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2018_Fall v3

2018_Fall v3

The Brantlaker

The Newsletter of the Brant Lake Association Fall 2018

Brant Lake Foundation Inc., dba Brant Lake Association

A View From The Top

Do you want to take your with the hope of making his They built or had a hand in On the Internet at
family on a family-friendly fortune in lumbering. Stickney owning and running most of the
mountain hike with a classic built the first dams on the creek businesses in town. Judson's
Adirondack feel and a gorgeous coming from the lake, creating sons built the general store in
view of Brant Lake, just 15 the first mill pond. He built the 1895, which was destroyed by
minutes from your lake home first saw and grist mills as well fire in 2006. By the mid Editor – Dave King
[email protected]
doorstep? Then Bartonville as having interests in early 1800's the Mill Pond was
Mountain is for you. But let’s hotels and mercantile. By the surrounded by a general store, a Inside this issue:

first have a little history lesson mid-1800s Stickney had sold cabinet shop, a hotel, a hat
… what and where was much of his holdings to his shop, a saw mill, a grist mill

Bartonville? nephew Judson Barton, from and blacksmith shop. This
Warrensburg. Barton, and area became known as the
In the late 1700's Moses eventually his sons, built many hamlet of Bartonville. This
Stickney purchased most of the of the frame houses that still means that you’ve been driving
land that is now known as stand around the Mill Pond.
Horicon for $0.25 an acre, (Continued on page 3)

From the President 2
Invasives Report 4
Ice Cream Social 5
Mary King Tribute 8
Golf Tournament 10
End of Season Party 12

View of Brant Lake from lookout on Bartonville Mountain

Page 2 The BrantLaker Fall 2018

The Brantlaker From the President’s Desk

Published by I hope everyone had as good of a website ( under
summer as I did. My halcyon days About Us – SUNY Collaboration.
Brant Lake Foundation Inc. were enhanced by engaging with the We encourage you to stay informed
dba Brant Lake Association BLA. Whether it is from a social or and to stay active in our quest by
“business” prospective, here are some volunteering to serve on our
PO Box 88 of the highlights for me. committees.
Brant Lake, NY 12815
The creativity of this year’s Boat In closing, thank you to all for your Parade entrants was beyond kudos regarding the Brantlaker. We amazing. Participants proved are tweaking our format and
imagination knows no bounds. Ice appreciate your comments. We have cream at The Hub was a big draw heard your concerns about noise and again and gray skies did not deter boating etiquette on the lake and
our golfers. The New Member addressed it with the Town
Officers reception brought forth many stories Supervisor. These matters should be
Jayne Wynne, President of how our members arrived at or are referred to the Warren County
John Dunn, Vice President connected to Brant Lake. Sheriff’s office. Those of you who
Terry Lynch, Vice President Amazingly the stories also showed attended the Year End Party, thank
Laurence Meltzer, Secretary how so many of our stories connected you for coming and congratulations to
Mary King, Treasurer to those of others. our raffle winners.

Board of Directors On the business side of the house, our I hope to see familiar faces throughout
Wayne Butler, Dennis Doyle, meetings were a venue to keep the winter at the Brant Lake
Dave King, Douglas Schultz, members informed and to hear their Carnival, the Krazy Downhill Derby
Luc Aalmans, Harry Robinson, concerns. Maintaining the overall or any number of the winter activities
Jackie Freedman, Gary Frenz, health of the lake is a key goal – a in our community or I will see you
Ed Taylor, Joyce Greenidge, quest of the BLA. Our concerns when the lake thaws.
Marc Lustic, Karen Meltzer, extend beyond the presence of milfoil
in the lake. These concerns are real Jayne Wynne
Mike Raymond, Joe and are throughout the ADKs as
Millington, Tom Wynne, evidenced in such media articles as the
July 6th edition of The Lake George
Angie Mead Mirror ran “To Protect Lake
George Stop Invasives at New
York’s Borders”. It cited The Death
of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan –
this book shows the catastrophic
impact aquatic invasive species. The
Adirondack Explorer and
Adirondack Journal have addressed
road salt concerns. You can find the
“State of Brant Lake and the Brant
Lake Management Plan” on our

The BrantLaker - Fall 2018 Page 3

A View From The Top (cont.)

(Continued from page 1) disclosure; your 78 year old editor, who
hiked the trail this summer, did require
though historic Bartonville for years, but 3-4 “breathers” on the way up.)
never realized it. Now, back to the
hike ... The view of the lake from the lookout,
just below the summit, is superb and the
The trailhead to Bartonville Mountain is best of the lake that I know of. You can
directly behind our newest area business, see almost the full length of the lake;
The Hub, on the back side of our perfect for an Instagram post. The
millpond. The business recently lookout is a great place for a picnic
purchased the mountain and had lunch, which The Hub can prepare for
professionally designed mountain biking you, or you can snack (ice cream,
and a hiking trail constructed. The hike anyone?) or dine and hydrate at The
to the top and back is 1.3 miles, with an Hub after you descend. Plan 1.5 - 2
elevation gain of 547 feet. The trail is hours total.
well designed, with frequent switchbacks
to keep the incline reasonable. (Full Dave King

Page 4 The BrantLaker Fall 2018

Invasives Report

The summer was very busy this taking over and clogging up all areas funding is what enables our efforts.
year with efforts to control and less than 20 foot deep. So join the Thanks to all that participated this
detect invasives in the lake. Our fight, go out, look down, report any year
members reported over 60 sightings suspicious sightings, and if you have not
of Eurasian Water Milfoil yet made a pledge to the fundraising Tom Wynne
(EWM) around the lake. campaign, please do so soon. That
Fortunately, we did not get any
reports of new species such as
Spinney Flea, Zebra Mussels or
Asian Clams. I also personally
checked several docks, rocks and
beaches and am pleased to report
no sightings.

You may have seen our contractor,
Aqualogic , out with their dive
boat. They worked the equivalent
of 7 weeks harvesting EWM. As
of this writing we have a
preliminary report indicating the
total EWM they removed was just
over 12,000 pounds. This is the
highest yield we have ever had. I
attribute this to 1) Aqualogic had
a late start (mid July) so the plants
had grown almost to the surface,
therefore increasing weight, 2) The
7 week schedule is 2 weeks longer
than most other years and 3) the
Diver Assisted Suction equipment
used by Aqualogic increases
efficiency and productivity of

In addition, our volunteer divers
have been in the lake several times
this summer and have harvested
several hundred pounds of EWM.
Thanks very much to Jeff Clark,
Luc Aalmans, Terry Lynch, Jerry
Szilagyi and Erin Maltbie.

We will continue to aggressively
remove EWM from our lake every
summer so we prevent it from

The BrantLaker - Fall 2018 Page 5

Ice Cream Social Attracts 200

For the second year in a row, the Brant Lake Association reputation as a venue for family reunions. As a result of
hosted an Ice Cream Social at The HUB. This year’s event the change, the former restaurant and bar area was no
was held on Saturday, July 7, with approximately 200 longer available. Other locations were used following this
people in attendance. The estimate is based on the number change but attendance was slim.
of ice cream cones and cups that were scooped during the 2-
hour event. The ice cream was served complimentary, After a couple of years without a mid-season party, BLA
thanks to the BLA. President Jayne Wynne asked the Social Committee to
resurrect the Mid-Season Party. Co-Chairs, Angie Mead
For decades past, the BLA Mid-Season party was held at and Joe Millington decided to contact Drew Cappabianca
the Sunset Lodge on Route 8, where the Kolakowski to determine if he could make his popular bar and
Family very graciously donated a portion of their charming restaurant, located on the Mill Pond, available for an Ice
lodge to the BLA membership. Several years ago, the Cream Social. The first Social was sponsored in 2017,
family decided to no longer rent their rooms on a nightly and based on the success of the event, the BLA decided to
basis, instead, they decided to rent the entire Lodge to go forward with the Social in 2018. Angie noted, “We
families for a minimum of 1 week. The change proved to be now have a location that works well for members and the
very popular and the Sunset Lodge is now gaining a great event is designed for all ages.” In addition to the free ice-
cream, many children had their faces painted by Amanda
Westcott. The results of Amanda’s talents are featured in
the photos on the following page. Adult members have a
venue that works well for “catching up” with neighbors
and friends, and they also have the opportunity to take
advantage of the HUB’s food and beverage menu, while
listening to live piano music. BLA merchandise was for
sale at the Social, and according to Elna Meader, BLA’s
extraordinary Social Committee member, sales were very
healthy. Mary King, BLA’s Treasurer, organized the
membership table and Angie Mead brought the Hornbeck
Boat to The Hub and organized the sale of raffle tickets.
Proceeds from the boat raffle benefitted the Brant Lake
Milfoil Fund. Special thanks to: our members who
volunteered their time at the event; the Horicon Fire
Department for lending their tables; Brant Lake Camp
for lending parking cones and table cloths; Drew and the
staff at the Hub for their gracious service and hospitality.

The 3rd annual Ice Cream Social is scheduled from 5pm to
7pm on Saturday, July 6, 2019. Be sure to mark your

Joe Millington

Page 6 The BrantLaker Fall 2018

Ice Cream Social Faces

The BrantLaker - Fall 2018 Page 7

Honored Members - Patrons - $150

Timothy & Carrie Barber Stephen & Susan Farrell
Jeffrey & Diane Belden Gallo Realty
Bryan & Jean Bourque Michael Doyle & Amy Gutmann
Robert & Tracy Boutelle Marian Schwager &
Thomas L. & Regina Buckman Jr
Tom & Nancy Buckman Sr Roman Hedges
Jerry & Liz Byrne Douglas & Marilyn Henshaw
John & Joan Caruso James E & Sue Himoff
Anthony Cavanna Giles Kolakowski
Robert & Ellen Daros Douglas & Miriam Kuiken
Denise DeGregorio Robert & Jane Lewit
Corey & Jennifer Deso Joe & Amy Likover
John & Amy DiPreta Brian & Valerie Logan
Dennis & Carol Doyle Daniel & Veronica Lynch
Bill & Geraldine Duffy David & Cheryl McNierney
John & Sharon Dunn Eric Konazewski & Angela Mead
Laurence & Karen Meltzer
John & Ellen Metzger
Joe Millington
Marie Monaco
Jim & Ann Mrazek
Paul & Randi Nolan
John & Donna Ogden Jr
James & Diane Outhouse
Stevan & Carrie Paton
James & Wendy Prout
J. Peter & Eilene Pucciarelli
Michael L & Sandra Raymond
Kevin & Debbie Reeth
Harry & Maureen Robinson
Dr. Philip & Suzan Santiago
Theodore L & Donna Schaap
Carolyn Schumann
Andrew & Harriet Singer
Fred & Deborah Spezza
Steven & DeeAnn Squadere
Tim & Barbara Squadere
Thomas & Sally Thurston
Mark & Marie Treichel
Robert & Gail Van Kuren
Jim & Janet Early Ventura

Page 8 The BrantLaker Fall 2018

Mary King - A Decade of Extraordinary Service

10 years ago, Doug Paton was the President Jayne Wynne presents a Brant Lake Necklace to Mary in honor of her decade of
of the Brant Lake Association (BLA). service and commitment to the BLA.
Doug was an exceptional leader and a
remarkable person. One of his many gifts was the BLA’s ongoing battle with Milfoil and Dave maintain BLA’s membership logs,
his ability to choose the right talent for the key invasives. manage the membership mailing, manage the
roles within the organization. Doug chose very membership table at all BLA Social Events,
well when he chose Mary King to serve as the During her 10-year tenure as Treasurer, and maintain a password protected
BLA Treasurer. More than a decade has Mary has been witness to many changes. membership database for use by the BLA
passed since Mary said “yes” to Doug. Further, she was responsible for ensuring that Officers and Directors.
During this past decade, Mary has served as the changes were accommodated from a
Treasurer with 4 BLA Presidents: Doug reporting perspective. Under Doug Paton’s In reflecting on Mary’s talents and
Paton; Wayne Butler; Joe Millington leadership, the BLA launched their first commitments, Jayne Wynne, BLA President
(interim) and BLA’s current President, Jayne Milfoil Fund Drive, which raised just under notes that “Mary’s proficiency as treasurer
Wynne. At the end of this year, Mary will $200,000. The Milfoil Fund allowed donors goes beyond financial reporting and the myriad
officially hand over the Treasurer role to Joan to pledge their donation over a 3-year period. of paperwork behind the scenes that keeps the
Caruso. In true Mary fashion, she has been It was Mary who was responsible for properly BLA running smoothly. No task asked of
working very closely with Joan over the past acknowledging and tracking the donations. her goes unanswered.” Former President,
few months, to ensure that she is fully She can also be credited with setting up all the Wayne Butler offered the following, “Mary
positioned for success. many links required to allow members to pay was always great to work with. I simply could
their dues and milfoil payments on the Internet not have done my job without her outstanding
The success of all non-profit, volunteer using their credit card. This additional revenue effort and dedication to her role and to the
organizations depends very heavily on the source added complexity to the treasurer’s job, organization. Mary is one of the BLA’s
dedication, talent, and commitment of their but also provides convenience for our members. biggest assets.”
members. I think the entire Board of the
BLA would agree that Mary King has In addition to her responsibilities as On behalf of all the members and
exemplified the concepts of dedication, talent, Treasurer, Mary, together with her husband past members of the BLA we thank
and commitment. Her fundamental Dave (Editor of the Brantlaker and the Mary King for A Decade of
responsibility as Treasurer is to maintain BLA website), have been the “backbone” for Extraordinary Service.
accurate financial records of the Association. the annual Membership Drive. Mary and
Mary gives an oral financial report at all
membership and Board Meetings and she
mails a detailed accounting of the finances to
the Directors of the Board on a regular and
timely basis. You can always count on Mary
for accuracy, timeliness and responsiveness. In
addition to her accounting and reporting
responsibilities, Mary submits annual filings –
IRS 990 EZ and NYS CHAR500.
Copies of the filings are available at Further, she ensures that
all donations made by the BLA are properly
disbursed. Finally, Mary tracks BLA
merchandises sales and manages all
reimbursements and payments related to Social
Events and other expenses. Mary maintains
a separate balance sheet for funds related to

The BrantLaker - Fall 2018 Page 9

Honored Members - Stewards - $75

Robert & Barbara Aldunate John & Jeanne Hagerty Len & Nancy Panzer
Russell & Jeanne Beckley Thomas & Jennifer Hanley Mert Paton
Alexander & Carol Bodner Donald Henshaw Brion & Melissa Raymond
Neil & Joanne Brandmaier Jeri Hepworth Sherwood & Priscilla Remington
Mark & Elizabeth Gardiner Brozina Toby & Molly Hoare Myrna B Miller & Richard L Roth
Shari & Jurg Brunner David & Janice Howells Bill & Michele Ryan
Wayne & Kathy Butler The Hub Mark & Louise San Antonio
James & Barbara Carnright Jr Daniel & Claire Farrell Hughes Hubert Vuillaume & Niki Sarkis
Bob & Marilyn Clement Eric & Kit Isachsen Robert & Carmella Savage
Jeff & Bonnie Cohen Dave & Mary King Richard & Patricia Schneider
Richard & Diana Crookes Thomas & Kathryn King Robert & Joan Schulte
John & Kelly Crupi Tom & Christine Kriz Michael E. & Hazel Schultz
William & Linda Daugherty Victoria Wirth & Daniel Larson Gail Boggio & Michael Shalhoub
Jack & Gail DeGregorio Vincent & Kathleen Leach Raymond & Jo Ann Smith
TJ & Kerry Dudley Howard Lebowitz Doug & Barb Spring
Vince & Erin Duffy Marc Lustick Robert W & Tea Stackler
Joan Edwards Matthew & Jessica Lynch John & Alison Stipkovich
Beth Wells & Allen Elkin Shane & Erin Maltbie Ed Taylor
William & Sandra Felthousen Victor & Gloria Mangano Don & Gerry Tosti
Cecilia Fitzpatrick Albert & Connie Martin John & Mary Ellen Walsh
Joe & Anne Fitzpatrick Bill & Margaret McCarthy Kayla McGraw & Sean Walsh
Irv & Jackie Freedman Tony & Marianne Mockler Ted & Joanne Wilson
Mara San Antonio-Gaddy & Brian & Patricia O'Grady Daniel Wolk
Robert & Annette Ostrander Richard & Patricia Wondra
Peter M Gaddy Peter Cassidy & Mary Paladin Thomas & Jayne Wynne
Richard & Karen Gordon

The BrantLaker - Fall 2018 Page 10

Brant Lake Association 2018 Golf Tournament

Reservations for next year’s tournament have been made for
Friday, August 2, 2019 at Cronin's.
Remember to save the date!!!

This year’s 21st Annual Golf Outing held at Cronin's Golf Resort under cloudy skies on August 3,
was a great success. 26 foursomes with 103 golfers played in the tournament. The day was
perfect and everyone had a great time. There was a record number of hole sponsors. This,
combined with the generosity of the participants, raised just under $5000 for the Milfoil
Abatement Fund.

Contest holes & Prizes

Hole Contest Prize Value Winner
Hole 2 Ladies- Longest drive The Bull House GC $50 Erin Maltbie
Hole 5 Men's - Closest to Flag
Ladies - Closest to Flag Stevenson Lumber $50 Tom Griffin 23’
Hole 6 Men's - Closest to pin Cafe Adirondack GC $50 Patty D’Agostino 26’
Hole 9 $70 Jim Roskowicz
Hole 11 Men's - Longest drive Set of new golf grips,
John Cronin $50 Mike Scidmore
Hole 15 Men's - Most accurate
Hole 16 Talk of the Town GC $50 Kevin Doyle
Hole 19 Ladies- Closest to pin
EZ Marine & Storage $50 Kayla Carlozzi
$25 Diane Elton 3’1”
Cross Roads GC $25

Ladies - Most accurate Tops GC Louise McPhillips Low Net
Ladies - Putting Main St Ice Cream Jim Salmo Andy Ryan
Men's - Putting Golf Bag Joe Pucciarelli
Golf Bag Pete Pucciarelli
Steve Schapp
Hole 13 Team - Closest to Team Prizes Steve Squadere
the pin on 3rd Shot John Waltersdorf Low Gross
Cronin's Golf for 4 Steve Farrell Angie Mead
John Owens
Tournament 1st Low net after 1 $25 GC The Garrison Andy Ryan Erin Mead Maltbie
Place team handicap deduction 2 $12.50 GC Bombers Dinner Joe Pucciarelli Monica Young
Tournament 1st Low gross 1 $25 GC Tops Pete Pucciarelli Sue Halliday
Place team 4 Bottles of wine Steve Schapp
1 $25 GC The Garrison Angie Mead
2 $12.50 GC Bombers dinner Erin Mead Maltbie
1 $25 GC Tops Monica Young
4 Bottles of wine Sue Halliday

Page 11 The BrantLaker Fall 2018

Winners and Donors of the End of Season Party Raffled Items

Item Donated by Winner
Hornbeck Boat Len Schroeder
Generously discounted by Tom Wynne
Custom Made Corn Hole Toss Hornbeck Boat Company Nancy Konczeski
Game Lawrence Meltzer
Original Oil Painting of Brant Lake Made and donated by Dave Arlene Miller
Holderman Priscilla Remington
Golf Bag Mark San Antonio
Painted and donated by Mary
Crystal Stemware and 2 bottles Paladin
of Grey Goose Vodka
Lady’s Choice Donated by Nancy and Bob
Men’s Choice
Donated by Nancy and Bob

Donated by Nancy and Bob

Donated by Nancy and Bob

The BrantLaker - Fall 2018 Page 12

End of Season Party – New Venue gets
Great Reviews

As the end of the summer winds down, on Hall proved to be an ideal location for the members use this opportunity to do some
the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, from End of Season Party. early Christmas shopping and others
5pm to 7pm, The Brant Lake Association purchase clothing items monikered with
(BLA) hosts their annual End of Season The party was established for BLA Brant Lake that they wear with pride.
Party. For the past twenty plus years the members to gather at the end of the summer Outside the entrance the Hornbeck boat
party has been held (with one or two season to say goodbye to the summer and to was on display and Angie Mead managed
exceptions) at the Clubhouse at the say hello and goodbye until next summer to the sale of raffle tickets to benefit the
historical Brant Lake Camp (In 2016, neighbors and friends. Members are asked Milfoil and Invasive Species Campaign.
the Brant Lake Camp celebrated their to bring an appetizer or dessert item to Tickets for the boat were also sold at the
100th anniversary!). Earlier in the year, share. The BLA provides pizza purchased BLA Golf Outing and the Ice Cream
the Clubhouse was renovated to provide from the Panther Mountain Pub and a full Social. Throughout the summer, the boat
better seating for the stage area, resulting in bar and beer “on tap” is available. Drink was displayed and tickets were on sale at
the layout being no longer the ideal venue tickets are sold for $2 each and soft drinks The Lazy Moose. Upon entry to the
for the End of Season Party. Karen are free. This year, Jonathan Newell, a Dining Hall, partygoers were greeted by a
Meltzer, BLA Board member and well-known pianist from Hudson Falls, colorful display of raffle items that were
Director Emeritus of the Brant Lake provided music for the crowd. We estimated generously donated by our members (see pg.
Camp, invited members of the Social that 300 members and their friends were in 11). Proceeds from the member donated
Committee to the Camp to scout for a new attendance. raffles and Hornbeck Boat raffle totaled
location and the Dining Hall was chosen. over $3,100 – a very nice contribution to
On Sunday, September 2, the Dining As in past years, BLA merchandise was the Milfoil and Invasive Species
for sale, with the sales managed by Elna Campaign!
Meader and BLA volunteers. Some

Page 13 The BrantLaker Fall 2018

(Continued from page 12) event, and BLA members who volunteered 5pm to 7pm on Sunday, September 1,
2019. Be sure to mark your calendars and
for: “setting up and breaking down”, don’t forget to bring an appetizer or dessert
Special Thanks to: The owners and staff at membership and drink table duty, Brant item.
the Brant Lake Camp for their ongoing Lake merchandise sales, raffle ticket sales,
generosity and gracious assistance; Paul & tending bar, organizing and managing the Joe Millington
Terry Schuerlein for allowing us to display food table.

the Hornbeck Boat at The Lazy Moose; the The annual BLA End of Season Party is
Horicon Fire Department for advertising the scheduled at the Brant Lake Camp from

Page 14 The BrantLaker Fall 2018

Please Support Our Golf Hole Sponsors

Brant Lake Camp 518-494-2406 Adirondack Marine 518-668-2658
Panther Mountain Inn 518-494-2401 One Lucky Dog 518-369-5910
Panther Mountain Pub 518-494-2401 Tim's Discount Liquors 518-793-6840
Buckman's Family Fuel 518-494-4999 Schaap Moving Systems 518-459-2220
EZ Marine & Storage 518-494-7381 Saratoga Eagle 518-581-7377
Electronic Business Products 518-783-0737 Garrison Restaurant & Pub 518-685-3013
North Country Radiator 518-798-1788 The Hub 518-494-4822
Palmer Brothers 518-494-2677 Tops Supermarket 518-494-7111
Crossroads Store 518-494-3821 Chestertown Auto & Truck 518-494-4591
Jack Toney Meats 518-623-3850 Bull House Restaurant 518-494-8027
Berness Bolton Exc. Co. 518-494-3655 All - American Properties 518-744-9945
Cronin's Golf Course 518-623-9336 Warren Tire Service Center 518-761-9439
Hill Plumbing & Heating 518-494-2801 Carriage House Contracting 518-260-2195
Bedell Builders Inc. 518-494-3950 SFH Enterprises 518-321-7279
Cafe Adirondack 518-494-5800 Tin Teepee 518-494-5555
Barton McDermott Funerals 518-494-7821 GarWood Boats 518-494-2966
Adirondack Reality 518-623-5030 Glens Falls Toyota 518-793-5611
Stewarts of Chestertown 518-494-3208 Gore Mountain 518-251-2411
Main Street Ice Cream Parlor 518-494-7940 John Cronin 518-623-9336
OP Fredrick's Restaurant 518-494-4141 Wendi's Way Dog Grooming 518-932-9038
Mountain Hardware 518-494-4618 Landon Hill Bed & Breakfast 786-317-8522
Brant Lake Collision 518-494-0135 Bombers Restaurant 518-484-8581
Friedman Realty 518-494-2409 Hidden Campgrounds 518-494-2820
Gallo Realty 518-494-4600 Smith Plumbing Supply 518-494-2128
Upstate Agency 518-494-2417 Loon Lake Marina 518-494-3410
Sterling Well Drilling 518-494-2825 Stevenson Agency 518-494-2468
Village Auto Repair 518-494-4528 Off the Top Hair Salon 518-494-3813
Stephenson Lumber Co 518-494-2471 Star Liquor 518-598-2374
Sunset Mountain Lodge 518-494-3229

The BrantLaker - Fall 2018 Page 15

Please patronize and thank our local business supporters!

Brant Lake Association
PO Box 88

Brant Lake NY 12815

Our Mission

 Preserving the beauty
and tranquility of
Brant Lake's land,
water, dwellings and

 Maintaining the lake's
water quality.

 Encouraging
camaraderie among
neighbors through
social events.

Visit us on the Internet at and

2019 BLA Event Calendar

Day Date Time Event

Saturday June 1 9 a.m. Board Meeting, Town Hall
Thursday July 4 11 a.m. Boat Parade, Raymond's Cove
Saturday July 6 9 a.m. Membership Meeting, Town Hall
Saturday July 6 5-7 p.m.
Aug 2 8 a.m. Ice Cream Social, The Hub
Friday Aug 10 9 a.m. Golf Outing, Cronin's
Saturday Aug 29 7 p.m.
Thursday Membership Meeting, Town Hall
Sept 1 5-7 p.m. Board Meeting, Town Hall
Sunday End of Season Party,
Brant Lake Camp

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