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29 March 2020


Both should be balanced
for good health Maintaining
your body in balance There are
many different ways.
If imbalance can have negative
effects on both physical and
mental health.


- Cool function of the
internal organs of the day.

- Knowing about the
organs in the body.

- Maintaining health through
the natural surrounding.

-Clinic for good mental health.

- Ways to stay healthy to run
away from germs.

Cool function of the internal
organs of the day.

Do you know any organ in your body? And take good
care of it or not?

It is believed that many people do not
fully know the internal organs of the body.

Organ learning is perhaps the least of the
interest to many, but open up to a little bit of
knowledge in this column. Let's get to know
the cool functions of the internal organs that
we might have overlooked and how to take
care of them.

In this column, we will take you to get to
know the functions of the organs in the
body such as the brain, heart, skin,
muscles, stomach and kidneys.

If you want to know this information Come
join us to find all the answers by scanning the
QR code here. And you will get a lot of
knowledge from the column.
Read this column to tell a friend about it !!
Ready to play fun games after reading.

Knowing about the organs in the body

Interesting organs

Many people already know the organs of their bodies,
but they may not know enough or do not know some of
the words. We have compiled the following terms.

Head, face, forehead, skull, temple, vertex, eye,
eyeball, eyebrow, ear earlobe, cheek, Nose,
nosebridge, nostril, lip, mouth, tooth, tongu gum,
uvula, chin, jaw, throat, larynx, Adam’s apple,
neck, hair, skin Limbs, shoulder, collarbone, back,
ridge,arm, armpitelbow, Waist, vagina penis

As a child, many people might sing
their shoulders, knees and feet, knees
and feet. This is the first song that
everyone can sing and can remember
the words well. We have a new song
that will help everyone remember
more words.


Maintaining health through
the natural surrounding.

At some point, the treatment of ailments does not
always require treatment that requires medications from
the hospital. In some, the disease requires nature around
the body or herbs according to local wisdom. Natural
therapy refers to the treatment of the body and mind
through the principle that diseases occur in our body and
mind. If our body is able to balance normally, they can be
treated and healed in itself, such as these diseases that
arise from living in polluted crowded communities, eating
foods containing toxic substances from dust additives in
food. Meat containing growth accelerator (hormonal
accelerator) Antibiotics or take drugs or injections made
from chemicals. Insomnia is solved by the simple nature
of eating warm milk, hiccups solved with lemon, sore
throat from fever, solved with lemon honey, etc. The
symptoms mentioned above can be treated through
natural healing processes. Learn more via the links and
QR codes below the article.


Clinic for good mental health

Have you ever wondered whether
meditation can help you gain merit from
meditation and meditation? But do you
know that meditation has a lot to us, our
own body has tremendous benefits?

It's just not taking advantage of ourselves. We spend most of it on
nonsense. If someone meditates and does meditation deeply and
knows the reason for life the most, will refrain from speaking and
thinking that causes suffering to oneself and others. Will solve
specific problems with meditation Consciousness is with the body
will not be obsessed. Or even make us get rid of the headaches
from stories that cause anxiety Meditating, directing the breaths in
and out of the nose to the lungs for a long time, does not tire the
body at all. Rather, it is about resting in the body Will have high
mental power, able to fight with problems and events in daily life

You try to find some free time
to meditate when you wake up
and before you go to bed. You
try to sit and close your eyes to
calm your mind

Ways to stay healthy to run away
from germs

For everyone around the world, each person has different ways
of creating happiness, but for our world today, I think that we
are all healthy, safe and run away from disease that is a true
happiness. So I am to say to everyone about the way to good
health and ready to deal with various diseases.

Exercise regularly

Nowadays, being healthy is something
everyone wants to have, so no matter
how busy you are from work, taking
time to exercise at least 30 minutes
every day is good for staying healthy.

Get enough rest

Nowadays, everyone is less rested
because some people are busy, others
are addicted to social media until
late, that's not a good idea because
your body and brain is not resting.
Everyone should make time for life
in each day. and get enough rest for
good health and longevity.


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