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Published by 2nd Grade, 2021-11-16 06:50:50

The boy who Cried "Wolf"

The boy who Cried "Wolf"

The Boy Who Cried LEVELED BOOK • E
The Boy
A Reading A–Z Level E Leveled Book Who Cried
Word Count: 111

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Retold by Anthony Curran
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The Boy
Who Cried


An Aesop’s Fable The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” Correlation
Retold by Anthony Curran Level E Leveled Book LEVEL E
Illustrated by Jeff Ebbeler © Learning A–Z
An Aesop’s Fable Fountas & Pinnell E Retold by Anthony Curran Reading Recovery 7–8
Illustrated by Jeff Ebbeler
All rights reserved.

One day, a boy was watching “Help! Wolf!” cried the boy.
over his sheep.
He was very bored. 4
He wanted to play a trick.

The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” • Level E 3

The people of the town The next week he did it again.
ran to help. “Help! Wolf!” cried the boy.
There was no wolf.
The boy laughed.

The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” • Level E 56

Again, the people of the town Then, a wolf really did come
ran to help. for the sheep.
Again, there was no wolf.
Again, the boy laughed. 8

The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” • Level E 7

“Help! Wolf!” cried the boy. 9 No one came to help.

The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” • Level E 10

The wolf chased all the boy’s The boy learned a lesson.
sheep away. People don’t believe liars, even
when they tell the truth.
The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!” • Level E 11

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