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Cory Walker low organized games redo (2)

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Published by corywalkerjr99, 2019-12-05 14:28:02

Cory Walker low organized games redo (2)

Cory Walker low organized games redo (2)


KINE 1151P04
Tues/Thurs 11-11:50am



 Duck Duck Goose
 Hot Potato
 Kickball
 Blind Man’s Bluff
 Capture the Flag
 Mother May I
 Four Square
 Piggy in the Middle
 Dodge Ball
 Musical Hoop
 Bean Hoop
 Ball Relay


 Instructions: Start by choosing one person "it.” The rest of the people sit in
a circle. The standing person walks around the circle, tapping each child on
the head saying “Duck” each time until he/she decides to tap someone and
say “Goose” That person gets up to chase the “it” person around the circle,
trying to tag the “it” person before he/she reaches the Goose’s seat again.
If the “it” person sits in the Goose’s spot before being tagged, the Goose
now becomes “it.”

 Objective: The objective of the game is to make it back to your spot before
getting touched.

 Equipment: None


 Instructions: Players arrange themselves in a circle and toss a small, round
object to each other while music plays. The player who is holding the “hot
potato” when the music stops is out. The game continues until one player is

 Objective: The objective of the game is to not have the object when the
music stops.

 Equipment: Small throw able object and a speaker.


 Instructions: A kickball game is played by two teams of each who try to
score more runs than their opponent by rounding the bases and crossing
home plate as many times as possible.

 Objective: To kick the ball and run to base before the ball makes it before
you do.

 Equipment: A kick able ball and bases.


 Instructions: One player is blindfolded and then spun around several times.
The other players, who are not blindfolded, amuse themselves by calling
out to the “blind man” and dodging away from him.

 Objective: To not get tagged by the blind folded person.
 Equipment: Blind fold


 Instructions: The rules to the game is to capture the other teams flag which
will be located at the teams base.You will then have to bring it back safely
to your zone without being tagged or you will be out. First team to capture
and bring the flag back, wins.

 Objective: The objective is to capture the other teams flag and return it to
your side without being tagged.

 Equipment: A cone and 2 flags


 Instructions: The mother should stand facing away from the line of
“children” and selects a child either at random or in order. Mother May I
can be played either indoors or outdoors.

 Objective: The objective of the game is to do whatever the mother says.
 Equipment: None


 Instructions: Each player stands in one of the four squares. To start the
game, the player in square four serves the ball by bouncing it in their
square once and then hitting it towards one of the other squares. The
receiving player then hits the ball to any other player in one of the other

 Objective: The game is to hit the ball in the opponents square without
messing up.

 Equipment: A ball


 Instructions: Place two of the people apart and the third person in the
middle is the "piggy in the middle". The two players on the outside throw
the ball to each other while the one in the middle tries to catch it. If the ball
is dropped, any of the three players can recover it.

 Objective: The game is to get the ball that is being thrown away from you.
 Equipment: A ball


 Instructions: The game of dodgeball is to eliminate all players of the
opposing team by throwing one of four game balls and hitting the
opposing player below the shoulders on the fly.

 Objective: The objective is to hit the opponents with the dodge ball
without being hit by one,

 Equipment: Numerous of dodge balls.


 Instructions: The rules of the game is to move around until you hear the
music stop. When the music stops you will have to find a hoop to get in.
The trick to the game is that there will always be one less hoop than

 Objective: The objective of the game is to find a hoop when the music

 Equipment: Hoola hoops and a speaker


 Instructions: The rules of the game is to throw the bean bag inside the
hoop. Whichever teams ends up with the most bean bags in the hoop,

 Objective: To throw the bean in the hoop.
 Equipment: Bean bags and 2 buckets.


 Instructions: Teams will be split into two as you will run to the other side to
touch the wall then come back to shoot the ball until it goes in. The team
that gets done first wins.

 Objective: To run down and back while making a shot in the basket before
the other team is finished.

 Equipment: A basketball ball and basketball goal.

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