, always on walfare" Five to ten ye:ors better educational, nutritional and
is one of the most repeated myths 1 2. u:s employment opportunities to people
about people receiving AFDCr however, who haven't had it as easy as they.41
even with the many things working Ten years or more 3- Jl~
against them, it takes the average --M.M.
welfare family in Illinois less than and 27.6 percent have two children.
three years to be self-supporting. Within McLean County, of the 733
Three years is certainly not always. households receiving welfare, 303
About 55.2 percent of the AFDC are single parents with a child.
families have been on assistance These families are receiving $236
less than one year. Another 26.9 monthly for all expenses excluding
percent have been receiving assistance food. Rent and utilities for a
one year but less than two years, and one bedroom apartment, however,
families who have been on the rolls costs at least $200 a month.
two but less than three were 8.5 So 303 families in McLean County
percent of thP. total. Only 2 percent are frivolously spending a
maximum of 36 tax dollars per
month on soap, shampoo, diapers,
etc. And if they have another

child, they'll be only $48 richer each

58 percent of welfare recipients in ~
McLean County have not finished high

Recycling made easier•·and profitable

Recycling now not only saves natural aside a small dry area in a basement,
resources and helps clean up the garage, or closet. Collect the items
environment~ i t also provides a way in grocery bags or boxes, one for
to earn some extra cash. If you bring paper, one for glass, etc. When your
your recyclables to Operation Recycle area starts to get crowded, bring
your items in and start over again.
(OR) on a Saturday morning between 9
OR has two convenient recycling loca-
and noon you will be paid 20 cents a
~ \C~rf'f,' ~~t pound for aluminum and 1 cent for 2 wt i.o nMsa. r k eOt ,ne is their warehouse at 1100
~~\~~AKE pounds of glass. Bloomington (the wa rehouse

C\-IT~~A.~~~ OR is a not-for-profit business which space and the office space are donated
is staffed by three full-time workers.
Changing it into a business has en- by Mid Central Economic Opportunity
abled the group to hire two low-income
residents. A great deal of the work Corporation). It is a 24-hour drop
necessary to run the business is done
by volunteers within the community. box for recyclables. Another 24-hour

Although the buy-back program can pay station is available at 501 E.
you only for glass and aluminum, OR
also collects newspapers, tin cans, Stewart St., Bloomington~ and OR plans
office paper and corrugated cardboard
for recycling. to open more stations around town.

To start recycling at your home, set Recycling drives are held on Saturdays

every 5 to 7 weeks at the Sears East-

land and ISU Turner Hall parking lots

from 9 to J. The next drive is

scheduled for saturday, August 27th.4t


De~ied public aid? uape cuisis centeu

A number of individuals in the Of mclean countN
community have been affected
of Public Aid. The program AND THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES.
Some recipients have had their AND SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS.
benefits reduced or discontinued
because they failed to cooperate If you want to talk to on<~;; c.f us,
with the program.
Call PATH 827-4005
If this has happened to you and you
feel you had a good cause for missing and ask for the
the meetings or not searching for work~_
contact Prairie state Legal Services.
at 827-5021. They may be able to help
you get your benefits back._.

Post-Amerikan Aug. 1983 20

Natural healing
wor' ked for endometriosis

In September 1982 I wrote an article praetor and holistic doctor who carne in and said that except for a
concerning my experiences with endome- prescribes only vitamins, herbs, and microscopic spot behind my uterus (which
triosis and my attempts to get funding glandulars (Raw Ovary, Raw Uterus, and a was already in atrophy) , the endometrio-
for the treatment of that disease (Vol. variety of others) , as well as a speci- sis on both my ovaries, my bowel, and my
11, #5). The article ended on rather a fic liquid remedy for endometriosis stomach had completely cleared up!
bitter note--I had exhausted all which he had used to treat other women.
resources and was still unable to begin All this combined with a vegetarian diet I don't think there's any way to
the Danocrine therapy. However, my and an avoidance of sugar became my describe how that moment felt, or how
story turned out to have a happy ending treatment plan. the knowledge that I am cured still
and I would like to share it with the feels. To be rid of all that tension,·
Post's readers. Dr. Hankins' main philosophy is that in frustration, and fear and to be able
order to combat a specific problem or to just get on with my life is an
Throughout my entire experience with en- disease, the whole body must be func- amazing source of energy.
dometriosis, I was afraid to use the tioning at its strongest. This is why
Danocrine because of its side effects. he prescribed such a variety of vitamins When I told Dr. Hankins about the
I kept thinking that there must be some and glandulars for me, and insisted that success of our treatment, he was just
kind of safer, more natural method of I see him on a weekly basis. All of as overjoyed as I was, particularly be-
treatment. I began to do a little re- this was still much less expensive than cause I was the first woman to have a
search and in the August 1979 issue of the cost of the Danocrine. laparscopy after his treatment and was
Prevention magazine I found an article proof positive that it works.
written by a woman whose experiences Within several weeks I began to notice
with endometriosis were very similar to a general improvement in the way I felt' I am still seeing Dr. Hankins on a
mine. --I had much more energy and the pain monthly basis and am continuing the
from the endometriosis was far less treatment as a preventative measure
She had heard that large doses of Selen- noticeable. I knew, though, that the against recurrence of the disease. But
ium combined with Vitamin E had been only way to be sure that the treatment I believe that I have won the battle and
used successfully in the treatment of was working was to have .another will remain free of endometriosis as
ovarian cysts, which are believed to laparoscopy. I continued the treatment long as I continue to put my trust in
be caused by the same process as endo- for 5 months and went into the hospital the power of nature and the human body
metriosis. She began her own treatment for t~e surgery in March. to heal itself.
program of 400 mcgs. of Selenium and
1000 I.U. of Vitamin E. Within several The only thing I really remember about Take that, pharmaceutical companies! 41
months, her endometriosis was gone! At my surgery was the moment after it was
the time of writing, she had been free of over and Dr. Lin carne in and said, "It's --Diane Perris
of the disease for over a year. all gone." I was pretty dazed at the
time and couldn't quite comprehend wl1at
Greatly encouraged by her article, I be- he meant. I went back to sleep and when
gan to follow her treatment. It was I work up my mom and a close friend were
also at this time that I began seeing there and they said the same thing. But
Dr. D. William Hankins, a local cl1iro- I really didn't believe it until Dr. Lin


tJH RAG-E.! IH l>&SPA IR!/

-raAR MY HAIP.f/


TO -rtlf £VENIN6-5
so /108'-£ ANb rAil~
WIT" F""lfNDSJtl\ll> J>~INI<S
No HAss~es~ No Hll,rL&s,
AT 1'"HA-r PLAtE

TV 21
causes crowding

After touring prisons in Dwight and
Lincoln in mid-May, State Rep. Judy

Koehler gave these quotations to
the Pantagraph:

"It is preferable to have some Cigarette ads

crowding in prison. The public //fore:~/ Ol)

intends that they (convicts) stay young mqviegoers

get Pr'esents ~ ~:::e~~ly reason they'reCl•ty ""' crowded Bc:mned from TV years ago, slick
c~garette ads are re-emerging in·a
from "' new medium: the movies.
there is because they've ginottha eTrVe," /
and a stereo and records Attending three showings at
Kerasotes theaters in late June, I
the lawmaker continued. was subjected each time to a
disgusting 60-second (or longer)
Co~cilThe Normal Town gave an early ~\ ~ f~lm touting the merits of Barclay

C~~heri~st~m;a~sn~p~reas~e~nlt :t:or~lo·cJa~l~w;.h•eeilsenr-er l~~ c~garettes.

~~\J ~CQ The advertising shorts were even run
~""~\~~~ before films rated GP for audiences
Eisner wants to build ahuge grocery- f~lled with people too young to buy
~~~ ~~~~ c~garettes legally •.
drug store complex on land Vernon
;~~:~~~;;;;~;;;e;;~;;~~~::.t ~~:~ 2~~ave mimd Meanwhile State Sen. John Maitland
good enough for all the customers ·(whose diligent efforts brought us
the recent anti-paraphernalia law)
Eisner plans to attract. is crusading to ban mail-order
advertising of bongs and other drug
So the Town of Normal agreed to paraphernalia.
spend over $300,000 to improve West

Normal had already agreed to give The sale ?f pipes for smoking
Eisner an interest rate break by
issuing $2.5 million in tax-free marijuana, Maitland often maintained
municipal industrial revenue bonds
to finance construction. made.a mockery of the drug laws. '

With the two presents from the city, And the advertising of paraphernalia
Eisner and Prenzler were ready to
sign the~r contracts. .he says, makes a mockery Of the I

Everybody's happy, except maybe the anti-paraphernalia law.
owners of Redbird Super-Valu and
possibly Bloomington's North Main Compiled by Mark Silverstein If Maitland is truly interested in
Street Kroger store, both of which halting the.promotion of addictive
will probably lose customers to the
new city-subsidized grocery store. and physically dangerous drugs, maybe
he should take some action to stop
the drug pushers who run Kerasotes

Gen Tel's got your number • • • for sale

Women doctors While approving General Telephone someone's new phone number is
close office Company's most recent rate request, published.
the Illinois Commerce Commission
Doctors Patricia Dunbar and Linda also granted the phone company Although Gen Tel does riot hand out
Liston closed down their medical p~rmission to do something they've phone books for other cities in our
practice July 1, "in part due to the been aching to do for years: charge area code (like Peoria _and Galesburg},
attitude of the medical community customers for using directory they received permission to charge
regarding women physicians," assistance. for information about all 309
according to a letter-to-the-editor numbers.
published June 30 in the Pantagraph. The telephone company maintains the
When contacted by the Post-Amerikan, that directory assistance is over- The first 5 calls to directory
the letter's author, cynthia used by people too lazy to use their assistance each month are still free.
Leiseberg, said she could not telephone books. So are calls to directory
elaborate. assistance in other area codes.
But for young people and renters who
Suspect move frequently, and whose friends Why couldn't the commerce commission
hits head on move frequently, the telephone book have allowed Gen Tel to charge only
police flashlight is often irritatingly out-of-date. for numbers that are already in the
With a three-month lag time on the telephone book? That would have been
We've heard lots of stories about publication of the annual directory, enough to deal with the "abuse" of
police using their flashlights to it can take up to 15 months before directory assistance that Gen Tel has
whap difficult suspects in the head. been complaining about since 1972.
Sometimes the police get angry and
whap when they don't really need to, ~~~·--\ l I /
or they whap a few times more than is . ,,..~
necessary to subdue their prisoner. ~...,......,.---
In those cases, police have to decide ~~
what sort of story they're going to ,~--~~--,
tell about the whapping. (

Normal Police Sgt. Gary Speers came !li:n~~
up with a good one in early June,
according to a Pantagraph stor~ 105 Broa.dway • Normal

During the struggle to forcibly @VITAR
restrain and handcuff James Cummins,
the paper said, the suspect "hit his [!!_ORLD
head on a flashlight that was on the

Violent Femmes Certainly the songs they played from
** storm Normal their album, imbued as they are in the
pit of angst and anger that is adoles-
cence, were nothing less than violent
statements. But the songs' delivery
was definitely light, as they inter-

spersed their sets with several old
time blues numbers, and shared a
private joke with their tongue-in-
cheek rendition of a song entitled
"We're Fashionable."

The Milwaukee-based trio, the Violent The band was loose and happy on their The Femmes and their music give rise
Femmes (whose debut LP on WB/Slash is second visit to Fink's June 29. to the generic label "new wave punk."
available locally) has been garnering Gordon Gano, the 19-year-old lead The Femmes use an innovatively
a lot of national attention lately. singer and guitarist, was energetically primitive mode. They bring back a
Accompanying the release of "Violent abandoning the mike stand to shout fresh acoustic sound with their
Femmes" earlier this year (rock & roll a cappella his sing-song evocations of simple instrumentation, and they
is a business) was the PR tale of teenage lust and frustration, while take it places that music hasn't
their discovery by lead Pretender drummer Victor DeLorenzo, whanging yet been, positively redefining
Chrissie Hynde, who supposedly caught joyfully on his trance-a-phone the rhythm-and-blues of the past and
their acoustic streetcorner act and (actually a washtub of corrugated iron making us groove in new and
was impressed enough to have them open turned down on a torn-tom) , and different ways. This justifies the
for her show that night. In my humble appellation "new wave."
opinion, both the woman's aesthetic brilliant bassist Brian Ritchie
judgment and the band's promising consorted in smiles as they kept the Countering the sound of their music
talent are right.on. The Violent beat bouncy. They were obviously are desperately-cynical,
having a good time. precociously viol~nt lyrics. Gordon
K~~es are ini:o something new. Gano Is high school experience-·-and
I can only assume that it's over--
must have made Apocalypse Now seem
a picnic. A sample of his lyric:

"I'm so lonely/Feel like I wanna
crawl away and die ••.
I'm so lonely/Feel like I'm gonna
. hack it apart,
I'm gonna hack hack hack hack it
I'm gonna hack hack hack hack hack
••• etc."

Obviously, the words in print won't
evoke the same sense of despair
.and indignation that Gordon imparts
to them with his neo-Lou Reed
voicings, but it is equally
obvious that the message contained
within is as stridently icono-
clastic as Johnny Rotten's more
succinct "I wanna destroy ••. " on
,"Anarchy in the U.K."

Throughout the show, the Femmes
exhibited a high level of
confidence. They weren't at all
hesitant to break into highly
subjective, free-form jams which
were nothing less than daring,
considering the no-frills,
acoustic sound they employ. Every
last note was nakedly audible, and
yet they didn't shy from spontaneous
experimentations. That's what John
Cale would call musical "guts."

Those who appreciate "new wave"
and "punk" music should try to see the
Violent Femmes someplac~ soon. It's
not certain how angry the young Gordon

will be once he's reached his 20's. 4t

--Red Newton

•• Spinal Tap**

.. ,J-14/fTANITHet( ~e.«£. Normal's own punks, the Spinal Tap,
have recently undergone some personnel
N AHI> UARNIOfOf(i~-r' changes. The foursome has finally
N found itself an able and steady
bassist in ex-Uptown Ruler Mark
Uo"W ~U~ ONt~ \tlf§··· Hilton. He lends an appreciable
push to the group's already
exhaustively driving sound.

Bill Hill is now filling the vacancy
left by departed lead guitarist
Bill Stagner, and leading Spinal
Tap's aural onslaught. Hill can
sing as well as he plays, and in
this regard is a welcome addition
to the band.

Hilton and Hill J01n lyricist/drummer
Mark Johnson and vocalist/guitarist
·Jeff Warren.

Now maybe Spinal Tap can get them-
selves some gigs. Let's hope •••

Uptown Rulers • • / dia·Tr.ibe

June 16th marke~ the debut appearence The Friday, July 1, g.ig of diaTribe's ·

of the refurpished UptoWn Rulers on provided evidence aplenty.of this
the floor up at Fink Is. ~etting what
ax:t band'-s yibrancy.•. Although :the
must havebeeri a door-receipts'record
'heat upstairs ~at :Fink. s was!' nearly

o£fortheclub, the riew'RU.lers · u:r;lbearable, the new .sound that human

.·.disappointed none their ecstatic, drummer Jeffrey Scot helps to provide
was a refreshin9 bl:-ee:z~. :Dean, • ··
sweaty foltowing with sets comprised

almost entirely of reggae-huedska Dwin, Jame.s and .Timothy were in Red Is

or~ginals. Original,..membex:s ,Mik~ opinion absolutely right when they .

Goodrich, Ch;ris Grigoroff and _Pennia . decided to welcome Scot's vital .
··. pulse int~ the band.
WHlan have been !SUpplemented by.the ·

services .of drummer Brian )3ongoes .and

bassist Joe Ad¢lucci. · ·· Overall~ the new diaTribe songs seem
i:nuch less introspectively gloom::. filled·
Hearing.i:neloaies of great pop.ri.(::hness
than· was 'the older mater.ial. . This is
overlaid on arock-soiid' rhythmic a heaithy shift in stance,. sin~e the .
bott,om, .the audience expre·ssed its
· mass approval :of the new ·Ruler souncl old stUff almost drove you :to suicide
with its feet; jamming every available
inch of's with dancing. No. one ·-while list;.enirig to it. · ·This time,
could have left this show without
_the firm conviction that the Uptown Dean-actually smiled.

Rulers are a dynamic, raving good. R,ed is' defin:ltely impressed with

band~ .· The perspiration-soaked . what he saw arid heard .of the new·,

clothing tc;ild that.much. · impx:oved diaTribe. . . ·.

,- . ' - '... _·

aIt;s rotten, stinking shame,but

Bob Fink's oasis for authentic

new music is biting the dust~ . Tpe

an.debt-beleagu(:)red . Fi;rlk has done these ·

twin-city toWns incredible service
rdurin~J his. tenancy, ove~ Beaufort· st.,

offering in hj,s .·venue some of the mest

exciting di£fex-ent :.acts to ever·.blow ·

this way off· t)le prairie, or grow •.
to matQrity ori. top 'of it. ·
new. s o n g s.. • . ' II\ < • >" -

. ' '.

In themeanti~~ the'R\llers have. 111 . _J:n.additio:q·to'helpi;ng ~co~es of

. rap:idly.:O:.filling concert schedule .. ·..•. young local ~ands .onto their'

that win see .them .in .places through~ professional :feet,.· Fink brought
out the' midwestern states, but not
to Normal national Laets of extl:eme
much here in 'aloomingtori/Norma1•..
interest and t&lerit. •Where else .·

. withixl" a 12o..:mile radius could one :

have paid no oore than $3.50 and seen

, t_h,e .;~~e;s .o~:.~~P.e, ene~_~a~ing .!!Y.2B· ~ .

the Nashville· scorchers, .or gained · •

admissiorl to. the. rollicking polka .

party· that was ~ Combo? And,

more recently--who will forget the

interesting.throes.that Milwaukee's
own·Violent Femmes engag~d in?

That'ascendant trio was so impressed

with the c·asupl lay.-out and interested
clientele of<Fink~!il thatt'hey optedto

· ·COI!Ie b~k a second time .while on

their national tour· f~r wa~ile·r.

. Bros ./Slash Recor.ds (see review·.·
•l)e~ow) · · , · • · ··

TEENAGE WOMEN, before you volunteer,. toTo old Red, ~~d probably: myri~ds . . ·

for· the military. be sure you· know.. of other$, the demise of' Fink's . '

what will happen to you. Send $:3 · seems a very bad dream indeed, one
which will no doUbt. reduce. this place ·
(includes handling) .for ~~ ~
Recruiter's Last Resort to RECON 6£into the ·cultural·wastelarid it has · .·

Publications~ Box 14602 1 · othentise .been, ber~fb :thea' ·.· . . . .
Philadelphia,· PA 19}3,4-.;
of progressive-m'4lded pjn:spns
Bob Fink. . ...

. ·''

Thom~•on. repays campaign debt
.: .

·''•.Cltv·.• st~te, help ISSCS\ .. . ~-. ·developers get; ri-ch

.' This spring, .he' put i t ·on the auc.tion

formerOne Normal Plaza, the new qevelopment. block. Jacob's group-:-:...wh:i,ch incluqes
of the Illinois solqiers•· and
sailors·•. Childrens' School, is boasted laWy-er Paul Misch ·and developer!? J.C. .

d:as :the area's most exc..i,tihg:'~xample of Ebach, Jirii Bliss and Ed Saa:i:'i--were_ .the:
1~::=s~;;~z~·~:~:~~~;~~Z:_~s, si~p~:·::~~:
only bidders •. . . ..,:-.

adn\trimle :' pour venture; capHa.~-- into theAt starting price of .$L. 75 ~iilion·~

there. a:)::en' t/ going to b'e too m~ny peop::j.,e
in the. market~ · · and But don't think th,ese guys were sitting.

•ao:t-~ate a bu~t.lfng' cummerqial center with' ·on that. kind of money -just waiting for.

niix of speciality shops·, offices, day · the chance t6 buy a ·passel of. crumbling'

·. ¢:a~e and recreation areas. . . ·· .. ·

cinJ woul~ hope . it is> an )~ci~l!ging .trend.· buildings~ . .,

ti:o ireverse tbe· neglect>· an'd.. decay of old- 'The terms ~u~tlon ealled for the
·. ~r ~lb\,tildings and downtown~ areas like
. . high bidder to make payment-in tull:, -

IHqomington' s • ., . unless prior arrangements ·had be_em made·.

'. with t):le state; . , ·

All i t takes is· the visiop>ariQ. energy of aJacob '.s group had done just that. .And

a ~few sharp· la~ers and r~~l "~s~ate .de-· . sw.eetheart of an .arrangement it wa,s at - ..
velopers .and a bunch of f9lks · a
thai. They negotiated with Thompson's.
bun-ch of .money .to irivest7"..... f0lks ,.who. · people to· pay 5 percent'"0( the :purchase ,
pric!'l wi'thiri the first·· 60. days..- .~•lh:i;le ·..
could use the tax bre~s. .
. · the state would ·finance· the rest 'cit :a
percent interest· over a 25-year _period•.
In .the case of .One Norma£ ,lh~~'oi, th~
deal sounds almost too g®d to,;be'<'true;

everybody is 'going to-~in out. . •• • >, • •. •

Jobs will .be cr~ated, the property will It doesn't take a financial wizard to

be put to use, P,he city will no:t. have .to ' think about getting a. loan .of mo:r::;e i;han .·

put out any o;E ;j..ts own money,, and. all . ~ a million and a half dollars at those
terms-and understand why Tqm ~ac~ is
. the local t:axing. districts will. reap. new. having. so much fun.- . - ..

revenues sii:lCe the land is po longer

owned by the state • . .: and. But if you think the state 'wasready to

••l:~ think, YOU Ire going .tO find thiS iS a offer that deal· to anybody who was . iril'"'

really furi thing," B-looming_ton lawyer terested, you don't' have a good under-

Torn Jacob reportedly toJ..d .ci1;:.y CO';!nc:il standing of. ILlinois politics and the

,1(,1 meaning of c.lout.. .

members wheri he approached them-w:Lth a

tax-incremen.t financing plan.. ·

- .. , ·': ' I :- I' •

under his propo'sal, 'the owners would gEit manager•

·two-thirds of the property taxes rebated Still think YS>U .or . '; .
of loan?e
to _them their costs: bf develop-: gef· ;th~'t:>


commun•.'•. . ' : '·_, •

If yo~ ·listen to the. city fathers, Send-,ine a suhsbrlption,

c Lv i c boosters and: the pllori~ .speechmakers,' Yfou -._.._._._ .art...:sh~rt; $~.

_ would think we li'vechn a 1~.30.-~s ;ijolzyWood set. · · ... ·•·· mXy~Ldo~• .S ~·o~t
..---··_:_··. ia . the
be si:nce' let'~ look hfn d the scenes.· '• ;ma'ch mdnth .

· Apf.H. 1972, /the Post-Amez:i~~n has 'be~n denti~g

that e~rene fac·ade, ·printing. the embarrassing truths

the· city fathers woulcf r-ath~~ pv{n•ioo{{.: Take ari-.
.o fh e r .look at Bloomington~Norm~l. . . . ·. . -

. the' Post-Amedkari, ·. · ·· . · · ·'· · , ·

For the next; i2 issues, send $4 to:Post-Amerikan, ·address
PO Box 345?, Bloomington IL 6.1701. ·

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