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Lisa Roman Marketing Leader 3_19

Lisa Roman Marketing Leader 3_19

Lisa M. Roman

Senior Marketing Professional


Lisa Roman

Previous position…

Director, Marketing

• Lead the go-to-market strategy and cross functional
implementation for existing and new products including
positioning and messaging for target customers.

• Champion the VOC and understand market/competitive
landscape to identify and reinforce competitive

• Develop marketing campaigns and enable sales with
targeted collateral and key messaging.

• Create thought leadership and product focused content
to be used in marketing, web and sales activities.

• Support partners with marketing deliverables (Siemens,


YOUR LOGO Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration. Graduated Suma Cum Laude (Honors).
Studied pragmatic marketing – to build and market product people want to buy.
Customer 1 Studied digital marketing - assess customer needs and utilize social media, search engine
marketing, display advertising, content marketing, email, and more to develop high-
YOUR LOGO performing integrated marketing plans that deliver on key metrics.

Customer 2


Customer 3

My Skills Achiever
Think out of the box
What makes me special?
High quality standards
Champion the VOC Individual Contributor
Strive for marketing excellence
Lead complex projects w/multiple deliverables 15+ Years in Healthcare Marketing
Results Driven

Excel at planning and execution

My Strengths / Weaknesses


WOO - Outgoing, people-oriented, highly connected, and good at building rapport

Achiever, follow-up every project to completion. Everything I do is quality work.
Positivity - striving for better outcomes even in the midst of challenges.
Adaptable, not afraid of change.


Hard time stopping and “smelling the roses”

Source: Gallup Strength Finders

IBM Awards & Recognition

IBM Awards & Recognition

Other Awards & Recognition

• Wow Award (highest award) • Championing value proposition • Storytelling
extraordinary performance and for the company (MSI)
demonstration of value • Setting sales
• Training marketing team on presentation standard
• Strategy Design - initiating foundation of a Product across marketing
development of enhanced solution Marketing team
sets that leverage company • Content marketing
capabilities and packaged and
priced to better suit member needs

• Sales playbook and standardized tool

• Demand generation and sales plays

Team recognition for HIMSS 2017 – Leading with Client “Heros” and
program addressing audience needs and pain points

I’m intensely proud – and so should you be - with
how IBM “showed up” this year at the HIMSS17
conference. Due in large part to your efforts
delivered over the past many months, and
coupled with the onsite teams that supported the
demonstrations and presentations, the HIMSS17
conference marks the first time IBM has shown up
in a presence and stature that reflects the real
impact this company-- now with Watson Health--
is having in the marketplace!

Susan Noack, WW Industry Executive

Congratulations to the entire team on such a
spectacular job! Well done!!!

Guy Mansueto, SVP Product Marketing

Team Recognition for
Micromedex with Watson Product Launch

IBM Patient Engagement Campaign

• Target: prospects: Large Physician Groups -
Decision makers: CMO/Medical Director – Physician
Group Leader, Chief Operating Officer – Physician Group

• Campaign goals: Augment Lead Gen sales play and drive new sales and
awareness by establishing a clear source of differentiation

• Campaign duration: May - July
• Campaign content: LinkedIn Targeting, Social Media and Paid Ad Words

featuring content (infographic, case studies, video, article); Landing
page hosts library of content assets.
• Lead management: Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) will generate a
task in Salesforce for follow-up. The lead gen team will help nurture
and set up introductory meetings to create Sales Accepted Leads
• Campaign success: #/% open rate, engagement rate, track
unsubscribes and list growth

Results: 10 days after kickoff, 8 sales meetings
were set with key prospects in the pipeline -
$2.4 Million


Readmissions Campaign Results

42% Telemarketing Results 49%

reach rate with 50% qualification rate
follow-up for phone
phone calls advanced appointments
to next step

Email Results

0.18% 12.682% 8.33% 23.45%

unsubscribe rate open rate click-through rate click to open rate

Overall Campaign Results

5 $3.8M

Sales Accepted Leads in Active Pipeline

Case Study: Vizient Marketing Thought Leadership Program


§ Consulting team and analytics assessment § Analyzed current state § Influenced pipeline and increased sales
solution launch one year before I joined § Identified our true target conversations
§ Developed program that included sales
§ Not hitting revenue goal § Hit 80% of year-end revenue goal in Q2
§ Customers were not turning to them as a enablement § Established Vizient as a thought leader and
§ Executed robust thought leadership
trusted advisor persuade audience to turn to Vizient for
program putting our SMEs front and solutions.
center. § Promoted content generated new leads
while also feeding multiple lead nurture

§ Received company wide recognition and
announcement from Executive Vice

Being used as the best practice to help the entire marketing
organization adopt this proven integrated content marketing approach


• Created a standardized marketing annual planning discipline and metrics
reporting that improved efficiency, collaboration, transparency and

• Created a standardized marketing annual planning discipline and metrics
reporting that improved efficiency, collaboration, transparency and

Contributed to $5 million in new revenue
and $20 million in the pipeline

Reed Elsevier – Clinical Decision Support

Drawing attention amongst stiff competition
with only an 8X10 booth and limited budget

Developing Go-To-Market Strategy
and Product Launch

• 2011 Contributed to $6.5 million in new Solution Story Telling

Persona based content revenue and $13 million in the pipeline
and Quarterly Themed
Integrated Campaigns • 2012 Contributed to $15 million in new

revenue and over $30 million in the pipeline

Additional Fun Accomplishments to Share

Ruth and Maria Story – New Presentation for Elsevier MEDai
Created a new standard presentation for the sales team to tell our story
through the eyes of the user and what they are looking to accomplish.
This is a drastic difference to what they did before.

This is now the standard of how we talk about our solutions to our
buyers and this has now been incorporated throughout the entire Elsevier
CDS level which was presented at the National Sales Meeting.

Email from Director of Strategic Accounts to VP of Sales

I am sure you were keeping up with all of our efforts to prepare for Sharp,
but wanted to be sure you were aware of the effort Lisa put forth over this
past weekend to the content we worked on last week for the
presentation. It made a HUGE difference in the way our message was
delivered and has placed us in a much better position to have a standard
deck that is more persuasive and tells a story.
Monica Lovelace, Director, Strategic Accounts

From President – Tom Zajac
This is coming along nicely. I'm working on Geisinger deck as we speak, and
this definitely helps. Keep pushing the envelope!!! Thanks Tom

Testimonial from CEO and Staff Physician

Email sent by CEO to All Team Members

This is one step in strengthening market awareness for our solutions, and
provides a practical perspective on how analytics is being used to drive
change in healthcare and help our customers drive organizational
performance. I highly recommend you all take the time and read through
the message.
Tom Zajac, Chief Executive Officer

This eBook is absolutely fabulous, very well written, extremely
credible healthcare content and superb layout for easy reading. On
a scale of 1 – 10, I most heartedly would give this publication a “10”
and as an old surveyor, I do not tend to give out “10” scores very
often. Who wrote the content for this publication? They succinctly
capture the clinical and business sense of what I have been doing in
healthcare since 1968. This eBook has profoundly earned my
admiration and envy for writing style and accurate medical
content. What more can I say without sounding like a “kiss-ass”
but seriously, Elsevier MEDai has a winner with this publication. I
am proud to say that I am on staff for Elsevier MEDai. I will be re-
reading this at least 2 – 3 more times, somewhat as I would a
medical textbook. Dr. Curtis Tinsley


“Thank you for all your work with this campaign. I believe we are “Lisa, thank you for all you do to share your expertise. It was fun
going to get some great leads from all this hard work. I watched working with you on the content for the campaign you recently
the video today and enjoyed the simplicity of the message and spearheaded. I learned a lot about what goes into a world class
the thoughts around how to use our solutions to reduce campaign. You set the bar high! You have great ideas and a lot of
readmissions. This was a great idea to video the key concepts! passion for what you do, it is always fun working with you.”
Nancy Bucceri, Senior Product Marketing Director, IBM Watson Health
I really appreciated the box containing all the information and
sales tools needed for this campaign. It was one of the best I Thank you for helping us build out a sales program that is different and
have seen in my career in terms of a well thought out campaign compelling and for the direction on how we can make this campaign
and the necessary tools/materials that will be needed to better by using new ways to touch our customers and showing the art
successfully close a lead. I will look forward to seeing the results of the possible. I cannot thank you enough!
from Marketo as to which emails lead to the most prospect Moira Kelly, Business Unit Leader, IBM Watson Health

Kelly Benning, Regional Sales Director, IBM Watson Health


Since you have been on board, you have taking “Lisa has been a breath of fresh air to marketing. “Lisa has made a definite
our company marketing to a whole new level. She is full of ideas and has executed very well on impact on the business this
This is the best marketing that I have seen.” those ideas. Lisa has a lot of vitality and also year. She has formed great
Christopher Brown, Vice President of Sales knows how to build great relationships. relationships within the
Lisa is our Marketing Diva.” business and has established
“Lisa has been an outstanding team member from Kim Jayhon, Executive Director herself as someone you can
the very beginning. Lisa helped Elsevier / MEDai go to for assistance. She is
take advantage of the increased level of interest “Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about current also seen as a passionate
in Population Health Management concerns and marketing strategies and is always looking for and positive individual. She
position Risk Navigator products to provide new ways to position Elsevier/MEDai as a put a great deal of effort in
solutions to meet those challenges through more clinical analytics leader. Lisa’s personality, the programs that she
pertinent marketing materials and white papers. work ethic, knowledge, and ability to deliver is developed and executed this
Mark Albertson, Regional Sales Director exactly what Elsevier/MEDai needs.” year. She is a positive force
Avery Ashby, Product Manager and is an asset to the
marketing team and to the

Janet Ripley, Director of
Product Marketing


Why I am a good fit for your team

• Seasoned healthcare marketer that can hit the ground running
§ Creative and Innovative – find the white space
§ Passionate about marketing and can help organizations move the needle in

§ Data and Analytics Guru – insights inform the strategy
§ Building relationships to be a trusted partner

Why I pursued marketing


Peter Drucker

53% of companies say that more than half of

their products fail to meet desired performance
and financial targets.
1. Lack of alignment with customer needs
2. Lack of differentiation in the market
2. Poorly executed product launches

Marketing is transforming

1. Building new relationships through
2. buyer-centric marketing.
Delivering expertise along
a client path to proficiency.

Engaging self-directed buyers
with digital marketing.

Bringing new leads and new clients


Start with client insights

and Signings
Target New Client Behavior A
Acquisition Behavior B
Cross-sell &
Up-sell Behavior C
Retention & Behavior D
Behavior E
Behavior F


Then align solutions to a personalized client journey

1-to-1 Personalized Marketing
Predictive, real-time analytics

Omnichannel integration
Data-driven email

Path to Proficiency 27

Engaging and helping clients along each step

• Learning with each engagement 1-to-1 Personalized Marketing
• Progressing at their own pace
• Helping them develop long-term relationships with

our company

Path to Proficiency


Business Impact

71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented
personas vs. 37% who simply meet goals and 26% who miss them.
Source: Buyer Insights Benchmark

Marketers who use personas and map content to the buyer’s journey enjoy 73%
higher conversions from response to marketing qualified lead (MQL)
Source: Aberdeen Research

Customer centric companies are 60% more profitable than non-customer centric
Source: Deloitte & Touche

Marketers are accountable for

Plan Message Content Delivery

Targets Clear Relevant Digital
Cohorts Compelling Valuable Personalized
Routes Differentiated Engaging


Example: Marketing-Sales-Product Alignment

• Developed targeted
programs and
product lifecycle
management using
the Sirius Decision
framework at IBM
Watson Health,
United Health
Group, Vizient and

Source: Sirius Decisions

Business Value Impact of Aligning Sales and Marketing

Go-to-Market Personas and Messaging and Bringing Offerings Sales Knowledge Functional Design
Strategy Buyer Insights to Market Transfer and Development
Content Origination
Design go-to- Understand buyer Build and manage
market strategy audiences and Craft audience- Improve go-to- Increase sales of the an effective cross-
and architecture how they buy to centric messaging market workflow offering via functional
for the enterprise inform campaigns, and value process and take knowledge transfer, portfolio
offering portfolio; content and propositions that a strategic content and marketing team
move from innovation resonate for the approach to programs for sellers
product- to strategies offering portfolio launch with
audience-centric defined
accountability and
2x lead conversion
Increased inquiries Business Value Impact

by 30% by moving 50%–80% 36%–48% click 2x speed to Closed deals Improved
to audience-centric increase in open rates yielded market alignment
campaigns adoption of (vs. 3% average) between product
content by field 400% increase in quicker
marketing Messaging and marketing
generated the customer Best sales
most pipeline in engagement with
company history new product enablement
content companies
has ever seen

Source: Sirius Decisions

Co-developed Framework for Go To Market Readiness
Components for IBM Watson Health

• IBM hired consultant to help develop a commercialization process for IBM
Watson Health. I was part of the small work stream to develop the

Sales Enablement - Sales Wikis Developed and Updated Regularly

Developed Buyer Personas for Internal Training

Built Out Program and Content to Support Buyer Journey

Developed Messaging & Sales Battlecards


• Competitor Battle cards

Product Launch and Sales kit Aligned to Sales Process

Deal Stages Positioning FAQ Training Website Packaging/ Target Market
Document PPT Deck
UnUdenrsdtaenrdsCtuastnomder Price Setting Insight
Webinar PPT Business Sales Play Solution
Need Discovery Deck White Paper Pocket Guide Brief

Solutions Value Story Customer Product/ Demo Demo Scenario Technical White Product
Hypothesis PPT Deck Case Study Service Video Guide Paper Module Sell
PIPELINE Mgmt. DeveDloepvSpeolnosoprship Sheet
Product/ Competitor Technical PPT Customer
Validate Service Data Battle cards Deck Testimonials
Solution RFP Response
Negotiate &
Closing Customer Customer Show ROI Tool Packaging / Quoting / Pricing
Reference List Site List Price Getting Tool
Closed and
Implement Primary Secondary Partial
Priority Priority Solution

Example: Sales Launch Kit

Messaging & Positioning Brochure Product Sheets Presentation Website

FAQ Video Demo Qualifying Questions Competitive Battlecards

Example – Aligning Solutions for Campaigns

Example – Lead Nurture Campaign Strategy User Flow

Example Performance Metrics to Optimize Marketing Activities

Thank you

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