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The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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Volume 2, Number 4 (July 1973)

The Post Amerikan was an underground, alternative newspaper published in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois from 1972 to 2004.

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A clever woman knows how to keep a man Smart wo-
men are emasculating All women think about is their
looks A woman's place is in the home If she can't get
along on what I give her she can get herself a job Wo-
men can't handle money I let my wife do all the bodk-
keeping Why can't she do anything right? With her
looks she doesn't need brains Women are only suited
for monotonous work Just like a women to change
her mind Al.l women want is to get married Men cre-
ate things, women create life Once they get married
they sit around and get fat A man works from sun to
sun but a woman's work is never done Women like to
be raped It's a smart broad who holds out for a license
Al.l women do is gossip Women basically dislike other
women Women are always so emotional Frigid bitch
Career women are too damned independent Women
cling like vines Women don't think Conniving female
If she goes to college she'11 never get a man They're all
alike I can't figure women out Never trust a woman
Behind evezy great man is a woman ...


fhe Post-Amerikan is a newspaper of Bloomington or A WOMAN'S WORK
uncertain origin and unidentifiable
management catering to the radical or The Joint, 415 N. Main IS NEVER DONE
hip community. At least that's what DA's Liquors, Oakland and Main
the Pantafraph says. The other day we held our history
Medusa's Book Store, 109 w. Front seminar at Dr. Earl Reitan's house.
·rhe Post serves as a medium of ex- It's usually fun to watch the
pression for a segment of society Maple Grove Trading Co., 310i N. Main behavior of people in that kind
known as the counterculture and News Nook, 402! N. Main of situation. Imagine my surprise
the movement. Within this broad to see Mayor Carol Reitan come
spectrum exist widely differing Book Hive, 103 w. Front home from Normal's City Hall to fix
opinions and world views. We intend lemonade and cookies for our class,
to print all of them, with only two Bottle Shop, 1201 E. Oakland then return after serving refresh-
exceptions1 we will not print any- ments. It seems that Professor
thing racist or sexist. The Post is The Cake Box, 511 s. Denver Reitan was unable to perform that
not published in accordance with a task for himself.
well-developed political theory with Gaston's Barber Shop, 202! N. Center
the aim of propagandizing its readers Taxpayers, isn't wonderful to know
into stricter adherence to that Wig Wham, 1010 w. Washington that your mayor can afford to take
theory. 15 minutes out of her day to perform
Lord Nelson's, Main and Jefferson such momentous work for her hubby?
The Post does not limit its coverage Amber's Variety Store, 218 N. Madison So, here for all of you out there
to radicals and counter culture who might also lack such intricate
freaks. We consistently support any Normal cooking skill is the secret recipe
powerless group or person against the for cookies and lemonade. These
powerful. In this light, we support Lobby Shop, ISU Union recipes are given as a public service
the right of powerless Post workers Apple Tree, 117 E. Beaufort to free our mayor from her awesome
to remain anonymous so they will not Student Stores, 115 North St. household responsibilities.
be victimized by the powerful. Mother Murphy's, 111! North St.
Caboose Records, 101 North St. LEMONADE
Decisions are made collectively by 1 package lemonade mix
Post-Amerikan workers at almost Minstrel Record Parlor, 311 s. Main sugar (to your taste)
W"eeitly meetings which will be sched- water
uled in the paper every issue, like Ram, 101 Broadway Mall
this a Al's Pipe Shop, 101 Broadway Mall CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES
1 package refrigerated chocolate
Saturday July 14, 4 PM
Wednesday July 25, 8 PM chip cookie dough
Wednesday August 8, 8 PM 1 cookie sheet
Friday August 17, 8 PM
oven 350 degrees
These meetings are at the ~­
Amerikan office, 1141 North St. in SUBSCRIBE!
Normal, 452-2412. Everybody inter- wl Y-e-s-, --se-n--d--m-e--th--e--n-e-x-t--1-0--i-s-s-u-e-s---o-f---
ested in working on the paper in
any way should come. We need •the Post-Amerikan. Enclosed is $1
people. lfor my own sub, plus $_for_ gift
•subs, plus $_as a contribution.
Send all news articles, book and
record reviews, how-to-do-it articles, **********************
information, commentary, ANYTHING, to
the office. name

Subscriptions cost $1 for ten issues; address city
$2 for twenty, etc. Buy one for your-
self and a friend '70 VW Campmobile-- some camping equip- state zip
ment included--newly rebuilt engine
You can make bread hawking the Post-- comments
needs minor adjustments-- $2100 or **********************
up to 5¢ a copy. If you sell a hun-
best offer. 473-3286
dred in an hour, that's $5 an hour.
Call 828-7026 or 452-2412. A good classical guitar, like new-- Send to Post-Amerikan, 114t North

l_S__t_._, _N__o_r_m_a_l_, __Il_l_i_n_o__is___6_17_6_1_________ J

Call Anne. 452-8081


WE HOPE SD! This is the middle of the June 24th Student Stores

Whether you're looking for your first love, 'searching board meeting after a group of JO women raided the
for your one and only, or adding to your harem.
Ax-In-Hand has over 300 bodies with love to share! store's magazine rack and removed sexist periodicals.

(we'll handle the introductions if you like)


Bloomington police officer ~illiam ~'It wasn't a race riot - 3
Rusk'a racist remarks were the di- It was the people
rect cause of his head injuries AsKed N~J he a~dn't cc~e aaN~ on
treated at st. Joseph's hospital late ,, weekdaJS ~nd to~her t~e w~ite ~ids,
Sunday night July 8. one cop alle~edl; re~lied that he
against the pigs. didn't care wha~ the w~ite ~ids did,
Rusk made his remarks in front of 30-
40 young people, mostly black, at POLICE Gun
Skate n Place in Bloomington. RACISM
BRINGS At one ~oint the fighting d~ed down,
After Rusk reiterated his racial slurs, and officer Rusk pulled out his gun.
he wound up the definite loser in the Grabbing the youth he'd previously
ensuing fight. tried to arrest, Rusk pointed the
weapon to his temple.
A really clear picture of what happened
is hard to come by. As this goes to Holding the gun only a few inches
press, Aaron Vessup, Bloomington Human from the black youth's head, Rusk
Relations Coordinator, is working on a shoved him into the police vehicle,
report. The Pantagraph, at this time, saying "Get in the goddam car." The
has printed only one article--filled suspect later escaped while the po-
with errors--on the matter. lice were busy elsewhere.

Source for the Pantagraph article was, Later, the police told the crowd
naturally, the police.
they had 5 minutes to leave. Anyone
Source for this article is ordinary
people. I spoke with more than half still around after five minutes would
a dozen eyewitnesses in four separate be taken in.
One person was arrested that night,
Though those interviewed differed on for aggravated battery. Everyone I
small details, all agree on the inci- talked to said this susuect hadn't
dent's basics. done anything and was only an inno-
cent bystander.
Peoples' Story
Here's what happened, according to the
people theres Those I spoke with pointed out sev-
eral errors in the Pantagraph story.
At the skating rink, two black girls
got into a fight. Others, who knew First, the alleged thrown bottle was
the girls personally, attempted to really a paper cup.
break it up.
Second was the Pantagraph's implica-
When the fight was about over, with tion that the incident was a race
the principals held down, police offi- riot. Though the Pantagraph said that
cer Edwin Farrell entered the scene. the parking lot confrontation stemmed
from an earlier fight between a white
Farrell was there as a rent-a-cop. ~ and a black woman, no such fight
is reportedly at the rink every Sundav occurred. A white woman had said
night. something about "niggers taking over"
while chastizing some kids for skating
too fast, but she had been long gone
when the actual fights broke out.


Farrell jumped in and began attacldng "We should take all the black bastards Further refuting the "race riot" expla-
the ones breaking up the fight. ?ar- to jail." nation, several people pointed out that
rell slapped one girl and threw one some white kids sided with and were
boy, according to one account. A- "I'll knock their little black asses among the mainly-black crowd confront-
nother says Farrell was choking the off the floor." ing the police.
"I'll knock all of them on their "It wasn't a race riot," one partici-
Farrell probably didn't expect anyone black asses." pant told me, "It was the people
to fight back, but they did. against the pigs." "Yeah," another
Each person I talked to, though dif- added, "and we whipped their mother-
Other skaters knew what was happening. fering on the exact words, said that fuckin' ass!"
They realized Farrell was attacking Rusk's statement was racist, profane
the wrong people (and had no business and threatening. Some people took exception to the Pan-
attacking anyone, anyway). Farrell tagraph' s saying that the fight arose
was trying to arrest the girl who had Several said that someone asked Rusk "when someone R.Ccused Rusk of name-
hit him back, and the crowd tried to what he'd said. He reiterated his calling." Rusk~ name-calling. It
prevent her being taken in. comment." was Rusk's comments which began the
fight, not the accusations.
Farrell was soon surrounded, and that Then Rusk got the fight he'd asked
is when he called in for reinforce- for. Others felt that the Pantagraph gave
ments. the mistaken impression of 30-40 people
Paper Cup
Assistance, in the form of officers ganging up on only 3 cops. The fight
Rusk and Butcher, arrived later. One Details of the fight were given by
person said it was about 7 minutes only a few people. Those who gave was really about one to one, with most
later. details refuted the Pantagraph's con- of the crowd standing in a semicircle
tention that Rusk was the target of a watching, these people told me.
By the time Rusk and Butcher arrived, thrown bottle.
most everyone was already leaving the ****************************
rink. Only a few were still skating, It was really a paper cup with some
and it was very close to closing time. ice in it. The eyewitnesses I spoke with ranged
The bulk of people were in the park- in age from adolescent to grandparent.
ing lot. Singling out one person as the
thrower, Rusk grabbed him and tried All agreed that the kids were justi-
Everyone I talked to said the inci- to arrest him. The suspect protested, fied in fighting the police. All
dent would have been over. saying that Rusk couldn't tell who in agreed that both fights were the
the large crowd had thrown the cup. fault of the police.
But Rusk apparently wanted to see some Rusk grabbed harder, and the fight be-
action. gan. ~s the other cops moved in, more The first fight, when officer Farrell
of the crowd joined the fight. was alone, stemmed from what my
He got some. sources called his incomuetence or
At points during the confrontation in poor training. "A polic~ officer
Billy Clubs the parking lot, there was apparently who knows what he's doing doesn't
time for verbal exchange. Reports of break up a fight by attacking every-
As they emerged from their squad car, these exchanges differ (It was a crowd, one," one person said. Othe!' comments
the reinforcements carried billy not a quiet classroom), but the tone agreed.
clubs in hand, several people said. in all reports is consistent.
Rusk conferred with Farrell, and then The later fight, which gave Rusk his
uttered his racist comments. Some peoplR heard the cops say "black head injuries, was directly linked to
bastard" and "you black motherfuckers." his racist insults.
Those I talked to quoted him differ-
ently. Here are the different quotes1 One policeman was heard to say "You Some people, feelinz the police got
people are always starting some shit." off too easy, felt the cops should
"I wish one of them would start some- Asked which people he meant, the po- have been beaten with their own
thing with me; I'd stomp their black liceman replied "You black people." billy clubs.
asses into the floor."
--s. Dangerfield


MISUSING CITY FUNDS The city has also purchased equipment

for Woodworth's darkroom. Woodworth
admits that he has city-owned equipment
in his private photo lab, but maintains
that it will be returned if he ever
leaves the Parks and Rec department.

Since November of 1972, the Blooming- When interviewed by a Post-Amerikan Asked if there existed any official
ton City Parks and Recreation Depart- reporter, Woodworth could not really records of what specific city-owned
ment has purchased more than $100 account for these supplies. equipment he kept in his darkroom,
worth of photographic supplies from Woodworth said there were no such
Hawkins Camera Shop, When asked what pictures he had taken documents.
for the Parks and Recreation Depart-
Most of the supplies purchased are ment, Woodworth could mention only Apparently, Woodworth's good intentions
film, ·darkroom chemicals, and photo- two--both of them considerably later will assure tha~ the city-purchased
graphic paper. than March. equipment is returned upon his termina-
The Parks and Recreation Department Woodworth said he had taken photos for
does not have access to a city-owned a pre-school commencement plus one But unless Woodworth's memory improves,
darkroom. photo which appeared in a Pantagraph his good intentions alone will not
Parks and Rec promotion page late this suffice.
But John Woodworth, Superintendent of spring.
Parks and Recreation, has his own pri- When asked what city-owned equipment
vate darkroom. He is also a photo- was in his darkroom, Woodworth could
grapher. remember only a timer and a photo

When pressed for further instances of But Parks and Rec purchase orders show
purchases of additional equipment.
his using the photo supplies for mu-
nicipal purposes, Woodworth simply

said that he takes pictures when Parks If Woodworth can't remember what city
and Recreation personnel ask him to
do so. property is in his private darkroom,
and if no records exist which list

that property, how is Woodworth going

When asked if he had taken photos for to be able to return this city-pur-
his department's theater program, chased equipment?

Woodworth said that he had not. He s. Dangerfield
said that he'd been requested to take

photographs, but hadn't had the time.

.__ .......... .

Woodworth reportedly moonlights as a

The photo supplies purchased for the

Parks and Recreation Department are
supposed to be used for city purpos-
es, since they are purchased with
city funds.

However, sources close to Woodworth
say that very little of the supplies
purchased from Hawkins actually are
put to municipal use. These sources
say that Woodworth has taken almost
no pictures for the department.

Between November and March·, Woodworth
purchased more than 24 rolls of film
with city hall funds. During that
time, he also bought 7 packages of

photographic paper, almost 4 gallons
of developer, and 3 gallons of fixer.

Nix-on Unemployed Vietnam veterans demonstrate. for jobs in New York - LNS/cps


by Marty Meketarian So, what prevailed was, all those wav- threatening weapons) I was ordered to
ing the blue, white, and scarlet hyp- leave the airport in what was termed
"Life, Libert~, and the Pursuit of ocracy were permitted to participate "precautionary measures." Ironically,
Happiness--that to secure these rights, in the day's events and those who held the sign I held read, "STOP 'l'HE BOMB-
governments are instituted among men, banners deploring Nixon's bombing of ING;;" Once out of the immediate vic-
deriving their just powers from the Cambodia or suggesting Impeachment
consent of the governed--that whenever were provided police escorts out of inity of the King, I was told by lo-
any Form of Government becomes destruc- the area. cal authorities to "make it easy on
tive of these ends, it is the Right of yourself" and drive out of the air~
the People to alter or abolish it and In my case at the Peoria Airport, I port. When I questioned the violation
institute new Government, laying its was first shoved against a wall, and of my right to dissent and display my
foundation on such principles and or- then frisked. When the local porkers sign, I was hurriedly grabbed and es-
ganizing its powers in such form as to found no signs· of malicious intent corted out by two local oinkers. This,
them shall seem most likely to effect _(in terms of krilives, guns or other done in the midst of hundreds of on-
their Safety and Happiness." lookers, mostly 5-year-olds shouting
encouragement to their heroic killer.
Declaration of Independence
July 4, 1776 Anyway, despite attempts of some to
urge the King to stop murdering people,
Nix--on justice prevails. Just as in to resign, to move the country forward,
Watergate, the Kent State affair, the June 15 was still a "success." Money
perpetuated "gas shortage," the opp- was made by enterprising companies in
ression of the powerless--so continue Pekin. Few blacks were seen. Any peo-
the usual injustices experienced by ple opposing any Nixon policies were
the people with the King's recent vi- quickly removed from the premises. No
sit to Pekin, Illinois. This time, hecklers were heard, and long-hairs
freedom of expression was blocked by were kept to a minimum. So, all those
this democratic nation. Or should I who agree with the King, and all those
say freedom of agreement was permitted, who support the bombing of Cambodia,
while freedom of dissent was prohibit- and similar humanitarian efforts of
ed. the Nixon administration, experienced
a historic day. The day the King came
to Pekin. The day Nix--on justice
touched just a few more lives. I only
regret ~hat a handful of thinking peo-
ple saw reason to attend.



Schneider, Krueger Claim

to Know Nothing

(The story so fart S.S. "Joe" Post-Amerikan reporters attempted to He didn't see anything either.
Schneider, city councilman, and Paul get comments from both Schneider and
Krueger, city treasurer, appear to be Krueger. ***
in trouble.
Neither of the gentlemen seemed Krueger said, "I think that's a good
Both have been caught withholding in- obliged to confess, law (referring to the section already
formation they are required to disclose cited which the reporter had repeated
on their Statements of Economic Inter- Most interesting was the response of over the phone) but I'm not familiar
ests, an offense covered in Section "Joe" Schneider. Confronted at the with what you're talking about."
4A-107 of the Illinois Governmental end of a city co"uncil meeting, Schneid-
Ethics Act. er denied any knowledge of the charge. "I agree with you," he continued
"that if a person doesn't obey the law
That section statesa "Any person re- The exchange went like thisa he should be prosecuted. Judges are
quired to file a statement of economic too easy with people."
interests under this article who wiil~ REPORTER1 Mr, Schneider, I have a
fully files ~ false .QI. incomplete-- couple of questions for you. '. Krueger evinced some reservations
statement shall be fined not to exceed ove~ the anonymous nature of the
$1000 or imprisoned in a penal insti- SCHNEIDER1 I don't have any time to original article, "You can hurt
tution other than the penitentiary for answer questions (moves past reporter) peopl: printing gossip," he said,
a term not to exceed a year, or both." When it was pointed out that the
(Underlining ours) REPORTER1 It's only one question, material cited was on public record
really. (Schneider stops) How do you for all to see, he responded, "Then
The last Post-Amerikan reported that respond to charges in the· press about I suppose for the Post-Amerikan I
Schneider and Krueger have been dis- your failure-- have no comment."
covered with their economic interests
down. SCHNEIDER a (interrupting) I don't LAW 'NORDER
know anything about your charges.
Neither the city councilman's 100 (rushes off, without hearing them) Both Schneider and Krueger have made
shares of stock in the Corn Belt comments, in the presence of reporters,
Bank--par value $10,000--nor the city What made this exchange most interes- about their relationship to the law.
treasurer's 60 shares--par value ting was a conversation a-P'Ost re- Schneider, in the midst of the city
$6000--in the same bank were listed porter had earlier in the day with a council meeting, said "I would not
on the forms these two officials were person who had specifically ~ tell anyone to go against our laws."
required to fill out completely. Schneider read the Post article which
first levelled the charges. Krueger's comment, made over the
Yet the first question on the State- phone, was on a different level.
ment of Economic Interests form says1 Perhaps our city councilman has a "Sometimes," he said in the midst of
"List the name and instrument of short memory span due to the pres- a more generalized debate between in-
ownership in any entity doing busi- sures of office, terviewer and subject, "you violate
ness with the unit of local govern- the law often without knowing what
ment in relation to which the per- KRUEGER, TOO the law is."
son is required to file, in which
the ownership interest held by the Paul Krueger in a phone call several
person at the date of filing is in days earlier pleaded similar ignor-
ance of the charges, if in somewhat a
excess of 12QQQ fair market value or more friendly manner.

from which dividends in exce'SSCif He even pleaded ignorance as to the
$1200 were received during the pre- existence of the Post-Amerikan. "I'm
ceding calendar year." not at all familiar with it," he told
a reporter.
Since the Corn Belt Bank is a deposi-
tory of city funds, Schneider and "I don't really have any comment,"
Krueger's stock should have been

In light of the possibility of jail
sentences for the two city officials,


"I don't know ••• " "I don't know anything ••• " "I don't know anything about
your charges."

'~. .




POST NOTE1 He stated that America must
remain the strongest nation so that
"Chinks" is the name of Pekin we can insure peace as we have done
High School's sports teams. so well thus far (in the Middle East,
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos). Concluding
by E. P. Unum this surprisingly brief speech, he
dreamed of "freedom for America."
Workers in Pekin, Illinois, en- At 111)4 C.D.T., the Nixon
joyed a three-day weekend recently motorcade halted in front of the The crowd (95% of whom were already
Pekin Library and among frantic
when June 15 was declared a holiday cries of the joyous populous, and standing) gave him a standing ovation
a smiling President and first lady while he stood waving his arms in
for the opening of the Everett Dirksen stepped from the limousine to do the frantic way in which he is
Congressional Research Center. This their duty. A few minutes before characterized.
holiday, however, was marred by the all threat of rain had vanished,
visit of President Richard M. Nixon, and the sun 8Aone brightly over After a brief visit to
the guest of honor. the area. Dirksen's grave (to make sure he
was still dead), Nixon departed
The crowd began gathering a This phenomena was not leaving many people hanging in the
full three hours before his fateful attributed, as some observers say, air (in particular, those members
arrival despite intermittment ex- ~ to Nixon's personal contact with of the police who were stationed
posures to drizzle and llllcomfortable ·-- God, but to the high concentration as snipers on top of buildings in
temperatures. While the crowd standing of hot air over the area. the area.) Fortunately, the entire
shoulder to shoulder was "enjoying" affair did not go quite that
the entertainment provided by the smoothly.
Pekin High School Band (whose entire
program consisted of marches), the Although they were few in
selected dignitaries of the town number, the anti-Nixon demonstrators
of Pekin were enjoying a special stuck out like political prisoners in
banquet in air-conditioned facilities a "democratic" government. Signs
at the expense of the townspeople. saying, "Stop the Bombing in Cambodia"
and "Support Law and Orders Impeach
These same dignitaries were Nixon" popped up at the appearance
provided.seats close to the stage of TIME magazine's Man of the Year.
while the majority of observers
stood--some unable to even see the President Nixon chose to ig-
stage or hear the goings on--outside nore them (as he has done the wishes
boundaries set up for security of the American people), and he left
reasons. his secret service agents (the well-
dressed men with the green badges)
After a long procession of The President stepped up to to protect his view of the crowd by
speakers from the Pekin area, Mayor stomping on the dissidents. Numer-
William Waldemier stepped up to give speak, and in a feat of unprecedented ous reports were given by demon-
a general introduction to the guest repetition mentioned God, America, strators of assaults by agents and
of honor and visiting governmental and the P.o.w.s all in the same other paid reactionaries.
officials. Among those present were sentence. He also referred to some
U.S. Senators Percy and Stevenson, of the ideals he observed in Presently, members of the
Governor Dan Walker and numerous America such as every generation Indo-China Peace Campaign are pushing
representatives. with its very own WaJ"e for an investigation regarding the
lack of restraintused. In fact, what
Many state and federal officials with the new developments in the
Watergate hearings, investigators
could not make it, because they were .C: might run into a few "hit men" hired
by Nixon to protect him from an
attending the Watergate hearings-- unpleasant visit by harassing peaceful.
attempting to isolate Nixon's actions demonstrators.
from his rhetoric.
All in all the appearance
Rep. Robert Michael (R.--Peoria) came off as an attempt by Nixon to
sent a prepared statement expressing ~ make minimal per~onal contact with
his regret for not being there. He his supporters, and maximum forceful
also thanked Nixon for giving the contact with the non-supporters.
research center "its initial heart- Tricky Dick has been resurrected, and
beat." At that very same, across the "Home of the Chinks" will never
the world in Cambodia, United States be the same.
bombers under the orders of the
President were terminating the :~c
heartbeats of countless human beings
for the hundred and first day. 0

Mayor Waldemier also illus- )>
trated beautifully the quick decis-
ive actions of our president in ;::o
domestic affairs when he revealed m
that he had invited Nixon to visit :-ct
Pekin several years ago in the com- m
pany of Dirksen. Nixon told him ;::o
that he would, and in his typical m
speedy style arrived seven years
later, only to find Dirksen dead )>
and buried!










The Holiday Inn had their sign outs Cause Mayor Daley wouldn't let youl" underestimated the moral vigor of
"Welcome President and Mrs. Nixon." "Why don't you shout those things in these senior citizens. One lady told
So did every gas station and hamburger front of your parents? They'd be me to put my sign down. I refused.
joint in Pekin, Illinois. A bank ashamed of youl" "You're uneducated! She started slapping her hand with her
downtown was a bit more original with My son's in the University. He would- umbrella in a menacing way. Then
a sign proclaiming• "We're banking on n't act like that." "Why don't you she cruised back into me, shoving me
you, President Nixon." go back to Russia? They wouldn't take back. I commented on her rudeness and
youl" "You got a job, you got a car, she lunged forward into me. Then
People were milling about. Most of you got food and money given to you. she confronted Rick. "Put your sign
them well dressed. Most of them You're bums. You're all taken care down." "Sorry, I can't do that." '
looking very pro-nixon. In fact, of so you don't have anything better Then the old lady said a remarkable
everyone looked so pro-nixon that we to do than this!" thing or twos "I'll slap your facel"
felt a little sheepish, the two of Then, wielding her umbrella, "Are you
us, walking around trying to hide Pretty fiesty, considering everyone trying to start something?" Well,
our signs from the cops. (You never it was clear who was trying to start
know--we thought--they might have talking was over 50, some over 60. something and pretty soon those old
passed a law against protest signs, ladies and their umbrellas looked
just for the occasion.) THE BIG MAN dangerous. Then four or five o~ these
female codgers came down on us in
This was certainly not what we had Now comes the big man. And I mean force. They shrieked and shouted at
planned. I had envisioned at least big. Well over 6 feet tall and over us. They stuck their umbrellas through
a force of 20 or JO avid Nixon haters 200 pounds. Dressed impeccably in a our signs and ripped them up. It
to descend on Pekin with us. But, black suit and a cute red tie. He was ridiculous. What can you do when
what with work, oversleeping, and was balding and I'd guess over 60, an old lady attacks you with an um-
cars leaving at different times, and definitely a Pekinite. He was brP-lla? We knew who'd end up in jail
there we were 1 two thorns in a crate very, very upset at us. He flung a if we defended ourselves.
of roses. The only sign we saw was whole array of verbal abuse at us
one that had •we Support You" and then he got carried away. The But again the local cops came to our
scrawled on one side and "HI PAT!" rescue. "What's going on here?" he
on the other. An old white haired IPC people had a 5 foot "Stop the asked. "These kids won't put down
lady was happily waving it in the their horrible signs· and they keep
air. We decided just to stay where Bombing• banner. They hoisted two chanting,• said the ladies.
we were, at a crowded intersection a people on shoulders to hold it above
quarter block from the speaker's the crowd. This gets hard on the "I'm sorry Ladies," (and this is a
stand. shoulders, so they would rest a lot. direct quote from the cop). "but
They were about to get up again when that's what America's all about."
By some miracle of luck we found the big man said, "You're not going
ourselves standing next to a small S.S. MAN
group of protesters. I call this to hold that above my head." "OK,•
miraculous because they were the Now the peak of it all. With the big
only protesters we saw and day and replied the IPCers, "We'll move man and the umbrella women subdued,
there they weres right beside us. back," and they did. But so did the we thought we'd be O.K. But we forgot
They were from the Indochina Peace big man. He moved back into them with about Nixon's lackeys. The IPC
Campaign (Chicago, Champaign, Car- all his weight and tried to knock "bombing" banner was up and we were
bondale, and Peoria}. There were them down. He kept pushing them all chanting "Stop the Cambodian bomb-
only about eight or ten of them, again and again, which freaked out the ing." Suddenly a man runs toward us
but it was very encouraging. IPC people. "What are you doing," and grabs the banner, pulling it to
they asked. He was clearly trying to the ground. The woman who was ho~ding
Now, let me get to the heart of my suggest to them that they leave. He the side he pulled could have easily
story. Nixon came around ll1JO. He was making such a scene that the local fallen from her perch but she balanced
gave his speech, which was typically cop came and decided to rescue us. herself and stayed up. The man ran
banal, typically full of lies, and He led the big man away from us. from the scene of his crime, obviously
typically self-congratulatory. Then scared. But one of those darling old
he shook hands and left. So what? ladies was in his path. No matter,
Nothing new. What !!il interesting he plowed her down. Then he was
stopped by two young men. Very int-
·about the whole ceremony was the little eresting. He had a walkie talkie on
drama that took place on the corner his side, a hearing device in his ear,
of cement that we and the IPC people and on his lapel, the red S button of
were standing on. A little drama that the Secret Service Men. So this is
proved once again how fascist Mr. the way official body guards protect
and Ms. Middle America really are. the president. The cops, of course,
Consider the following sceness let him go, the old lady was helped
up, and we spent the rest of the noon
VERBAL ABUSE hour arguing with old ladies about
constitutional rights, violence and
At various appropriate moments in "You have just heard a speech the Watergate affair. Nothing like
by the President of the United a trip to Pekin, Ill. (which, by the
Nixon's arrival, speech, and States •.• " way, was named after Peking and has
departure, we, the little band of a high school basketball team called
THE UMBRELLA WOMEN the "Chinks•) to remind us how fascist
anti-Nixon groupies, started choruses this country really is.

of "Stop the bombing in Cambodia." Carol Evans
The people around us first told us to

shut up. Then they told us to watch
out. They told us to get out of their
"respectable" town. Let me give you

some quotes, as direct as I can remem-

"Don't you have any respect? This man So we were safe now, or so we thought.

was invited here to speak. If you Most of the people around us now were
don't like it you shouldn't have come."
"Where do you live, huh? Why don't old ladies, all of them over 55. all
you go back to Chicago and say that?
of them holding umbrellas at their
sides, since it was cloudy. But we


"arms off the bench''

Feature "You'd better check this out," Johnson
says, handing a form to the lawyer.
by "He's lying." One of the three cops
Denny Colt leaves to recheck police files on date
and time.
Less than a minute late, the cop ret-
The next two men are charged with pub- urns. "3158, the sixteenth," he says
to the judge, who nods.
lic intoxication. It is the first full
Everybody gets their day in court, the arraignment I am to see that day, Both The first man is asked to come before
the bench, having spent the last ten
old cliche goes, and when they do, it are pleading guilty to the charge and minutes filling out forms. "Are you

can be a scary experience. are required to fill out forms and

Few people, unless they are powerful answer questions.

and sure of that power, like to be in Judge Johnson, a middle-aged, comfor- cps
court, and I suspect that even for the
table looking official, asks if either •Yovl' i.1 0 ,.••; th:s Jt..fe~d•~+
powerful, it can be a nuisance. of the two men is employed. "I'm not it'"""F•e.tvtc.6 .....~ sol.I -three.
ruf~h..«.rk..n,c...hwd l>c.
)i'l:Jlioh otl t o
de rt.div~'
Some people, usually those less power- now," the oldest one says. Johnson ove•rri<c.~."
then says the unemployed man is to
ful, find themselves in court more than \
once. Some appear with a depressing work for the city for several days, a
frequency that bespeaks their struggle
to survive. I remember seeing a woman policy "provided for by our new con-
stitution," he says.

in Court Room One get sentenced to a Then the bailiff (who has been chewing
year or five hundred dollar fine for something and absently tapping his
palms together), one of the cops, and
a second offense in shoplifting. She Judge Johnson fill out forms or en-
tries in record books.
was making fifty dollars a week and
had several kids and an absent husband.

The judge was unsympathetic.

Unless it's a part of our life, few of It all seems rather boring. '''fHllUY YEARS!•
us bother to remember how common such
"justice" is. It's easy to forget, _rJ
unless one is shocked into remembrance,


The next man, tired looking and in his tired?" Judge Johnson asks him. No,
the man says. "Then don't lean on the
early twenties, is brought before Judge bench," Johnson says.

Johnson charged with theft under $150. Both men, Judge Johnson says, are
being charged with the same offense •
Wishing to plead not guilty, not hav- He then proceeds to ask the first man
ing a lawyer, (or a chance, he tells questions about his age and financial
the judge, to contact one), he is now status, ("Are you employed?") At the
same time, the bailiff walks over and
being forced to post $1000 bond. He leads the second man to the table and
tells the bench he hasn't the money proceeds to ask the same questions.

for $100 bail and then looks over to How much money do you have on hand?
the spectator's section. Are you living with someone? How much
do you make? How much do you pay for
COURT ROOM ONE .An old man in a beat-up Funk's hat, food a month? The two officials'
sitting next to the accused's wife, voices drone a confusion of personal
Court Room One is a small room in the questions.
ground floor of the McLean County looks back and says, "I ain't putting
Courthouse. It is painted in a grim out no money." With the accused sit- The bailiff then asks the second man
green similar to that favored by land- ting at the table before the bench and if he will fill out several forms.
lords, ·with hanging institutional The man scratches his head in be-
flourescent lights and two air condi- filling out forms, a second man is be- wilderment. He can't, he tells the
'tioners that noisily drown out the fore Johnson. bailiff, read well enough.
judge's whisperings from court spec-
tators. The chairs for the public are He, too, iq charged with the theft, While the bailiff explains, the judge
painted green, also. has left the room for consultation with
with the additional saddling of "dis- the lawyer, who has reappeared.
A brief ground level view of downtown orderly conduct." Judge Johnson looks
Bloomington is offered through the down at him and tells him to "stand up
windows, partially obstructed by green straight," the accused slouching
slightly forward. (At the same instant,

the bailiff on the left is leaning on
the bench.)

The second man waives right of attorn-

ey or public defender. At which point

.a lawyer enters and begins to consult

with the judge. There is debate over

the time and place of the alleged

offense the two men are being charged~~
with. · .. """

,On June 18, 1973, in the late morning, JUDGE OUT
there are cops in three corners of the
room. Each lounges and watches spec- With the judge still out, the lawyer
tators suspiciously; occasionally the returns and talks with both accused.
one nearest glances over and says some-
thing to one of the men sitting and Two of the cops are talking with a
waiting for arraignment for crimes man in the box who's still waiting
allegedly committed over the weekend.
to be arraigned. Both the wives and
Additionally, sartorially knowledge- the old man in the Funk's hat watch
able lawyers and aged bailiffs (all the lawyer. The bailiff taps his
bailiffs are incredibly aged) move in fingers on the table to the left of
and out, talking to the judge as if
nobody else--including those up before the bench.
the bench--were in the room.
With the judge returning, all have to
As I walked into Judge Johnson's court
(presiding), two freaks were beirn>: hus- ceremoniously rise and sit down. As 1·~
tled out. According to schedule,-thos whis~ered consultations continue, one
who'd been arrested over the weekend
by BloominEton police were being ar- ,Jof the men waiting in the box does a
circle to the side of his head with
nic; finger. A woman enters to :d.t
l..L t'ne pu.b.l"ic ?ec t"ion w~•th h.~r ,",h..·~·.L~u
but the child 1s too no1sv--ao22n·t

want to stay--and the two' go UH:k cut,
l don't blame the ctild.

IP d li.-U:i!alH~~·~-




Eventually, the judge speaks to the With this case quickly handled, there converse outside in the hall with one
two men. The first man faces two is a changing of the guard. Judge
options1 6 months in jail without Johnson solemnly stands up, as the of the lawyers. Like his manner in
a jury trial-or one year in jail ·with young man finishes retrieving his
a jury trial. The second is offered possessions from the great green bag. court, it is whispered and confident-
the same with the additional poss- Another robed figure enters to carry ially friendly with a near peer. I
ibility of a fine. on the routine--while Johnson goes out don't hear what the two say, nor des-
for lunch or something. ire to. Shortly, the gray judge
Both men are then released until leaves, presumably to get out of his
trial--evidently the lawyer has Convinced I've seen enough for one day,
been working for both of them--and I leave after_the_judge, watching him robe in some cloakroom and walk the
given their possessions back. The
cops empty them out of a great green streets as a human again. Back in
satchel on the table before the bench. Court Room One some other man is
Both men pick up their possessions and playing as part of the machine.
go over to their wives.


The to go up before Judge
J?hnso~ is the on? who'd been signal-
ling circles by his head. He is

charged with unlawful use of
license (permit, actually) and fail-
ure to sign it. "Stop your leaning
on the bench," Judge Johnson tells

The man pleads guilty, stands with his
thumbs in the back pockets of his
jeans, Johnson fines him $10,00,
which the young man tells he doesn't
have. "Unless you wish to waste more
time, I suggest you get some money,"
Johnson says, glaring at him.•

THE EARTH IS A SATELLITE OF THE MOON were less hungry than the grand-
The apollo 2 cost more than the apollo 1 The great-grandparents died of hunger.
the apollo 1 cost enough.
The grandparents of the people of Acahualinca were
The apollo 3 cost more than the apollo 2. less hungry than the parents.
the apollo 2 cost more than the apollo 1
the apollo 'l. cost enough. The grandparents died of hunger.

The apollo 4 cost more than the apollo 3 The parents of the people of Acahualinca were less
the apollo 3 cost more than the apollo 2 hungry than the people who live
the apollo 2 cost more than the apollo 1 there now.
the apollo 1 cost enough.
The parents died of hunger.
The apollo 8 cost a whole lot but you didn't feel it
because the atronauts were protestants The people of Acahualinca are less hungry than
they read the bible from the moon, their children.
bringing glad tidings to all christians
and Pope Paul VI blessed them when they returned. The children of the people of Acahualinca are born
dead from hunger,
The apollo 9 cost more than all the rest together
including the apollo 1 which cost enough. and they're hungry at birth, to die of hunger.
The great-grandparents of the people of Acah11al lnca
The people of Acahual:i.nca die of hunger.

lllessed be the poor, for they shall inherit. the moon.

--Leonel Rugama

10 :f~r;.~
~ -=--~ ~~ =--~== -~- ---~--::--:




Local realtor Ralph Zabel is implicat- Accordingly, one daughter brought Za-
ed in questionable maneuverings which bel his house payment only to have it
this spring almost caused a black fam- turned down. Zabel told the Coleman
ily to lose the house they'd been pay- daughter of his agreement with Mrs.
ing for over the last seven years. Coleman. Since Zabel could not legal-
ly refuse to accept the house payment,
The Colemans (not their real name) he simply advised Miss Coleman against
were buying their house on contract paying it. She returned home with the
from Mrs. Josephine Jetton, with Zabel money
as middleman. Payments were made to
Zabel's office. Zabel admits advising against payment.
He maintained, however, that his plan
Early this spring, Zabel suggested was in the interests of the Coleman
that Mrs. Coleman miss some payments, family.
and allow Mrs, Jetton to repossess the
house. When I pointed out that his plan relied
totally on Mrs. Jetton's good intentions,
Mrs. Jetton, in turn, according to Za-
bel, would immediately re-sell the When I pointed out that his plan re-
house to Mrs, Coleman's eldest daught- lied totally on Mrs. Jetton's good in-
ers, The resale price, Zabel assured, tentions, Zabel pooh-poohed my concern.
would total no more than the $5000 bal- Zabel repeatedly praised Mrs. Jetton's
ance remaining to be paid on the house.
good heart and motives. Finally, Za-
These transactions would leave the bel admitted that his plan was leaving
Coleman daughters owning the house, the Coleman family with no legal rights
which is Mrs. Coleman's wish. whatsoever to their house. He then
said that of course a written agree-
Presently, the contract shows Mr, and ment was necessary in order to insure
Mrs, Coleman as buyers, Mr. Coleman that Mrs. Jetton would really resell
left his wife and six children five the house for the $5000 remaining to
years ago, be paid.

During the five years of her husband's I asked the Coleman family about this
absence, Mrs. Coleman has supported
her entire family herself, sometimes written agreement. The entire family
working two jobs to do it. All the vi~orously denied ever hearing any-
while, she continued payments on the thing about such a contract,
house, with no help from her husband,
According to Zabel's plan, the Coleman That should have ended the problems,
But in the past year, Mrs. Coleman has daughters were to get a loan from except for Mrs. Jetton's "good faith,"
become sick. She can no longer work, Bloomington Federal. After Mrs. Jet- to which Zabel had so unconvincingly
After diagnosing an incurable cancer ton repossessed the house, the loan testified.
last February, Mrs. Coleman's doctors would be used to buy it back,
gave her only a year to live, In June, Mrs. Coleman received a sum-
Bloomington Federal refused to grant mons--Mrs. Jetton had filed suit to
Concerned that after her death her a loan, saying the property was not repossess the house. The suit cited
husband might claim the house, Mrs. worth $5000. (the property is double the payments the Colemans had missed
Coleman was anxious to have the house lot--one lot vacant, the other lot with on Zabel's advice. After Mrs. Coleman
title revert to her daughters, the house. Not long ago, Mrs. Coleman presented receipts showing her pay-
was offered $5000 just for the vacant ments in Ma,y, the case was continued,
The need for that title change laid lot.) but not dropped.
the basis for Zabel's plan.
Aaron Vessup, coordinator for the city No one seems to understand the suit.
Zabel's plan was fine, except for one Human Relations Commission, said of
crucial flaws the property's value, "We know urban Zabel says that Mrs. Jetton is refus-
renewal will probably be buying it ing to accept the last several months'
After Mrs. Jetton repossessed the soon, so whoever owns that property payments, but still speaks of her
house, she would be under no legal ob- will be into some money." good intentions. During our conversa-
ligation whatsoever to sell it back tion, Zabel sometimes spoke as if a
to the Coleman daughters. The Cole- According to Zabel, the daughters' judge would soon be deciding whether
mans' seven years of hard-earned house failure to obtain the loan meant the or not the Colemans can keep the
payments would be regarded simply as end of his plan. He claims to have house. At other times, Zabel said the
rent. Mrs. Jetton would own the prop- advised the Coleman family to catch up case was over with. Asked why Mrs.
erty, and she could do what ever she on the payments he had had them miss. Jetton would refuse to accept the pay-
wanted with it, ments if the court action were over,
The Colemans angrily denied Zabel's Zabel could speak only of what fine
Mrs. Coleman agreed to Zabel's plan statement. According to the Colemans, women Mrs. Coleman and Mrs, Jetton
shortly after she was released from Zabel ~ said anything about making were.
the hospital. "You know I must have up the payments.
really been sick to agree to that," In other words, the situation still
she told me later. It was Aaron Vessup who advised the seems fishy.
Colemans to make the payments before
The Coleman daughters took their they were sixty days delinquent. And ****
mother's sickness into account. They Vessup was contacted only through luck
refused to believe that their mother --a friend of the Coleman family, hear- Mrs. Coleman's original purpose in go-
had really agreed to have the house ing the daughters' anxiety about pos- ing along with Zabel is still not ac-
repossessed. "We thought mom meant sibly losing their house through this complished; Mrs, Coleman's name is
'refinance,• not •repossess,'" one confusing "plan," contacted Vessup. still on the contract.
daughter said.
Acting on Vessup's urgent advice to A divorce, now pending, will soon re-
catch up payments before they were 60 solve the problem.
days late, the Colernans had only a few
days to gather $225. The repossession suit, however, may
not yet be over. The fact that Mrs.
For a family on ADC, for a family wnose Jetton is not accepting the payments
food stamps don't last the full month, Zabel is holding for her may indi-
cate she is planning further legal
gathering that sum of money is not action.
easy. Only by borrowing from friends
did the Colemans manage to come up --S,G,
with $225 and catch up their payments
last May.

-,----...~-- ------------------------.

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.cf last u-emester /)

,.._____..1fS XOATK ..Sf.

3 P IT 0 lf Ki



NEW YORK--Slick, high pr~ced adve~­ LIBERATIDI
tising is playing a crucial role 1 in
selling the New Army. Last year s WASHINGTON--Lawyers in big mining
$16,508,800 expenditure landed ~he states are raking in the profits of
government in 79th place on a list of black lung compensation suits. In
the nation's biggest advertisors. . Kentucky last year a total of $6 mil-
_lion was awarded in lawyers' fees--
$9,102,100 went for the u.s .. A~y Re- $4 million of which was divided among
eleven lawyers. Actually, a lawyer
cruiting Service; Navy recruiting got is not even necessary for a black
$2,926,000; and the Air Force lung claim, but many miner~ and their
families are unaware of this •
Gay Pride Causes Oinks
NEW YORK--The G~Y Activis to,Apellriaatn?cr~e of
has sent-a warning to the

.50 night clubs and bars in New York
City stating that they will take leg~l
action against any place that prohibits

customers from dancing with members of

tli.e same sex.


VIENTANE, LAOS--Kilometer 6 in Laos is DURHAM, N. H.--The Manchester Union
community of American families each of Leader has launched an attack on the
which has one parent working for the newly formed gay student group at the
U.S. Agency for International Develop- University of New Hampshire in Durham.
ment (AID). It boasts ranch-style The paper's first editorial was under
houses, roads, sewers, power plant, the headline "Boot the Pansies Out of
telephones, $55,000 swimming pool, fire UNH" and was called "brilliant" by
station, and schools, all supported by the publisher, A survey of UNH stu-
U.S. government agencies. Resident dents shows that 93% of the student
families all have at least one full- body is for the gay students1 however,
time maid and usually a gardener and the governor of the state and some
a cook. The community was built with of the college's trustees take the
Union-Leader's position on the smash-
J.4 million U.S. dollars and is main- ing of "homosexuals, black panthers,
tained at the price of $24J,OOO annu- prostitutes, or any other such un-
palatable organizations,"
ally. An AID executive proudly stated
that due to Kilometer 6, "there's no
need for contact with the local people." NEW YORK--The American Committee on
Africa research group recently re-
leased materials documenting $215
million in loans made available to
South Africa by North American and
European banks. The director of
the committee stated that, "these
loans directly strengthen the white
South African govt. as it pursues
its oppressive policy of apartheid."


For over a year now workers at Dare
Foods, a Canadian cookie company, have

been on strike. The strikers are 75%

middle-aged, married women with child-
ren in school. They are protesting
conditions which include 1JO degree
heat in the plant, production s:Peed-
ups and a huge wage differential be-
tween men and women workers.


BOSTON--In a new study, the Boston NORFOLK, VA--100 strikers, mostly black
Collaborative Drug Surveillance Pro- women, are protesting low pay and poor
gram of Boston University Medical Cen- conditions at a plant which processes
toe:rr'geasltlibmlaadtdeserthdeiseaansneua.linawttoamcekn rate oysters and clams which are used in
taking. Campbell's Soup. The strikers are cal-
oral contraceptives to be 158 per-· ling for. a consumer boycott of Camp-
bell's soups containing clams and oys-
100t000 compared with 79 per 100,000 ters. The meat is often rotten and
maggoty, but it is still processed and
in women who do not use oral contra- used.

Paternalism Must Go WASHINGTON--The White House is becom- CHICAGO--Jose Jimenez, founder of
ing a military command with the new the Young Lords, is being tried on
LINCOLN PARK, MICHIGAN--Demonstrators charges of bail-jumping. He turned
gathered .in front of the offices of appointments si ncc. eBtehneneWtta,tejrugsattenamed himself in one day after States
The Mellus, a local newspaper, pro- shakeup. John Attorney Hanrahan left office.
testing a recent series of articles on Hanrahan was notorious for his
South Africa. The series portrayed as the Chief of Staff's top aide, campaign against political min-
racist policies iri South Africa as served as deputy commander of the ority organizations. The Puerto
"for the good of the ignorant, cul- Rican Young Lords have moved from
turally deprived, tradition-tied Green Berets and as commander of the a street gang to a radical
peoples." 82nd Airborne Division, which played community help organization since
the role of a "fire brigade" in their founding in 1959.

Vietnam, South Korea, and the Domini-
can Republic, and helped smash civil

resistance within the U.S.


*** '"-"Sure, I knew the rich were 9ett~ng

WASHINGTON--A Senate panel recently richer and the poor were getting
approved a bill that would exempt the poorer-but I thought I was one of
dairy and soft-drink industries from
anti-trust laws, and allow them to the rich ones."
raise their prices as well. J!ixon has
supported the dairy industry since the
1972 campaign. The industries' cam-
paign contributions total $422,500.


MIAMI BEACH--General Mills has WASHINGTON--The Labor Department's
been awarded the 197) junk food Bureau of Labor Statistics re~orted on
award (a garbage can) by the Cen-
ter for Science in the Public June 14 that it now requires $11,800
Interest for the giant corpor- to support a family of four living in
ation's encouiagement of bad eating
habits. Specifically, the com- a U.S. city on ari "intermediate budget"
pany was cited for marketing It takes $?,607 for a family of four
breakfast cereals (Kaboom,
Frankenberry, etc.) that contain to survive on a "lower, non-poverty
"between thirty and fifty per level."

cent sugar, a good deal of salt, According to the report, the average
potenetially harmful artificial earnings of rank-and-file workers,
colorings, and refined flour from based on weekly pay figures from April,
which many nutrients have been 1973, show that the paychecks of U.S.
removed." In the July 9 issue workers fall $200 a year short of the
of Newsweek, artificial coloring lower budget.
and additives have been cited as
~ pos~ible cause of hyperactivity ,. ***
in children. Amohg General Mills'
other products are Lionel Trains, *** TREASURE ISLAND, CALIF.--Sailor Pat
Play-Doh, Parker Bros. games, Chenoweth was found not guilty of
DULUTH, MINN--Residents here have been
Hamburger and Tuna helper, clothing, informed by the Environmental Protec- sabotaging the aircraft carrier u.s.s.
jewelry, industrial chemicals, and tion Agency that "high concentrations"
a restaurant chain (Red Lobster of potentially dangerous asbestos Ranger. Chenoweth was accused of put-
Inns). fibers have been found in Lake Super- ting a paint scraper and two 12-inch
ior, the area's water supply. The bolts in th~ ship's gears causing
NEW YORK--H. Rap Brown and two other fibers are part of the Reserve Mining $900,000 worth of damage and thus~ ~
black activists were sentenced to 5 to Co's discharge of waste into Lake preventing the ship from leaving for
15 years in May for the alleged armed Superior--67,000 tons daily for the Southeast Asia. Despite heavy
robbery of a·bar two years ago. De- past 15 years--and can cause chronic pressure from the Naval Investigative
fense attornev Wm. Kunstler showed lung disease and cancer of the lungs, Service to get Chenoweth's crewmates
that the police, the owners, and the stomach, and colon. to testify against him, only one agreed
patrons of the bar were tied in a to do so. It was found afterward-a ,..
Harlem drug ring. He also had a t~at ~he sailor had been interrogated
signed affadavit from a man who said six times by the N.I.S., with one of
he had actually committed the robbery, the sessions lasting six hours, and
but the judge would not allow a delay ~hreatened with a "night in the b~ig"
in sentencing to investigate. if he did."'1' t "get his story ri_ght" IC:'"
during the investigation,
People's Law
FRANCE--Workers in the Peugeot car
works have taken the law into their BRIGHTON, ENGLAND--700 students at the
own hands since 7 workers have been U. of Sussex demonstrated June 5 and
injured and 2 killed by armed attacks prevented Professor Samuel Huntingdon
on strikers ordered by the managing of Harvard from delivering a lecture
on ••The Role of the Military in U.S.
director. They have formed an anti- Foreign Policy." Huntingdon was a
fascist worker militia to "spy on, major proponent of forcing Vietnamese
denounce, and when necessary, carry villagers into camps and urban slums
by bombing and destroying the country-
out reprisals against the fascist side.
groups and their leaders."

*** RIVERSIDE, CALF--When the Riverside
police-needed an arrest for the shoot-
SAN RAFAEL--California's "in~etermi­ ing of two cops, of course they chose
the black community's leading militant,
nate sentence" law grants prison ~u­ Gary Lawton. After Lawton spent a
year in jail, got out on bail, and
thorities the power to parole an in- his first trial ended in a hung jury,
a retrial was scheduled, It was re-
abf~thearviaor'sh" ort tbeermh~flodr "good . vealed during the trial that the one PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI--In 1970-71,
or for years (even , policeman who claims he saw Lawton near a U.S. business called Hemo-Car•
the crime's scene, Ronald Lund, had ribean bought 70,000 pounds of blood
a lifetime) i£ he displays an unrepen- spoken to other policemen that night, from more than 170,000 Haitians. It
tant attitude. T~is l~w often ~erves saying "I want to kill a nigger. I
to pit inmate against inmate, since. want to kill him worse than anything paid $) a pint plus a bottle of soda
I ever wanted to do in my whole life."
those who testify against fellow pris- Lund is still on the police force and pop. It sold each pint for a minimum
still carries a gun, of $20 to U.S. pharmaceutical firms.
oners in criminal trials are often In a nation where unemployment runs
granted parole for their betrayals. *** 35% and the average yearly per capita
Recently, two San Quentin i~ma~es were income is $63, there is an endless
paroled directly a~ter testifying supply of people forced to sell their
against another prisoner. One of the blood to live, The program is now
witnesses has stated that he was prom- pushing for a comeback under the
name of Life Service of Haiti.
ised parole for his testimony.


women LEARn The wrongs of women have too ,.....
long slumbered. They now begin
THEIR HER/TORY to cry for redress. Let them be
clearly pointed out in your Con-
Ten women met for the first vention; and then. not ask as favor.
official session of our Women's but demand as righ1. that every
History and Literature class on July civil and ecclesiastical obstacle be
removed out of the way.
5. It may be misleading to call it Rights are not dependent upon
equality of mind; nor do we admit
a "classs" there is really no teacher. inferiority, leaving that question to
When we were planning the course, be settled by future developments,
there were four or five women with when a fair opportunity shall be
specialized areas of knowledge who given for the equal cultivation of
volunteered to share in the instruc- the intellect, and the stronger
tion. One woman, Barb, has a masters powers of the mind shall be called
degree in History, with a concen- into action.
tration in women's studies. Two or
three.others have studied women's April 13, 1850. A response to an
history in school and on their own. invitation to address the Ohio Con-
A couple of us are literature majors. ven1ion fi1r remodeling 1he stale
All of us felt the lack of concentra- com·en1ion.
tion on women's art, concerns, and
images in the traditional school LUCRETIA MOTT
curriculum and library fare.
a 19th century actress and writer, I felt very satisfied with
One thing that keeps happening Fanny Kemble• Many of the complaints our meeting. I think that each of us
when women get together happened set forth in the Declaration were of was able to move comfortably between
again1 we found out that we ,knew more the same injustices that Fanny Kemble the role of teacher and student, a
than we thought we did. We had de- had to face in her career and marriage. movement that is rather unusual in
cided to concentrate on the era of Kathy brought excerpts from John formal learning situations. For our
the suffrage movement and Mott and Stuart Mill's radical 19th Century next meeting we are reading Angela
Stanton's Declaration of Sentiments Davis' "Reflections on the Black
at the first women's rights convention defense of the rights of women and Woman's Role in the Community of
in Seneca Falls, 1848. Barb lead the from John Ruskin's paternalistic rap
discussion of the Declarations her on women's role, "Of Queen's Gardens." .Slaves." If you are interested in
analysis was supported by another We also read a Virginia Woolf story coming to the group, we meet at
woman who was reading a biography of that showed the dilemma of Victorian Newman Center on Thursdays from six
women's consciousness. Everyone con- to eight in the evening.
tributed her knowledge of the struggles
of women in politics, law, education,
and medicine during tlais period.

WOMENS' SELF HELP about contraceptive problems and
how to handle them. We discussed
The second general project of 'who· had participated in self~ how the pressures and responsib-
hel~ clinics before, it was ex~ ilities of birth control shackle
the Bloomington-Normal Women's Lib- citing to share what we knew and all women. We all felt how far
eration Group was held July 24, 1973 felt about sel!~help. For those out it is to openly share exper~
of us who had never done-self~ iences and knowledge which have
at 909 s. Center St. The program, help before, it was a strength~ been kept in private and fear for
attended by JO women, consisted of a ening feeling to know our bodies too long.
and share our experiences.
potluck, business meeting, and ·-Anne Thompson
medical self-help clinic. Ann and After the self-examin~
Jeanette gave an initial rap on why ation practice, women talked
self-help is important and what it is.
We discussed an article written by
the Los Angeles Women's Health
Collective about self-help as an
alternative to the macho-medical
establishment. This analysis de-
scribed how the mystique surrounding
doctors has been destructive to
women and has prevented us from
knowing ourselves and our bodies.


c9 JQ3 G.J. Front~ 8loom1n9toh

co1Nft~: Newspapers f

One of the basic activities of SUPPLIES
self-help is smashing the mystery of
the pelvic examination. Most women -:co111cs:
have no idea what goes on under all
those sheets at the doctor's office, /lclult'
and this makes us fearful and inti-
midated by the whole process. We /ldult Paperbacl<s
know how to look in our throats to
see if there's inflammation; we can 5 AM- (,PM MON- SAT
use a thermometer to see if we have
a fever; and we know how to feel our 5 AM- J~: 30 .PM SUN.
necks to see if we have swollen glands.
But when it comes to pelvic examina-
tion, which is really just as simple,
we freak out and run to the nearest
rip-off artist,the doctor. And of
course, he's not going to tell us
how to give ourselves a basic exam
at home and save moneyl

At our meeting, women
learned how to use speculums for
self-examination.. For the women


NEW BEDFORD, MASS.--41 workers at DETROIT--Haywood Brown was acquit-
Acushnet Rubber Co. were suddenly laid ted for the second time June 6 of
off May 18, due to the Occupational charges stemming from tangling with
Safety and Health Administration r•l- Detroit STRESS cops. STRESS is an
ing that a chemical in the DuPont pro- undercover vigilante police force
duct MOCA was a cancer-causing agent. which patrols only the black commun-
Acushnet knew in 1969 that MOCA was ity and has killed 18 people so far,
considered a possible carcinogen, but 17 of them black. Haywood Brown was
put off creating conditions safe for arrested after being beaten by 20
working with it until they were forced cops with flashlights, gun butts,
to, Two hundred employees at Goodyear and fists while 2 other cops held him
plants are also out of jobs due to the down. He still awaits trial on a
new ruling. third c~arge of assault.

*** ***

KAISERSLAUTERN, W. GERMANY--Pfc. Larry PARIS--Residents of Paris working
V, Johnson, a 22-year-old black man class suburbs are protesting air
from Harlem, "resigned" from the army shows after a Soviet supersonic air-
to protest U.S. aid to Portuguese liner crashed during a show, killing
atrocities against the liberation move- 8 residents. The people say that
ments in its colonies. The military thPy don't hold air shows over middle-
jury pronounced Johnson guilty of six class suburbs; the poor must endure
offenses, but the court was so shaken the noise and danger of planes they
by his testimony that they handed down could never afford to ride in.
an extremely mild sentence.

Education For Exploitation

MANILA--The Ford Foundation financed a EAST BOSTON--Workers at Bethlehem Steel
commission on educational "reform" in have filed a complaint with Occupation-
the Philippines which advises a change- al Safety and Health Administration
over to technical training for state (OHSA) for unsafe working conditions.
schools. The commission was dominated Along with the daily dangers of explo-
by people "known to be loyal advocates sion, fire, and fumes, the workers
and promoters of U.S. influence and face the long-term effects of inhaling
interests," and the proposed system asbestos dust and sand. These effects
will transform the schools "into a may not show themselves for 5-10
giant reservoir of Filipinos who will years.
supply the manpower needs of America's
insatiable expansion in Asia. ***


CAMDEN, N.J.--17 of the Cemden 28, who LOS NARANJOS, CUBA--Men and women from
were charged with Aug. 1971 draft
board raid, have been completely 50 countries, including the U.S., are
acquitted in a jury trB.l. An F.B.I.
informer had supplied food, expertise, working construction on new, sanitary
and 90% of the equipment to make the housing projects with social services,
raid possible. The jurors felt that day care centers, and primary schools
the govt. had gone too far in setting in Cuba, Although most of Cuba's peo-
up the crime. ple lived in hovels before the revolu-
tion, construction workers could only
*** get jobs building things like the
First National City Bank of New York
NEWARK, N~J.--Residents of five • , -,;" in Havana, which is now converted into
high-rise housing projects have ...__ a general hospital. Now all construc-
re-continued their three-year tion workers have jobs and feel more
rent strike after the Housing refused satisfied that the fruits of their la-
to implement a settlement negotiated bor are going to other Cuban working
in March. people.

*** ***


LETTER FROM Communism is itself a "dance" that
dispels the materialist "illusion"
June 1, 1973 by the creation of a revolutionary
force that is steeped in revolutionary
Dear Brothers and Sisters. ideology, educated in practical
productivity, practices democ~acy,
Somewhere, across the deck of and is both moral and professional.
this Spaceship Earth, half- The revolutionary force has an
way around the world, hopeful obligation to "minister" to the
children, hard working women, and bonda~e of the masses within the
old men are being blown into mass materialist illusion. Consequently,
graves. It has begun to seem the revolutionary force is focusing
like the very power of the Four- on reality at all times, That
Horsemen themselves has been reality being the evolution of a
delivered into the puppeteering selfless, comprehensive, anticipatory
hands of a greedy few. Gandhi revolutionary party that works in the
said that "Surely there is enough interests of the united front of
for everyone's need but not for proletarian internationalism to
everyone's greed." And here it create a classless state,
is June 1, 1973, and on this small
ecoshpere nearly 93 million miles At the very root of oppression and A revolutionary force will avoid
from a fourth rate star, a small dominance, especially that which tribalism, regionalism, and cheap-
group of men, who control the men hold over women, is the ~ thrillism. These are influences
most powerful technology in the of death. Fear of death creates and that lead only down the blind ally
history of this planet are creating maintains any number of subtle or of duality and specialization.
world wide patricidal rape and extensive power games that act to Specialization is a reaction against
power games that only they can build an illusion around the ego. universal principals and is a
win, and consequently millions of When the ego is "winning• it divisionary tactic of illusionary
loving, dreaming, thinking human believes that for the moment it interests to move progressive energy
beings are being enslaved and is immortal and invincible, When, away from reality. In this context
bombed out of existence. in truth, if you were destined to it is in the interest of revolution-
be born you are destined to die aries to liquidate alcoholism
In 1968 the _slogan was "Bring and that is that. Nothing, what- (pun intended), eliminate the
the War Home.• Five years later soever, produced of the ego can false samadhi elitist (more-is-
it still isn't here. In 1969 the prevent death. And the sooner that better) astral preoccupation
slogan was •No Business as Usual.• we get our death trip together the with psychedelia, and banish the
Four years later business has sooner we can get on with smashing defeatist (find-the-space-w~er~·
expanded. In 1970 the slogan was joylessness and freeing humanity into nothing-hurts) paranoia of
•seize the Time.• Three years highest liberation. opiates. Above all communism is
later the time has passed us by. a doctrine of unity, oneness and
Granted, the Left has, in 10 years, At the risk of seeming to digress solidarity. It fs also important
brought light to the shared in- for a moment let me say that a to note that whereas perhaps 2-3
terests of universities and industrial wide arc of introspection and million people can follow a
powers; has built the barest begin- study has led me to the point, s~iritual path in this life nearly
nings of international counter- here, where I am, now. I am not lt billion are actively seeking
insurgency from ghetto repression; i'""Person who is bu'SY""being ,2!: not- redress of material grievances
and has begun the long slow process being hip, straight, stoned, en- through revolution.
of education to reality. li~htened, or revolutionary. I
think it's time that the isolated Revolutionary forces concern them-
But the expansionist doctrines (though essentially an inter- selves with the development of a
and ruthless bombings continue communal majority) masses wake-up socialist economy. In this they
on beyond Indochina into Arabia, and stop laying such heavy good and develop cadres dedicated to the
North Africa, Brazil and the entire evil culture games on each other. exposure of imperialism, sexism,
Third World. These activities of I work from my heart and try to racism, eco-rapism, voidism,
over~ domination continue in full move in a direction I feel is landlordism, and private or
view of an exhausted public moral good ••• monopoly capitalism of all types.
sense. The masses have become On the other hand theY. also
automatons only able to see the We are the still point of the illumine unity, solidarity, co-
short range private interests. compass of the experience of operation, selflessness, and embrace
Interests which are programmed by a reality that truth is one, free, the fullness of life, United Nations
a blacked-out ruling class controlled and like gravity-is non-linear economics statistics indicate that
media to favor materialist, masculine and omni-directional. The experience
interests and play down or totally of existence is in the realization 75% of the primary resources
distort the truth of imperialist of the vectors of evolution moving
coercion in the Third World and from the biosphere to the noosphere (more in some countries) of the
capitalist domination at home. to the astral sphere. Or from the Thirld World nations are ripped-
material to the logical to the off by the capitalist countries
But there is a danger that, in intuitive. Evolution always overlaps to be traded among themselves in
viewing the sickness of ruling- ener~etic, meta-energetic, and an exchange of bizarre luxury
class institutions, the proto- spiritual continuums, giving all production. Perhaps 4% returns
political backgammon of Water- phenomena the space-to-be and the to the Third World as (often
gate, all the subtle in-fighting space-to-become. At one and the useless) manufactured ~oods.
between die-hard imperialists same time the unbalance is flowing Reacting to this inequity,
and liberal opportunist bourgeoisie, toward the balanced and onward into revolutionary forces work to
and the general expansion of third- the unbalanced again. The rich deliver the prime resources of
world rip-offism, we will project oppress the poor, white oppress these regions from the invading
our efforts to understand out black, men oppress women, logician£ capitalist pirates into the
beyond where the nexus of truth oppress the intuitive and society hands of the people of that
really seems to be. If we are to faces disintigration of spiritual region. This is creating a space-
understand bombings, inflation integrity. Simultaneously, there 1.2-~ and a space-to-become.
and oppression we must focus on the
truth that these are acts of a exists resolution in the forms of It is important to become educated
concrete expression of sexual communism, design science and the as to the workings of the material
violence in the masculine psyche, spiritual renaissance. plane. The movements of monopoly
and a very personal fear of death.- capital, how social and capitalist
Recently, I was questioned on my imperialism have divided the world
Most men are either overtly or attitude on communism since I have chess board into spheres of
secretly rapists. Ami most woemn been following a principally spiritual influence, who forms the united
know it. Most readers of this path for the last two years. Last front, what is the scientific
letter would deny having gone as year I thought communism was primarily basis for material optimism, and
far as actual rape which is the a tool with which to resolve class all varied realms of practical
ultimate depersonalization of a conflicts on the material plane. I knowledge must be acquired and
woman by a man. Some might also thought that is was "transcendent- shared among the members of the
admit to fantasies, urges of lust ally hip" and progressive to take a revolutionary force. We can
and hatred, or mild fascinations with cultural quanta leap into the design all learn from each other and
sadistic art, etc. The equation science revolution or the spiritual everything we can learn is im-
of manhood-potency-with the dominance path leaving my revolutionary sisters portant.
of another's body is the same and brothers to their struggle while
venereal disease that creates Viet I would dance to the tune of a higher
Nam. But because it is bombings reality leaving illusion behind in my
and not beatings it seems to be astral wake.
something outside of our self,
separate from our inner lives.
It is good to recognize that
patriarchy gives rise to sadistic
interests in the public sphere but
we must continue deeper.

14 Year Old Black Girl Shot by Atlanta She stopped short, and then Roberts "The only hope of this society gone )
Cop shot through her hand ~n~o her ab~o­ mad is Christian sanity, that is,
men In critical condition for five awakening interest in the power of
LNS day;, Pamela's health is now listed God to transform and elevate us
as fair. poor human creatures above our human
Pamel Pines, a fourteen year old weaknesses, ••• When this is done,
black girl, was shot by Atlanta poli- Atlanta's police chief Inman has said then there will be no more problems
ceman J. D. Roberts on June 4. Pam- that the shooting was justified and of Pamela getting drugs or liquor,
ela's mother had called the police to has refused to suspend patrolman or fighting or killing in the commun-
ask them to take her daughter to the Roberts, And on top of that, Pamela ity,"
hospital because she was having a has been charged with aggravated
"fit." assault on Roberts. The judge then advised everyone to
go to hear Billy Graham speak.
She said that her daughter had been On June 11, Pamela's mother swore out
having mental problems since an auto a warrant for aggravated assault Pamela's supporters in the court-
accident, and had been treated at against Roberts, but Fulton Cou~ty room stood up and shouted in pro-
the hospital several times in the Superior Court Judge Bradfor, listen- test of the judge's decision. The
past. Just the week before, she had ing to the conflicting testimony of case next went to the grand jury and
called the police with a similar the six policemen over a week later, it, too, refused to investigate. The
request and they had taken Pamela to refused to issue the warrant against Pines family is now planning to sue
the hospital without any trouble. But the policeman. patrolman Roberts for damages.
this time was different.
Instead, he delivered a long and ram- Pamela's case is not an isolated
Witnesses at the scene said that there bling speech which said, in part, incident. The Atlanta police de~
was no justification for the shoot- partment has made a policy of har-
ing because the girl was not attacking assing black Atlantans and groups such
the police. Pamela was holding a as the Black Panthers and Black Mus-
knife and stabbing at the front 1ims. Since March three blacks have
door of her house. been killed by Atlanta police. The
city's black community, faced with
l'ihen Pamela's mother saw that the six these increasingly frequent incidents,
policemen had their guns drawn she ran is becoming tense.
to them and told them her daughter was
sick. Roberts clubbed Ms. Pines and
Pamela came towards them yelling,
"Don't mess with my mother, you moth-


I believe that we will enter an

age of material equality, design
integrity, and highest spiritual
enJi,":htenment. This is a natural

lowing of the Tao or the spirit of
evolution. But, as of yet, there
are no "chosen people." All those
who follow the Dharroa of Ashtang
Yoga, solar-powered monorails,
Kundalini, tensegrity spheres, etc.
are not to be refused. We must keep
an eclectic comprehensive conscious-
ness on all levels, Our liberation
and enlightenment always come fron
where we are at. And right now this
means the e~tire planet as well
as within our own being. The mass
of travelers on Spaceship Earth
are in the grips of a life and
death struggle for material justice
in an age when we could have
planet wide near material utopia.
This conflict must be dealt with
in order to get on with it.

I don't believe that I could call
myself a revolutionary. I am
certainly not an enlightened
person. In fact, everything I do
is another exercise in which I
am working on myself. Even this
letter is part of the further
purification that I hope will
prepare me to get on with the
work ahead. I have a great deal
to learn.

All my Love and Care
Yours as always,



The State~ Prerogative

P~CH£l> 'touR LAltr>t.PR.o,HuH? cps
LoBorDn?y ~~ t.1,:6 /
In the muck of the revelations about
LoooroMY ,c?Ji'f L/FE./
the Watergate Conspiracy, Elliot Rich-
ardson has been one of the few Nixon ..HOSPI TflL''
Administration officials who has re-
mained relatively "clean." As the Brain Control ·rt is not surprising that it is in
dirt started coming out Nixon ,prisons and mental hospitals, where
shifted him from Secretary of Health, Psychosurgery, as the Medical Committee inmates and patients are the least
Education and Welfare to Director of for Human Rights (MCHR) describes it, likely to be~able to "choose" their
the FBI and then to Attorney General. is "the destruction or removal of treatment, that the use of psycho-
brain tissue or electrical stimulation surgery has the possibility of being
With a crisp New England accent and of parts of the brain with the aim of used most extensively. Dr. Hunter
the reputation of being one of the modifying behavior." Brown of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric
"liberals" in the Nixon Administration, Institute volunteered his service free
he quickly received Senate approval Or as Peter Breggin puts it, it is to California--in exchange for being
for his new post as successor to· John "a deadening operation that involves able to use homosexuals and "habit-
Mitchell and Richard Kleindienst, deliberate, irreversible damaging ually criminal" inmates of California
of an individual's brain for the pur- prisons and mental institutions for
Yet, exactly what "liberal" means in pose of altering behavior that others his experimental psychosurgical
the context of the Nixon Administra- have deemed undesirable." "cures" for homosexuality and crim-
tion is open to question, especially inal behavior.
when you consider that Elliot The technique grew up in the 1930's
Richardson has been, among other and 1940's as a supposed cure for men- And it is also not surprising that
things, a long time advocate and tal illness, during which time programs to control "habitually crim-
supporter of psychosurgery. about 50,000 people in this country inal" inmates came at a time when the
were operated on. prison population was becoming pol-
In 1967, after the Detroit riots, iticized.
three Boston doctors--Frank Ervin, "Many of the higher functions of the
Vernon Mark and William Sweet-- human brain are wiped out by these The use of psychosurgery as a form of
advanced the theory that riots are operations (various types of psycho- social control first began being
not caused by social conditions but surgery)," says MCHR. "Typically exposed in November, 1971, when it
rather by a small group of people with people will lose their ability for was discovered that the California
"low violence thresholds." They introsp~ction or abstract thinking. Department of Corrections was plan-
suggested a screening program to Expression of any type of emotion and ning a "Neurological Evaluation and
detect such "brain damage" and sug- creativity are severely impaired••• Treatment Program" at the California
gested a preventative treatment pro- Side effects (include) loss of memory Medical Facility at Vacaville. There,
gram. and onset of epileptic seizures ••••• according to a letter from R. K.
The outstanding effect is passivity; Procunier, Director of the Department
Mark and Ervin co-authored a book after psychosurgery a person will of Correction, inmates would "undergo
called Violence and the Brain, in accept his or her situation at home diagnostic studies--surgical and
which they proposed the development or work or in a mental institution." diagnostical procedures would be per-
of an "early warning system" which f orrned to locate centers of the
would detect people with what they call Psychosurgery has been used to con- brain which may have been previously
"brain dysfunction," and who could trol such varied people as "over- damaged and which could serve as the
be expected to exceed "acceptable active" children, addicts, depressed focus for episodes of violent behavior.
violence" levels. Those people would housewives, homosexuals, prisoners
and old people. Psychosurgery has' If those areas were located and veri-
become eligible for violence-inhib- been performed on children as young fied that they were indeed the
i ting treatment, including brain as four. Of the cases which have been source of aggressive behavior, neuro-
surgery. published in medical journals, 70% of surgery would be performed,"
the people diagnosed as "psychotics"
Ervin, Mark and Sweet established the and 80% of the people who were diag- When the letter was discovered, there
Neuro Research Foundation which re- nosed as "neurotics" who received was a great public furor and the plan
ceived about $600,000 in grants from brain surgery were women. was supposedly shelved,
both the Department of Health, Educa-
tion and Welfare's National Institute Yet Vacaville was by no means the only
of Mental Health (NIMH) and the place where psychosurgery has been
Justice Department's Law Enforcement discussed as a way to control "violent"
Assistance Administration (LEAA). The behavior. ~CLA is establishing a
grant of $108,931 from the LEAA was "Center for the Study and Reduction
given to Sweet to study "the role of of Violence" under the direction of
neuro-biological dysfunction in the the California Departments of Mental
violent offender." According to the Hygiene and Corrections, Frank Ervin's
description of the project, "the name was included as a possible staff
grantee will determine the ~nc i. d0;1cc-; member of the center.
of such disorders in a sta~e peniten-
tiary for men; estimate thei~ preva- When asked in April by the San Fran-
lence in a non-incarcerated population; cisco Chronicle about the possible use
and improve, develop, and test the of psychosurgery, Dr. J. M. Stubble-
usefulness o.f '-'lectrophysiological and. , bine, Chief of the California Dept,
neurophysiol9~ical techniques for of Health and Welfare and one of the
the detection of such disorders in masterminds of the Center saids "We
routine examinati.ons." are not going in and, you know, do
the usual wholesale things. There
"Elliot Richardson has been the ad- may be some psychosurgery on a select-
ministration official most actively ed basis."
supporting Mark, Ervin, and Sweet in
their successful previous attempts to It has recently come out that the Guinea Pig Files Suit
obtain federal funding," said Peter
Breggin, a Washington psychiatrist Veterans Administration has performed In Detroit, a 36 year old man who had
who has been a major activist in the spent the last 18 years of his life
campaign to reveal and stop the plans at least 16 operations since 1961. in a state institution for the crimi-
for the use of psychosurgery as a The VA had denied, in February, after nally insane filed a suit in February
means of social control. "Richardson's to stop a series of planned psycho-
presence at the helm of the Department an investigation by Senator Edward surgical experiments involving him
of Justice makes me apprehensive about Kennedy's Senate Health Subcommittee, and 23 other inmates of the Ionia
the escalation of this dangerous that any psychosurgery was done at VA State Hospital.
alliance between psychosurgery and
police control." hospitals. By May, the VA had
admitted that at least 16 had been
According to Breggin, when Richardson done. In fact, a memo in February
was Attorney General of Massachusetts
he suggested to Sweet that he go dir- had changed the policy and had re-
ectly to Congress to get the appropri- stricted the operations to only four
ations for his study rather than VA hospitals.
going through the NIMH. In fact, as
Secretary of Health, Education, and
Welfare, Richardson testified in
Washington for the Neuro Research

Foundation when they applied for their
first grant. He told Congress that
he had tried to find money to finance
the study from the state of Mass. but
was unable to do so.



Dr. Linda Fidell, associate professor treat what may be
of psychology at Calf, State Univer- her real problem with
sity, claims that a lot of women pa-
l) \U_: [\1l{\ \U ~L"'"'•m
tients are drugged instead of treated.
Her analysis of many medical and so- CONJUGATED ESTROGENS
ciological studies done in various p TABLETS, U.S.P.
parts of the US shows that women are
given mood-modigying drugs, such as

barbituates, Eedatives, hypnotics,
relaxants, tranquilizers, anti-depres-
sants, and pep pills, twice as often
as men.

48% of American women over JO take

mood pills each year, said Dr. Fidell
in April.

Citing a Canadian study, she noted t
that, when asked to describe a "typi-

cal complaining patient," 72% of ntth, e4% symptoms may 1nd1cate an
doctors described a female patie underlying estrogen def1c1ency
and the need for add1t1onal more
described a male and 24% did not spe- 111
comprehensive therapy
cify sex. "These physicians are pro-
grammed to think of women as hypo- PREMARIN. by offering sound
spec1f1c natural estrogen replace-
chrondriacs," Dr. Fidell said.
ment can provide such therapy
estrogen-related emo-
symptoms of the meno-
pause by treating their cause
Anxiety and depression related tc

estrogen deficiency usually re--
spend to replacement therapy 1n

a relatively short time'~ Other
psychogenic.. symptoms such

as headaches, crying spells_ in-
somnia, feel 1ngsof weakness and
fatigue may also be r~ieved.' '-'"

He and 11 other patients would have Fidell sees a direct link between this Nor was there a single case of a male
portions of their brain, identified "programming" a.rd the $750 million ad- nurse. Furthermore, nurses almost in-
as. "defective," destroyed by surgery vertising campaign which drug companies variably were depicted as "attractive"
while 12 others would receive drug direct at physiciam each year. She and young women. Older women were not in
treatment for the "undesirable behav- a colleague, Dr. Jane Prather, studied evidence in the medical profession,
ior." Faced with indefinite confine and in general, women were portrayed
ment, the ~nmate had first agreed to the ads in 4 medical journals over a as housekeepers, homemakers, clerks,
the operation and then changed his telephone operators, etc. Women were
mind. A three-judge panel of the period of 5 years. never portrayed in professional posi-
Wayne County Circuit Court are going tions.
to rule soon on his suit, Fidell's and Prather's report, titled
"Put Her Down and Drug Her Up," found Medical statistics show that women make
In correction administration circles that ads underrepresented women as more visits to physicians, have higher
all over the country, behavior modif- suffering from organic or physical admission rates to general hospitals,
ication--where "incorrigible" inmates problems. "The women patients were in and use more psychoactive drugs. How-
ads for stimulants or tranquilizers; ever, other statist!cs show that women
are given rewards and punishments the men were in ads for medicine treat- live longer and have lower mortality
(ranging from isolation to drugs all ing specific diseases," noted Dr. Fi- rates, and are less susceptible to
the way up to psychosurgery)==has dell. circulatory, digestive and infectious
become an increasingly popular solut- ailments.
ion to problems with rebellious pri- "When we did see a male patient in an
soners. A program like this has begun ad for a tranquilizer, it was recommen- Consequently, Fidell and Prather con-
ded to help him get over a heart clude that women suffer greater stress
at the u. s. Medical Center for Federal attack." in their assigned roles and lead lives
of less fulfillment and greater frus-
Prisoners at Springfield, Missouri, Pointing to an ad which read, "Treat tration. And both doctors and drug
Another was begun at the Adirondack one •.• six people benefit," Fidell con- companies contribute toward defining
Treatment Center in New York State-- tinued, "Worst of all, the medical and reinforcing these roles, at the
called the Prescription Program--un- problem in which a woman was used as same time making money off the prob-
til it was just recently shelved. an advertisiq:model often was focused lems they cause.
on the fact that she was irritating to
Public outrage has been slightly somebody because of her complaints-- This is demonstrated by the following
successful in Vacaville, for example, and that someone was usually her hus- ads "The Collectors at 35 she's col-
in getting some of the plans for use band--or her doctor." lected among other things, a college
of psychosurgery at least temporarily degree she's never used, two children
dropped. However, plans still go on. Continuing along this line, the report underfoot most of the day, a husband
The government is planning a Behav- finds that sex role stereotypes are whose career takes him away most of
ioral Research Center in Butner, strongly reinforced, Over a 5-year the time, a folder of unpaid bills,
North Carolina "which will serve as a period covering some 423 ads, there and various physical symptoms--real
developer of new treatment techniques was not a single example of a woman or imagined."
to effectively modify criminal behav- doctor despite the fact that 7% of
ior," according to the Federal Bureau the country's physicians are, in fact, But whatever a woman's problem,
of Prisons. "Center programs will female. physical or emotional, doctors and
accept especially selected groups of drug companies have only one solu-
offenders from other Bureau of tion-- "Drug Her Up."
Prisons' facilities to develop new
approaches for correcting various . . . .·--~~---~~~~~-----~~------..J --~~~----~----~~----~~
offenders not reached by traditional
correction programs."

Patients are to include "alcoholic
felons, minority groups, overly
passive follower types, sexually
assaultive inmates, and high security

Yet even with such grand national
plans, many of the doctors involved
in such programs feel that they are
being held back by public pressure.

There is a "national campaign•••
aimed at denying out most severly ill
patients the enormous benefits
derived from the new refinements of
advanced psychosurgery," said Dr.
Leo Alexander. Alexander is a psy-

chiatrist who served as a consultant
on the prosecution side of the Nurem-
burg trials. It is very interesting
to note that very few psychiatrists
were convicted for their parts in
Nazi madical experiments against
concentration camp inmates who were
forced to act as guinea pigs.


_Zen for (d. 788), the first great Zen
wierdo, and father of all beat-
niks and hippies. He was the
first to answer questions on the
nature of nature by punching the
questioner in t'e nose, or with a
loud shout--HOl

P.s. If anybody out
there speaks better Chinese than
me, I would appreciate some help
through the Post-Amerikan~ If
anybody is offended by my some-
what casual style, tough shit.
Wait'til you see what I do up
aside the international Jewish
banking conspiracy next ish.


Or Throwing in the Tao. a. I

•i.1t ch 'C( n

OR .. , ~~; b,
MAY BE WORTH A TRY ~1'.. 01 ~ mo

Ch' anq (one-pointed awareness) ··~ ,';fr\
is the Chinese form of the word Zen. ~o
I've been picking up all sorts of ~• ct.ti~
ni!ty wattalk from The WaY of Zen la
by guess who, and a few other sources,
so I thought I might present fer yer -or- ?
·further hipification this Peking
Primer of thines not to say when you c.
visit the People's Republic next
cunegonde. Or, conversely, non- che.j
dogma to put a little zing in those
picket signs and demonstration '~>t' 1
banners next time yer in the streets.
/, 0 ·'
As you remember, the spif;fy
centerfold poster this issue pro..;. THEATRE ANNOUNCi;MENTS
claimed mo chih ch'ub(without
stopping-Walk onT;""°Which I figure .·•·. ·. ·.·.•:...~.Y,i51;:{.k<·
is close enough to "keep on trucl,dn," You can still see The ~t8\· )it'~-····?:;!{\(
especially since !!!.Q. chih ch'u is a
Zen phrase explaining how things a play for· children,\.*'rj, ·
are done~ The only real way to 18-21, 25-28, .and Augu$.
glaze a pot, draw a cartoon or p.m. in Allen Theatre. •\J!
· play the blues, is to !!!.Q. chih ch •u•.
Abbie Hoffman said "trust your ~ti~o~n;-~i~s~:imifp;r~o2v·i•siseJda!~f~r<oii:r~i~Si~.~~~R~~~.%.·.?.·...·;. ·~.}•'r
impulses," and Blacks call it soul.

Another Zen phrase I just
made up is~ cheng.;(question the
absolute), which is not anywhere
near as explicit as shih shih !!.Y
ai ((betweeriJ things no obstruc..;.
tion)~ The latter is last of the
four dharma realms into which T.'ang
dynasty Zenmasters divided the
dharmadhatu net of jewels~ The
net of jewels is the realm of
individual thing-events, each of
which reflects all the rest, so
shih shih wu aidis clearly trans-
latable'as.,.everything is every..;.


The ffrst lineeof Lao Tze's
I!!:Q Te ~ (the path of the vir-
•tue of love) has always been a
grabber. However, I only know the .
first, third, and sixth characters,
as .:!;.s,Q, so you gotta fake the
Chinese pronunciation. The line
sez lite~ally1 "that path which
is regarded as the path is not
the eternal path," which is
usually greased up in trans-
lation to read "the tao which
can be told is not .1h!a tao,"
or something like that.

Ching te( which can be
translated as-rnnocuously as
"desire virtue," is, in reality,
a poor pun on the Spanish
chingate, meaning "fuck you."
The preceeding was not another
Philipine joke. Ching, you may
have noticed, also means "love."
This irridiscent little word
originally meant "mental activity"

or "will." The 1 ~. then can

mean "righteous desire," as it
was originally a book of divination
within a philosophy so funky that
Lao Tze later composed the Tao
~ Ching around it. However;-it
could also be translated as
"triumph of the will," if you've
got a guilty kraut komplex like

I do~

Our last clincher that
ought to be paraded in front of
every Watergate investigating
committee is a quote from Ma-'!$µ





After several years of There a' re other imagin- - But most of the sexist here i sit in my morning gran-
spreading--like cancer, cliches remain, this deur,
according to the Mothers ative sequences in Deep time slicker and perhaps
for a Moral America-- Throat, such as one 1vh2re a bit more imaginative. robes wrinkled, drowning beer-
porno movies have ac- a man drinks Coke If you're into oral sex, stink
quired a degree of ac- through a straw from maybe Linda Lovelace's
ceptability in the film Linda's vagina, but all circus act will be a and the night's fears in instant
trade. New releases are of it, virtually every turn-on. But she ' royal tapwater coffee.
regularly reviewed in encounter, involves doesn't waste time or
Variety and premiere male dominance, humili- play around much. It's some hours ago, the unmistakable
at "swinging couples" ation 'fantasies, and an a lot of friction in a sound of woman weeping called me
spots like the Presidio underlying misogyny big hurry. out of sleep, called me to open
and the Sutter Cinema that together have be- my door. i did so,
in San Francisco. Pro- come the hallmarks of But does pornography and with the woman was a man,
duction quality has roc- pornography in America. have to be that way? and in his ·hand a shiny silver
keted from the days of When's the last time
Super 8mm and neander- Human sexuality is sure- you've seen erotic fore- sixshooter.
tha l camera work, but ly a vastly complicated play in any movie, por-
very, very few of the range of feelings and nographic or not? shocked, and afraid of the look
newer films have made desires that includes When's the last time in his eyes,
any advance in content, sadism and masochism in you've seen a woman en-
consistently opting for varying quantities in joy sex in films, ex- i made as if to close· the door,
the exploitative and the all of us. But humili- sept of course in the but before i could i saw him
brutal over anything re- ating other people, and love-to-be-raped scenes?
motely erotic. especially women, ap- When's the last time raise the gun,
pears to monopolize the you've seen the male heard it speak,
Deep Throat is a gro- U.S. pornography field, hero show any emotional and knew that i was dead.
tesque case in point. which is largely made sensitivity whatsoever?
Production quality is by and for other men. now the time for wonder, no painr
very high, shot in 35mm It's about time the porn now
color, with classy tit- Given the infinite range trade truly got on the
les, sound, and rock of eroticism which ev- l>all. Eroticism to the the philosopher's pretty dilemma.
band accompaniment. Lin- eryone can fantasize in People! People's Porn- am i
da Lovelace is the fe- their own heads, it
male lead, a beautiful-, seems a pathetic waste ography~ now awake or rotting, truly alive or
hip-looking woman with that porn sticks to the tr•ly deluded? was a dream a dream
a dynamite body and pass- blatantly sexist. It and what am i to be, now dead, now
able acting skills. Now also becomes virtually
for the bad news. impossible for men edu- living,
cated to sexism, or for now somewhere lost between?
The entire film is con- any woman, to enjoy most
structed around an im- skin flicks without a here i sit in my morning gran-
plausible bad joke a- gnawing sense of social deur•••• •
bout a woman whose cli- gu i 1 t.
toris is located in her dennis
throat. Deep in her As simply an illegiti-
throat. Never having mate arm of rip-off cap-
achieved orgasm, she italism, the porn in-
visits a "psychiatrist" dustry might be quickly
who teaches her to take dismissed. But there
a man's cock into her has been consistent i-
throat during fellatio. dentification in the
Harvelous. Linda does business with the coun-
this repeatedlj with the ter-culture, through
shrink and later with everything from actors
her prospective "hus- ·and actresses to the
band," a stunt that production houses and
looks at once painful, underground comics.
humiliating and gro- That's plainly a bummer!
tesque. Linda
Deep Throat certainly
manages to smile and is a cut above the suck/
feign orgasm during all fuck quickies on San
this, despite the flood Francisco's Market
of mucous that continu- Street, where sexuality
ally runs from her nose. is simplified to rape.



THAT ARE OfP~ES!~..._.-­


\ 'WON 1T ~TOP.'


The Selling of

the Movement


from Post-Amerikan Washington Bureau "heavies," spoke of the implications Passing the Plate
of the Penta~on Papers Trial. After-
Like a county fair, the June 16th March wards, the big guy in National Law- These demonstrations cost money, Gre-
on Washington kicked off with a color- yers Guild delivered an overly elo- gory told us, and would we please con-
ful array of balloons, banners, and quent and pretentious speech, the con- tribute as the plate is passed. A re-
ballyhoo. tents of which I don't remember. Most giment of certified (by their armbands)
Booths and barkers were everywhere. of the crowd paid no attention, ex- contribution-takers diffused into the
Every conceivable movement sect had cept for wild cheering after a partic- crowd, holding out a slotted can and
its product to sell, and they let you ularly "right-on• statement. ~andering through every row.
know it.
If you could pay the price, you could Finally, the march was ready. Con- Earlier in the march, at a strategic
find out the meaning of the Vietnam tingents formed under their respec- point where our column was reduced to
accords, the real significance of the tive banners while a column of motor- three persons wide, we had been as-
Brezhnev visit, the truth about Water- cycle police arrived at their battle saulted by people with bullhorns ex-
gate. And if you didn't go to them, stations. horting us to give money. For a full
they came to you. Newspaper hawkers block the bullhorns blasted rhythmi-
weaved through the crowd, pushing the. Revolutionary Rhyming cally, "Put your hands in your pockets
Militant, the Guardian, Workers' and pull out the coins; put your hands
World, Young Socialist, or more ob- As we began our long march, the latest in your pockets and pull out the
scure but definitely noticeable pub- refinements in revolutionary slogan- coins." All along tha:t block stood
lications. Service was fantastic--if eering were unveiled. plenty of people with cans ready to
.once you didn't want a paper, you al- take your money.
ways got another offer. Not supris- Great breakthroughs in revolutionary
ingly, I was offered the Militant at chants owed their existence to the fact If in Philadelphia the day before I
least a dozen times. that "watergate• rhymes with "eight." had learned that "viable political or-
On the very sidewalks of the Water- ganization" meant "well funded," and
gate, peddlers and hawkers set up one, two, three, four, had spoken with leaders of an organi-
shop, pushing the movement version of end the cutbacks, end the war; .zation who, their "viability" at
peanuts, popcorn, and candy. five, six, seven, eight, stake, had energetically arranged for
"Buttons! Buttons! Step right up jail the crooks at Watergate! such movement "heavies" as the Berri-
folksl Getcher Impeach Nixon buttons or1 gans to speak the next day so that
right herel" one, two, three, four, pledge cards could be passed out to
"Bumpah Stickahsll Bumpah Stickahsll feed the people, not the war1 the liberals who would give money in
Grab 'em while they last. Genuine five, six, seven, eight, accordance with the speaker's "heavi-
Impeach Nixon Stickahsll" Nixon ordered Watergate! ness," and learned that evangelism may
be kin to the movement in how a
At the announced starting time, the (The above poems are best appreciated speaker's (or preacher's) worth is de-
crowd was small, but spirits were in an oral medium, preferably a vigor- termined, Washington did not contra-
hi~h. People walked around every ous, militant stacato.) dict my lesson.
which way, laughin~, joking, and usu-
ally ignoring the instructions and As the plate-passers passed through
exhortations emanating from the loud- the crowd, Gregory began to auction
speakers. off a giant paper-mache caricature of
Huge brightly-colored banners were Nixon holding a symbolic plunger. No
seen everywhere. Later, when the one really wanted to bid, but Gregory
March began, members of various move- is not a "heavy" for nothing. He
ment sects would form contingents, squeezed bids out of the crowd. One
each carrying its own 12-foot banner. psychotic-looking fellow in full mili-
Posters and placards were everywhere, tary dress bid $70 billion, but Gre-
too. Some were real works of art1 ·gory refused the offer, saying only
other were only slogans scrawled on the Pentagon has that kind of dough,
cardboard. and we ain't doin' no business with
Leaders allowed the march to start the Pentagon.
late, so more people could arrive.
Anthony Russo, first of that day's To make a long march short, we arrived Gregory finally gave Nixon up for $45,
several miles later, not at our desti- and the march was off again, but only ·
nation, but at a rest stop conveniently after passing through another narrow
near the White House. column of contribution-takers.

There musicians soothed our weary feet We marched passed the Internal Revenue
as we prepared for more speeches. The Service, where guerrilla theatre was
paper sellers were out again, zigzag- staged. The psychotic-looking general
ging through the crowd. But they was standing with Uncle Sam under a
8topped as Dick Gregory, bathed in sign1 "Pay Taxes Here." Taxes went
cheers, stepped up to speak. to Uncle Sam, who slipped them to the
Gregory was great. He was the only
speaker that day who really had an Finally our destination1 The Justice
audience. Gregory told jokes, and Department. More heavies spoke. Dr.
everyone laughed. Gregory got serious, Spock gave his rap, claiming he was
and everyone listened. Gregory became encouraged by the turn-out (which was
eloquent, and the crowd was moved. lousy1 2,000). More speeches, then
the music. A pushcart peddler wandered
It was the misfortune of a Cambodian through the crowd, selling half-cold
to follow Gregory's speech. Not re- pop for 35¢ a bottle. The paper haw~
laxed with the language and inept in kers came out again, a?ld the crowd
the technique of public speaking, the started gradually filtering away.
Cambodian lost his audience. Chatter
rippled through the crowd. Washington had been marched on.

Gregory returned later, not to deliver
another speech,, but to cash in his
earlier one.

23 -~

Philippines Fight Continues Dear Posts

The fight far Cl • In your criticism of the ISU Foundation,
liberation continues in the you overlooked one very interesting
Philippines with the most ~ 11 aspect of that group. Namely, the fact
intense f~hting concentrated in that over one-half the student popula-
Mindinao and the southern Sulu :::.-- PACIFIC OCEAN tion at ISU are women, and yet 100% of
island chain',- These islands have the Foundation is composed of men.
a large Moslem population and .• ..
fighting broke out here almost Pat Allen
immediately after Marcos declared a-Moslem -· .· .:-.·~i:Zc,7'-~~c,
martial law and tried to collect Provinces Post a
all privately owned guns in the ,.~~"~"Phi 1i ppines
country. I've been reading your paper for over a
showing Moslem areas of Mindanao year now, and have been quite amazed at
At the same time forei~ the fact that the POST is still putting
corporations have been assuming Dole spends one cent to har- together communicable, progressive, rel-
vast control of the fertile vest a pineapple whose juice can evant information for the Bloomington-
Mindinao land depriving the Normal community. I think the Post was
Moslems of their traditional sell for 70 cents to one dollar-- instrumental in the fall of the omnipo-
means of survival. much too profitable a business to tent administrator Berlo. I think you've
be jeopardized by an insurgent attempted to expose some of the inade-
Poverty, caused by a severe movement demanding land. - quacies of medical care around here. 3ut
lack of jobs, is widespread among whatis most far out about the Post-Ameri-
Moslerns who are forced to fish, kan is the type of coverage or the per-
do dockwork, and handicrafts, or spective it gives any given topic. The
work as farm laborers for the only topic that the Pantagraph or News-
large corporations. week comes close to the Post is the so-
called "Watergate" bullshit. But even
Some of these companies on this story they show little or no
are California Packing Corp. concern over racism or sexism. Well,
(Del Monte), Dole Pineapple, anyway, the Post has gotten into sev-
mining companies, Chevron, eral key community issues, but if I
were to find a weak link in your opera-
< -Texaco, Exxon, and Goodyear tion, I think it would be that your roots
still aren't strong enough in the commun-
and Firestone Rubber Companies. ity. However, I realize that it's im-
Both Goodyear and Firestone portant for members of the ISU commun-
reported a 35~ return on their ity to have access to your information,
investments in 1971. as well as the ready source of personnel
there, But as the paper grows and de-
The presence of foreign firms velop3, you must be concerned that the
in Mindinao and Marcos' military balance shift consistently more toward
maneuvers to pacify the islands' the greater Bloomington-Normal commun-
Moslem inhabitants is no coincid- ity. If you don't, you'll be sorry!
ence. Philippine Defense Sec-
retary Juan Ponce Enrile, for POWER TO THE PEOPLE'S PRESS, RIGHT ON!
instance, is also a corporation --a reader
lawyer and major stockholder of
Dole Pineapple.


If you've been waiting to buy stereo for the "right price" or the "great sale", you
might want to read on. Appletree Stereo in Normal is having a really legitimate IN-
VENTORY CLEARANCE SALE on all disxontinued models and demostrators in stock.
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Business in the last few months Cvecause Of the fine shape Of our economy) hasn't been
the greatestfor us. We're in a position that vve must sell a bunch Of inventory and get the
cash. Being in that position, vve'l I exchange our stuff (great stereos) for your greens,
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1 DON'f


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LUll\lT ••••


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