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Sophia Cinelli - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft (4)

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Published by Sophia Cinelli, 2019-05-22 09:59:19

Sophia Cinelli - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft (4)

Sophia Cinelli - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft (4)

Travelback to the 13Colonies

By: Sophia Cinelli

To America

Table of Contents Click on this All
icon to play a
Introduction game in the

about the 13 colonies -Narrative Tour

My Colonial Village and home -Narrative Tour Click on this
My Food- Narrative tour icon to watch
A Child's Life and School -Narrative Tour a video in the

Jobs of Family Members- Narrative tour

The End of the thirteen British colonies



And I’m


Good We are
I’m Anna

Colonial kids

and we will

show you our


All About the 13 Username: guild
Colonies Password: power

There are 13 colonies in
america. Massachusetts Bay,
New Hampshire,
Connecticut, Rhode Island,
New York, Maryland, New
Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Delaware, Virginia, Georgia,
North Carolina and South
Carolina. Also there are
southern colonies, and New
England colonies and Middle

My Colonial Village and Home

Good morrow, my name is Charles and this is my sister Anna. I will

show you my colonial village. There is the Blacksmith shop, and a
miller shop, and a cooper shop. We will talk about it in the next chapter.
There is farmland dirt roads and water flowing In the Farmland there are
many animals and because of dirt roads they have horse-drawn carriages
pulled by horses from the farmland. People share the land food and

Click here 360
colonial town

Our Food

The colonists mostly got
there food from the local
Native Americans in the
southern colonies such as
farming. The colonists
milked cows for breakfast.
For dinner the boys hunted
for children helps their
parents catch and cook The
girls cooked in the boy's
hunted. For meaty animals
for dinner. The girls milk
cows for all the meals.

Life of a Kid in Colonial Time and School

Charles and Anna we will teach you our life.

We get off our feather cots and dump out our chamber
pots and get eggs from the chicken coop and eat food. We
get off to school and do some work and returned home
and do a lot of chores then we finally had 3 minutes to
play and we just hit the hay but we have to teach you
what our chores are works very hard tell me a
message he do it and let make sure you know how to
do these heart from heart okay so I think we should
start off with the chores we get milk from cows and
drink it for breakfast then time for school and work we
return home Then we go play some games for few
minutes hit the hay so we can't have a great day
tomorrow For school we study the alphabet we study
Math reading and writing for math we do addition and
subtraction For reading we go about our amazing King
then we do writing about the kids this is amazing.

Jobs of Family Members in Colonial Time

There are hard jobs. One hard
job is the Blacksmith, the Blacksmith
makes horseshoes and iron tools.
Another is the Cooper, the Cooper
made buckets and barrels out of
wood to carry things. Another Job is
the Miller, the Miller made flour. The
Roper Makes Ropes. The Baker
makes bread. The Tailor makes
clothes ,Weaver makes
fabric,Mason is stone
cutter,Saddler makes
saddles,Bucher made meat and
Hatter made hats.

The End of The 13 British colonies

Hello we are back now there is Tax from the French and indian
war the Thirteen British colonies won, but the colonists had to pay
taxes, and the colonists refused. So the king made the sugar, act
so the colonists could not have sugar only if they paid taxes. And
the colonists refused so they need to pay for paper. And stamps
some colonists wanted to pay. So they paid but the others went to
the tea act so they had to pay for tea.


Colonies A area that people live in
other people will live
Good marrow there too.
Hit the hay
chamber pot Good morning

Go to sleep


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