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Published by panav.kaushik01, 2022-07-12 01:31:49

Holiday Homework final

Holiday Homework final


This Activity shows the diversity of our country. The
different subjects elaborates the diversity of our land. It
also shows the achievements of our country and tells us
to be proud of it.

Math My Medal

Based on data from 2021


Panav Kaushik English Yashvi Aggrawal

Udaybir Singh Bajwa

The experience I got from this It was a fun experience making The experience was mind blowing. I made three things-
activity cant be explained. I Idlis, the native food of the state
learnt how to be patient and how Tamil Nadu .With my mother’s help vada, sambar and coconut white/red chutney. Giving a
to cook. The flavour was we make soft Idlis made out of rice round shape to the vada was the most difficult however my
batter hardwork paid well as it tasted so good. The vada was
amazing crunchy from outside and soft from inside.

Sarah Aggrawal Ishika Mittal

Uttapam is a super delicious dish This is Appam, A dish from Tamil Nadu. It
originated from Tamil Nadu. is made from semolina and curd with
Making it was a very fun vegetables. Making it was a good
experience. experience.


Foreign Language

Physical Education

Haryana ART Haryana





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