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Husky Presentation

Husky Presentation

Husky Refinery
Lima, Ohio

Electrical and Mechanical Presentation

Husky March 23, 2021


1. Project Information
2. Vaughn Industries
3. Staffing
4. Safety
5. Workforce/Apprenticeship
6. Schedule Management
7. Quality Control
8. Material Delivery and Handling
9. Material Procurement
10. Project Approach
11. Pre-Construction Phase
12. Construction Phase
13. Daily/Weekly Protocol
14. Completion of Project
15. BIM Capabilities
16. Vaughn’s approach to the use of BIM in the Field
17. Vaughn’s approach to the use of BIM for Prefabrication
18. References
19. Subcontractors
20. Site Logistics – Lead Construction
21. Project Experience

Husky March 23, 2021


Project Name: Husky Refinery – Lima. Ohio

Site Address: 1250 South Metcalf Street,
Lima, OH 45804

County: Allen

Owner: Husky Energy, Inc.

Scope of Work: Electrical and Mechanical

2. Vaughn Industries

Founder Ron Vaughn started Vaughn Electric in 1963 with four employees. His focus was on
commercial/industrial Electrical Projects; however, he quickly realized there was a high demand
for High Voltage Contractors. While Ron continued to grow the commercial/industrial electrical
division, the High Voltage Division became his passion. The HV Division grew quickly with
projects, personnel and equipment, which made Vaughn a renowned High Voltage Contractor.
In the late 70’s, Ron’s vision to expand his services became a reality when he acquired Carey
Sheet Metal. These acquisitions enabled Vaughn to offer a MEP “turnkey” solution for his
clients – from bringing in the high voltage power lines, building the substation, providing
HVAC, electrical, plumbing and communications. Shortly after, Vaughn Electric became
Vaughn Industries to better reflect the services he offered.

After Ron’s passing in the late 80’s, Tim Vaughn – CEO and Gregg Vaughn – Vice President
took over the reins and continued to grow Vaughn Industries and expand the services they offer,
including over 500 megawatts of Solar Power Construction.
Vaughn Industries continues to grow, with over 650 full time employees and annual revenues
exceeding $180 million.

Husky March 23, 2021

3. Staffing

Vaughn Industries Leadership:
Tim Vaughn – CEO
[email protected] (419) 722-9944

Jenna Eaves – Safety Director
[email protected] (419) 722-9911

Pete Barnes – Director of Operations Manager
[email protected] (419) 722-9941

Jason Arend – Electrical Division Manager
[email protected] (419) 722-9984

Jason Powers – Mechanical Division Manager
[email protected] (740) 262-9930

Brad Spangler – Field Superintendent
[email protected] (419) 722-9923

John Reinhart – Preconstruction Services Manager
[email protected] (419) 722- 9962

Rick Windbigler – CAD/BIM Coordination Manager
[email protected] (614) 940-8784

4. Safety

 Project Safety
 Vaughn Industries will provide a full-time safety specialist during the project once the crew size
reaches over twenty. In addition, our safety specialist, project manager and field
superintendents will complete safety audits and inspections. Vaughn’s safety department will
be involved in the job planning.

 Job Briefing Task Hazard Analysis
 Each morning the supervisor will conduct a job briefing with the entire crew and subcontractors
to discuss the daily activities, job site hazards, and assign the crew to each task for the day. The
briefings will be documented daily, and signed off on by the entire crew and subcontractors.
This will be an open discussion so every

Husky March 23, 2021

crewmember can address their thoughts for the work that needs completed for that day. Once
tasks are issued, the supervisor will appoint one person involved in that task to be the task
leader. These task leaders are people the supervisors feel can complete the assigned task
safely and with quality. Once the tasks are assigned, the crew will perform their morning stretch
and flex.
 Safety Company Overview
 Having a partnership with OSHA, Vaughn Industries is OSHA Star Voluntary Protection
Program (VPP) Mobile Workforce Certified. Our field tradespeople all receive 30 hour OSHA,
CPR/First Aid Training along with specialized electrical training through NFPA 70E and

 Vaughn Industries’ Safety Director manages a staff of two administration assistants, six full time
safety inspectors along with over more than 650 safety participants. Our production field crews
are part of our Safety Team utilizing Task Hazard Analysis Cards and Behavioral Based Safety
with our “Checkit” program.

 Our Safety Department inspects our job sites weekly in collaboration with our project
superintendents, supervisors, and project managers.

 Vaughn Industries’ Health and Safety Manual includes the following:
o Safe work place procedures and practices
o Mandatory Glove Policy
o Hard hat and safety glasses
o FR Clothing
o Rigging and Lifting
o Job Site Evacuation Policy
o Excavations Policy
o Hearing protection when applicable
o Arc rated clothing when applicable
o Proper leather work shoes/boots; and presentable clothing
o GFCI protection shall be used at all times
o Task Hazard Analysis performed at beginning of shift and when task changes
o Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, safety data sheets (SDS) location on site
o Log books filled out daily – applicable to all subcontractors
o Current EMR Rating 2021 .85

5. Workforce/Apprenticeship

 Workforce
 Our highly skilled Tradespeople are dedicated to completing projects on Time and on Budget.
All employees receive Continuing Education for Safety, Trade Specific Technology and Industry
Standards. Third party and in-house instructors keep Vaughn’s Workforces up to date with
refresher and new informational courses throughout the year.

 Apprenticeship

Husky March 23, 2021

 Vaughn Industries’ In-house, State and Federally accredited four year Apprenticeship program
for the electrical, mechanical and high voltage divisions, promises highly trained Journeymen
and Journeywomen since the Mid 1980’s. “Earn while you Learn”

 Our Apprenticeship program has graduated over 400 women and men since 1985 to
Journeyman Status, and many have continued to climb the ladder to Managers here at Vaughn
Industries; our management longevity is over 30 years.

 Licensing
 Vaughn Industries is registered and licensed in the following States:
o Licensed & Registered
 Ohio
 Delaware
 Florida
 Georgia
 Kentucky
 North Carolina
 South Carolina
 Texas
 West Virginia
o Registered
 Illinois
 Maryland
 Massachusetts
 New Mexico
 New Hampshire
 New York
 Pennsylvania
 Tennessee
 Vermont
 Virginia

6. Schedule Management

Schedule involvement with all subcontractors is one of the main components to keep the project
moving forward. A current, updated schedule is necessary to align the efforts of all teams in the most
efficient manner. Everything needs to coordinate from engineering, BIM modeling, and prefabrication
to field installation. One of the key tasks is for us to break the job labor down per phase per task. This
gives us a live look at where we stand based on the schedule. Our project manager looks at this
weekly to ensure the appropriate crew size is available and scheduled to be there.

7. Quality Control

The focus of our quality control is to identify problems early and have them addressed before they
negatively impact the project. We hold monthly meetings with our CEO, Tim Vaughn, division
managers, project managers, superintendents, foremen, and our quality control specialists to inspect

Husky March 23, 2021

the job sites. During this time, we discuss any issues from materials to the installation. This allows
everyone from the top down, to know what needs to be done, to keep the project on track.

In addition to the monthly meeting, our superintendent and foremen will be inspecting the job daily as
they walk the site and the project manager does a weekly inspection as well.

8. Material Delivery and Handling

Lean Construction has become a crucial role in maintaining a clean and productive job site. To achieve
this, we include material carts for mobility and accessibility of our material. Everything is on wheels to
keep items off of the floor and ease of access. Our Warehouse and Vendors provide just-in-time
deliveries and ample storage.

Material delivery and pickup will be coordinated with Husky for access and storage.

9. Material Procurement

Vaughn Industries’ Purchasing Department has access to a vast selection of vendors and
manufacturers throughout the U.S. Each of these vendors are pre-qualified via Vaughn’s criteria based
on safety, availability and cost. By planning ahead, our Purchasing Department has the opportunity to
find the best prices and high-quality material for each project.

We have two locations in Ohio that are well equipped to accept and store material and/or equipment.
This allows us to minimize cost increases and storage fees. This also allows us to keep less material
on-site to practice “lead construction standards.”

10. Project Approach

We pride ourselves in taking the Design Assist approach on every project. We believe in being a team
player; whether the project is a plan and spec, design build or design assist project. From concept, design,
estimating and through construction, our team will suggest better products, safety, efficient means/methods
and value engineering ideas to provide the owner with cost effective and efficient constructability with quality.

Vaughn Industries’ project team is selected based on qualifications and experience best suited for the project.
This process starts at the initial opportunity presented by our clients beginning with the pre-construction team
to the project manager, superintendent, foreman and tradespeople. Vaughn Industries will ensure we have the
right team on your project to make it a great success.

11. Preconstruction Phase

Our team greatly appreciates this opportunity to work with Husky on future projects. We worked
diligently with the information provided to complete our estimates for the project. We have found that
Planning is one of the most important ingredients that goes into any project – “Have a Plan or Plan to

Husky March 23, 2021

Pending the complexity of the project our approach is not limited to the following:
 Preconstruction

o Project Manager/Superintendent
o Initial meeting with owner to discuss project
o Safety review of the proposed project
o Safety considerations of the project for owner, employees and all trades people
o Attending all pull planning meetings and review all milestones
• Review of construction schedule
o Constructability
o Review of owner and contractor submittals
o Enhance pre-fabrication opportunities
o Cost efficiencies driven by layout and planning
o Look for value engineering options
o Coordination between other trades
o Responsible for means and methods for functionality of the facility
o Estimate reviews

o Senior Estimator
o Initial pricing and budgets
o Pricing at each design assist estimate
o Cost breakdown
o Look for value engineering options
o Coordination between estimating and the BIM manager
o Estimate reviews

o BIM Manager/VDC Coordinator
o Lead the design meeting when required by the CM
o Coordination review
o Clash detection
o Read and interpret submittals, architectural, structural, MEP drawings
o Prefabrication design
o Find the best solutions for all trades
o Make sure MEP codes are followed during the design phase

o Tasks
o Detailed estimate
o Milestones and schedule
o Constructability
o Value Engineering

12. Construction Phase

 Award of Project
o In-house meeting with Safety, Operations, Estimating, CAD and Purchasing
o Project overview
o Review and implement site specific safety requirements
o Discuss and implement CAD/BIM/Trimble needs
o Schedule labor resources
o Procure materials
o Procure equipment

Husky March 23, 2021

13. Daily/Weekly Project Protocol

 Start of Shift
o Superintendent holds morning briefing with crew, including:
 Head count
 Safety meeting
 Stretch and Flex
 Coordination/communication with Husky
 Review of Project Schedule
 Task briefing
 Task Hazard Analysis specific to the work being performed
 Quality Checks
 Project progress
 Material/Equipment needs
 Company announcements
o Safety training
o Equipment training

 Breaks

o Coordination/communication with Husky
o Head count
o Task briefing
o Task Hazard Analysis specific to the work being performed
o Quality Checks
o Project progress
o Labor needs
o Material/Equipment needs

 End of Shift
o Coordination/communication with Husky
o Head count
o Review of Task Hazard Analysis specific to the work being performed
o Quality Checks
o Project progress
o Labor needs
o Material/Equipment needs
o Clean up

14. Completion of Project March 23, 2021

 Close out
o Coordination/communication with Husky
o Contractor punch and quality check
o Walk through/review project with Husky


o Correct issues and review
o Provide close out materials

• As-built drawings
• CAD files as needed
• O and M’s
• Training

15. BIM Capabilities

Vaughn Industries quickly came to the realization that more effort on the front end could save an
enormous amount of time and effort throughout the construction of the project. That time and effort first
showed in the way we could build BOM’s. The process is evolving every year with newer software
coming out. Ove the past 14 years, we are pushing the limits as to what information can be
extrapolated from Revit, Sysque, AutoCAD and Navisworks. We use this information for basic things
like scheduling material and manpower. We use this information to help share the design intent with
the field. We use this information to create prefabricated assemblies to help streamline the process.
Vaughn Industries has gotten to the point where we work with CM’s to schedule the installation of all
MEP’s in accordance with the most logical installation timelines (when we are the VDC manager on the
job). Priority and fire walls have become a normal thing these days. Using some of the specialty
software applications that can be ran over Revit, could of taken weeks to create wall/floor penetration
drawings on large jobs has been cut in half with better omission of errors.

VI has spent the last 5 years making the switch from AutoCAD MEP/East Coast CAD to a 100% Revit
through fabrication (Sysque) platform. Unlike a lot of other contractors that take the drawing out of
Revit to achieve fabrication, Vaughn Industries uses the Sysque platform within Revit to export
fabrication files directly to our state of the art laser table and coil line. Welded, Victaulic, Viega, etc. is
drawn with real fittings, gaps, and pipes. Conduit is drawn with Greenlee’s Bendworks software that
uploads directly to programmable benders thus creating the same streamlined exact replica of Revit
models that the other systems employ.

At the start of the job, duct systems are added to the Sysque library to match pressure class and
insulation thickness of what is called out in the specs or duct fabrication schedule on the drawings.
While we draw, those specific systems are used and sheet metal material, gauge, flange type, seam
type are automatically applied. The same process is applied to the hydronic pipe models.

Vaughn Industries’ Coordination Department consists of seven full time coordinators with about 75
years of combined electrical/mechanical experience. We take much pride in what we produce daily and
are constantly evolving to help challenges presented by an ever changing construction industry. Below
is list of our current software lineup.


9 seats – AUTODESK Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection. (acad, revit, navis, robot
structural, recap, 3dsmax, etc.)

10 seats – AUTODESK BIM 360 Coordinate, Design, Team

Husky March 23, 2021

25 seats – AUTODESK BIM 360 Document Management
4 seats – Sysque MEP Fabrication
6 seats – Victaulic Tools

1 Seat – Greenlee Bendworks – All conduit drawn with real parts. Seat just for prefab.

Husky March 23, 2021

16. Vaughn’s approach to the use of BIM in the Field

Vaughn Industries, we attempt to give as much information as possible from the BIM office to the field.
Our foreman and crew leaders have IPads/Laptops that they can pull the model up in the field through
our project management software. We also own four BIM boxes for use on multiple floors on jobsites
for all of employees to utilize. Each BIM box is a large job box with computer, large flat screen monitor,
router and cellular hotspot. The BIM boxes are tied directly to our internal project management
software giving the field access to the latest 3D models, contract drawings, specifications, RFI’s, etc.
Our install drawings within the project management software are marked up so that everyone in our
company can see them real time. If the office wants to make a change to an install drawing or 3D
model for the field, it can be marked up or replaced with a newer version and all associated personnel
are notified of the update with email. Same goes for field markups for things like field modifications.
The field marks up the install drawing and notifies the BIM team of the change so the drafter can make
the as built change real time. This allows everyone to see the updated changes as early as possible.
Our Foramen take measurements, look up material data, find elevations and look for clear paths
through other trades when an unknown field condition arises.

By utilizing Trimble total station layout tool, Vaughn Industries moves as much of the construction
process to the beginning of the job as possible. Using Trimble, we put every hanger in concrete decks,
we layout all of holes for sleeves rather than coring if applicable, we layout all the penetrations through
walls, layout all underground pipe and conduit, basically anything we can move to the front and get
ahead of the schedule we do. All of this is achievable because of our dedicated layout personnel and
our 5 total station/rover layout tools. Points are given from the BIM department to the field layout
personnel through the project management software thus keeping a tracked record of what has been

Husky March 23, 2021

17. Vaughn’s approach to the use of BIM for Prefabrication

Vaughn Industries utilizes BIM for the prefabrication process. This process allows us to pre-fab offsite
and minimize the amount of parts handled in the field. We pre-fab our assemblies to the dimensions
that will allow us to maneuver the item within the confines of the job. We have dedicated mobile racking
systems with wheels and forklift pockets.

Below is a list of pre-fab assemblies we produce regularly:

o Ductwork assembled in 15ft sections with taps cut and installed
o Pipe Spools up to 20ft long with tees, tread-o-lets, weld-o-lets, elbows, etc. Weld or Victaulic
o Pump skids
o Piping control assemblies – VAV’s, Coils, AHU’s, Pumps, etc.
o Hangers of all types
o Conduit racks or bends (if over 2.5”). 10ft racks of up to 40 pipes on unistrut with hangers
o MC prefab wire/devices in a box. Whole room wire prefab in reusable totes
o Pressure reducing steam stations
o Hospital headwalls
o Toilet carriers
o Conduit underground racks

Pictures of our Pre-Fab shop and material.

60,000 sq ft warehouse March 23, 2021


Electrical Pre-fab

Husky March 23, 2021

Laser Table

Ductwork shop fabrication and Pre-fab March 23, 2021


Piping Pre Fab Shop Storage

Pre-fab pump packages All our rectangular ductwork is made at Vaughn’s with covered ends

Husky March 23, 2021

Figure to the left is the pressure reducing
valve station being pressure tested in our

Figure to the right is the pressure
reducing valve station installed at NCH

Husky Figure to the left is one of the
AHU in the penthouse at NCH BHP

March 23, 2021

18. References
Kevin Hartman
Marathon Petroleum Company 419-701-1257

Mel Kurtz
quasar energy group 216-524-3333

Dan Tyburski
Turner Construction 614-774-7409

Joe Massey
COTA 614-783-8240

Chad Stevers
Gilbane Building Company 419-304-2638

Kenneth Miller
Messer Construction 614-554-7422

Greg Topp
Roger D Fields & Associates 614-325-4828

Shaun Whetstone
Marker Construction 937-539-0501

19. Subcontractors

Vaughn Industries has become a unique diversified company in many trades. We self-perform
industrial/commercial electrical, technology, fire alarm, control wiring, sub-station, high voltage,
renewable energy, mechanical, HVAC as well as 24-hour emergency services.

Electrical and Mechanical Subcontractors
o High Voltage NETA Testing
o Excavation
o Air and Water Balancing
o Rigging
o Insulation
o Fire stopping


Husky March 23, 2021

20. Site Logistics – Lead Construction

 Material (Lean Construction)

o Material carts for mobility and accessibility
o Lewis Center office for storage
o Just in time deliveries
o Pre-Fab shop

 Pull Planning Meetings

o Plan ahead
o Allows each trade a valued opportunity for input
o Review milestone dates weekly

Husky March 23, 2021

21. Project Experience

Marathon Marathon Sub

M&B Asphalt Quasar bio-
March 23, 2021

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

NCH RB4 $30.6M

NCH BHP $12.1M

NCH T&A Backfill $6.5M

NCH NIT Renovation $695K

NCH LAC $2.01M

NCH Radiology $764K

NCH Sedation $1.1


Ohio State University

OSU Bioscience $9.7M

OSU West Substation $7.4M

OSU NRDT Buildings $26.7M

OSU Jameson Crane $4.6M

OSU Upper Arlington $5.2M

OSU Bioscience March 23, 2021



Air Stream $7.1M

Smith Drug $10.8M

Hanon Products $6.8M

Pratt Paper $3.2M

International $3.6M


Verizon Wireless $8.6M

COTA 18.8M

Honda Data $7.1M


State of OH $4M

Computer Center

Air Stream March 23, 2021


Smith Drug Smith Drug

International Paper March 23, 2021


Hospital $4.5M
Robinson Surgery $11.3M
Chalmers VA Clinic $2.8M
Bucyrus Hospital $5.9M
Knox Hospital $6.5M
Mercy Hospital $1.5M
Select Medical $4.6M
Blanchard Valley

MSC Distribution

Wylie VA Clinic Blanchard Valley

Husky March 23, 2021

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