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Published by Admissify Delhi, 2019-12-11 06:40:09



Greetings Team!!

I am providing some information about the program Mission
Prelims 2020. Noted- This is a highly confidential
information to our institution so kindly keep it amongst the
team member.

Let’s make this slogan come true…

“Abki baar 500 paar!!!”



Mission prelims is an initiative taken by EDEN IAS every year
before civil services prelims examination. It is a complete solution for
prelims examination or we can say it is a power packed module which
carries almost all what an aspirant needs for prelims preparation viz;
Classes for GS, Current affairs (1.5 – 2 Years), CSAT classes ; Test
Series- Daily Sectional & Weekly Mock test as major tests and also
some tests on special areas like Budget- survey, India year book, map
marking, previous year question paper based tests ; as per special
attraction classes for map marking, budget survey, personal
mentoring etc.. are also part of the course.

Structure of the program

Mission prelims is a well defined and designed 60 days course.

• General studies- 60 days. (3 hrs. approx.) (180 hrs.) [ 1st session
of the day] [MON-SAT]

• Current affairs- 50 days. (1 hr. or more) (50 hrs.)
[simultaneously with GS] [2nd session of the day] [MON-SAT]

• Sectional test (GS+C.A) (30 mins) [Mid-session of the day]

• Weekly Mock Test (GS + CSAT) [SUNDAY]
• Daily study material nodules.

Teaching faculty

• Geography – Tirthankar Roychowdhary.
• Environment & Ecology – Tirthankar Roychowdhary.
• Science & Technology – Priya Kandola.
• Economy – Tirthankar Roychowdhary.
• Art & Culture – Deepak Singhal.
• Ancient & Medieval history – Tirthankar Roychowdhary.
• Modern History- Tirthankar Roychowdhary.
• Indian Polity- Tirthankar Roychowdhary.
• Map marking – Tirthankar Roychowdhary.
• Current Affairs + Budget survey – Tirthankar Roychowdhary.

[Noted- This information about faculties should be disclosed only
when asked for.]

Frequently asked questions about the course

These questions can help to address many other alike questions from

Q. What kind of course is it?

Ans- It can be taken as crash course cum revision course or also can
be taken as an initiative to start the prelims 2020 preparation in a
competitive environment. As it is starting on 20th January 2020 and
it is peak time to start the preparation for prelims 2020 and it will
end by 5th April 2020, so it would give you a confidence that you have
completed the syllabus along with the test under the guidance of
expert faculties. And even after 5th April aspirant has 2 months in
hand to give a proper self-study and a second revision to the syllabus.

In which he or she can practice more and more questions, work on
their timing to solve questions, and also avoid negative marking and
silly mistakes.

Q. Who can join this and how it is helpful to aspirants having
different issues?

Ans- Anyone or everyone can join this program…

• Those who are starting fresh… they can join as it can give them
a proper guideline to cover the syllabus and the tests under this
course can help that aspirant to practice more and more.
Rather then starting without any direction they can start their
preparation with this full proof time bound program.

Example- Dr. Neha Khattar. (started pre. With this prog and
wrote mains 2019)

• Those who have never cracked prelims before can get check on
their preparation through various levels of the program. And
resolve those issues for a better attempt. Example- S . Kalyan
(4th attempt and this time wrote 1st mains in 2019)

[Noted- These examples are been quoted for your understanding
don’t write their names on internet, you can take these names during
counselling only if it is needed.]

Q. What is the past record of this program?

Ans Mission Prelims is a power packed program and the course has
been designed in such a way that there is no off except some official
holidays, so that we can create a very competitive environment and
can give a serious kick start to the preparation.

We hold a glorious record of 46 selections from the batch of 112, in
Mission Prelims 2019.

Q. Can aspirants preparing for Indian forest service join this course?

Ans Yes, they can. As the prelim exam for IAS, IPS, IFS & IFoS is
same only the main level varies.

Q. Is this course available online?

Ans Yes, it is available online, but an aspirant can take either online
or offline, both the modes are not allowed together. And once chosen
online cannot be transferred to offline or vice-versa.

As prelims can only be cracked with hard and dedicated work and
both comes from regularity and discipline.

Q. Does this course gives any guarantee to crack prelims?

Ans No, EDEN IAS can only guarantee you to provide quality
classes, study material, proper support and mentoring. It is your
hard work and consistency which can bore you fruits.

[These lines are for counselling, not for internet content.]

Target audience

Aspirants preparing for IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IFoS etc.…

Target hotspots (Physical Marketing)

• Karol Bagh Market
• Patel Nagar (East, West, South)
• Shadipur.
• Mukherjee Nagar.
• Delhi University.
• IIT Delhi.
• Kalu Sarai.
• Library.
• Book stalls, Tea stalls etc
• Old students (For reference)

Target hotspots (Digital Marketing)

• Quora
• Facebook.
• Instagram.
• Google posting.
• posting
• Vishwa blog posting.

I have here by tried my best to provide almost all possible
information about this program. Soon we will have a meeting in
which the we will allocate the tasks.
This information can be used by both digital and physical
marketing team.

Kindly call me if you need any help…
Apoorva Bhargav.
CEO, Tirtheden Pvt.Ltd.

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