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Published by Danielle Stevens, 2019-12-01 11:41:58

Danielle Stevens FlipBook Resume

Danielle Stevens FlipBook Resume

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected] Work Projects

Qualities Very proactive and motivated In Cahoots Marketing - Market research, report writing and website
High attention to detail analysis review, for one of their clients
Great team player Adaptable to learn new skills and ideas
Professional ‘can-do’ attitude Positive work ethic Minuteman Press - Graphic design and label making experience
Exceptional listener Confident speaker with clear fluency
Good interpretation skills Ability to accept responsibility Foreshore Fish and Chips - LED commercial signage creative design
Great rapport building
Company values focused Helen’s Cafe - Food styling photography, restaurant menu design
Helen’s Fish and Chips - Food styling photography, lunch and dinner
Education flyer design

2017 - Diploma Marketing - North Metropolitan TAFE Dry Eye WA - Logo design, newspaper advert design, graphic design
2016 - Certificate IV Marketing - North Metropolitan TAFE and print management of stationery
2011 - Diploma Graphic Design - Central TAFE
2005 - Certificate IV Graphic Design Foundations - Central TAFE Creative Portfolio can be viewed here
Workplace related courses
2007 - Solution Selling Work Experience/Other
2006 - Proactive Customer Service, Job Briefing and Quoting, Team Building
Worldwide Online Printing Colosoul Group Inc/POP Creative - providing marketing mentorship
to young people, as well as partaking in designing graphics to various
Skills Accomplishments creative briefs

Adobe CC Social Media Boosted sales for a local business with the Acron Threads Perspective Video Campaign - Assisted with taking
Illustrator Facebook use of a self designed flyer product/modelling photos, video set up and general production
InDesign Instagram assistant
Photoshop Twitter Created a successful email campaign to
assist in the prediction of future sales traffic Acron Threads Ponytail Beanies with a Purpose Campaign - graphic
OS Platforms design and creative copywriting for promotional products for the
Windows PC Endeavoured to keep customers as online web store
ongoing clients by contacting them
directly, resulting in higher sales Ash Grunwald Live Music Review guest blog for Toward Music,
achievements, staff rewards and photographs of Ash Grunwald are my own

Social Media promotional posts for Fly By Night Musician’s Club via
Instagram and Facebook


Relevant Employment History Avivo (Perth Home Care Services)
Support Worker/OHS Officer
Worldwide Online Printing - Nedlands April 2012 - April 2019
Customer Service Representative
Feb 2006 - Oct 2007 • Providing personal and social support services in residential and community
settings for adults and children with disabilities, enabling independence
• Customer service and sales/Client Relationship Management
• Developing strong, professional rapport with clients • Assisting with all aspects of personal care, daily household tasks, shopping,
• Invoicing, filing, document writing, stock control of office/client supplies cooking, dietary planning, budgeting, money handing, appointments and
• Processing client payments, completing bank reconciliations taking to outings
• Banking and mail management
• Quote estimating • Appointed as the area OHS Representative delivering talks primarily to
• Dunn and Bradstreet style debtor phone management Support Workers, Team Facilitators and Coordinators about various OHS
• Printer technical support liaison topics, promoting a safe and healthy workplace
• Physical production of making corporate and personal stationery products
• Processing digital and offset commercial print orders/minor design work • Performed OHS inspections at work locations and completed admin tasks
• Print management monitoring and liaison • OHS Committee member 2014 until July 2016 when I stood down to
• Setting up, attending and leading client creative meetings both in-house
undertake Marketing studies
and at their premises
• Delivered products to local clients premises CD Transport Services
• General housekeeping Merchandiser
• Opening/closing of office June 2011 – Nov 2011

Current/Previous History • Store presentation and ticketing of products via a planogram
• Negotiated store shelving space for product sales at designated Coles
Midway Community Care
Support Worker Woolworths, and IGA stores
August 2018 - Present • Monitoring stock levels, sales and in-store specials
• Completed paperwork for all left over stock/returns of faulty bakery goods
• Providing personal and social support services in residential and community • Liaising with Bakery Managers, Storepersons, and delivery drivers to ensure
settings for adults with disabilities, enabling independence and inclusion
daily operations were on schedule, handled complaints, feedback and
• Assisting with all aspects of personal care, daily household and shopping, bakery order enquiries
budgeting, money handing, appointments and outings
Mission Australia
Colosoul Group Inc/POP Creative Administration Assistant
Graphic Design/Marketing Mentor (Volunteer) June 2008 - January 2009
July 2017 - April 2018
• Front desk reception - Filed/faxed documents
• Designing and developing graphic design and various marketing activities • Assisted job seekers with job search tasks
for both the organisation’s internal events and external clients • Assisted employment staff with individual needs - taking messages,

• As part of a team, developed and launched a social media initiative for a organising purchases for job seekers’ requirements to find sustainable
Governmental Election campaign for Cr Stephanie Stroud - Subiaco employment
• Educated job seekers to complete forms
• Providing mentor support to young designers • Provided reminders to staff/job seekers
• Fashion event assistance • Data entry for Centrelink job seeker system

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

Previous History (continued) Licences

Landsdale Family Support Association Manual C Class Driver’s Licence
Disability Support Worker Working With Children Check
May 2008 - February 2011 WA Police Clearance

• Weekend camps, planning activities and assisting with daily living skills for References
home care and respite, supporting children and teens in Landsdale and
various other residential locations and also transporting children to school Terri Hunter (Willison)
Service Coordinator - Avivo
• Assistance with personal care, cooking, grocery shopping, domestic
tasks, medication administration, behaviour support reporting to Disability 08 95824800 / 08 95824800
Services Commission standards
Jennifer Than-Htay
During my employment, I assisted in re-branding the organisation’s corporate Diploma Marketing Senior Lecturer - North Metro TAFE
identity, meeting board members to present ideas for the name change
Leasing Services of WA
Broker Assistant Jayde Walker (Ferguson Brent White)
November 2007 - April 2008 Director - Toward Music

• Prepared financial documents for Business Brokers for mining and 0402361358
construction equipment finance
Paula Shellback
• MYOB data entry and preparation of invoicing Team Facilitator - Avivo
• Completed and processed settlement, delivering high importance
documents to all Perth CBD banks
• Provided other support for Managing Director when required Natalie Morrison
• Filing/faxing documents, organised internal office events Director - Acron Threads
• Organised couriers, stationery/office supplies and handled money
Natmed Medicine
July 2007 - October 2007

• Customer service and reception support to Clinical Director and other

• Filed, faxed and prepared documents and invoices via QuickBooks
• Answered phone calls/made courtesy calls to increase product sales
• Processed medical sales for patients and completed banking

• Cleaned and prepared equipment in clinic laboratory for practitioners to

make herbal medicines
• Mail and courier distribution
• Opened and closed clinic

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

Brief: “ I’m 34 years old and I would love to so consumed that I gradually distanced Definitely not in my plans as I My mental health has improved
Use supplied text, tell you a little bit about my story. I myself from my family and loved ones and never had expected to be a single in a huge way. I no longer take
photographs began experimenting with drugs at a pretty surrounded myself with people who were mum to two babies. I accepted the medication. I can actually envision
and images from young age, as young as 12. My parents went into drugs and the same industry. The card I was dealt and took up a job a life and a successful future. My
Esther Foundation through a pretty full on divorce, from more I earned the more I used, and the working retail again, long hours, family relationships are progressing
participants, around that time I remember beginning to more everything spiraled out of control. as I just wanted the best for my beautifully, especially the bond
(maintaining rebel against anyone and anything. I was I made poor choices in relationships and little family. On many occasions between my children and I. I have
anonymity), to layout hanging out with all the wrong types of scrambled desperately looking for things I overdosed, blacked out, and had so many more opportunities now.
and design a book, with people and started smoking marijuana and and people to fill the emptiness I now serious psychosis. I came so close I feel like a new person and my
the ability to design using acid. After leaving school in year had. This was my life for just over 10 to death, lying in a hospital bed faith in God has steered that for
additional creative 10 I went on to have a couple of retail years. and still I didn’t stop using. I did me. I can honestly say that none
graphics. jobs here and there. know though if I were to continue of this would be possible without
When I was 29 I fell pregnant and it was the way I was I would be dead in the support of Esther. My days are
Book size: 188x188mm. Just before I turned 18 I started working my key and escape from the industry. I a matter of time. I tried lots of bigger, brighter and so much better.
in the stripper/pole dance industry. I hadn’t realised how unhappy I was until different things to get clean and on The people that surround me are so
was instantly swept up into a whirlwind I left, I had new, big plans to change the right track with only short-term positive and supportive. The healthy
industry life with drugs, alcohol and not and start a new-found family life. I success. By this time, I was only friendships I have made are amazing
so good characters. I was deeply caught had my daughter and her little brother receiving counseling and was on high and priceless. I am now a shift
in a life that I at the time thought the following year. I was so pleased and doses of prescription medication worker, I have worked in the café
was fabulous. I never saw a life for really started to view things for the for my deteriorating mental health. and I mentor other struggling young
myself outside of my little bubble of the better. However, when my son was just 3 I frequented private hospitals and women. I had the opportunity to do
industry. I had come to convince myself months old their Dad was incarcerated for clinics looking for a way out of my an internship at Ernst &Young, which
that I was happy and fulfilled. I lived, 10 years. This turned my life upside down self-afflicted mess of a life, but was fantastic for my confidence.
worked and breathed the lifestyle and was and inside out. It was a huge shock. always found myself turning back to It’s such a privilege to know that
my old comforts. I moved onto a few I can help others through their pain
different live-in rehabilitation “I fell pregnant and help them to realise their own
programs but had no luck with them. potential, the same way I have been
It wasn’t until coming into Esther and it was my key and escape helped.”
my life changed dramatically.
I’m totally sober and happy for the from the industry”
first time in a long time.

I’m a 32-year-old young Indigenous woman. I am a I needed a change, so I moved into mining, doing four weeks on and one week off. I worked
recovering heroin addict. I was using heroin heavily for my way up from administration assistant to assistant project manager of a 1000-man camp.
4 years. This is my story. I had a really amazing childhood Whilst working away, I met my boyfriend. We were practically living together onsite and
with my Mum, sister and Nanna, they were very loving then spending our week off with our own families. We were together for 9 months, when he
towards me. We were very close to each other. I have a said he wanted to move to another mine site. I moved to another company and then he left me.
very large family- a lot of aunties, uncles and cousins. My I found out three months later that he was engaged to his ex-girlfriend.
sister is 10 years younger than me. My Mum and Dad split up
when she was very young. So I helped raise her. When I was 12, I started working drive-in-drive-out at a Boddington mine site. I met my next
my Mum’s sister died of cancer and my Mum welcomed my two boyfriend. I fell head over heels for him. I even overlooked the fact he was a
cousins into the family. A year later, my whole world fell apart. recovering heroin addict. Not surprisingly, my Mum didn’t approve. In the end
my boyfriend and I didn’t speak to my Mum and family for over 6 months. In
My Nan died of cancer and I was completely lost. She was my best friend. that time, my boyfriend had relapsed (I had no idea). One day we were driving
and he asked me if I wanted a shot of heroin. I was at a really weak point. I had
I pretty much spent every day with her. I didn’t really know how to deal a huge fight with my sister and I pretty much wanted to die, I stupidly said yes.
It only took one time and I was hooked. I started using every day. Every cent I
with it, so I didn’t. At 16, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and earned went to heroin. I eventually stopped working so my boyfriend left me.

“I finally dragged myself out anorexia. I was actually so anxious that my stomach felt like it was tied up in Heroin became my life. I didn’t care about anything else. I was living at home
knots. I felt so ill, that I just couldn’t bring myself to eat. My life felt so dark with my Mum and sister, and as disrespectful as it was, I was using in the
house. I started cooking my own heroin. I was using anywhere between 2mls and
of bed and got my first job” and without hope. I stayed in bed for almost a year. I finally dragged myself 12mls per day. My Mum and sister had enough of this behavior and they gave
out of bed and got my first job working at Sizzler, when I was 17. me the ultimatum of getting help or moving out. Finally, I went to Fresh Start
to get implants, which are opiate blockers to the nervous system. They helped me
Unfortunately, one of my really close friends committed suicide around the same time. I didn’t really deal with my get my life back together since I wasn’t using anymore. The amazing team at Fresh
grief, I just pushed my feelings down. I became a workaholic. I worked my way up from washing dishes to restaurant Start recommended Esther and my life has not been the same since. Since moving
manager. My cousin and her kids were living with my Mum, my sister and I. We became so close, like sisters. She made me to Esther, I have a new faith in God, it has truly changed me. I love my life. I am so
godmother of her youngest daughter. content. I’m a part of the Esther baking team. I help out at the Esther café and am
learning to run shifts at Esther. I now have an even closer, healthier relationship
- 18 years old I moved to working at Officeworks and my cousin who moved in with us started using meth. She eventually moved out with my Mum and sister. The beautiful team at Esther saved my life. I am so blessed.
and went to live with her ex in-laws. I threw myself into my work even more. I worked my way up from the store person The change in me is unbelievable.
to the second in charge, to the store manager. Officeworks paid for me to go to Melbourne RMIT to get my diploma of
management. I was due to fly back to Melbourne for my second semester in less than a week when I received a phone call
from my Mum, informing me that my cousin who was addicted to meth had committed suicide. Again, I didn’t deal with it.
I missed her funeral, but I did graduate and complete my diploma.

Book publication page layout designs
4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

“I set my Hi, I’m 27 years old, and I was born in a town in The challenge was to fit
South Africa called Pietersburg. We moved to all supplied text content
heart on Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, when I was only My focus in primary school became netball, where we into a maximum of 12
becoming a few years old. I had a good childhood and I grew trained four days a week after school, went on netball pages, as there were
up in the 90’s, spending most of my time outdoors tours to Cape Town and played in regional and state multiple designers in this
games. I did really well at school too and I remember group project.
a doctor.” with my friends, which is very normal in South always getting heaps of trophies and certificates in most
Africa. Family values are important and sport is a my subjects. In saying this, my brother constantly had to Colours mostly used
great deal. When we would watch rugby or played go to hospital and required a lot of extra attention; and included feminine
so I felt that if I became a doctor, I could help people like pastel or bright
sport, we would go to my grandparent’s house and him. Therefore, from the age of 11 or 12 I set my heart on colours, soft contoured
becoming a doctor. drawings, designs
have big family lunches or dinners all together. In 2001, my parents decided that we were going to move and contemporary
to Australia after they realised how dangerous living in typography, to attract
But with growing up in South Africa, I was also very South Africa had become, and that our family was now the target readership.
aware of the dangers and how unsafe it really was. personally being affected by crime. There were no more
prospects in South Africa; studying at university became Target market: aimed
I think fear was part of my life from a very young less and less of an option, and inflation rates were really at young teen girls to
age; and from the age of 5, I started to become really high. My parents worked all the time but still we were women in their 30’s.
sensitive to what was happening around me. If you did running out of money to buy the basic things we needed.
not experience something bad first hand, you would hear People were skeptical of us moving to Australia and said a lot of negative things Purpose: inspire and
stories where people were attacked, robbed, raped and about what we were doing- they thought we were betraying our country, and empower the female
murdered. We could not go out at night and we always people could not understand why we would want to leave everything we had gender, and promote
had to make sure that all the doors were locked all of the behind. I really respect and admire my parents for still bringing us to Australia, no the organisation
time. We had guard dogs that sometimes had to chase matter how hard it was at the time. with true stories and
people off our property. However, if the dogs became testimonials.
too much of a threat, they were poisoned. My dad had 16 years old.
to constantly change our locks, as our house keys would
go missing; and we could not really trust our housemaids
or servants either. I think you sort of have to get used to
this way of living, and you become very resilient and try
and focus on other things to get by.

At the age of 14, we immigrated to Perth. It was really difficult coming With my Mum being a nurse, and I in training to be a nurse, I think we felt
into a new country and a new culture. I didn’t know how to cope with so helpless and we did not know what to do to help him. He eventually
it and just drew more into myself. No matter how hard I tried in school, got a kidney transplant but he got really sick after his transplant and
my grades dropped from A’s to B’s and C’s and I got moved out of the sometimes when I went to hospital to visit him, he looked like death.
top classes. I felt stupid and questioned my ability to do well in school. Our family was falling apart at home and I gave up on all my dreams
I continued to play netball, but it was so different because we never and hopes.
really had any training, it was not as competitive as I was accustomed
to in South Africa, and I had to have knee surgery for consecutive I didn’t want to live anymore. It was too hard. I became severely
injuries. It took two years for my fears and nightmares to reduce depressed and tried to run away from my problems. I started self-
dramatically and for me to feel safe in my own bed and room. My harming and having suicidal thoughts. I ended up in hospital and
parents had to start over again with a new mortgage, new jobs, eventually spent more time in hospital than at home. I did a lot of CBT
new friends, and a new way of living. I think my parents did the and counseling; I became heavily medicated and as a last resort, I
best they could, and despite me feeling left out at school and underwent shock therapy. Then it came to a point in hospital where they
being teased and bullied by my peers, I felt very loved at home; could not do anything for me anymore.
home was my refuge and I always tried to bring everyone together
and make them laugh. We also went on many flying holidays to A psychiatrist in hospital told me about the Esther and I knew there
Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, Esperance, Busselton, Wave Rock, and was nothing else I could do for myself and I knew I desperately needed
Rottnest Island. I grew up with flying and with my Dad being a help. I have now been at Esther for nearly three years. I know when
pilot, in high school our adventurous flying trips were what I looked I first came to Esther, I wasn’t in a good state at all; I couldn’t talk to
forward to most. anyone properly and isolated myself from everyone. I have now worked
through a lot of issues and have been set free from so much fear,
I graduated high school but felt very lost because I could not torment and self-destructive habits. There are still times when I struggle
get into studying medicine, as my grades were not good enough. with negative thoughts about others and myself. Sometimes I still get
I did not believe in myself anymore and I then chose to study bad dreams about South Africa; but I have a lot of hope in my life, so
nursing, and hoped that maybe one day I could still become a many doors have opened up for me whilst at Esther to use my writing,
doctor. During my nursing training, my brother became really ill. art and creative abilities in a positive way. I have developed a heart
He was angry all the time and had outbursts for no reason; he for teenagers and young people, and I have a passion to do aid work
felt physically weak and vomited a lot of the time. His body had again. At Esther, I have made good friends who care about me and I am
become toxic and he was in renal or kidney failure. He lost sight a leader. I work at Alta-1 as a teacher’s aide and I know I have a lot to
in one eye because of his high blood pressure, and he was on look forward to in my life. I know too that without God, Esther and my
dialysis for what seemed like a really long time. He lost his hope family I would not be the person I am today.
and will to live.

Book publication page layout designs
4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

Brief: Front design #1 Front design #2 Front design #3 Front design #4
As part of a marketing
strategy for the launch Because happiness suits you, Because happiness suits you, Trust yourself.
of new Ponytail Beanies, we have something that’s we have something that’s You know more
select from a range of than you think
supplied photographs, Just for you! Just for you!
then choose one to you do.
design a card and add Find it using this secret URL: Find it using this secret URL:
creative copywriting on s
the back of the card.
trust-your-first-thought-5 trust-your-first-thought-5 Back design #3
The card would be
included with all Enjoy! x Enjoy! x
packaged beanie sales
during the campaign. Threader Ponytail Beanie Back design #2
The secret URL contains
a link to a video from Back design #1
the Founder, thanking
the purchaser, and
also projecting the
importance of mental
health, the underlying
message behind the

The Ponytail Beanies
range in four colours,
each marketed to
women as having a
different purpose.

Product: Trust Your First
Thought Ponytail Beanie

Card size: 54x90mm

Print design/Marketing

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

Facebook Wall Feed advert - concept Brief:
Facebook Stories advert - concept Create one themed
design incorporating
Facebook Wall Feed advert smaller size - concept and balancing the
4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected] use of red and black,
any marketing copy
and images from the
company website,
promoting the Pro
Trader stock trading
software and lay out
into three advert sizes
suitable for Facebook
sponsored advertising.

A square Facebook
wall feed advert, a
smaller rectangular
wall feed advert, and
a Facebook Stories

The creation has
factored in Facebook’s
20% text limit rule, which
did present some text
layout challenges, the
issue from a design
point can be very

Social Media advertising design

Brief: Beach Pack Specials - 1200x1200mm LED Lightbox signage
Relatively new local fish
and chip business along
Rockingham foreshore
required signage to be
designed from scratch,
with an oceanic
theme, and promoting
their main specials.
The main emphasis
was the signage
needed to stand
out, as this business
was right next door
to a well established,
longstanding fish and
chip business.

My pitched suggestion
of having LED
Lightboxes installed,
and signage posters
glowing day and night
meant the shop would
definitely stand out
and increase business
before and during
summer months.

A glare reduction
perspex was overlayed
to counteract the sun’s
direct glare.

Creative signage design/Illustration

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

Counter area general signage - 900x1240mm Happy owners
LED Lightbox signage (landscape)

Family Pack and Kids Specials - 900x1240mm Original vector drawn sea creature characters,
LED Lightbox signage (portrait) adapted from original preliminary sketches

Creative signage design/Illustration

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

MONDAY - FRIDAY 8am - 8pm
SATURDAY 8am - 4pm
SUNDAY closed


1. To design a logo MENU
brand for Helen’s Cafe Coffees
incorporating coffee Please relax and we will
beans. come take your order at Espresso $3.00
the table, how’s that for Macchiato
2. Style and take Short $3.50
photography of cafe table service? Long $4.50
meals, and create Hungry? Thirsty?
a menu design for We will cater for you! Flat White Small $4.20 Bacon & Poached Eggs on
breakfast, lunch and Want to add or remove Cappuccino Medium $4.80 Sourdough Toast
dinner. Latte
ingredients? Hot Chocolate Mug $5.50 2 Poached Eggs and Crispy Bacon topped on a crusty
3. Create a simple flyer We can do that too! Mocha Large $5.80 slice of Sourdough Toast, served with Roasted Tomato
design to advertise
the cafe opening via Check In, Review and Teas $13.90 Add 2 golden Avocado Delight
letterbox drops. Like Us on Facebook: crunchy English Breakfast Pot of Tea Avocado and Cherry Tomato topped
Helen’s Cafe Logo Green Tea Hash Browns on a crusty slice of Sourdough Toast
was turned into a light Peppermint $4.50 for 1 for an extra with a fresh vinigarette Salad
sign, as an option, Earl Grey $7.00 for 2 on the side
in accordance with Ginger & Lemon $3.00
shopping centre fitout $12.90
guidelines. Fresh Toast Bacon & Eggs on Toast Please relax and we will
Grilled Chicken come take your order at
*Almond, Soy & Lactose Free Milk 2 slices of Fresh Toast served with 1 Fried Eggs and Crispy Bacon Turkish Bread the table, how’s that for
for Coffees and Teas – 50c extra butter and your choice of strawberry on Sourdough Toast
Roasted Chicken, Caramelised table service?
COLD BEVERAGES jam, peanut butter, honey or $8.50 Onion, Mozzarella Cheese and
Iced Drinks vegemite spreads Hungry? Thirsty?
Ham, Cheese & Tomato Roasted Red Peppers We will cater for you!
Iced Coffee Medium $5.50 $3.80 Toasted Sandwich
Iced Chocolate Large $6.50 $13.90 Want to add or remove
Iced Mocha Raisin Toast ingredients?
Bacon & Egg
Add Ice Cream or 2 slices of delicious, fruity Raisin Toast Choose either Ham or Chicken Turkish Bread We can do that too!
Extra Cream - $1.00 served with butter and
strawberry jam $8.50 Bacon, egg, cheese,
Milkshakes Add Avocado for just $1.00 hash brown with bbq sauce
Strawberry Banana Spearmint on Turkish bread
Chocolate Vanilla Raspberry
Medium $5.50 Large $6.50

Fresh Fruit Smoothies Scrambled Eggs and Crispy Bacon with Sausage, Grilled
Tomato, Baked Beans, Hash Brown with Toast
Strawberry Medium $5.50
Banana Large $6.50 $16.50

Please relax and we will Logo design and a
come take your order at second option in
the table, how’s that for
a black background
table service? with multipurpose use

Hungry? Thirsty? Flyer design for
We will cater for you! mail distribution

Want to add or remove

We can do that too!

Breakfast, Lunch A3 Menus, printed both sides so the
cafe waitstaff can flip over once breakfast time finishes.
Logo branding/Photography/Print design

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

Food photography, with photo editing adjustments
made before including in menu design

Logo branding/Photography/Print design

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

referral form E Dy er ys ? Advertisement
EItycehsy? design for
Eyelid and Tear Health Ph: 08 6468 5296 BurEnyiensg? newspaper and
Suite 18, 135 Riseley Street, E: [email protected] ERyeesd? EGyrietsty? magazine
Booragoon WA 6154

Brief: Patient Details Mrs Ms Miss Dr Other
Dry Eye WA required Title Mr
a logo brand to be
designed, keeping Family Name Given Name // At Dry Eye WA, we are dedicated to tackling the source of evaporative
the style simple and D.O.B. Dry Eyes, Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Disfunction (MGD) with
focusing on the the latest dedicated diagnostic and treatment machinery. Get in touch
word ‘eye’ to catch with us today to see how we can help bring you the relief you need.
Address Postcode
The business also
required rounded Phone Mobile Email
corner business cards
and A5 referral pads Reason for Referral Referrer’s Details
to be designed and
printed, followed by MGD // Make an appointment with us - Phone: (08) 6468 5296
designing an advert for Dry Eye Date
the Fremantle Gazette Blepharitis Suite 18, 135 Riseley St
and a local magazine Other Booragoon WA
(South of Perth Yacht
Club, publications Signature
chosen by Dry Eye WA). “Eyelid & Tear Health Specialists”
Baystone Enterprises Pty Ltd T/As Dry Eye WA ABN 92 062 736 725 Provider No. 429528TH
The Dry Eye WA logo
was used for external Referral pads for physician/clinical specialist use
fluorescent street
signage advertising Marilyn Stern (08) 6468 5296 Joe Selden (08) 6468 5296 Marilyn Stern Joe Selden
(shared with other B.Optom M.CCLSA,OA [email protected] Dry Eye Consultant [email protected] B.Optom M.CCLSA,OA Dry Eye Consultant
businesses in the office
suite building). Suite 18, 135 Riseley Street Suite 18, 135 Riseley Street (08) 6468 5296 Suite 18 (08) 6468 5296 Suite 18
Booragoon WA 6154 Booragoon WA 6154 [email protected] 135 Riseley Street [email protected] 135 Riseley Street
Booragoon WA 6154 Booragoon WA 6154

Marilyn Stern (08) 6468 5296 Joe Selden (08) 6468 5296 Marilyn Stern Joe Selden
B.Optom M.CCLSA,OA [email protected] Dry Eye Consultant [email protected] B.Optom M.CCLSA,OA Dry Eye Consultant

Suite 18, 135 Riseley Street Suite 18, 135 Riseley Street (08) 6468 5296 Suite 18 (08) 6468 5296 Suite 18
Booragoon WA 6154 Booragoon WA 6154 [email protected] 135 Riseley Street [email protected] 135 Riseley Street
Booragoon WA 6154 Booragoon WA 6154

Two business card layout and style options, Your Appointment
for two different names, with a generic
appointment reminder on the reverse side Time.................................................

If you are unable to attend, please call
(08) 6468 5296

Logo branding/Magazine advertising/Stationery design

4 Lindus Mews, Warnbro WA 6169 | 0432113252 | [email protected]

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