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The Dispatch is the Army and Navy Club's monthly magazine.

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Published by The Army and Navy Club, 2021-10-28 11:16:59

The Dispatch November 2021

The Dispatch is the Army and Navy Club's monthly magazine.




ANC Library Trust Celebrates
Native American History Month

Friday, November 12, 2021
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Member News and more ..... 4

COL Marc L. Warren, USA (Ret.) Upcoming Events
Events and Club Programs ..... 6
[email protected]
Regular Features
Fall is the best season at The Army and Navy Club. While the days get shorter and the air Member Spotlight ..... 5
outside gets crisper, our Club gets busier. We move from one special event to another and
welcome our members and guests to commemorations and celebrations, holidays and History Vault ..... 17
hotel stays, and brunches and banquets. Please read the Club’s “Save the Date” notes and Library Trust Update ..... 18
don’t forget to make reservations!
November brings the annual Salute to the Armed Forces Gala, a black tie dinner featuring Admiral Joseph James “Jocko” Clark,
former Secretary of the Navy William L. Ball III as guest speaker; the celebrated Thanksgiv-
ing Day Buffet; and numerous other events including Tuesday Seafood Buffets, Sunday USN (Ret.) (1893-1971)
Brunches, and the very popular Chef’s Table. We celebrate the birthday of the U.S. Marine Photo Credit: ANC Library Trust
Corps with a cake-cutting ceremony on November 10. We honor all Veterans on November
11, and thank our members and their families for their service and sacrifice. Veterans Day THE DISPATCH MAGAZINE
will be commemorated not only by the Armed Forces Gala on November 6, but by a Patri- A Publication of The Army and Navy Club
otic Sunday Brunch on November 14. November is Native American Heritage Month and
we recognize all Native American Veterans, including Admiral J.J. “Jocko” Clark, whose on Farragut Square
(very dashing) portrait hangs on the parade level near the Daiquiri Lounge. Admiral Clark NOVEMBER 2 0 21
was the first Native American (Cherokee Nation) to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy
and he commanded aircraft carriers and carrier task forces in the Pacific in World War II. Editor
Liz Juskie
December brings the Gingerbread House Family Workshop and Brunch with Santa, two Art & Design
events that can sneak up on parents and grandparents since they are early in December Emily Jatczak
(on the 4th and 12th, respectively). We will have an Army-Navy Game viewing party on
December 11, numerous brunches and dinners, and, of course, Christmas Brunch and the A Platinum Club of the World
New Year’s Eve Gala. As the Holidays and year-end near, the Club’s ballroom and event
rooms will be filled with private parties and the hotel rooms will be filled with members DIRECTORY & HOURS
and guests. Simultaneously, book forums, Fox Conner Society meetings, and other activi- Accounting
ties will continue unabated, made all the more enjoyable in the festive atmosphere of the 202-534-3194
Club’s Holiday decor. Concerning decorations, most members don’t know that our Club
staff decorates the Clubhouse, another labor of love demonstrated by our employees. 9 am-5 pm (Monday-Friday)
Membership & Marketing
On the topic of our employees and the Holidays, I urge all of our members to contribute to
the Employee Holiday Fund. Our professional staff remained loyal to us during the pan- 202-721-2091
demic and returned to duty as the situation improved. Please read Captain Czerwonky’s 9 am-5 pm (Monday-Friday)
letter about the Employee Holiday Fund and give generously. Your contributions are grate-
fully appreciated. Catering
I know that the past two years have been tough on all of us, and we look forward to putting 9 am-5 pm (Monday-Friday)
2021 in the past. In the past few months, there has been a significant upturn in Club use, Dining & Hotel Reservations
including hotel room reservations. The Club is serving meals seven days a week, and the 202-628-8400
Eagle Grill is open for casual dining, now including dinner. I am convinced that 2022 will
be a banner year for the Club, beyond a year of recovery. I look forward to our in-person Open 24/7
annual meeting in April 2022 where we can celebrate our camaraderie and the successes Library
of our Club.
6 am-9 pm (Monday-Saturday)

Librarian on Site
10 am-6 pm (Monday-Friday)

COL Marc L. Warren, USA (Ret.) Fitness Center
President 5am-10pm (Monday-Sunday)


COL Marc L. Warren, USA (Ret.)
Sarah Ford President

[email protected] CAPT James H. Czerwonky, USN (Ret.)
Vice President
As we work through the Budget process and plan for spectacular events this fall and
winter, a recurring theme has plagued this process: rising costs. Generally the pub- RADM Moira N. Flanders, USN (Ret.)
lic may not be aware of a bottle beer shortage or that the price of crab per pound Secretary
experienced a double digit increase recently. More publicized and noticeable short-
ages include staffing and a lack of new cars and trucks at dealerships. Luckily those BG Malinda E. Dunn, USA (Ret.)
latter issues aren’t problematic for us. The Club is fully staffed and ready to serve Treasurer
you. However, we are subject to the ever increasing costs of both variable and fixed
expenses. As the former Director of Finance for the Club, I ensure you every con- LTG Larry R. Jordan, USA (Ret.)
sideration is being taken to control expenses while offering you all of the member House Committee, Chair
benefits and services you deserve. Nevertheless, please keep in mind the world has
changed and with it, we must also make small changes to keep up. Col Eugene P. Gay, USAF (Ret.)
Special Events Committee, Chair
With that said, I’m supremely excited to announce that our fall and winter event line-
up has already begun with great success. We have added additional seating times to Lt Col John H. La Raia, USAFR (Ret.)
our Thanksgiving Buffet in order to accommodate more families, Santa will be here Finance Committee, Chair
in person to have Brunch with the kids this December, and we are continuing with
the newly popular Chef’s Table, and casual dining in the Eagle Grill. CDR Christopher P. Thomas, USN (Ret.)
Membership Committee, Chair
We are again open seven days a week and here to serve you! Please come by and see
all that your Club has to offer. COL Michael Kirby, USA (Ret.)
Ms. Sarah Ford
General Manager Lt Col Euseekers Williams Jr., USMC (Ret.)
3 | NOVEMBER 2021
MAJ Miranda Summers Lowe, USA

Capt Donald Hooper, USMC

Mr. Herbert L. Shatzen (CPT, USA)

Mr. Dennis J. Hough, Jr. (1st Lt, USAF)

Club Historian
COL Geoffrey Prosch, USA (Ret.)
Col James A. Bracken, USMC (Ret.) -

Club Historian, Emeritus

Maj William Lang, USAF (Ret.)

MG John D. Altenburg Jr., USA (Ret.)


Sarah Ford

General Manager
Mark Peckham

Director of Human Resources
Liz Juskie

Director of Membership,
Marketing & Communications

Raquel Tapia
Director of Finance
Tibor Szabo
Director of House Operations
Patrick Grady
Director of Food & Beverage
Kirk Deloach
Executive Chef
Will Andersen
Club Librarian
Elizabeth Newcomer
Director of Events & Catering

MEMBERSHIP // MEMBER NEWS ANC Members, CPT Alexander Guittard,
USAR, and Lisette Guirrard welcomed
Jacques Paul Klein, Under- their 1st child in August 2021 in Madrid,
Secretary-General of the United Spain, where they live.
Nations (Ret.), Major General,
USAF (Ret.) was awarded After five years of Coast Guard service
the Commemorative Cross aboard cutters homeported in Maine and
of the Chief of the General Puerto Rico, ANC Member Thomas "Buddy"
General Staff of the Slovak Republic, 1st Grade Bardenwerper wrote Mona Passage: A Novel.
(Gold) on September 10th at the Slovak Embassy in Mona Passage is the story of two neighbors
Washington, D.C in San Juan, Puerto Rico: Galán Betances,
a Cuban emigrant, and Pat McAllister, a
SOUNDING TAPS young Coast Guard officer. During evenings
Our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of: spent on their Calle Luna rooftop, a deep
friendship develops based on shared pain
Peggy Ann Zeller (nee Jones) - Plano, TX and a common desire to heal. When Galán
Mrs. Charlotte T. McComas - Oakdale PA arranges for his sister to be smuggled from
LT Albert Small, USN (Ret.) – Bethesda, MD Cuba to Puerto Rico via the Dominican
CAPT Bob Touhey, USN (Ret.) - Warrenton, VA Republic and the treacherous Mona Passage,
Pat must decide if he is willing to risk
everything to unify a family. Mona Passage
was selected for publication by Tobias
Wolff in the inaugural Veterans Writing
Award hosted by Syracuse University Press.


LTC Roger Moss, USA
Maj Randall C. Stout, USMC MAJ Matthew Stephen Blum, USA COL R. Taft Blackburn, USA (Ret.)
ARKANSAS CAPT Stephen B. Daunis, USN (Ret.) CPT Andre D. Brown, USA
Capt Timothy Scott Smith, ANG LT Adarsh A. Ghosh, USN
CAPT Thomas Edward Mangold, Jr., CAPT Michael C. Buzas, USN (Ret.)
USN (Ret.) RDML P. Thomas Druggan, USN
LT Graham Ellis, USN

COLORADO NEW YORK Mr. Christopher M. Flanagan
Dr. Robert J. Russell (Col, USAF) Dr. Joseph L Conway, Jr. CAPT Han De For, USN (Ret.)
LTC David L. Gardner, USA (Ret.) COL Joel D. Franklin, USA

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Mr. Gardner Newton Jeffress
2Lt Andres William Bascumbe, USAR NORTH CAROLINA Mr. Blair Alan Knapp, Jr. (LT, USN)
CPT Nicholas L.A. Boeh, ARNG LtGen William M. Faulkner, USMC RDML Jason Michael Lloyd, USN
LTC Daniel Drogomirecki, (Ret.) COL Jeffery P. Lucas
Embassy of Poland LCDR Richard Austen Packer, USNR
Mr. Mark Freedman PENNSYLVANIA Amb. Anne W. Patterson
Mr. James Alexander Jaroscak (1LT, USA) Mr. Timothy P. White (CPT, USA) COL Paul J. Perrone, Jr., USA
Mrs. Erin Bondy Lanuti MAJ Thomas G. Pledger, ARNG
Mr. Jason S. Miller SOUTH CAROLINA
Mr. Evan McNeer (LT, USN) Mr. George J. Stoklas 2nd Lt Javon A. Price, USAF
Capt Troy Nienberg, USAF
MAJ Ashley Olds, USA TENNESSEE CDR Jason Rhea, USN (Ret.)
LT Willem M. Peglau, USN Mr. Todd Clark McCain Maj Luis Santiago, USSF
LtGen Mark R. Wise, USMC MAJ Ricardo J. Tolentino, Jr., USA

CAPT Robert F. O'Neill, USN Major Jamil Brown, USSF CDR Richard Alheid, USN (Ret.)
CPT Mark L Walker, USA

COL William "Randy" Everett, USA (Ret.) Lt Col Christer Kjellkvist, USAF (Ret.)
HON Ronald S. Moultrie LCDR Zachary George, USNR



Member Spotlight


Fighter Pilot - Diplomat - Valued NATO Colleague

By COL Geoffrey G. Prosch, USA (Ret.), Club Historian

An enthusiastic member NATO and German Medals for his efforts in supporting
of The Army and Navy U.S. and other NATO Forces in Iraq and Syria where
Club, Brigadier Gen- he supervised the shifting of the German Air Force In-
eral (BG) Frank Gräfe telligence Surveillance Reconnaissance operations from
has served in Washing- Turkey to Jordan. He was promoted to BG in 2019.
ton, D.C. since 2019 as
the Defense and Air At- In week one of the of the handover of attaché du-
taché for the Federal ties, outgoing German Defense Attaché Rear Ad-
Republic of Germany. miral (RADM) Thomas Ernst hosted BG Gräfe for
lunch at the Club. BG Gräfe shares that, “Admiral
After graduation from basic training and the Luft- Ernst had already prepared the papers to join the Club
waffe Officers School, he earned a master's degree because he liked it so much and used it so often.”
in computer science from the Bundeswehr Universi-
ty, Munich. BG Gräfe conducted f light training at BG Gräfe is attracted to the Club because of the “wonder-
Shepard AFB, TX and F-4 Phantom pilot training at ful and historic atmosphere, unique group of members,
Holloman AFB, NM. BG Gräfe has extensive com- ability to connect and network, interesting programs of-
mand and operational staff flying duty including F4 fered including speeches and presentations, and wonder-
Phantom Squadron and Eurofighter Wing, Fighter ful food. It is especially nice for dinner and lunch when
Commands. While serving for four years in the Min- entertaining guests from Germany.” [Author’s Note: On
istry of Defense in Bonn, responsible for the Euro- June 18, 2021, BG Gräfe was the featured speaker in the
fighter Program, he gained a strategic understanding of Club “Defense Perspectives” Lunch Series, where he deliv-
NATO and German Defense programs. He has logged ered an outstanding and highly informative presentation.]
over 1,800 f lying hours including more than 1,535
hours piloting the F-4 Phantom and the Eurofighter. His outside work interests include sports (he attend-
ed two Washington Nationals World Series games
After promotion to Colonel, Gräfe was sent on a six- in D.C.) and is looking forward to using the fitness
month deployment to the U.S. 9th Air Expeditionary center now that it has reopened. He enjoys buying
Task Force, Afghanistan. He was responsible for the U.S. history and culture books and traveling in the
handover of NATO controlled airspace and airfields to U.S. Some of his recent travels include trips to Flor-
the civilian Afghanistan Aviation Authority where he ida, South Carolina, Georgia, California, and Guam.
was the only German on the U.S. staff. On Armed Forces
Day 2018, Frank Gräfe was awarded the prestigious U.S. The Army and Navy Club is extremely fortunate to have
Legion of Merit (LOM) Medal for his accomplishment allied senior military partner Club members of BG Frank
of this sensitive and complex mission. He was awarded Gräfe’s caliber. His membership brings both distinc-
tion and solid German Embassy business to the Club. ◄

5 | NOVEMBER 2021


BOOK FORUM Tuesday, November 9, 2021
"Baghdad Underground Railroad: Saving American Allies in 6:00pm to 7:30pm | Ballroom

Iraq” by Steve Miska Orientations are a great way for new members to meet Club Staff, become
Tuesday, November 2, 2021 familiar with all of the programming the ANC has to offer, and learn how
Reception: 6:30pm | Speaker: 7:00pm to get the most out of your membership. Reservations required. To
$10++ per person (plus 15% gratuity and 10% tax) register, please login to the ANC Webiste and visit the Club Calendar.
Wine and cheese reception included.
During the war's worst fighting in 2006 and 2007, a
handful of Iraqi interpreters put their lives on the line to
help American combat troops. Families threatened, a bounty on their
heads, ignored by the powers that be, they faced execution if they
remained in their homeland. A U.S. Army Task Force Commander
decides a promise made should be a promise kept. Get them to the USA.

“Colin Powell: Imperfect Patriot" by Jeffrey J Matthews "You Don't Belong Here: How Three Women Rewrote

Friday, November 19, 2021 the Story of War” by Elizabeth Becker
Registration/Lunch: 11:30am | Presentation: 12:00pm
$24++ per person (plus 15% gratuity and 10% tax) Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Price includes lunch buffet. Reception: 6:30pm | Speaker: 7:00pm
$10++ per person (plus 15% gratuity and 10% tax)
For the past three decades, Colin Powell has been among Wine and cheese reception included.
America's most trusted and admired leaders. This
biography demonstrates that Powell's decades-long Kate Webb, an Australian iconoclast; Catherine Leroy, a
development as an exemplary subordinate is crucial to understanding French daredevil photographer; and Frances FitzGerald, a
his astonishing rise from a working-class immigrant neighborhood blue-blood American intellectual; arrived in Vietnam with starkly
to the highest echelons of military and political power. Imperfect different life experiences but one shared purpose: to report on the most
Patriot is the fascinating story of Powell's professional life, and of consequential story of the decade. At a time when women were considered
what we can learn from both his good and bad followership. The unfit to be foreign reporters, Frankie, Catherine, and Kate challenged
book is written for a broad readership, and will be of special interest the rules imposed on them by the military, ignored the belittlement of
to readers of military history, political biography, and leadership. their male peers, and ultimately altered the craft of war reportage for
generations. What emerges is an unforgettable story of three journalists
forging their place in a land of men, often at great personal sacrifice.

“Winston Churchill’s River War” with James Muller "Mercy - An Atlee Pine Thriller” by David Baldacci

Thursday, December 2, 2021 Tuesday, December 14, 2021
6:30pm | Virtual Webinar via Zoom Reception: 6:30pm | Speaker: 7:00pm
Reservations are required. $10++ per person (plus 15% gratuity and 10% tax)
Wine and cheese reception included.
Join us for a fascinating presentation with Dr. James
Muller, as we celebrate the 147th anniversary of Winston FBI Agent Atlee Pine’s harrowing search for her long-lost sister
Churchill’s birth. Muller is a Churchill scholar and has Mercy reaches a boiling point in the final installment of the
worked extensively as editor on the two-volume project! Atlee Pine series. You won't want to miss this event as #1 New York Times
James W. Muller, who has edited the new edition with a foreword by bestselling authorDavid Baldacci speaks at the Club on the breakneck thriller.
Churchill’s daughter Mary Soames, tells how he brought this eloquent,
controversial, precocious book back into print and explains how it
helped Churchill launch parallel careers as writer and statesman.


Dress Code: Traditional business attire (jackets and neckties for men, equally appropriate attire for women) is the dress code
for special events in the Ballroom and Main Dining Room. The prescribed service uniform of the day is acceptable. No denim
permitted. Children should also adhere to the no denim policy.
Special Event Cancellation Policy: Due to the popularity of our paid events, any cancellation made within 72 hours of the event
date will result in the member’s account being charged 50% of the event price. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the event,
and no-shows, will result in the member’s account being charged the full event price.
For additional questions regarding special events, please contact Chandler Hadden at [email protected].

Dinner service in The Main Dining Room begins at 5:30pm For reservations, please visit the Club Calendar at
Monday - Saturday. Please note that when you attend dinner on, or by contacting Chandler Hadden
at [email protected]. All book forums, unless
the night of a forum, your $10++ forum fee is waived.
otherwise noted, are $10++ per person.


Chef's Table

Fridays, November 5 (Sold Out) & 19, 2021
Friday, December 17, 2021
7pm | $85++ per person

Chef Kirk Deloach invites you to take part in a
culinary journey of elevated and evolving flavors. A
five-course tasting menu will be offered featuring
small plates, intricately curated with fresh, unique
ingredients. Menus will change each month and
highlight new and innovative dishes that can't be
found on the regular Main Dining Room menus.
Optional themed beverage pairings will be available

for an additional cost.
These dinners will have a small number of attendees,
so be sure to make your reservation early by contacting

Patrick Grady at [email protected].

Galaannual Salute to the Armed Forces
Saturday, November 6, 2021 - Sold Out!
Cocktail Reception: 6 pm | Dinner: 7 pm | Black Tie or Mess Dress
Price: $85++ per person (plus 15% gratuity and 10% tax)
Includes one hour cocktail reception with open bar, 4-course meal and wine.
To be added to the wait list, please contact Chandler Hadden at 202-355-0525.
Join The Army and Navy Club in hosting ANC Member and Former Secretary of the Navy,

Honorable William L. Ball, III, as keynote speaker at our Annual Black Tie Gala. The event is sure to be an
evening full of camaraderie, highlighted by our great military leaders and shared commitment to service.


10 AM - 2PM | $39++ per person WOMEN’S NETWORKING BRUNCH
Beverages not included in buffet price.
To make a reservation, contact the Front Desk at 202-628-8400. 10 AM - 2PM | $39++ per person

Come to The Army and Navy Club for a Patriotic-inspired Brunch Beverages not included in buffet price.
to honor and celebrate the veterans in your life! To make a reservation, contact the Front Desk at 202-628-8400.

Interested in making connections with your fellow female Club
members? Join us on Sunday November 21, 2021 in the Pershing
Room for Sunday Brunch! The Stohrman Turner Sub-committee is
an offshoot of the Club’s Special Events Committee and their mission
is to ensure an inclusive Club atmosphere and provide engagement
opportunities for the Club’s female membership.


Friday, November 12, 2021 Cider Tasting
6:00pm - 7:30pm | Eagle Grill
$38++ per person (plus 15% gratuity and 10% tax) Thursday, November 18, 2021
Price includes tasting and light hors d'oeuvres 6:00pm - 7:30pm | Eagle Grill
$30++ per person(plus 15% gratuity and 10% tax)
Mark your calendars as the ANC will be
hosting a Mezcal Tasting! Enjoy the savory Enjoy the fall weather with a Cider Tasting
and smokey flavors of this distilled alcoholic at the Army and Navy Club! Price includes
beverage, all while learning about its unique
tasting and light hors d'oeuvres.
process and how it differs from tequila.
For reservations, please contact
Reservations fill up quickly, so be sure Chandler Hadden at 202-355-0525.
to register early! For reservations, please contact

Chandler Hadden at 202-355-0525.



at the army and navy club

nov 11AM - 6:30PM



$58++ per adult | $20++ per child ages 5-12
Complimentary for children ages 4 & under.
Alcoholic beverages are an additional price.

In Addition to the traditional Thanksgiving
favorites, the buffet will include:

- Soups - Smoked Seafood Display

- Assorted Salads - Carving Station

- Charcuterie Board - Specialty Entrées

- Mixed Fall Vegetables - Decadent Desserts

Dinner & a Show: The Nutcracker

November 27, 2021 - Sold Out!

Dinner at 5:30pm | Show at 7:30pm
$165 per person (Includes prix fixe dinner at the Club and ticket to the show)

Join us for a delicious pre-theater dinner at The Army and Navy Club and afterwards enjoy Miami
City Ballet’s unique production of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker! Dinner at the Club will
include a 3-course, prix fixe menu. Beverages are not included. Members will be responsible for

their own transportation to and from the Kennedy Center.

Due to the nature of the event and limited availability of tickets, cancellations and refunds will
not be allowed after October 27th . To be added to the wait list, please contact Chandler Hadden at


Holiday Shopping

at the ANC Gift Shop

Do your holiday shopping at The Army and Navy Club Gift Shop! Perfect for family, friends, and even
other Club members, the ANC Gift Shop has it all! From the ANC Candle, Baseball Caps, the ANC

Umbrella, and so much more, the ANC Gift Shop is sure to make your loved ones feel special this holiday
season! Be on the lookout for the 2021 custom-made ANC Christmas Ornament this holiday season!

Visit the ANC website today at to view the complete list of items.
To place an order, please contact Elaine Blauser at 202-355-0496 or [email protected]

B. Duffle Bag - $130 C. ANC Custom Printed Military Socks - $20 D. Stadium Blanket - $69
Large, retro duffle bag. Constructed with Custom printed military socks available in 63" x 63" blanket available in colors
heavy material plus top grain oil tanned Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Silver/Navy, Red/Navy, Plaid with Navy
latigo leather accents. Made in the USA. Navy patterns. One size. Border, Silver/Navy/Red, and Navy/White.
Available in colors black or olive.

C. S'well Bottle (17oz) - $35 F. ANC Winter Scarf - $45 G. Dopp Kit - $65
High-grade stainless steel. Custom-made, knit scarf with fringe. Leather pouch with zipper for
toiletries and other essentials. Size
BPA-free. Triple-walled for maximum is 3" x 3.5" x 8". Comes in top grain H. Lands' End Fleece Jacket - $55
cowhide leather. Made in the USA. Double-Sided polyester fleece with
insulation. Also available in white. Available in colors brown, black, a full-front zip and two zip pockets.
blue or burgundy.
Available in Navy.


CAPT James Czerwonky, USN (Ret.)

Dear Fellow ANC Members,
We are well into the Fall season, and the busy holidays loom in the not-too-far distance. As so aptly stated by our Club's President in
this space last year, one of the most frequently mentioned benefits of membership in The Army and Navy Club is the extraordinary
level of service that is provided by our staff. The spirit of our dedicated employees, despite all the challenges they have faced as we
continue to emerge from the on-going public health situation, is simply remarkable. The warm welcome at the front entrance from
our parking valet attendants, the friendly greeting in the Lobby, the caring and courteous service we enjoy in the Main Dining Room,
and the smiles from our busy housekeeping and maintenance teams are always there.
This also is that exciting time of the year when we all have an opportunity to express our special appreciation to the Club’s employees
through the Employee Holiday Fund. All employees of the Club, including those whom many of us seldom if ever meet, but whose
services are vital to the seamless functioning of our great Club, are richly deserving of our consideration. They recognize and respect
our military heritage and make an extra effort to ensure that every visit to the Club by its members and guests is memorable.
Members often ask for guidance to determine an appropriate gift amount. While every donation whatever the amount is important,
most members take this opportunity to make a special gesture and typically give an amount equal to a month’s Club dues. In 2020,
almost 1,300 members, up over a stunning 35 percent from 2019, made generous donations! Club members use the Employee Holiday
Fund to express their genuine appreciation of the special effort the staff continues to make to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere
for us.
As in the past, we have included a donation envelope for your use. You may enclose a check or, if you prefer, charge your donation to
your Club account. Be sure to include your name, member number, and amount. You may also contribute by calling Accounts Receiv-
able at 202-534-3194.
Please consider joining me in donating to this year's Employee Holiday Fund. On behalf of the Board of Governors and the entire Club
staff, your participation and continued support is greatly appreciated. Every donation from you will help to make a difference to those
who care about us.
CAPT James H. Czerwonky, USN (Ret.)
Vice President



11/2 6:30 pm 1 2 34 5 6
Steve Miska Book Forum 8 Seafood Buffet Chef's Table Salute to the
15 Steve Miska Dinner will be - Sold Out! Armed Forces Gala
11/5 7:00 pm Book Forum in the Eagle Grill - Sold Out!
Chef's Table - Sold Out!
11/6 6:00 pm 7 Seafood Buffet 10 11 12 13
Salute to the Sunday Brunch New Member U.S. Marine Corps Veterans' Day Mezcal Tasting
Armed Forces Gala Orientation Birthday - Cake Wine Society
- Sold Out! Cutting Ceremony
11/9 6:00 pm Seafood Buffet
New Member

11/10 3:00 pm
U.S. Marine Corps
Birthday - Cake Cutting

11/12 6:00 pm 14 17 18 19 20
Mezcal Tasting Patriotic Brunch Cider Tasting ANC Lunch Series
Chef's Table
11/18 6:00 pm
Cider Tasting 26 27
Dinner & A Show:
11/19 11:30 am The Nutcracker
ANC Lunch Series - Sold Out!

11/19 7:00 pm 21 22 23 24 25
Chef's Table CShuanmdapyagBnruenBcrhunch
Seafood Buffet Thanksgiving
11/21 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Women's New Member Buffet at the Club
Women's Networking Networking Brunch Orientation

11/25 11:00 am - 6:30 pm
Thanksgiving Buffet

11/27 5:30 pm
Dinner & A Show:
The Nutcracker 28 29 30
- Sold Out! Champagne Brunch
Sunday Brunch Fox Conner Society Seafood Buffet
11/30 6:30 pm
Elizabeth Becker Elizabeth Becker
Book Forum
Book Forum



12/2 6:30 pm 1 23 4
ANC Webinar with ANC Webinar with Gingerbread House
James Muller Dinner will be James Muller Family Workshop
in the Eagle Grill
12/4 10:30 am 11
Gingerbread House 5 6 7 8 9 10 Army vs. Navy
Family Workshop Sunday Brunch Seafood Buffet Football Game
Watch Party
12/11 2:30 pm 12 13 14 15 16 17
Army vs. Navy Football Brunch with Santa Seafood Buffet Chef's Table 18
Game Watch Party The United States David Baldacci
National Guard's Book Forum
12/12 10:00 am 385th Birthday
Brunch with Santa

12/14 6:30 pm
David Baldacci
Book Forum

12/17 7:00 pm
Chef's Table

12/25 11:00 am - 6:30 pm
Christmas Day Buffet

12/31 7:00 pm
New Year's Eve Gala

19 20 21 22 23 24 25

CShuanmdpayagBnreunBcrhunch United States Seafood Buffet Christmas Day
Space Force 2nd New Member Buffet

Birthday Orientation

26 27 28 29 30 31

Champagne Brunch New Year's Eve
Christmas Day Fox Conner Society Seafood Buffet Gala

Observed -

Club Closed,

Hotel Open

Brunch with Santa

Sunday, December 12, 2021
Seating Available from 10am to 3pm
$40++ per adult | $20++ per child ages 5-12
Complimentary for children ages 4 & under.
Alcoholic beverages are an additional price.
For reservations, please contact the Front Desk at 202-628-8400.

This holiday season, hand deliver your wish list to Santa at the ANC. Our brunch menu
has something for everyone! Don't forget to bring your camera for a fun photo op with the
big guy himself! In addition to the traditional Christmas favorites, the buffet will include

Soups, Assorted Salads, a Carving Station, Specialty Entrées, and Decadent Desserts!

The Club will also be collecting toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program. Please bring
your unwrapped toy donation with a value of $10 or more to the Club the day of the brunch.
Toys for Tots only accepts new toys, and all toys should be unwrapped. Children served by

Toys for Tots range in age from toddler to 17. The program often suffers a lack of gifts for
older children, so please consider donating a gift that would apply to the older age group.

Celebrate Christmas
at The Army and Navy Club

dec Seating Available from 11 am to 3 pm
$58++ per adult | $20++ per child ages 5-12
25 Complimentary for children ages 4 & under.
saturday Alcoholic beverages are an additional price.

For reservations, call 202-628-8400.

Celebrate Christmas Day at The Army and Navy Club with a seasonal buffet that includes,
hearty soups, assorted salads, specialty entrées, a carving station, and delicious desserts!

Holiday cheer and good tidings are also included!

Gingerbread House Family Workshop

Saturday, December 4, 2021

10:30 am to 12:30 pm | Eagle Grill
$55 per family; additional houses can be purchased for $35 per house.
For parties with multiple children, we recommend a minimum of two houses.
If you plan to purchase multiple houses, having one adult per house

available to assist the children is recommended.
Get creative at the Gingerbread House Family Workshop by
designing and decorating your very own gingerbread house.
We'll supply a pre-built gingerbread house, candy trays for

decorating, and plenty of frosting!
Reservations must be confirmed by close of business on November
22nd. To make a reservation, please contact Chandler Hadden at

[email protected] or by calling 202-355-0525.

Saturday, December 11, 2021
Eagle Grill | $31++ per person
Price includes tailgate buffet, beverages available for purchase by chit.
Doors open at 2:30 pm | Kick-off at 3 pm

Watch the nation's best football rivalry at The Army and Navy Club!
Enjoy a tailgate buffet with game day favorites, as well as Buckets of Beer!

To make a reservation, please contact Chandler Hadden at
[email protected] or by calling 202-355-0525.



By LTG Larry R. Jordan, USA (Ret.), House Committee Chairman

One of the most interesting things about The Army and Navy Club ficers who used it, and other monikers less socially acceptable today,
is the long list of notable and highly admired individuals who have after Pershing served repeatedly with Buffalo Soldiers, the Black troops
been members and enjoyed the service, camaraderie, and traditions assigned to the U.S. 10th Cavalry, rather than seeking reassignment to
found within its walls. One such luminary was General John J. Persh- units more favorably viewed by the wider Army.
ing, who joined the Club in 1887, two years after its founding, and Following his graduation from West Point in 1886 and commission-
remained an active and participating member until his death in 1948. ing as a Cavalry officer, Pershing performed Frontier duty until 1891,
General Pershing’s long membership is memorialized by the Club’s participating in campaigns against Geronimo and the Chiricahua
Pershing Room and by various artifacts located in the Club House, Apache and later in the Sioux Indian War in the Dakota Territory. It
including the display of Time Magazine covers featuring his photo- was there that he first served with the 10th Cavalry, and they gained
graph and that of other Army and Navy Club members who have his respect. Following tours as a military instructor at a civilian uni-
graced the cover of that publication. There are also stories and legends versity and later as a tactical officer at West Point, Pershing rejoined
that surround his membership. The ANC Historian is researching one the 10th Cavalry Regiment in 1898, when it deployed to Cuba as part
such legend which asserts that after retiring from the Army, Pershing of the forces there during the Spanish American War. 1LT Pershing
(a widower) resided in a suite within the Club House for various ex- took command of D Troop, 10th Cavalry and lead it in the assault on
tended periods of time, considering it his “home”, and referring to it as Kettle Hill, a part of the San Juan Heights. The more famous San Juan
“the best Bachelor Officer Quarters” in Washington, D.C. Whether Hill was part of the same complex, a few hundred yards to the west.
apocryphal or factual, the legend is both interesting and certainly in History usually portrays Teddy Roosevelt charging up San Juan Hill
keeping with General Pershing’s image. leading the Rough Riders, a volunteer regiment. Official records and
What is known factually at this point is that during his tenure as Chief the writings of Pershing and others clarify that the Heights were first
of Staff of the Army, Pershing held receptions and social events at the gained by the 10th Cavalry, accompanied by the 3rd U.S. Cavalry,
Club. Following his retirement from the Army, General Pershing was who along with support from a few obsolete Gatling Guns, driving
given an office in the Old Executive Office Building located a few the Spanish from their trenches on Kettle and San Juan Hills, and
blocks from the Club, in recognition of his service to the Nation and enabling the famous charge of the Rough Riders. Perhaps the depth
the honored position he held in the hearts and minds of Americans. It of appreciation and respect that the leader of the Rough Riders held
is also recorded that the Retired General of the Armies, a rank equiva- for the stalwart lieutenant is the fact that upon becoming President,
lent to six-stars that was bestowed upon him by the Congress, dined Roosevelt promoted Pershing from the Regular Army rank of Captain
and socialized often in the Club House. to Brigadier General, jumping over 862 more senior officers.
Undoubtedly, most are familiar with John J. Pershing, yet there are Pershing’s association with the 10th Cavalry continued, when in 1916
sides to this great Soldier that many may not have heard or realized. he commanded the Punitive Expedition into Mexico in pursuit of
Most have heard of his nickname, “Blackjack”, perhaps believing as Francisco “Poncho” Villa. The 10th Cavalry was selected to be part
some have written, that it referred to his tough and stern demeanor. of the 5,000-strong force under Brigadier General Pershing. His ca-
The earliest use of the nickname can actually be traced to fellow of- reer had seen earlier action in the Philippines during the Philippine
Insurrection, but it was during “The War to End All Wars” – the First
World War, or “Great War” as it was then known – that Blackjack
Pershing became enshrined in American Military history. His service
as Commander of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) set the
tone for senior commanders in the major campaigns seen later in the
twentieth century. His mentorship and association with officers such
as Eisenhower, Bradley, Marshall, MacArthur, and Patton, produced
the senior leadership of WWII. But like most famous and consequen-
tial people, there was so much more to Pershing than that. For our
members that includes his association with and love of The Army and
Navy Club, and his long association with the 10th U.S. Cavalry – the
Buffalo Soldiers. While many notable Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Ma-
rines, and others have been members of The Army and Navy Club, few
are more storied than Blackjack Pershing. ◄

17 | NOVEMBER 2021

A Letter from the Library Trust Chairman
MG John D. Altenburg, USA (Ret.)

Native American History Month Event, November 12

The Army and Navy Club Library Trust, in partnership with
the Special Events Committee, will honor Native American
History month on Friday evening, 12 November. In the Iwo
Jima/John Paul Jones Room, the Club will host Cherokee
Nation member Vice Admiral Jeffrey Trussler, Director of
Naval Intelligence. Admiral Trussler will present the ca. 1943
cruise book of Admiral Joseph James “Jocko” Clark (1893-1971)
to Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation Chuck Hoskins and
Ms. Kim Teehee, Cherokee Nation representative to the U.S.

Admiral Clark was the first Native American to graduate from

the United States Naval Academy. Called “the fightingest

Admiral in the Pacific Theatre” by Fleet Admiral Chester

W. Nimitz, he is remembered for his famous saying: “Watch

every angle and fight for every inch.” He is the only Native

American to achieve four-star rank. His first assignments

were aboard destroyers during World War I; he transitioned

to naval aviation soon after. He commanded carriers USS

Suwannee (ACV-27) and USS Yorktown (CV-10). Clark was an Gift of Adam Walsh, Ryan Weddle,
aggressive commander, serving in the Fast Carrier Task Force. Michael Klimkowski, and Michael Zampella
He captained the USS Yorktown during the Marianas Campaign

and in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. He led the Cherokee Raids during the Korean War and commanded

the Seventh Fleet. Awards include the Navy Cross, Navy DSM, Army DSM, the Silver Star, and the Legion

of Merit. The guided-missile frigate USS Clark (FFG-11) is named in his honor. Admiral Clark is buried at

Arlington National Cemetery.

The cruise book was presented to Admiral Clark by his staff when he was in command of the Fast Carrier
Task Force. It includes inscribed photos and portraits by award-winning commercial photographer Lieutenant
Charles Kerlee, USNR, who served with Lieutenant Commander Edward Steichen’s Naval Aviation
Photographic Unit. In 2015, a group of naval officers and ANC members gifted the large portrait of Admiral
Clark to the Club’s Library Trust. Recently conserved by Olin Conservation, the portrait will be exhibited at
the 12 November event. The cruise book will also be added in its entirety to the Library Trust online collection
website at


Black History Month Exhibition Announcement: Hebru Brantley
The Library Trust is pleased to announce the exhibition of two major works by renowned contemporary
artist Hebru Brantley, on loan from the collection of Club member Levi Howze. The exhibition will open
in February 2022, in honor of Black History Month.

A Chicago-based artist, Brantley creates work inspired by a diverse array of popular culture, graffiti
culture, and American history and featuring a cast of conceptualized iconic characters—including his
famous “Fly Boy,” inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen. “Fly Boy” ( a play on “flyboy” and the slang term
“fly,” meaning “cool”) was created in response to the lack of characters of color within the popular culture
of Brantley’s youth. The character is a small cartoonish boy wearing aviator goggles and a leather pilot
helmet, iconifying the Tuskegee airmen into a kind of children’s cartoon protagonist. Fly Boy is the
subject of one of the paintings soon on loan to the Club. To quote the artist:

"What I wanted to do was create that [character], but in a space of high art and be able to have some

historical context to that character. So, I looked at the Tuskegee Airmen, who were fighter pilots in World
War II. They flew successful missions and they never lost a person. But at that time black folks were

"treated far less than equal. For me, it was important to have that historical context to a character.

Support the Library Trust
Philanthropic support is critical to sustaining our efforts, as well as the integrity of the Club itself, as the
Library Trust is the steward of Club history and artifacts. As a registered nonprofit, the Library Trust’s
success is possible only thanks to your generosity. Our operating budget comes entirely from donor
support and endowment.

You can donate directly on our website,, through your monthly Club
dues, or by contacting John Altenburg, Library Trust Chairman, directly. If you have thoughts, ideas,
critiques, or comments you’d like to share with the Library Trust Committee, please email me at
[email protected].

19 | NOVEMBER 2021

The Army and Navy Club
901 Seventeenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006-2503

2 02 2

New year's eve gala

Friday, December 31, 2021
7 pm to 12:30 am | Main Dining Room
Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres: 7 pm | Dinner: 8 pm
$250++ per couple | $125++ single (plus 15% gratuity and 10% tax)
Attire: Black Tie Formal | Band: Paradise
Reservations open November 1, 2021.
Start the evening with a cocktail reception and passed hors d’oeuvres followed by a
first-class dinner. Close out the night with dancing, a countdown, and a balloon drop at
midnight, followed by a complimentary champagne toast to welcome the New Year!

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