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Official student newspaper of Eastern Illinois University

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - Vol. 103 No. 119

Official student newspaper of Eastern Illinois University

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Charleston was named the “Butterfly Capital of Illinois” by the Urban Eastern’s baseball team won its match
Butterfly Initiative at the Charleston City Council meeting on Tuesday on the road against Butler on Tuesday
night. with a score of 2-0.



Wednesday, March 20, 2019 “TELL THE TRUTH AND DON’T BE AFRAID” VOL. 103 | NO. 119


Sign-ups Game your heart out

for Panther

Service Day

to be held


By Maria Ruettiger
Staff Reporter | @DEN_News

The Office of Civic Engagement and Volun- PHOTOS BY THALIA ROULEY |
teerism will be holding Panther Service Day sign-ups THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS
on Thursday.
Top: Video game consoles
Crystal Brown, Assistant Director of Civic En- and TVs were set up in the
gagement, said Panther Service Day has been held ev- University Ballroom of the
ery spring semester since 2003. Martin Luther King Jr. Univer-
sity Union on Tuesday night
“Panther Service Day is one of our four major ser- for a video game tournament
vice days that we do each year. So, we send students event held by University
out in small groups of 10 to 25 typically,” Brown said. Board.
“(They) do a two-hour volunteer project at one of our Right: Lucas Priestley (left), a
local non-profits.” freshman computer informa-
tion technology major, and
Alex Martens, a graduate assistant for College of Malik Myles (right), a senior
Student Affairs Program, said that volunteering for kinesiology major, play the
Panther Service Day has Eastern students not only video game “Tekken 7” at
helping with the community, but becoming closer a video game tournament
with the citizens. held by University Board. The
tournament was held in the
Martens said since this is his first year working for University Ballroom of the
the Panther Service Day, it reminds him of a smaller Martin Luther King Jr. Univer-
version of “Jump Start,” which is when all the fresh- sity Union on Tuesday night
men volunteer in the beginning of the fall semester. from 7-10.

“To have kind of a continuous of (Jump Start)
where you have all the different students throughout
EIU that come together and volunteer in the number
of different community projects is pretty cool,” Mar-
tens said.

This year they are going to be going to about 12 to
13 different projects, Brown said.

Some of the places that these groups or individuals
will be helping out at are in Ashmore cleaning the fire
trucks; helping with Fit to Serve by preparing the gar-
dens for this growing season; Standing Stone Com-
munity Center; Camp New Hope; Douglas Hart
Nature Center and the Five Mile House.


Plans underway for campus capital projects Career Services
to inform about
By Analicia Haynes Grunloh Construction will complete the elevator hand otherwise it would deteriorate. US interviews
Editor-in-Chief | @Haynes1943 project, and Zimmer said they are waiting for ap- That part of the change order has not been exe-
proval before beginning the project at the end of the By Blake Faith
Replacing the elevators in McAfee Gym and the semester. cuted. Contributing Writer | @BFAITH0024
Student Services Building along with other signifi- Zimmer said completing the elevator work would
cant projects are expected to take place during the He said he hopes to have many of expected proj- International students struggling to adapt to
summer semester. ects to be finished by the start of the Fall 2019 se- also “entail some handicap accessible door openers” American interviewing styles can learn more about
mester. like finishing the work at Buzzard Hall and the Tar- it by attending Career Services’ Mastering the Unit-
Tim Zimmer, the director of facilities planning ble Arts Center and doing some sidewalk work. ed States Interview Culture for International Stu-
and management, announced the long anticipated But Zimmer said because of the budget impasse, dents Wednesday.
repairs during a Tuesday Faculty Senate meeting. the change order, which is work that is added (or “There are half a dozen sidewalk areas that will be
sometimes deleted) from the original contract and improved and made more accessible,” Zimmer said. One of this year’s goals for Career Services was
Zimmer said contracts are set to be awarded for thus alters the original contract amount or com- to offer more events and information for interna-
about $600,000 worth of heating and air condition- pletion date, for Grunloh Construction is at about He said in regards to repairs that are needed for tional students at Eastern, said John Marr, employer
ing work on campus such as replacing the heating $143,000. the Life Science Building, a design kick-off meeting relations specialist and career adviser. Those events,
and air conditioning in the math department and for the building’s heating and air conditioning was along with Mastering the United States Interview
replacing the heating and air conditioning units on He said since then the prevailing wages have held and is expected to start next summer. Culture for International Students, are aimed to
the roof of the business office. increased, and material stored outside had to be help international students who may have different
thrown away, which he said reflects the magnitude The project started about five years ago, Zimmer interview processes in their home countries, he said.
In addition to that, Zimmer said electrical work that the state budget impasse had on not just East- said, but because of the impasse it was left alone and
will also be done such as replacing all of the main ern but state wide. the ceiling in the building was left without tiles or Career Services’ Wednesday workshop will dis-
switch gears like in Old Main or Buzzard Hall. lights, something that would have cost more to tem- cuss topics and questions about the United States
There is another part of the change order, Zim- porarily fix. interview process from beginning to finish, includ-
The original designs for this replacement was mer mentioned, in which the elevator supplier re- ing the first steps to applying for a job, what Unit-
completed and bid on in 2015 were “shelved” be- quested $60,000 for elevator storage, because as of Billy Hung, the Senate recorder and a biology ed States companies’ expectations are for resumes,
cause of the impasse, Zimmer said. last year the elevator supplier wanted 60,000 for el- professor, said it is frustrating when he and other what student resumes should look like and how in-
evator storage. faculty members try to recruit students from high ternational students should word items on their re-
Many of the capital projects on campus were schools that have better classrooms than Eastern. sumes, Marr said.
shelved as a result of the budget impasse that started Zimmer said they built all the elements for the
in 2015 including the replacement of the elevators elevators, but since the project stopped in June of “It seems like we’re working with both hands INTERVIEWS, page 5
in the Student Services Building and McAfee Gym. 2015 they had to store those elements like the ele- tied behind our back in a way,” Hung said. “I know
vator motor. that (facilities) is amazing because you guys basical-
Construction on the elevators ceased on June 30, ly live in our building … it’s held together by good
2015, Zimmer said, and replacing these elevators is He said in order to store it and maintain the war- will and duct tape. I appreciate the hard work of (fa-
the one project that is the most anticipated. ranty they had to uncrate the motor and rotate by cilities).”

PROJECTS, page 5


Local weather State and Nation

Floodwaters threaten crop, livestock losses

Rainy Partly Cloudy DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) ter that has damaged hundreds last year's crop. His calculation "The economy in agricul- of Iowa's 99 counties, said she
— Farmer Jeff Jorgenson looks of homes and been blamed for using local grain prices puts the ture is not very good right now. planned to press Vice President
High: 49° High: 48° out over 750 acres of cropland three deaths has also taken a financial loss at more than $7 It will end some of these folks Mike Pence for a federal disas-
Low: 34° Low: 35° submerged beneath the swollen heavy toll on agriculture, in- million in grain alone. That's for farming, family legacies, family ter declaration during his stops
Missouri River, and he knows undating thousands of acres, about 28 farmers in his immedi- farms," he said. in Omaha to tour flooded areas
The Daily he probably won't plant this threatening stockpiled grain and ate area, he said. along the Missouri River.
Eastern News year. killing livestock. Jorgenson, 43, who has
Once it's deposited in bins, farmed since 1998, reached out Pence said the Trump admin-
“Tell the truth and don’t be afraid.” But that's not his biggest In Fremont County alone, grain is not insured, so it's just to friends Saturday, and they istration would expedite presi-
worry. He and other farmers Jorgenson estimates that more lost money. This year farmers helped him move his grain out dential disaster declarations for
have worked until midnight for than a million bushels of corn have stored much more grain of bins to an elevator. Had they Nebraska and Iowa. He said he
days to move grain, equipment and nearly half a million bushels than normal because of a large not acted, he would have lost spoke to the governors of both
and fuel barrels away from the of soybeans have been lost after crop last year and fewer markets $135,000. states shortly after arriving to as-
floodwaters fed by heavy rain water overwhelmed grain bins in which to sell soybeans because sure them federal aid will soon
and snowmelt. The rising wa- before they could be emptied of of a trade dispute with China. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, be on the way.
who has declared a disaster in 41

The Daily Eastern News Trump: Never Why Facebook didn't block live Facebook to fix
1802 Buzzard Hall was, never will New Zealand shooting video ad targeting
be fan of Sen. LONDON (AP) — Why book with concerns about what quette University in Milwaukee, to prevent
Eastern Illinois University John McCain did Facebook air live video of the they're seeing on the service. said that while viewers have the discrimination
Charleston, IL 61920 New Zealand mosque shooting same moral obligations to help
217-581-2812 WASHINGTON (AP) — for 17 minutes? Didn't anyone "When we see things through as a bystander does in the physi- SAN FRANCISCO (AP)
217-581-2923 (fax) Carrying a bitter personal feud alert the company while it was our phones, we imagine that they cal world, people don't necessar- — Facebook will overhaul its
beyond the grave, President happening? are like a television show," said ily know what to do. ad-targeting systems to prevent
News Staff Advertising Donald Trump escalated his at- Siva Vaidhyanathan, a professor discrimination in housing, cred-
Staff tacks on the late Sen. John Mc- Facebook says no. Accord- of media studies at the Universi- "It's like calling 911 in an it and employment ads as part
Editor-in-Chief Cain on Tuesday, declaring he ing to its deputy general coun- ty of Virginia. "They are at a dis- emergency," he said. "We had to of a legal settlement.
Analicia Haynes Faculty Advisers will "never" be a fan of the Viet- sel, Chris Sonderby, none of the tance, and we have no power." train people and make it easy for
[email protected] Editorial Adviser nam war hero and longtime Re- 200 or so people who watched them. You have to train people For the social network, that's
Managing Editor publican lawmaker who died last the live video flagged it to mod- Facebook said it removed the in a new way if you see an emer- one major legal problem down,
Lola Burnham year of brain cancer. erators. In a Tuesday blog post , video "within minutes" of being gency happening not in person several to go, including govern-
Kristen Ed Photo Adviser Sonderby said the first user re- notified by New Zealand police. but online." ment investigations in the U.S.
[email protected] Brian Poulter "I was never a fan of John port didn't come until 12 min- But since then, Facebook and and Europe over its data and
Website Adviser McCain, and I never will be," utes after the broadcast ended. other social media companies To report live video, a user privacy practices. Brian Poulter Trump told reporters in the Oval have had to contend with copies must know to click on a small
News Editor Office. All of which raises addition- posted by others. set of three gray dots on the The changes to Facebook's
Logan Raschke Publisher al questions — among them, right side of the post. A user who advertising methods — which
[email protected] Lola Burnham The fresh vitriol followed why so many people watched The shooting suspect careful- clicks on "report live video" gets generate most of the compa- Business Manager Trump's weekend tweets insult- without saying anything, wheth- ly modeled his attack for an in- a choice of objectionable content ny's enormous profits — are
Associate News Betsy Jewell ing the 2008 Republican pres- er Facebook relies too much on ternet age, as he live-streamed types to select from, including unprecedented. The social net-
Press Supervisor idential candidate, with whom outsiders and machines to re- the killing of 50 people at two violence, bullying and harass- work says it will no longer al-
Editor Tom Roberts he long had a fractious relation- port trouble, and whether us- mosques in Christchurch, New ment. Users are also told to con- low housing, employment or
Corryn Brock ship. He repeated some of those ers and law enforcement officials Zealand. tact law enforcement if someone credit ads that target people by
[email protected] Night Staff attacks. even know how to reach Face- is in immediate danger. age, gender or zip code. Face-
for this issue Tim Cigelske, who teach- book will also limit other target-
com Night Chief "He campaigned on repeal- es about social media at Mar- ing options so these ads don't
Photo Editor ing and replacing Obamacare for exclude people on the basis of
Jordan Boyer Kristen Ed years and then it got to a vote and race, ethnicity and other legally
[email protected] Copy Editor he said thumbs down," Trump protected categories in the U.S.,
Carole Hodorowicz said, adding — without citing ev- including national origin and Sports Designer idence — that the repeal would sexual orientation.
Assistant Photo have "saved a trillion dollars."
JJ Bullock The social media company
Editor Over the weekend, Trump is also paying about $5 million
Thalia Rouley attacked McCain on Twitter. Mourners gather Grad teaching Supreme Court to cover plaintiffs' legal fees and
[email protected] Among his barbs was that the for burials in assistants strike to hear case on other costs.
longtime Arizona senator had New Zealand at U of I-Chicago racial bias in jury been "last in his class" at the U.S. Facebook and the plaintiffs
Naval Academy. But while Mc- CHRISTCHURCH, New CHICAGO (AP) — Grad- JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — — a group including the Amer-
Sports Editor Cain famously racked up demer- Zealand (AP) — Relatives of uate student employees at the A black Mississippi man who ican Civil Liberties Union, the
JJ Bullock its and earned poor grades, he ul- those killed in last week's shoot- University of Illinois at Chicago has been tried six times for mur- National Fair Housing Alliance
timately graduated fifth from the ings at two mosques in New have gone on strike. der says his latest conviction and others —called the set-
Assistant Sports bottom of his 1958 class. Zealand gathered to bury their and death sentence should be tlement "historic." It took 18
Editor dead Wednesday, hours after the The Chicago Tribune reports thrown out for a familiar reason months to hammer out.
country's prime minister defi- the employees went on strike — the prosecutor's practice of
Dillan Schorfheide antly urged her wounded nation after more than a year of failed keeping African-Americans off
to remember the 50 victims and contract negotiations. They are the jury.
Check out our social media: to never speak the name of the members of the Graduate Em-
white supremacist responsible. ployees Organization, which rep- Curtis Flowers has been
The Daily Eastern News resents more than 1,500 workers. jailed for 22 years.



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Charleston named ‘Butterfly Capital of Illinois’

Corryn Brock “In the process of creating that habitat we’re try-
Associate News Editor | @corryn_brock ing to increase urban beauty, property values,
saving maintenance costs and educating commu-
The City of Charleston was nity members. It’s really urban development for
named the “Butterfly Capital of people and for nature.”
Illinois” by the Urban Butterfly
Initiative during the Charleston Paul Switzer, biological sciences professor
City Council meeting Tuesday.
available at Carnegie Library and to our community,” Combs said.
Paul Switzer, biological scienc- City Hall until April 16. “This is much more than just win-
es professor, presented the award ning awards, this is helping put
to Mayor Brandon Combs and the The council amended an ordi- Charleston on the map more and
council. nance regarding gambling, under more every single day.”
the restrictions on and conditions
Switzer said UBI’s mission is to of licenses alcoholic beverages ti- Combs said the city improve-
increase habitat for butterflies in tle. ments could almost bring him to
cities. tears.
“Authorized Gambling Area:
“In the process of creating that The gambling machines autho- “I see these things happening
habitat we’re trying to increase ur- rized by the State of Illinois in li- in our town, and I see the pro-
ban beauty, property values, sav- censed premises shall be restricted gression and the proactiveness,”
ing maintenance costs and educat- to a gaming area that occupies a Combs said. “I cannot say enough
ing community members,” Swit- maximum of 10 percent or less of of how it is so humbling to a part
zer said. “It’s really urban develop- the licensed premises and is ancil- of that and to see the communi-
ment for people and for nature.” lary to the main occupancy of the ty come together to be a part of
building or suite which the busi- this.”
The City of Charleston has ness occupies. The gaming area
completed 19 out of the possi- shall not occupy more than 10 The council approved authoriz-
ble 24 action items for the May- percent of the business area of the ing the execution of a contract be-
or’s Monarch Pledge, a part of a story of the building in which it is tween the city and Excel EcoClean
partnership between the Nation- located in the licensed premises,” for janitorial services at City Mu-
al Wildlife Federation and the U.S will be added in the city code. nicipal Building, Recreation De-
Fish and Wildlife Service to help partment, Police Department, Po-
save the monarch butterfly. Combs discussed the recogni- lice Training Facility and the Lin-
tion of excellence in promoting coln Douglas Debate Museum.
The monarch butterfly popula- bicycling as an alternative to auto
tion has decreased by 90 percent travel and the people who work on The council also approved the
in the last two decades. the trails have his and the coun- sale of surplus equipment, a 2006
cil’s support.” 29-foot Kodiak Thor Camper
Combs said the steps taken by Trailer, from the Charleston Police
the city have brought diversity to “We support them whole- Department.
the area. heartedly in these efforts, and
we see that we’re seeing physi- Corryn Brock can be reached at
The council voted unanimously cal signs of what all this is doing 581-2812 or at [email protected]
to support the designation of the
city as the “Butterfly Capital of Il-

The council voted to put the
budget on file for the fiscal year
beginning May 1 and ending April
30, 2020.

The copies of the budget will be


STUDY TIP Math, Science,
History, or
English course?



Studying too often or
for too long can
actually be

Be sure to schedule a
few breaks into your

study schedule! 

4 OPINIONS T h e D ai l y Eastern News

W W W. D A I LY E A S T E R N N E W S . C O M

Wednesday, 03.20.19

STAFF EDITORIAL Midwesterners when it's 50 degrees

Keep our
campus clean

There is a lot of trash on this campus. ZACH BERGER | THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS
To be fair, that can be used as one heck of a met-
aphor for a lot of things on campus, but for now we Don’t let setbacks stunt your growth
are talking about actual trash like bottles and plastic
cups and the occasional condom wrapper floating The last couple of weeks have been tough, NATALEE REYNOLDS that I realized that life is absolutely full of sur-
delicately in the wind. but they have taught me that no matter what I prises— good and bad ones (and although this
Yesterday, we published a story on a student who face, I’m tougher. there, then you should go look up a Subaru should feel like a good surprise, it felt frustrating
picks up trash when he walks to class or goes any- commercial). and stressful, given the circumstances).
where else on campus. Two weeks ago, my car brakes, gas and steer-
He said he does it because he just likes seeing a ing all went out while I was driving home from Also, my brother is a Subaru Ambassador, But then I realized that life goes on.
clean campus. work. When it finally came to a stop, it had al- so that played a big role in the decision-mak- I’m a car owner at age 19, and that feels pret-
This poses a very serious question: Don’t the rest of ready shut off and would not start up again, so ing process. ty cool.
us want to see a clean campus? I got a ride and towed it to a nearby body shop. I am surrounded by people who love and
Now, now we are not here to point blame at the So anyway, shortly after becoming a car own- support me.
fact that the university laid off groundskeepers or A few days later, I was informed that I would er, I found out that my old car just needed a And I realized that even though things hap-
blame the university for being short staffed and so on have to replace the engine (which was worth replacement part that actually does not exceed pened unplanned and unexpectedly, I can grow
and so forth. more than the car itself ), so I came to the con- the value of the car. And it was at that moment through it. I am growing through it.
We have plenty of time to blame the university for clusion that I would just buy another used car And I will continue to grow through what I
other things if that’s what we want to do. to get me through college. go through, and I think that’s a really impor-
Though it is true that there are a limited num- tant message for anyone who is going through a
ber of workers to help clean the campus in general, While on the hunt, I was borrowing a car tough time right now.
it should not be left entirely up to those workers to from my family and, just because of the luck Don’t let your setbacks hold you back. Learn
pick up our trash. that I seem to have with cops, I got pulled from them, grow through them. You are strong,
We are all responsible for contributing to the ac- over for expired registration. And of course, I and you will get through whatever life throws
cumulation of trash on campus by tossing things couldn’t find everything that the officer needed, at you.
out of car windows, throwing the paper straw wrap- so I drove away with two slips of yellow paper. Natalee Reynolds is a sophomore English and cre-
per on the ground, attempting to throw something ative writing major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or
out, missing and just walking away or even just leav- A few days later, I officially became a car
ing trash on top of the trash can and not throwing owner (not a “new” car owner, but a car owner at [email protected]
it away. nonetheless) of a Subaru Outback, because I re-
We all need to lend a helping hand, literally, and ally just felt like I needed the thing that makes
bend over and pick up the plastic cup or the piece of a Subaru a Subaru (if you don’t see what I did
paper instead of just walking over it.
There are so many problems in this world that per- Airlines need to be more accomodating
tain to trash and littering and not recycling, so we
should take the opportunity to do something about Spring break is over, and the majority of my also put two seats next to one another instead of
it. friends went on spring break trips. I went to Las three, with enough space between the seats to al-
Will it change the world’s trash problem and recy- Vegas. I enjoyed the trip, except the airplane flight. low each seat to have two armrests. Think how
cling problem? No but it will make our campus look Of course. I think most people do not like air- nice it would be to not have to share an armrest.
decent and thus attract more students and ta-da boost planes because they are not comfortable, especially
enrollment. for tall people. My friends and I flew Spirit airline. I would not have a division between first and
It only takes one person to start something, and we This was my first time flying with Spirit. coach class because everyone should be able to en-
think it’s pretty cool that the student picks up trash. joy luxury and comfort. The seats will definitely
However it’s sad to say that something that should As soon as I sat down in the chair, my knees be bigger so people are not squished. Everyone de-
be considered as “doing the bare minimum” is now were up against the person's seat in front of me. serves to have room to move around to get com-
considered as “being a trendsetter” because no one My friend next to me was able to extend her legs fortable.
else does it. and stretch, whereas I couldn't even do that. For
That’s why there’s a challenge called the #cleanup- the entire 4-hour trip my knees were cramped, and Having seats that don’t allow a person to shift or
challenge that encourages people to pick up trash and my rear end became numb from not being able to move their legs is dangerous because it can cause
clean certain areas, because no one does it. get comfortable. circulation problems that could lead to blood clots,
This challenge is being shared all over social media especially on longer flights. There would also be no
and has positively affected numerous places, but don’t Spirit is known for having extremely low pric- extra add-on charges..
make this a trend that dies the minute a new “chal- es that draw a lot of customers. They also have the
lenge” arises like the #drinkwaterchallenge. least amount of legroom compared to other air- I will be waiting for some company to make my
These are things that shouldn’t be challenges in the lines that I have been on. Planes are not for com- business idea a reality, because I would love to trav-
first place. fort, unless you can afford the first-class seats. el more often. People take planes because they are
Stop complaining that it’s some one else’s job and convenient and fast, otherwise more people would
pick up the trash, especially since it’s getting warm- I believe that airplanes need to accommodate travel by boat, train or car because they are cheap-
er outside and the snow can’t hide the trash anymore. everyone. Tall people, bigger people and everyone er. Airplanes need to be more comfortable, end of
The daily editorial is the majority opinion of in between. Airplanes seem to keep reducing the story.
the editorial board of The Daily Eastern News. space between each row of seats almost like we are
cattle. They also have tons of extra add-on fees that Kate Rehwinkel is a junior management major. She can
Letters to the Editor you have to pay on top of your flight cost. They KATE REHWINKEL be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]

Those interested can inquire at charge you for your luggage in general, and then
[email protected] for all anything over 40 lbs is an additional $25. To print
opinion questions, submissions off your boarding pass it costs from $5-10. A car-
and letters to the editor. ry-on bag also costs a pretty penny to take on the
Please allow a week for us to pub- flight.
lish letters to the editor.
The Editor reserves the right to not When every little thing seems to have an ex-
publish letters. tra cost, but the plane is crowded and uncomfort-
Letters that are 250 words or less able, it makes the airline look greedy and uncaring
will be prioritized, but longer ones about its customers.
will be considered by the editorial
board. Please include your name If I owned an airline, I would have affordable
and phone number to verify let- flights with ample leg room for everyone. I would
ters. For more information please
call 217-581-2812.

Editorial Board

Editor- in-Chief Managing Editor News Editor Associate News Editor Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Photo Editor Assistant Photo Editor
Analicia Haynes Kristen Ed Logan Raschke Corryn Brock JJ Bullock Dillan Schorfheide Jordan Boyer Thalia Rouley


» SERVICE DAY Faculty Senate elections
currently underway
FILE PHOTO | THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS By Analicia Haynes serve in additional capacities,” Stowell
They are offering a new place to vol- Editor-in-Chief | @Haynes1943 said.
unteer at which is called Aikman Wildlife Beth Gillespie (left), the director of the Office of Civic Engagement and
Adventure. Volunteerism, and Crystal Brown (right), the assistant director, talk about Faculty members have until March There are seven proposed changes to
rasing funds for Panther Service Day at a Student Senate meeting Feb. 21. 26 to vote in the Faculty Senate elec- the Faculty Senate constitution.
Brown said there will be plenty of oth- Panther Service Day sign-ups will be held on Thursday. tion, which includes voting for changes
er places to choose to volunteer at that to the Faculty Senate constitution. These changes include changes in
people are specifically interested in. be part of this they are asked to try to sign Martens said. the preamble to articulate the relation-
up by Thursday because that will guaran- Martens said this an opportunity to get Jeff Stowell, the vice chair for the ship between Faculty Senate and other
“We are excited to send students to tee them a shirt that they ask for in their Faculty Senate, announced at the Sen- shared governance committees on cam-
(Aikman Wildlife Adventure). It is the size, Brown said. to give back to the community, but stu- ate’s Tuesday meeting that the election pus and granting the major committees
only wildlife preserve here in the state of dents are able to meet other students that is now open and the ballot can be dis- authority to limit particular seats and
Illinois,” Brown said. “So students will not She said in total they had 20 organiza- that want to make a difference. tributed to all faculty. the electorate for those seats to faculty
only be helping with painting and land- tions and 300 students that participated from particular academic units or areas
scaping … but they have the opportunity in the day of service last year. Panther Service Day will be Saturday, The election will end at 4 p.m. to ensure balanced representation with-
to see wild animals that you don’t normal- April 6, and check in will be at 9:15. March 26. out asking the Senate for approval (sec-
ly see unless you go to a zoo.” “There are not a lot of schools that do a tion 6, d of the Senate Constitution.)
large spring service event. So this is actual- Maria Ruettiger can be reached at Stowell said most positions that are
She said to participate in this day of ly pretty unique for EIU to get to do this,” 581-2812 or at [email protected] up for election have at least one can- A copy of the constitution with the
service, students can either sign up indi- didate running, and he said this is be- proposed changes will be sent out along
vidually or with a group of people. » INTERVIEWS view questions are mixed with behavior- cause the Senate extended the dead- with the election announcement.
al questions, he said. line a couple of times to get more peo-
To sign up individually they can go to CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 ple to volunteer to run for elected com- Stowell said if anyone has questions
the civic engagement website and go to An example of a behavioral question mittees. about the proposed changes or about
the ‘Volunteer now’ page and sign up for Employers all over the world now may refer to how the interviewee will the rationale behind those changes they
whatever project that they want to do, she conduct phone interviews, hold inter- react in certain stressful job situations, “We did get more with an extension, can contact a member of the Senate ex-
said. views in conventional or professional set- Marr said. but I will add that the second time we ecutive committee.
tings and even use a third party vendor extended the deadline we ended with
For groups like student organizations to record interviewees answering ques- Marr said the workshop can be effec- people who are already doing a lot of Analicia Haynes can be reached at
that want to keep their members together, tions to send to the company, he said. tive in preparing international students service on campus that have agreed to 581-2812 or [email protected]
they need to go to the Panther Service Day for American interviews because it com-
website and click on the link to sign up as “The interview screening ways are a pares and contrasts the difference be- can help international students because dents ask questions because I am not an
a group to fill out the form, Brown said. whole different way for doing things, tween the United States’ interview cul- it shows that Career Services is a great international student and haven’t worked
whether for international students or ture with that of other nations. playing field to practice good interview- in another country,” Marr said. “I think
If any one group or individual wants to for students in general searching for jobs ing skills. He said the goal after interna- even our domestic students don’t know
now,” Marr said. “This is to try and get “The question is: ‘How do you tional students have attended the work- what questions will be asked, but they
» PROJECTS students comfortable for these processes change that difference?’ But I think that shop is to go to interviews in the Unit- are a little more used to it.”
and what career services can provide to we’re not changing, but showing the dif- ed States feeling confident in themselves.
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 students.” ference between other cultures’ inter- In the United States, employers ex-
views and United States’ interviews,” he “Interviews are not comfortable, and pect the applicants to be confident in
Zimmer said there are other repairs International students may find that said. people get nervous,” Marr said. “Inter- their interviews, but also assertive, he
that will be started on in “the near future” interviews for temporary jobs in Ameri- viewing is a skill that is not easy to ob- said.
like repairs to the Booth Library stairs and ca consist of questions regarding depend- Marr said he believes the workshop tain, but here at Career Services, we offer
the Martin Luther King Jr. University ability and general work ethic, but in in- mock interviews, workshops and prac- Mastering the U.S. Interview Culture
Union stairs. terviews for long-term careers, the inter- tice that if students take the risk, they for International Students will be held
can obtain that skill.” Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the Arcola-Tus-
Paul McCann, the vice president of cola Room of the Martin Luther King Jr.
business affairs, said some of the projects Marr said he would also encourage University Union, according to Eastern’s
are funded by a Capital Development international students to ask plenty of website.
Board fund, something that the state pro- questions at the workshop if they have
vides but could take away at any moment. any. Blake Faith can be reached at
581-2812 or [email protected]
McCann said although there is prog- “I’m always encouraged when stu-
ress such as the repairs that were made on
the stairs at Lantz Arena, when it comes
to finishing some of the summer projects
he said that might still be up in the air be-
cause of the state’s reputation.

Analicia Haynes can be reached at
581-2812 or [email protected]

grandma's place our news tip
615 Monroe Ave., Charleston, IL number is 
(217) 345-6615
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Central Illinois Plugged in
Feminist Film
Festival returns The New York Times Syndication Sales Corporation (right), a sophomore THALIA ROULEY | TH E DAI LY EAS TERN NEWS
on Wednesday JBoasllhroW6oF2amor0eFrao(tERletrihefgtIel)nhe,vfataoihdjsruemAenoivaogWertainameopudnepentlCio,eeudNasrdlneel:naawmg1yi-,enY8neMo0terra0ekivnr-,ec9gnNh7tte2.h2cY-eh03.lnd,51o25bl0oy000g1U1y9n8mivaejrosri,tyanBdoaJordrdoannTHuoelsmdaeys night.
criminology major, play NBA 2k18 in the University
Staff Report | @DEN_News

The Central Illinois Femi-
nist Film Festival will be from 4
p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday in the
Doudna Lecture Hall.

Four contest selections from
fictional films and four contest
selections from documentary
films will be showed.

Fictional films will start at 4
p.m., and documentary films will
start at 4:30 p.m.

The fictional films selections
include first-place winner “Pap-
ital” directed by Narges Zak-
eri of Iran, second-place winner
“Seed” directed by Jo Mbulawa
of South Africa, third-place win-
ner “Specially Brewed” direct-
ed by Jasyika Goh of the United
States, and “Hazel’s Guide to the
XY Chromosome” directed by
Andrea Turk of Indonesia, which
received an honorable mention.

The documentary film selec-
tions are “Everywhere We Go”
directed by Arielle Davis in first
place, “ROAN” directed by Thuy
Trang of Vietnam and Germany
in second place, “G.E.M.” direct-
ed by Mike Hooves from Canada
in third place, and “Declaration”
directed by Adam E. Stone from
Illinois, which has the honorable

The News staff can be reached at
581-2812 or

[email protected]

Crossword Edited by Will Shortz No. 0213 CLASSIFIEDS

ACROSS 31 Craze 64 Rolls the dice 1234 5678 9 10 11 12 13 For rent
1 Bridge 34 Road Runner and moves
5 “I’ll take care of one’s token 14 15 16 Quiet apartments for older students. Variety of prices and
cartoon sights locations. Wood Rentals, Jim Wood, Managing Bro-
that” 38 Goof 65 Perfect dives 17 18 ker.217-345-4489.
9 American Girl 39 Warm and cozy 66 Parts of porch __________________________ 3/29
19 20 21
products spots chairs Announcements
14 Jai ___ 41 Manning with 67 Airport 22 23 24 25
15 Common Nice 4 bedroom 2 bath house near campus, recently up-
two Super Bowl postings, in 26 27 28 29 dated. Washer, drier, dishwasher, yard care, trash included.
blessing M.V.P. awards brief affordable pricing 217 549 6967
17 Undercover 42 Homeland of 68 Italian wine 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 __________________________ 3/27
many 2010s region Nice newly updated 7 bedroom 2 bath near rec center.
buster refugees 38 39 40 41 washer, drier, dishwasher, yard care, trash included. afford-
18 Rhyming 44 What bugs are DOWN able pricing 217 549 6967
found in 1 Lead-in to 42 43 44 45 __________________________ 3/27
description for 45 Bug on a hook,
IHOP’s “Fresh maybe Francisco or 46 47 48 49 website
’N Fruity” 46 Ctrl-___-Del Pedro
pancakes 48 On the loose 2 With 36-Down, 50 51 52 53 54
19 Safety warning 50 Big news astronomical
for some involving rarity … or 55 56 57 58
kitchenware extraterrestrials a hint to the
21 Born 54 Caddies’ circled letters 59 60 61 62 63
22 ___ Park, Calif. suggestions 3 Alexander
23 Jots 55 Some four-year Hamilton’s 64 65
26 Outer thigh degrees, for nemesis
stabilizers, in short 4 ___ Maduro, 66 67 68
brief 56 Kangaroo’s successor to
29 See in court, pouch Venezuela’s PUZZLE BY ROSS TRUDEAU
say 59 Loudly angry, Hugo Chávez
30 Art as a group 5 Fairy tale 25 Meade’s 40 Fedora, for one 55 Smithereens
Spiegelman’s 62 Flight part baddie opponent at 43 McKellen who 57 Actress Ramirez
Pulitzer-winning 6 Sign gas Gettysburg
graphic novel 7 Gets tagged, played Gandalf of “Grey’s
say 27 “Dr.” of hip-hop 45 One who won’t Anatomy”
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 8 Rwandan 28 Onetime Volvo 58 Cremation
minority serve the containers
MO P S C H A I P A S S 9 Banned alternative average joe 60 Pull in
insecticide 32 Master’s 47 Florida city on a 61 ___ Intrepid
EP I C FORT R I CES 10 “Well, well, bay (New York
well!” seeker’s hurdle, 49 Back talk City tourist
WA S HROOMS OG R E S 11 Sierra ___ for short 50 Ear passage attraction)
12 Some Millers 33 Suffix with 51 Japanese city 63 Letter after “X”
L L AMA T EMP T E I N 13 Bad eye sight? oper- on a bay
16 Nabokov’s nos 35 Shipping lanes 52 ___ blanche
END DEBR I E F S 20 Part of many 36 See 2-Down 53 Prey for a
German names 37 Browser history brown bear
N EWA G E R SUNN I 22 They act in contents
silence 39 “Freeze!”
ACER J ULY D I SCO 24 Big name in




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puzzles, ($39.95 a year).
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Lennox's final season not everything it looked like

Eastern's her first game back from injury and DILLAN SCHORFHEIDE | THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS
senior guard appeared to be back to her old self.
played entire Eastern point guard Grace Lennox drives the basket in her final game as a Panther against Tennessee Tech on
season in pain But under the surface everything March 2. Lennox scored eight points and played 39 minutes in the loss.
was not the same. Lennox’s knee
By JJ Bullock still hampered her on the basketball special. I hope to keep those con- “I think most of the fans, they probably have no idea
Sports Editor | @DEN_Sports court to the point where she was nections, with the coaching staff as that she is in pain as hard as she played and as well as
not practicing anymore. well and just the whole program she played.”
Eastern point guard Grace Len- has been excellent for me. It's ma-
nox’s final game as a Panther looked, “This year was a real struggle tured me a lot. Living away from - Matt Bollant, head coach
on the surface at least, like the exact for me because of my body. I end- home has been exceptional to learn
type of game of performance that ed up stopping practice in early De- and grow, so I am definitely going added. tremely well. Played with great en-
had come to be expected of Lennox cember I think,” Lennox said. “So I to miss the program and miss my Head coach Matt Bollant was ergy and great fight,” Bollant said.
over her five seasons at Eastern. haven’t been practicing, so that has teammates and the coaches.” “I think most of the fans, they prob-
been tough when you don’t practice able to get out the longest answer ably have no idea that she is in pain
The redshirt-senior had made a at all because your body can’t handle When asked about Lennox, Tellez regarding Lennox’s career. as hard as she played and as well as
name for herself as a high-motor it, and you have to work through and Smith were both brought to she played.”
player, who rarely took a minute, it, and you have to try to do what tears as well. “Tough” is the descrip- “I think just the toughness that
much less a play, off in a game. you used to do, and it’s been a real tion Tellez was able to mutter before she has showed, there is a lot of JJ Bullock can be reached at
struggle for me. But I have had to succumbing to putting her head kids that struggle to play well and 581-2812 or [email protected]
Lennox logged 39 minutes in try and adapt. I just kept focus, for down. don’t play defense when they’re in
her final appearance as a Panther me was on defense and just try to be pain, and she did those things ex-
against Tennessee Tech on Mar. 2, the best defender that I can be.” “I think she has a lot of heart ...
in yet another display of eyebrow- she’s not going to give up,” Smith
raising endurance and tenacity on The setting aside of any potential
the court. pro career and future in basketball is
what really stings Lennox, however,
Countless times in her ca- and even brought her to tears in her
reer Lennox has logged games of final press conference.
39 minutes, and sometimes full
40-minute games where she nev- Playing basketball after college
er saw the bench. On paper, Len- has always been a goal for Lennox,
nox’s 39-minute, eight-point perfor- but the pain in her knee has become
mance mirrored so many others she too much, and Lennox has decided
had put together in her career. that she has played her final basket-
ball game.
But this one was one was differ-
ent, and not just because it was Len- But on her last day in a Panther
nox’s last game playing for Eastern. uniform, Lennox was doing more
reflecting on her past five years at
This game was different because Eastern rather than focusing on
Lennox, Eastern’s iron-horse, vocal what the future held for her.
team leader, was playing through
pain. Lennox came to the program
from Hobart, Tasmania and quick-
In fact, Lennox, unbeknownst to ly earned the trust of her teammates
anyone that would look solely at her and then-head-coach Debbie Black,
stats, has been playing through pain as she started in all 30 games her
for the entirety of her final season at freshman season.
As she sat at the podium after the
In December of 2017 Lennox, Tennessee Tech game on Mar. 2,
eight games into what would have with fellow senior Carmen Tellez,
been her true senior season, no- Halle Stull and fifth-year Jalisha
ticed that her knee was beginning Smith, Lennox could not help but
to bother her. That “bother” was get a little emotional when talking
in fact a high meniscal tear in her about her five seasons at Eastern.
knee, one that would require sur-
gery and knock her out for the re- “Juice (Jalisha) and I have been
mainder of that season. through a lot of changes since we
came into this program,” Len-
Lennox returned for her redshirt- nox said. “It’s been a long process,
senior season, scored 22 points in there’s been a lot of ups and downs.
But every single team member that
has came in I have made a connec-
tion with, and I think that’s really

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Sports Sports Editor THE DAILY E ASTERN NEWS 8
JJ Bullock D A I LY E A S T E R N N E W S . C O M
217 • 581 • 2812
[email protected] W E D N E S DAY, M A R C H 20, 2019
VOLUME 103, NO. 119


Eastern picks up 2-0 road win over Butler

By Dillan Schorfheide
Assistant Sports Editor | @Eiu_journalist

Eastern’s game may have been FILE PHOTO | THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS
moved to Butler’s field Monday, just
before Tuesday’s matchup, but the Jimmy Govern swings at a pitch during Eastern’s 9-8 extra-inning win over Morehead State in April 2018 at Coaches Stadium. Govern brought in his
baseball team came away with a 2-0 team-leading 17th RBI against Butler Tuesday.
schield singled to third base. Morris ing held up its end of the game by his first save on the season. Anshutz giving up two hits and striking out
The win signifies important advanced to third on a throwing er- keeping the team ahead defensively. moved to 3-0 with the win. two Bulldogs. He gave up Eastern’s
marks for both the Panthers’ offense ror by the third baseman. three walks Tuesday.
and defense as they are working to- An issue Anderson pointed out “Foster and Josh came out and
ward their own respective goals this Pena then came up and flied out about the team in the early season threw strikes and pitched with good Cooper also only gave up two
season. to right field like Govern and scored is that the pitching staff could not tempo,” Anderson said. “We re- hits and struck out two batters in
Morris. The RBI was Pena’s 12th keep the opponents from scoring af- ally needed some pitchers to step relief.
Eastern’s offense focused its off- of the season, putting him alone in ter Eastern scored, which let oppo- up, and they did that for us. Our
season on getting better with “small second place on the team in the cat- nents get back into games. defense played solid throughout Eastern does not have any time
ball” at the plate, hitting to get on egory, and he finished 1-for-2 at the the game as well. This was a nice to rest, though, as it faces Evansville
base rather than just swinging for plate. Tuesday, though, Foster Anshutz bounce-back win for us.” on the road Wednesday.
home runs; Eastern’s pitching staff threw a scoreless six and two-thirds
has yet to get settled in but got its While Govern and Pena did their innings, and Josh Cooper came in Anshutz did not have many Dillan Schorfheide can be reached at
first shutout of the season against part at the plate, Eastern’s pitch- relief for the rest of the way and got blemishes on his start Tuesday, only 581-2812 or [email protected]
Butler Tuesday.

The Panthers only recorded five
hits, well below their season aver-
age of 10 hits per game going into
Tuesday’s matchup. Even so, East-
ern found a way to score its neces-
sary runs from sacrifice flies.

“Butler gave us three opportuni-
ties to score some big runs early in
the game with some leadoff walks,”
said Eastern head coach Jason An-
derson. “We didn’t really capitalize
on them but managed to get a cou-
ple sacrifice flies that ended up be-
ing enough to get the win.”

Jimmy Govern knocked in East-
ern’s first run in the third inning,
and Christian Pena brought in East-
ern’s insurance run just an inning

Trey Sweeney reached first base
in the top of the third inning on a
fielder’s choice, as Dane Toppel was
forced out at second base on the
play. Tyler Tesmond batted next and
singled through the left side of the
infield, putting Sweeney at second.

Sweeney then advanced to third
base and Tesmond to second on a
wild pitch, setting up Govern’s fly-
out to right field to bring in Swee-

Govern finished hitless on the
day (0-for-3), but he brought in
the most important run for Eastern,
bringing in his team-leading 17th
RBI in the process.

Another mistake on Butler’s part
set up Eastern’s score in the top of
the fourth inning.

Hunter Morris started the in-
ning with a walk, and Ryan Knern-

Panthers getting better at run prevention

By Oscar Rzodkiewicz FILE PHOTO | THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS Panthers’ seven pitchers that have made inning this season and has held batters
Baseball Reporter | @ORzodkiewicz a start boast an ERA below five, a mark to a sub-.200 hitting mark through the
Jimmy Govern swings at a pitch during Eastern’s 9-8 extra-inning win over hit by just one starter all last year. first stretch of this campaign.
After a sluggish start to the 2019 Morehead State in April 2018 at Coaches Stadium. Govern brought in his
campaign, Eastern’s baseball team has team-leading 17th RBI against Butler Tuesday. Anshutz has come out of the gate This explosion from Dexter is com-
rebounded in a big way on the dia- with the hot arm, posting a 2.12 ERA ing just a year after posting a 7.40 ERA
mond, nabbing eight of its last 15 con- mark that evaded the Panthers last sea- Eastern seems to be heading in the and holding opposing batters to just a with zero wins in the 2018 season.
tests including a win Tuesday over But- son. right direction already, as four of the .172 average, but junior Michael YaS-
ler, and there’s no question that pitch- enka has also found some good innings The talent and ability is there, and
ing has been a huge part to that stabi- and high praise. now it’s time to keep up the consisten-
lization. cy.
Eastern head coach Jason Ander-
The Panthers allowed double-dig- son said, “(YaSenka) is a bulldog on the Eastern has already allowed double-
it runs in three of their first five games, mound and nothing seems to take him digit runs in three games following a
but that figure has quietly gone down, off his game.” contest in which they allowed three or
allowing 10 or more scores in just three fewer while only allowing back-to-back
of the last fourteen, with six games fea- YaSenka’s strength is going deep into three run or fewer games once.
turing three or fewer runs allowed as contests, staying in the game for over
well. seven innings in both of his last two Building off momentum is tough
starts and holding the team-high in in- in any sport, and it’s complicated even
That progression came to a head nings pitched on the year at 34. more when you have a new arm on the
against Butler as Eastern recorded its mound day by day, but if Eastern wants
first shutout win of the 2019 season, Although he holds a 1-3 record over- to contend for a top spot in the confer-
thanks in large part to junior lefty Fos- all, YaSenka also leads the Panthers with ence, it’s clear what it will take on the
ter Anshutz, who spun a two-hit, two- 37 strikeouts and is keeping opposing mound.
strikeout web over 6.2 innings in the batters at a respectable .260 batting av-
start. erage thus far. The Panthers look to build on the
shutout win in a road matchup with
Anshutz and company need to keep All of this is without mentioning se- Evansville today to finish up the mid-
up the strong play on the hill if the nior Spenser Dexter who has already week tilt.
team hopes to rise back above that .500 notched himself an OVC Pitcher of the
Week honor earlier this season. Oscar Rzodkiewicz can be reached at
581-2812 or [email protected]
Dexter averages nearly a strikeout per

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