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Final 13 Kyler Foreman.

Final 13 Kyler Foreman.


A 2021-2022 school year through
a sports and bear perspective.

2021-2022 By:Kyler Foreman 24’

Olentangy Berlin High School 3140 BSR Delaware, Ohio 43015

Table of Contents

Personality Profile 3
News 4-5
Review 6
Sports 7
Trip to England 8
Editorial Cartoon 9-10
Reputation Management

Personality Profile

Help others with passion Four pillars of life make impact

Small town teen Ben Jagger planned to carry on the family store Sophomore Andrew Osterholt exhausts time and effort to balance
like those before him, and switched his entire outlook on life. the four juggernauts that keep him inspired.

Jagger, a three year assistant principal at Berlin High School, Osterholt has always been interested and driven by four things
suffered a black eye in a plane crash at four years old and also the that control his life every single day: School, family, friends, and
death of his grandma to cancer. His mom developed the same sports (soccer+basketball).Family is the foundation that makes all
cancer as his grandma. Due to his mother’s illness, he found that the others possible for Osterholt.
he loved what it felt like to help others which paved a path for his
future occupation. “I have a mom, dad and a sister, we hang out,play games and
occasionally watch TV,” Osterholt said.

“After failing out of high school I knew that I was going to inherit
the family store… I realized that I hated all of the behind the scenes Osterholt is a part of a tight-knit family that spends lots of time
things, but still enjoyed the business, I knew it wasn’t the right place together. When not doing sports, at school, or with friends he is in
for me,” Jagger said. the company of his parents and sister. According to Osterholt he

struggles however, during the week days to find time with his family

Jagger completely believed that he was going to stay in that small because he is so involved in soccer and school.
town in Fort Wayne, Indiana and would own the family’s stores.
But once his parents left town temporarily, Jagger was the head of “My goals for the year are to get great grades and to keep
the food chain at his parent’s Sears stores. Although the ownership excelling in soccer,”Osterholt said.
was a hated experience for Jagger the impact that this part time
ownership would have on him is unknown to him at the time. Osterholt’s everyday life consists of riding the rowdy bus
to school and perfecting and improving his art with his fellow

“So I went back to school and got my degree in business teammates. He discovered that he found joy in bettering himself at
education… At my first big job at Groveport Madison, I ran pretty these two aspects of his daily life, encouraging Osterholt to set goals
much everything in the building,” Jagger said. for himself as he gets better. However, according to Osterholt he has
friends that inspire and motivate him to meet those goals.

Jagger found a passion in the care of others in his younger years “Hanging out with my friends just simply keeps me
and enjoyed his time at Fort Wayne middle school but after his happy,”Osterholt said.
parents retirement in Ohio and due to travel into Ohio for fertility
appointments with his wife the move to Ohio brought him to Osterholt finds as many opportunities as possible outside of
Groveport Madison and eventually to Berlin. Jagger was one of school and soccer, to hang out with his friends. Osterholt is a young
113 applicants for an assistant principal position at Berlin, dealing student athlete who builds his life around the four pillars in his life:
with testing,discipline,and school safety. However the teaching path sports,friends,family and school. While Osterholt tackles the two
might not be his long term future. challenges of sports and school and sometimes even family, his

“If I won the lottery I would go back to school and get my degree friends always support him or push him to do better according to
to become a Pediatric Oncologist,” Jagger said. Osterholt.

Jagger has a passion for the care of others and his life is built “What makes me different is that I simply just always want to
around the thought that all things happen for a reason and that have a good time and laugh, I find that I take it on myself to light up
one day can alter your entire future. Jagger is a man of compassion the room with a joke or smile,” Osterholt said
and empathy who enjoys the exertion of care for others and most
importantly a passion for the pride of Berlin. Osterholt battles for the ball as he
fights off a defender. Osterholt played
Jagger shows his smile for the in a soccer game despite the cold
camera. Jagger was hired in 2019 temperatures.
as the Olentangy Berlin assistant

The Bear Perspective | Page 3


Women’s Hockey fights

for gold Getty Images

Women’s Hockey dove straight into group play where all
ten teams play four games to place in the semifinals to have a
shot at gold.

The Women’s Hockey international platform is run by
two nations Canada and the United States of America.
One of these two teams have won gold in every Olympics
since 1998 and both have placed on the podium if they
didn’t win gold. This year the tournament has had the same
theme as the only loss between the two came at the hands of
Canada beating the US in an intense 4-2 finish. Besides that
clash both teams have won all their games and have a goal
differential of 28 and 16 (Canada and US respectively).

“It’s one of the biggest rivalries in sports and every time we United States player celebrates with her
go in against them we want to make a statement and show medal. United States hockey has won
them that they don’t belong on the ice with us,” said Natalie seven medals since their creation.
Toronto Star
Forward Natalie Spooner showed just how competitive
and intense the rivalry between these two teams is. Canada
and the United States both advanced to the tournament
semifinals playing Sweden and Czech Republic respectively.
The odds are in their favor as both countries only won two
games in a less difficult group. If Canada and the United
States both win in the quarterfinals and semifinals they are
set to play each other on Feb 17 at 12:10 EST.. However
Team USA’s Brianna Decker suffered a Olympic ending
injury in the first period of their first game against Finland.
She is a key player to the team and will be greatly missed
against Czech Republic and most likely Canada.

“I just told her, ‘We got this,’ no matter what, she’s a big
part of this group. … You saw that in our response after she
went down, how much we picked up the game and took
control.” Kendall Coyne Schofield said.

Although she is missing teammate Schofield said she is still Canadian players celebrate after an
a huge voice and leader for the team whether she is on the Olympic goal. Canada beat United States
ice or not. The two teams in Canada and the United States to win gold in the 2022 Olympics.
need to get through the finals to reunite the classic and now
annual rivalry which always seems to be the game that
decides it all.

The Bear Perspective | Page 4


Manchester split with ambitions
at mid season
Manchester City pulled away as the clear favorite Manchester City has won their last 12 games and
there offense has been electric. In a recent game on
for the league winner as their neighbor Manchester Dec. 14, 2021 there offense produced seven goals
United slip to three places outside the top four. against Leeds United.

According to ESPN, Manchester City went from a
40 percent chance of winning the league to now mid- “It was a good game. The vibe at the stadium was
season a dominating 77 percent. Manchester City has phenomenal. It was sold out today and when this
shown no weakness and in my opinion is clearly the happens the players feel it. Thanks so much to them
best team in Europe at the moment. Meanwhile their (the fans). It was a pleasure,” Pep Guardiola said.
rivals to the west have dropped to 7th place on the
table right behind Tottenham and instead of 50 percent
now have a 19 percent chance of placing top four and The atmosphere lately in the Etihad has been
qualifying for the Champions League. poor, however as the team wins more and more
the attendance and energy rises and the players
“Actually I don’t know. I think he’s trying hard. In and managers notice. With the manager, fans,
training he was doing well in the last couple of days, and players praising each other the teams looks
that’s why he was quite rightly in the starting XI,” to conquer not only England but Europe as well
Rangnick said. by winning the Champions League. On the other

Interim at Manchester United Ralf Rangnick showed side of the city of Manchester the hope isn’t as
his struggles with the £10,400,000 a year star forward present as the fans, players and interim coach show
Marcus Rashford’s performances in game. Manchester frustration.

United has lost surprising games to Wolves, Watford Getty Images
and Aston Villa and in all games the team has scored
one or less goals causing concern for Manchester fans
about their danger going forward. Rangnick is justified
in his frustration as Rashford has been in very poor
form recently and seems to be missing something when
on the pitch.

“One of the Easiest Line-Ups To Decide,” Juanma Lillo

While Manchester United struggled to find the Paul Pogba confronts
starters, Manchester City assistant manager Lillo Nicolas Otamendi after a
showed his opinion on who he thought should have foul. Manchester City beat
started in the FA Cup clash against Swindon Town. I Manchester United 4-1.
completely agree with his starting decisions, however
once putting in subs the talent drop off is very little
which adds to their incredibly dominant repertoire. As
a result of his certainty and confidence in his guys they
won in a convincing and incredible offensive showing of

The Bear Perspective | Page 5

Sam Huff leaves a legacy Feature

Sam Huff died in Washington at the age of According to Tom Canavan at New York Times
87 leaving a football legacy behind. Huff was a Associated Press, after he retired
textbook player who was a perfect example of for the second time after the 1969
how to live out the American-way. season, Huff found another passion
behind the microphone. Huff spent
Huff spent the majority of his life in the three seasons with the Giants as a
football world, after his 12 years of playing he color commentator on radio before
called games for 41 years in New York and doing the same with Washington
Washington respectively. Before his time in for 38 years, starting in 1975. He
the league he attended college and majored in coached for a season and jumped
physical education while he played his heart around careers until he worked with
out on the green fibers of his home stadium. Marriott in marketing until 1998.

According to the Associated Press, Huff Huff is also known for saying, “All Sam Huff receives a honor
was drafted out of West Virginia University you can do is grab hold, hang on by the New York Giants
in the third round in 1956 by the New York and wait for help,” referencing how in 2013. This is the year
Giants and emerged as a top linebacker in to tackle an opponent. Huff lived an that Huff learned he had
the league when he played for the Giants for influential life and revolutionized the dementia.
seven years from 1956-63. He led the Giants game of football in many ways and
to a 47-7 domination over the Bears at Yankee will go down as a legend in the sport. Getty Images
stadium. However Huff says that his major His death does not bring sorrow, it
regret was only winning one of his title games. brings celebration to his amazing
Huff was traded to Washington before the journey.
1964 season and played there until he retired
after the 1967 season, only to come back and
play his final year in the 1969 season under
Vince Lombardi. During his time in the league
Huff went to five Pro-Bowls, was selected as
the NFL’s top linebacker in 1959 and was later
inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1982.

“He is judged not for his race, nor his social Sam Huff shows his
standing, or not for his finances, but by the intimidation and work
democratic yardstick of how well he blocks, effort in a game in 1962.
tackles and sacrifices individual glory for the Huff had a documentary
overall success of his team,” Huff said in his made about him called
introduction to the Hall of Fame speech. “The Violent World
Huff had a very influential life through of Sam Huff ” for his
football and his character. Although he wasn’t intimidation shown in
thought of as the brightest bulb or the sharpest photos like this.
knife he produced, he was seen as someone
that puts passion and effort into everything he
did before, during and after his beloved time
in the NFL.

The Bear Perspective | Page 6


Price may not reflect quality

The Entenmann’s poppem donuts are strictly glazed Entenmenn’s Popems pumpkin flavor
plain donuts. sits on display. William Entenmann,
a German immigrant, founded his
However the taste of these bite size donuts made up baked goods company in Brooklyn in
for the lack of variety. They had incredible texture and a 1898.
very crisp and sweet flavor. The Dunkin Munchkins variety box
previews its flavors. In 1955, the first
They had an even distribution of glaze and were very Dunkin’ Donuts franchise opened, in
moist and flavorful on the inside. The texture is at first 1972, Dunkin’ Donuts introduced its
hard but then turns soft and squishy. iconic Munchkins donut hole treats.

These donuts are very good. I would rate them eight
$’s out of 10 $’s .

Another fantastic perk of these poppems are that they
are available in any and every local grocery store.

This makes accessibility easy and no need to go to a
specific location for your donuts when you can just pick
them up on your weekly grocery run.

The last fantastic upside to these donuts is the price
per donut.

For a 32 box of Entenmann’s poppems it cost $5.79

18 cents for a great tasting donut compares very well
against its competition.

One of the downsides is the overall lack of variety in
their donuts, no mater which one you pick from the box
it will be a plain glazed donut.

On a different note the Dunkin Donut munchkins are
quite a disappointing purchase.

The donuts cost $8.00 USD for only 30 munchkins.
Immediately there is a large increase in price
from Entenmann’s poppems to the Dunkin Donuts
munchkins which in turn should deliver better quality
However, that is not the case. The munchkins were
extremely dry and had very little to no taste.
Although they had more variety it offered in most
cases worse experiences the more different munchkin
flavors I tried.
Another downside to these is the availability.
These munchkins can only be found in a Dunkin
Donuts store which is closed for eight hours of the day.

The Bear Perspective | Page 7


JV Boys Basketball show

The Berlin Bears JV basketball team had to bounce back After a jump ball by #13 Logan Howell that forced a
with a strong performance coming off of a tough loss to a Darby timeout at 1:00 left the #4 on Darby struck an
talented Olentangy. absolute beauty of a corner three to put them up 43-
39 and to seal the game with :25.2 seconds left.
The Bears had high spirits going into the game as they
had to put up a tough fight against a great opponent in the The Darby Panthers won the game with a final
Darby Panthers to make up for a rough start. score of 43-39.

“We felt like we needed to prove something. We had Although the Bears’ spirits were down, the perfor-
a good week of practice and felt we were better than we mance from their team created a hopeful glimpse at
showed, when we played Tangy,” #40 Sophomore Myles the future to come with their close game with a very
Montgomery said. talented team in the Darby Panthers.

#25 Jameson Stilson started the game off with an electric “We will just continue to work hard in practice
three pointer with 4:59 left in the first quarter to put the and transfer that to the game and get the results we
Bears ahead 3-2 expect. We also need to work on playing a full game
and playing consistent through all four quarters,” #14
For the rest of the quarter scoring went back and forth Sophomore Nick Dye said.
ending with a chase down steal resulting in a transition
bucket for #13 Logan Howell with :15 seconds left in the You can watch those results come to fruition
quarter and set the score at 10-9 for Darby going into the December 17th home against Dublin Jerome at 6:00
second quarter. p.m.

Bears started the second quarter off with a rip steal The Bears discuss
from #25 Stilson leading to a quick pass and an incredible game tactics in the
transition bucket for #14 Nick Dye which put the score at team huddle during
12-11 in Darby’s favor. a timeout. The Bears
finished the season
With 2:08 left in the half Darby gained momentum with a 0-0 record
from the crowd with a block and a pair of buckets for #40
on Darby putting the score at 17-13 and forcing a Bears The Bears battle
timeout. in warmups in
preparation for the
After two long defensive stalemates the first half ends at game. Joe Beaumer
19-16 for the Panthers. 24’ ended the game
as the leading scorer
The first half was a story told by defense and transition and made a large
points. The two teams were fairly evenly matched and had impact on the close
lots of things to prove going into the third quarter. result.

The third quarter the Panthers came out swinging, with
6:00 left in the quarter they took an early 23-16 lead.

#55 Korey Harrell made an incredible three pointer
which put the score at 23-19 and forced Darby to talk
things out defensively with a timeout at 5:36.
With two free throws from both #15 Brady Zabloudil and
#4 Brady Myers the Bears put the score to 25-23.

A massive three point play on a bucket and foul by #24
Joe Beaumer gave the Bears the lead 26-25 for the first
time since 4:55 in the second quarter.

After a back and forth end to the quarter the score was
31-29 going into the fourth quarter.

After an electric start to the fourth quarter and a forced
timeout by the Bears at 4:59, #25 Jameson Stilson forced a
huge jump ball which got the bench and fans cheering.

This possession change led to a huge three pointer from
#25 Jameson Stilson to make the score 38-34.

The Bear Perspective | Page 8

The Bear Perspective | Page 9

Trip To England

The Bear Perspective | Page 10

Editorial Cartoon

The Bear Perspective | Page 11

NFL Press Conference Reputation Management
We are calling this press conference on the behalf of the NFL to
make sure our officiating is accurate and unbiased. We are here to
ask questions about our new officiating review system. The press
conference is expected to happen on May 6 in New York City. New
York was chosen due to the NFL headquarters being in New York.
Although the date may change due to delays, the target was to have it
happen a few days after the draft.
Our audience (being the fans) will hopefully see that the miss and
mistaking calls will be eliminated from the game. We expect to see
ESPN, TSN, Sportsnet, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Reports, and
CBS Sports attending our press conference. We hope to have this
broadcasted so that the fans can listen in. This should no longer make
the game of football full of biased and inaccurate calls. Controversial
calls will no longer be seen on social media. Although our new
system may extend the length of the game, accurate calls are the most

National Football League
Walt Anderson
(212) 450-2000
[email protected]
Thu, Mar 17
For Immediate Release
NFL to implement new officiating changes

[New York City, New York, March 17] After much consideration, the NFL, in partner-
ship with the NFLPA, has decided to implement a mandated review of every penalty called
throughout the course of a game. This rule will allow for the highest level of accuracy for all
flags thrown and will begin during the first preseason game of the 2022-2023 season. Also,
we have removed all “unreviewable plays”. Starting in the first game of the 2022-2023 season,
any play can be reviewed.

These decisions come after months of deliberation between the NFL and the NFL’s Players
Association. After many contested calls throughout the course of the 2021-2022 season, it
was brought to the attention of league officials that changes would need to be made to the
penalty calling system. One instance this season, a review was made on a play that was con-
sidered “unreviewable” last season in the AFC championship game.

These rules may add a short amount of additional time to the game, but in practice, we
don’t believe that it won’t add any significant delay to the game. According to ESPN, an av-
erage of 13.88 penalties are called a game. Penalty reviews will only last upwards of one min-
ute. Therefore, these penalty reviews, on average, should not add too much time to the game.
For additional information visit

The Bear Perspective | Page 11

2021-2022 Olentangy Berlin High School 3140 BSR Delaware, Ohio 43015 By:Kyler Foreman

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