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Bob has survived from 7 TORNADOS, but its all thanks to his dog, Buster.

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Published by Karen Guerrero, 2019-05-08 11:56:36

Bobs bad day

Bob has survived from 7 TORNADOS, but its all thanks to his dog, Buster.

Bad Day Story and Busters heroic story 
By:Karen Guerrero


Hi I’m Bob Christmas and your hearing my story 
about my heroic dog, Buster, who saved me on 
December 18, 2017, at 6 A.M. It all started when I woke up 
one day excited to go to work, so I skipped to the 
kitchen and packed my lunch and grabbed my keys, 
that was on the counter, and get into my red Toyota 
truck, but that was just a disguise of the actual 
terrifying, yet awesome day.  



As I am driving to work I get a flat tire and I’m only 9 

miles away from my job at McDonald's. Ughhhh.I get an 
idea and call a friend for a spare tire, but I get no signal. 
Then it started to rain, and so I jogged to a gas station 
across the street to find my crazy ex working there. She 
was a janitor, and she had a BROOM. She kicked me out 
and was HITTING ME WITH THE BROOM when I finally 
escaped and face planted on the floor the WORST 
THING happened of all...  


There were 7 tornadoes headed my way. I was 15 feet 
away from my house when debris hit my back. It hurt 
like getting 17 shots at the same time. I fell and stayed 
for a minute and saw my dog, Buster, a couple of feet 
away from me he was pulling me into the house. When 
he did about five minutes later, we went to the 
basement with the rest of my family.  


It was about 4 hours long we were bored. We found a 

couple of games and told stories. 



Next year on December 18, 2018, at 6 A.M. I woke up 
happy, got hit with a broom by my crazy ex and buster 
saved me 15 feet away from home from 7 fast, terrifying 



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