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This story is about a girl named Gracie who had a bad day. She has a horrible day but of course like the title says bad days don't always have a bad ending.

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Published by Anya Olson, 2019-05-08 11:57:35

Gracie's Bad Day WIth a Not So Bad Ending.

This story is about a girl named Gracie who had a bad day. She has a horrible day but of course like the title says bad days don't always have a bad ending.


G​ racie´s bad day with a not 
so bad ending! 

​ By Anya Olson

Have you ever had an awful day? When you had an 
awful day was it stormy and miserable, for Gracie her 
bad day was beautiful, nice and sunny the weather was 
excellent. Now let me tell you about Gracie, Gracie is 
really tall. She is 22 years old. Gracie has brown hair and 
she loves glitter, basically anything shiny. 

So this is what happened… One sunny day, Gracie was
walking out of her house to her small newly washed
sunset yellow colored car.

While Gracie was walking, she noticed it was
strangely calm, peaceful, quiet.¨It's never this quiet” she
said to herself. She decided to keep walking and got into
the car. When she was in the car, she observed that her
car is low on gas, but she didn’t have much time.

She decided to start driving. Otherwise she will be
late to her cleaning job. Gracie despised her cleaning job.
Her friends always asked her why she still worked there.
She said ¨ It helps pay the bills, and I need that money so I
can eat, does that answer your questions.” Now she
starts her normal drive to work.

She was driving her car, and she listened to her
favorite songs. Gracie looked out the window and saw a
gas station. She chose to go in, and get a pack of donuts
for her friends. She completely forgot about the gas and
her car. She was going to have a fun party to celebrate
Anya’s birthday which is on February 4th. She went in and
was about to check out when she saw a huge bag of
Reese's cups (which are Anya’s favorite), and she buys
them right away.

Gracie checks out and goes into her car and starts to
drive in her car again and looks out the window. Outside
she sees a person walking her dog, a kid running around,
and people at the stores in the neighborhood. She wishes
she could enjoy the outside.

Now she is three blocks away from her work. Her car
starts to slow down and it ran out of gas! She looks at her
watch. She is ten minutes late! She decides to get out of
the car and walk. Then it slowly starts raining and Gracie
starts to run. She starts going faster and notices she better
get going or she will be late! She sees the building of her
work, she slowly opens the door trying not to get caught
being late.

A million thoughts flew into her head. Her thoughts
were so overwhelming, they were like bees swarming
around her. She was so nervous, she actually thought
that there were real butterflies in her stomach.

She was in the building walking to her closet, where
she keeps her supplies for cleaning, and she sees her
boss in here checking the attendance sheet that everyone
uses to sign that they are here.

Her boss is a woman named Jexica. Jexica is nice,
but Gracie has been late a couple of times in a row.
Gracie can feel that her boss is going to be furious and

So she walks next to her boss and says, ¨I work very
hard and try my best, but this job is the worst! I go to work
at 6:00 in the morning and I get off of work at 9:00 at night.
I can't do it anymore, so I have made a decision. I quit”.

Gracie walks away from her speechless boss. She
leaves the cleaning building and she walks slowly in the
rain to her car. She is so sad. It’s raining, and she hasn't
thought about how she is going to make any money.

Then she notices her car is working again. It must
have just stopped randomly. Then she looks up and
“OMG” it is sunny outside! Gracie has a great big smile on
her face. Her smile is as big as the sun. She starts to drive

Gracie completely forgets that she needs some gas
and needs to eat some food. Gracie is now going to a gas
station that is only one block away. She picks up a job
application and a candy bar. Then she goes and drops the
application off at her dream job, The Glitter Factory.
Which coincidentally is accepting job applications. She
has always wanted to work there because her best friend,
Anya, works there, and they want to make their own
specialized clothing. They could do so many things. They
could make different kinds of glitter, paint, and clothing.
They think it's so cool that they could get a chance to work

Gracie suddenly remembers about her best friendś
birthday party, that she planned. Gracie scurries to her house
and gets her house set up for Anya’s birthday party she has
invited lots of Anya’s closest friends: Morgan, Shayli,
Elisabeth, Aubree, Lexi, and Megan.

They all arrive around the same time, and they start the
party. There were snacks, treats, games, glitter, presents and
it was so much fun. Soon everyone starts to say goodbye and
they go home. Gracie, Anya, and Morgan stay and clean up.

​ Two weeks later she got something in the mail
saying she is hired at the Glitter Factory. She loves her
new job! She gets to create new combinations of glitter
and gets to create new clothing with her bestie, Anya. The
first combination Gracie made, was silver and iridescent
star glitter with some fine silver glitter. Now she is happy

Now Anya and Gracie make everything with glitter!!

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