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Published by 27cdiaz, 2021-05-25 21:38:31

The surprising forest

mysterious creatures

The Surprising Forest .

By Christopher Diaz

One morning, I woke up, and I found myself in a bright
green forest. You could barely see the sky because the trees
were humongous. Almost everything was green, even the dirt,
probably because I just woke up. I was very confused, gears in
my brain trying to figure out where in the world, or even how I
got here.

I thought that I got here on an old grey rusted plane. I
thought of it zooming through the sky and how it would spin like
a tornado. I would be sitting like a scared weasel, on the
spinning plane. Round and round and round it would go, and
the rest of the passengers would be enjoying it. I did not know If
I was on a plane because I have never been on an airplane. I was
pretty sure It was just a dream but I still wondered.

I got an idea which was to follow the tracks to where I came
from, but I also thought that I would have to be careful because a
starving animal might eat me like I was a new type of food to
them. Giant wolves or even cheetahs could be roaming, stalking
me to try and hunt me.

I was looking for tracks, all around the bright, old, green,
forest. I heard a loud noise that sounded like a tree getting
chopped down, “CREEK” “POW” and another tree fell. The tree
scared me like a doe about to get hunted and that was exactly
what I was, well I thought. Then I heard a gunshot, I knew they
were coming for me. Then I quickly scouted a tree, a bright green
tree with flower-like leaves and had like a treehouse. I thought of it
as a coincidence because I was about to be hunted.

I was scared and rapidly climbed the tree, with beautiful
colors on the inside; it had a marvelous tree painting like it was
real. I felt something beneath me creaking. Then, a board under
me was breaking and falling. That was the moment where I knew
it was the end for me because the treehouse was so high. It took
me 10 seconds to actually reach the ground when I was falling.

I was so scared, I woke up, which meant I was sleeping! I then
noticed it was all a dream. I probably fell asleep when I was
thinking about the grey, rusted, airplane. I was laying against a
tree, taking a quick nap, but I got a terrible dream. I stood up and
wandered the forest. I tried looking for the big tree with the
treehouse, but I could not find it. Instead, I found a small bush. I
wondered why it was so small. It did not get me a lot of
attention, so I didn’t examine it. I did not find the same tree
which was obvious because the tree that I saw from my dream
was in my dream, and it was not real. I got bored of looking for
the tree and I wanted to see why the bush I saw was so small. I
found a normal bush that was almost as tall as me which meant
that the small bush is either still growing or it is not a bush.

I said, “Hello, is there anyone there?” and that was when
the bush started moving. I said “SQUEAK”. Then the bush
started moving and turned. I thought it was the wind but there
was no wind, and that was when the bush turned into a ball. I
then knew that there were animals there and one of those
animals that I saw that looked the same, but with no leaves was
a porcupine. I touched the bush and I was right, but the green
stuff was just leaves that got stuck on it.

I decided to follow the porcupine because I did not
know if they all had green. It turned out all of them did,
because they used the leaves as their disguises. I then dug
a hole where leaves fell so when they need leaves for a
disguise, they just roll into it and they have their disguise.
Then they all thanked me by saying a sweet, simple,

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