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he was on his way to work and a tornado and a hurricane was coming at him read the book to find out more.

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Published by Jackson Viessman, 2019-05-08 09:31:16


he was on his way to work and a tornado and a hurricane was coming at him read the book to find out more.

B​ ob, aka Bob The Builder   




Bob , aka Bob the builder, was driving to work then a 

thunderstorm came out of nowhere and a tornado and hurricane. 
By the way, he works at a Lamborghini factory so he has a 
Lamborghini he also worked as a doctor. 

He had to get the hood on the car so he had to Press a button 
cause it was raining. Then the car got struck by lightning than the 
tornado sent the car far away. 

Then he woke up and bandaged himself up and he landed in 
a softer spot in the car and remembered to not leave the car because 
it was struck by lightning. If it was going to happen again, he had 
to get to a softer spot in the car so he moved. And it did happen 
again the hurricane sent him farther than the tornado, It sent him 
in the air like a bird. 



It was an even harder hit. He was in rough shape but going to 
the softer spot in the car helped him and bandaging himself up. He 
was unconscious for a long time. 
Then someone found him and dragged him to the hospital, He 
woke up his boss said he would give him a second chance. The next 
day when he forgot to get a new car, he had to walk to work. 

He was so late his boss made him stay at work all night and 
today, he also got a new car when he left 3 hours early for work, so 
his boss fired him for not staying but he got to keep the car. Then 
the car got blown up by his rival and his car went ¨Crash, Bam, 
Boom!¨ Then his rival got fired, and he said at least something 
good happened today! He got home, and he was in trouble from his 
wife and figured out that she was a gold digger. Then he left her 
and Bob started building a new car and went to find a new job. He 
then lived happily worst day ever after. 




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