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Mayer is pleased to introduce the Quantum Collection, featuring Gravity, Relativity, Static, Matter, Molecule and Vector.

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Published by Mayer Fabrics, 2020-08-14 09:38:09

Quantum Collection by Mayer Fabrics

Mayer is pleased to introduce the Quantum Collection, featuring Gravity, Relativity, Static, Matter, Molecule and Vector.


Aesthetically beautiful textural quality
with extreme-performance attributes

Top: Relativity, Molecule, Static, Matter, Vector, Gravity


Innovative, Beautiful, and Cleanable Upholstery Solutions

Inspired by science and technology, the Quantum Collection features six new
high performance upholstery fabrics: Gravity, Relativity, Static, Matter, Molecule and Vector.

The Quantum Collection consists of natural linen looks, Gravity features a classic natural
a quilted emboss and metallic geometrics. Influenced linen design in an elegant and
by nature’s kaleidoscope of colors, pattern colors refined piece-dyed quality.
range from warm neutrals and iridescence to deep Colors inspired by nature are
jewel tones. These innovative textile solutions are subtly blended as a result of the
perfect for healthcare, hospitality and other TPE fusing process.
demanding commercial environments where
high performance fabrics are a necessity. Relativity is a TPE fused texture with
multi-colored striation. Including a
Gravity, Relativity and Static are innovative perfor- versatile color palette, Relativity is
mance constructions called “fused hybrids” in which an elegant, extreme performance
a woven textile is chemically bonded with durable textile that offers a multitude of
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) using a new technology opportunities for all markets.
called “Tekloom.” The result is an aesthetically beautiful
textural quality with extreme-performance attributes. Static features a Mayer Tekloom
design that uses a reflective yarn
Matter, Molecule and Vector are polycarbon- to create a new and innovative look.
ate-based, polyurethane coated fabrics with Texture is created using a deflective
distinctive emboss and print features. An ultrasonic weave and a layer of accents result-
embossed technique (Molecule) and the use of a ing in a high-tech design.
layered polyurethane (Vector) make these fabrics
technically and aesthetically unique textile solutions. Matter is a versatile textured look
that can stand on its own or work as
CHARACTERISTICS a complement to patterns Molecule
and Vector. An extensive range of
• WRITE AWAY® - Soil & Stain Resistant Top Coat colors from cool and smoky neutrals
with Ink Resistant Technology to jewel tones.

• Graffiti-Free® Tekloom® TPE Molecule features a geometric
hexagon motif rendered in a
• Impermeable to Liquids dimensional, quilted construction
with a matte finish. Colors are
• Bleach Cleanable inspired by nature’s kaleidoscope
from iridescent shell to deep indigo.
• 1 million Double Rubs (Tekloom)
Vector, inspired by a spider’s web, is a
• 100,000 - 200,000 Double Rubs (Polyurethanes) seemingly random design printed on a
subtle grid. Two layers of polyurethane
• GREENGUARD & GREENGUARD Gold Certified create the dimensional color effect.
Colors range from polished stone,
• Complies with REACH & California 01350 VOC copper to burnished bark.

• No DMF, Phthalates, FR/Antimicrobial Additives

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