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December 2019

December 2019

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32 Power of Participation
■ Niko Markos, Lake Strategic
■ Ilar Paul Meeks, Great day Inc.
■ Mark Cuddeback, Non Typical, Inc.
■ Paul Biggs, The Outdoor Group
■ Daniel Karcher, Bear Archery
■ Matt Bateman, Grim Reaper

34 Victory Archery:
A Winning Mentality
By Daniel Allred

34 Market Trends

54 56 46 2020 Compound
Bow Sneak Peek

Take a sneak peek at some

of the hottest bow models

for the 2020 season.

By Patrick Meitin

54 Bow Report
Mathews VXR 28
By Patrick Meitin

56 Hot New 2020 Products
Learn about some of latest and
greatest accessories on the
market for 2020.
By Patrick Meitin


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32 IInnsdiudsetrtyhe
10 Inside Track
Wisconsin Studies the Crossbow’s
Impacts on Hunting

14 Kinsey’s

hy a oogle usiness rofile

is a Necessity for your Store

16 Inside Retailing
Northwestern Shop Sees

56 Steady Growth
By Daniel Allred

20 ATA Retail Growth Insight
Don’t Forget the Feedback
By Kurt Smith / ATA

22 Industry News
Information that keeps you up
to speed on news, events and
people in the archery industry.

30 ATA Action
PSA: New #ATA2020 Event! Attend
“Connections: An ATA Happy Hour”
By Cassie Gasaway / ATA

66 Industry 5Q
Five Questions on Bear Archery

46 with Jack Borcherding.






Late Season Whitetail Tips

You can never have too much advice when it comes
to tagging a monster whitetail. Explore some tips
for late season whitetail hunting.

Tournament Archery All About the Lancaster Classic

Industry Registration for the renowned Lancaster Classic is
opened, and the tournament is scheduled for Janu-
2020 TRADE SHOW ary 23-26, 2020. Here’s what you need to know about
the upcoming competition.
Get Ready for the
2020 ATA Trade Show

The ATA has a lot of exciting events planned for
the most well-known trade show in the industry.
Gear up for the 2020 ATA Trade Show and read about
what to expect this coming January.

2020 Bow Releases

Bows are being announced left and right. It can be
awfully hard to keep track of all of the exciting new
technology. Check out the latest bow models in this
guide of 2020 bows.

WebXtras: In this issue: “Inside Retailing” examines success at Archery

World; “Bow Report” tests the new Mathews VXR 28; and “Industry 5Q” examines
Bear Archery’s EKO Cam Technology.

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Wisconsin Studies the Crossbow’s Impacts on Hunting

T he Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources spent much of the past year studying
how crossbows affected deer hunting since their full inclusion into archery season
in 2014. The result is a 144-page document the agency calls the most comprehensive
state review ever conducted on crossbow hunting.
Besides studying standard items and comparisons like success rates, wounding rates,
hunter demographics, license sales and revenues, and
crossbow use in other states, the study devoted six pages
to crossbow impacts on archery retailing find a link to the
entire report at
The agency’s researchers contacted 29 businesses state-
wide, including archery shops, large national outdoor
companies, and large department stores and hardware
stores selling sporting goods. Nearly two-thirds of those
businesses declined interviews, including the department
stores and hardware stores.
Noting that only 10 businesses agreed to interviews, the
authors caution readers to view their report as a glimpse,
not a comprehensive review, of archery retailing in Wisconsin. Even so, the 10 retailers
agreed crossbows had been good for business the past five years citing some key points

• All businesses reported booms in crossbow sales for a year or two after the 2014 law change.
• The crossbow’s versatility and “user-friendliness” attracted new groups to retailers and

deer hunting.
• Those most interested in crossbows were youths, women, and men new to the archery/

crossbow season.
• Besides increased crossbow sales, the biggest revenue boost was crossbow service/repairs.

Archery shops reported multiple crossbows hanging on their walls awaiting repairs.
• Five of the 10 businesses reported no change in compound bow sales, saying most

bowhunters keep using a compound unless they physically must switch to a crossbow.
• Five of the 10 businesses reported decreases in compound bow sales, which they mostly

attribute to more youths using crossbows. An entire family can share one crossbow, so
parents don’t need to buy “replacement” bows as youths grow taller and stronger.
• The customer demographic for compound bow sales remains primarily 20- to 40-year-old
men but with significant numbers of women and youths.
• Gun-deer hunters seldom give up gun-hunting when buying a crossbow. They’re
participating in both deer seasons for the first time.
• Hunters often use both compounds and crossbows, with many shooting compounds for
target practice or casual shooting, and crossbows for hunting.
• Some hunters prefer a compound when hunting from treestands but grab the crossbow
when hunting from the ground or a blind.
• Crossbow hunters update their equipment less often than compound hunters, and the
used-compound market is suffering because new archers start with crossbows.
• Hunters who use both compounds and crossbows prefer the crossbow in cold weather
when wearing extra clothing.
• Even though crossbows are attracting new customers, some retailers remain unsure how
it will affect deer hunting’s future. They worry that youths will stick with crossbows,
which would hurt future compound bow sales.

ith only five years of experience to draw on retailers agreed it s too soon to know how
many hunters who start with crossbows will switch to compounds.

Sherry Krenz



Publisher & Founder

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Sponsored by

is a Naeceosositey forsiynoeusrsStoorfie e
H aving your business easily found
by new prospective customers the new prospective customer visits your Kinsey’s is the leading distributor to the outdoors
is a problem that every business shop or not. The number and the quality and archery industry. Carrying items from your favor-
strives to solve. For small businesses with of these reviews are very important. ite brands, in-stock and ready-to-ship, the company
limited marketing budgets, this problem o ers domestic and international retailers a wide
can be even more challenging. Having a fter selling a satisfied customer a array of products and services. Kinsey s also owns
oogle y usiness rofile is an absolute brand new bow, encourage them to go innovative consumer brands including BlackHeart,
necessity for any small business. to Google and leave a positive review. As Fin-Finder, Elevation and October Mountain Products.
an incentive, maybe offer 1 hour of free For more information, please visit
By creating a Google My Business range time for any customer who leaves
rofile you have access to key benefits a positive reivew on your oogle profile. If you need some additional convinc-
that are critical to being found. When a This small investment will create an ad- ing, here are some quick facts that show
prospective customer searches “archery ditional in-store visit from the customer you how customers are searching for
shop near me” your business will now and pay back numerous times over, as retail locations.
show up on Google Maps and on the right- future prospective customers read the
hand side of the Google search screen with positive review. The more reviews you • 34% of “near me” searches done via
important company information such as: can foster, the greater chance you have desktop and tablets result in store
to entice additional new clients to visit visits (WordStream – HubSpot)
Address & Directions your store.
Hours of Operations • 30% of Google searches are focused
Pictures It is equally important to address neg- for local results
Video Tours ative reviews in a quick and professional (
Contact Information manner. This could mean addressing
Links to Your Website the employee who caused the negative • 82% of the people who use smart
Event Listings & Publications review to avoid it again in the future, but phones to shop conduct “near me”
Customer Reviews (more info below) it’s also wise to reach out to the customer searches. Of these inquiries, 54%
personally to see if the problem can be were conducted to find store hours
Reviews remedied. Negative reviews can hurt and were conducted to find
your business just as much as positive store locations.
fter you have your initial profile set up reviews can help your business. (
it is time to start engaging your audience You have nothing to lose and every-
and soliciting customer reviews. Google Stars
thing to gain. etting up a profile is
Customers can now write reviews and Google stars are fed directly from cus- relatively easy and will likely take
comment on your outstanding customer tomer reviews. Naturally, when seek- less time than you think. If you
service. As people begin searching for a ing out a new retail location, customers need some additional support, try
business for the first time they will first check out locations where calling into Google directly, as they
often have very little prior have a rather sophisticated support
knowledge of the business other customers have had positive system.
they are searching for. Read- experiences. The more stars your
ing other customers reviews business can obtain from posi-
and experiences could very tive reviews, the more likely the
easily be the determin- potential customer will seek your
ing factor for whether
shop first over the competition or
box store.




Northwestern Shop Sees Steady Growth

Archery World etai in improvements you ve made to the busi-
ness over the years
Sto e ofi e Inside Archery: hat motivated you to
purchase rchery orld Joe Mallicoat: e moved the location of
■ Headquarters: ancouver ashington the ancouver shop last ecember. e
Joe Mallicoat: t the time I had just got were in the previous location for over
■ Owners: oe and egan allicoat off active duty for the arine orps years and when we moved to this newer
where I was taught to be self-sufficient space we were able to build it exactly as
■ Store Facts: rchery orld was estab- work hard and be proactive. I started we wanted. e ended up separating our
working as a welder and I enjoyed doing retail area from the range allowing the
lished in and the current owners that however it was sort of an assembly- range to be open . e offer an annual
line process and I wasn t a big fan of not membership and we are also develop-
took over in . The shop occupies a being able to work faster or longer. I was ing a monthly membership so people
shooting leagues at this shop as a cus- can use it more at their leisure. It s great
-s uare-foot facility. bout tomer and the former owners decided
to sell the business. I ended up buying it We keep customers coming
s uare feet are dedicated to the range because I was really motivated to work back by providing a good
for myself and set my own pace. experience the first time.
which holds lanes that go out yards.
Inside Archery: ou opened a second because with today s technology the key
The current owners also established a location in Troutdale regon. hat fac- to the door is your smartphone. e are
tors went into this decision currently updating the Troutdale location
second shop in Troutdale regon. to have the same system. In addition to
Joe Mallicoat: e expanded from that we have introduced a lot of great
■ taffin rchery orld s ancouver ashington into regon because there is classes and events.
location employs four full-time and three
part-time workers. no sales tax there. e were losing busi- Inside Archery: hat classes and events
ness to people who were willing to drive have you had the most success with
■ Bow Lines: athews ear ow- an extra miles to get that tax break
so we expanded into regon to take care Joe Mallicoat: e offer a lot of intro to
tech oyt iamond ission lite and of that. e didn t want to lose those cus- archery classes and those keep us pretty
tomers who like to shop around for pric- busy from eptember through une. It s
rime. ing and it helped us a lot in that aspect.

■ Crossbow Lines: ission and Inside Archery: hat are some key

■ Arrow Lines: aston ictory rchery
old Tip lack agle rrows and arbon

■ Inside Numbers: bout percent of
the shop s annual revenue comes from
products. The other percent comes
from events lessons and other services.

The shop’s range is open 24 hours a day, and customers can purchase Joe Mallicoat, owner of Archery World.
a membership that allows them to access it whenever they want.


Sponsored by

Plano Synergy

Archery World is located in Vancouver, Washington. The owners established a second location in Troutdale, Oregon.

Participating retailers will receive $1,000 in products Troutdale shop but we are introducing it be like rolling up with a billboard and we
generously donated by Plano Synergy. to the ancouver location here in the next hope that will attract a lot of attention.
few months. Typically we do a group of up
a five-week course and they don t need to people so it s six versus six. They rent Inside Archery: hat is the o. thing that
to have any experience or e uipment. e the whole facility and the range is the per- makes your shop special
have an instructor who teaches the basics fect place for it. rchery Tag has easily paid
and then adds a new fundamental each for itself and brought more people into the Joe Mallicoat: I would say it s our staff. e
week. e have private lessons as well sport. e see people who have never shot
for those who don t feel comfortable in a suddenly become interested in archery have really great employees. They under-
group environment. e do a lot of parties from that experience.
and groups as well. They can rent part of stand customer service and they try to do
the shooting range or the whole thing if Inside Archery: ow else do you try to ap-
the group is big enough. Then we have a peal to new customers the best they can for everybody who comes
target league hunter league and tradition-
al league and rchery Tag has also been a Joe Mallicoat: bviously we try to post in. e treat everyone e ually and we make
big hit. e just try to utili e the range as on all the social media that we can. ut
much as we can. It maximi es profits and if someone isn t already interested in ar- sure that a person who bought a basic
motivates customers to see and try new chery then they probably aren t follow-
products. ing us so word of mouth is still the most recurve for gets the same treatment
common way to get new people involved.
Inside Archery: Tell us more about your as someone who bought a com-
success with rchery Tag. e also put effort into going to different
events like ational et utdoors ay. pound setup. They also pay a lot of atten-
Joe Mallicoat: e do it primarily out of our
e either set up rchery Tag or an intro to tion to shooters in the range making sure
Shop manager Jason Allen helps archery class and we pass out yers and
a customer at the front desk. cards just to show the community that we to answer their uestions and give them
are here. e just recently purchased a big
toy-hauler fifth wheel that we are having advice if they re struggling. It all comes
covered in graphics and it s going to be our
mobile pro-shop for those events. It will down to customer service.

Over the years, the shop has catered
more to recreational shooting.

The shop carries bows from Mathews, Bear, PSE,
Bowtech, Hoyt, Diamond, Mission, Elite and Prime.



The shop relocated to this new location last December. of what we expect from them. It expands
into technical things and explains all the
The shop’s range occupies about 3,000 square feet. little details, so it’s great tool for training.
Jason Allen tunes a bow in the shop’s service area. It also outlines when we expect them to be
proficient at these things. There are some
The shop employs four full-time and three part-time workers. things they can learn in 15 days, and more
technical things might take 6 months. It
Inside Archery: How do you train these works really well, especially since I’m split
excellent employees? between the two locations.

Joe Mallicoat: I created an “orientation Inside Archery: How has the 2019 hunting
packet” for them, since I am split between season been for you?
the two shops. It’s basically a check-
list of things they need to learn. There’s Joe Mallicoat: It’s been a great year, and
page on customer service, for example, it’s shaping up to be our best year on
that outlines how they should greet and record. That’s actually been the trend. We
interact with customers. Everything is have had continual growth for the past 7
broken down so we can make sure each or 8 years, and especially in the last 4 or
new employee has a clear understanding 5. In my opinion, that’s because we have
always tried to stay ahead of the curve and
adapt our business model. That’s why we
have all these intro to archery classes and
the 24-hour range. Archery Tag is another
great example. We make decisions that
help us in a year or 18 months, and it just
keeps us going.

Inside Archery: What are your future goals
for the business?

Joe Mallicoat: A major project is the mobile
pro-shop that we are creating right now.
We call it our third shop. We always want to
expand and grow, and this is going to be a
great way for us to do that. We have touched
base with a lot of clubs and event organiz-
ers in three-state area of Idaho, Oregon and
Washington. There are some big shoots,
like the Northwest Mountain Challenge.
We got permission to show up to those
with our mobile shop and all of our gear,
and we think that presence is going to
help us a lot. If they don’t buy anything all
weekend we are fine with that. They get to
see us constantly, and that alone will be a
good thing. Further down the road I would
like to create another shop, but that will
depend on finding the right real estate.

WebXtra ■ For more informa-

tion about Archery World visit us at



Don’t Forget the Feedback


F rom stance to anchor to the business owner you ll benefit by seeking for overcoming them.
feedback and implementing suggestions.
mystical transfer to hold, you lthough it seems simple giving and Learn from It ■ hat we re really seek-

know what these phrases mean if receiving constructive feedback doesn t ing when re uesting feedback are oppor-

you’ve been around target archery or just happen. It takes serious intention- tunities to learn. risten iffenbach of
al effort. et s review a few takeaways est irginia niversity said learning

taken an archery certification course. from the ymposium that might help you is much more than understanding con-

use feedback to improve your business tent. True learning changes behaviors

They re all steps in the shooting process and actions. If you re seeking feedback

taught to beginning and experienced Prepare for Feedback ■ efore you seek from customers try to identify a learn-

archers alike. Those steps are familiar feedback from employees colleagues or ing objective before sending out a sur-

because they re part of the active pro- customers it pays to prepare yourself. vey. If you want to learn how to s uee e

cess of shooting archery. ut I left out s erek ann noted The longest jour- more revenue from your bow-technician

one step the last step which ney is the journey inward. In services consider asking customers if

might be the most important other words be honest with they re satisfied with your offerings and

of all. hether you re toeing yourself about where you what would improve their experience.

the shooting line drawing can improve and then seek That strategy helps avoid uestions that

back on a whitetail or open- feedback that might help you are too broad to provide meaningful

ing your business for the day accomplish that goal. It might direction.

you must seek feedback and be best to find a role model

learn from it. That process can make who can help you put feedback into Put it into Practice ■ e probably don t

or break archers bowhunters and busi- practice. If you own a business seek think about it enough but practice is a

nesses. other owners who run a business with a good way to create lasting change through

eedback was a major theme at the similar model. ven if they aren t in the feedback. If a customer says one of your

recent rchery ational ympo- same industry they likely encounter the sales associates seemed dismissive and

sium. hether you re an archer coach or same difficulties and can offer advice uninterested you could talk to the associ-

ate and hope the person does better next

time. r you could take that feedback

identify what successful customer inter-

action looks like and play the customer

to give your associate practice. atie

e i showed ymposium attendees sev-

eral examples of how educators use this

techni ue in school settings. ole playing

mimics real situations while increasing

opportunities for feedback.

o matter what your role might be

in your business you likely receive

feedback in various forms. ust receiving

feedback however has little value. ow

you prepare yourself and adjust creates

more meaningful improvements for

FEEDBACK your business and customers.
If you re seeking feedback on your

business or advice on how to put cus-

tomer feedback into practice the T

is here to help. ou can email me at




Outdoor Product Innovations a great deal of potential that we are LidCam, which offers action cameras
Signs Non-Typical Outdoor proud and excited to help achieve.” designed for hunting and outdoor use,
Sales as Midwest Sales Agency and Capsule Lifetime Feeders. | FOR MORE
Rhino Blinds is undoubtedly one of INFORMATION, VISIT OPIOUTDOORS.COM.
Outdoor Product Innovations, owner the top ground-blind makers in the
of Rhino Blinds and other leading out- industry, with sizes and price points Registration Opens for the
doors brands, has contracted with 2020 Lancaster Archery Classic
Non-Typical Outdoor Sales to represent to hit every budget and hunting appli-
the company as its sales agency across cation. The company’s Bone Collector The East Coast’s largest indoor archery
the Midwest. line features a high level of durabil- tournament is scheduled for January
ity and functionality. In addition to 23-26, 2020, at the Spooky Nook Sports
Non-Typical Outdoor Sales recently Rhino Blinds, the company also owns Complex in Manheim, Pennsylvania.
took on the line and has already made a More than 1,700 archers from all over
positive impact in high-priority Midwest the world are expected to compete
states, working across key accounts for over $300,000 in cash and prizes,
to continue to drive sales of the Rhino including over $160,000 in cash payouts,
line of blinds as well as other products contingencies and door prizes. The top
under the company’s portfolio. prize will be a $20,000 payout to the
Open Pro division champion.
“I started Non-Typical Outdoor Sales
five years ago to work with companies In response to overwhelming demand,
exactly like this one,” said Larry Bahr, a new division at the Classic for 2020 is
founder of Non-Typical Outdoor Sales. Women’s Barebow Recurve.
“The brand has a solid track record and
Also new for the 2020 Classic will
Mathews Introduces New be “Missed-Cut Payout Flights.” These
2020 Target Bows awards will be paid in Lancaster Archery
Supply gift cards, and they will be paid

A er another extremely successful and the oes up to fps.
year with the series on the tourna
ment trail, Mathews introduces the new oth models share a number of new

and to complete this line of features, includin A bearin s, an
world class tar et bows.
ultra ri id and li htwei ht brid ed
At inches axle to axle, the
is for shooters lookin for a shorter, riser, an enlar ed diameter stabili er
li hter bow at their draw len th, while
the o ers the ultimate in bushin and dampin .
stability and for iveness. oth models
o er a new percent mod, which ives he eries is already a
shooters a deeper valley. he standard
percent mods remain an option. he powerhouse, said Mathews eam

has an ratin up to fps hooter evi Mor an. hese two based on scores and rankings at the end
of the ualification rounds. rchers scor-
new models with their enhance ing below the cutoffs for their respective
divisions, which would have enabled
ments will only improve the s them to advance to the elimination
rounds will be put into ights for these
proven performance. can t wait to Missed-Cut awards.

put it to work. In addition, the 2020 Classic marks
the first time no division will cut to less
than 16. While there had been some di-
visions in the past that only sent eight

Continued on Page 24




Archery Loses Industry This special, one-day competition gave can meet a selection of the top pros and
Giant Harry Hamm archers under 21 the opportunity to Olympians for photos and autographs
experience a world-class tournament during a meet-and-greet event sched-
This summer, the archery industry lost Harry Hamm, for a fraction of the cost and time com- uled for Saturday. Sponsoring equipment
founder of HHA Sports. Hamm passed away on July 3 mitment. For 2020, that competition manufacturers will have over 40 booths
at the age of 82. is being expanded to include collegiate set up to display the latest and greatest
archers. The Easton Youth and Collegiate target archery gear. | FOR MORE INFORMATION,
A native of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, Hamm Trophy Tournament will feature the VISIT LANCASTERARCHERY.COM.
earned a bachelor of science in economics from the following divisions: Bowman, for ages
12 and under; Cub, for ages 13 and 14; Pope and Young Announces 2020
niversity of Wisconsin tevens oint in . A er Cadet, for ages 15-17; Junior, for ages 18-20; Convention in Chantilly, Virginia
gaining experience through a number of managerial and Collegiate, for college students with
roles at various companies in Wisconsin and Minne- the proper eligibility. To accommodate The Pope and Young Club is gearing up
sota, Hamm returned to his hometown determined the new Collegiate division, space for the for the annual convention in Chantilly,
to establish his own company in an industry he was Trophy Tournament has been expanded Virginia, March 26-28. The convention,
passionate about: archery. to allow for 540 competitors. a celebration of bowhunting and North
American big-game animals, will feature
In 1984, Hamm founded HHA while also teaching In response to the Classic’s growing the Bass Pro/Cabela’s “Trophy Tower,” the
management classes at Mid-State Technical College, competition base a new ualification largest display of World Record North
growing the company with the help of his wife, Arlene; line will be added for the 2020 event. In American bow-harvested, big-game ani-
daughter, Roberta; and sons, Brian and Chris. Through addition to the three Friday lines, which mals ever assembled as well as the fin-
hard work, experienced leadership and innovative begin at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m., archers est outfitters from around the globe
products, HHA grew to become a household name in
archery, with a number of patents to its name. Today, also can choose to shoot in a 4 p.m. line bows, gear, art and historic bowhunting
HHA remains an industry leader, producing award- on Thursday, Jan. 23. The practice facility items. There will be a live hunt auction,
winning sights, scopes, rests and other accessories has been expanded as well. While there historical tours, 3-D shoot, adventure
with the same passion for quality, customer service were 90 practice lanes available on site race, seminars, live entertainment and
and the outdoors for which Harry Hamm was known. in 2019, there will 136 lanes available in fantastic speakers.
Harry Hamm Attendees will also experience the
Aside from these new features added to camaraderie and bowhunting passion
Continued from Page 22 the 2020 Classic, archers can still count shared by some of the greatest bowhunt-
on one of the best competition formats ers of our time while helping to protect our
archers to elimination rounds, for the for indoor archery. This is not a tourna- shared bowhunting heritage. The event
2020 tournament, division cuts will be 16, ment that requires perfection. All you will take place at the stunning estfields
32 or 64 archers. have to do is shoot well enough in the Marriott, Washington Dulles. | FOR MORE
60-arrow qualifying round to make the INFORMATION, VISIT
The past two Lancaster Archery Classics cut to advance to eliminations. In that
have included a special tournament-with- part of the competition, you’ll shoot a USA Archery Releases
in-the-tournament for youth archers. 12-arrow, head-to-head match against New Adaptive Archery Videos
another ualifier. in and you advance.
As the national governing body for the
hen archers are shooting ualifica- Olympic and Paralympic sport of archery,
tion rounds, they are shoulder to shoul- USA Archery aims to grow and promote
der with the best professional archers the sport at all levels and for archers of all
in the world. Archers and archery fans abilities by providing the necessary tools


Bear Archery Launches New Cam Technology in 2020 Lineup

Bear Archery announced the launch of its most revolu- he am ystem is available on two bows in
the compound bow lineup, the tatus and
tionary and hi hest let o cam system yet, the am
iver ent . he tatus is included in ear s
ystem. With up to let o , the am ystem e end eries, an exclusive dealer only line of five ultra
competitive compound bows o ered at a retail price of
allows the user to pick their preferred let o with four
. . he iver ent is included in ear s Main
di erent positions , , or at each draw ine and will be o ered at a retail price of . .

len th without sacrificin performance. he am

System uses a rotating module for draw-length adjust-

ment, and ad ustments can be made without the use of

a bow press.

An all-new three-track modular two-cam system

creates an uali ed inetic rientation for per

fect cam synchronization with every shot. Each track

is designed to help eliminate cam lean while producing

precise, consistent performance. he revolutionary piral

able rack keeps the payload ri ht on track, preventin

cam lean.

and resources for coaches and club leaders The videos illustrate how coaches can

nationwide. To further that mission, USA make slight modifications to e uipment

rchery has released new adaptive archery or teaching techni ue to ensure everyone

videos. The videos are a new addition to the can achieve success. rchery hopes

existing daptive ideo eries rchery that the tools included in this video series,

developed in partnership with isabled as well as the rchery daptive

ports . rchery Instruction anual will help

The new videos include: create a safe and fun environment that

ow to hoot a ompound ow inspires adaptive archers to cultivate a

with Your Feet lifelong passion for the sport.

ow to hoot a ompound ow rchery s chief of sport performance

from a Wheelchair and organi ational development ary

ow to hoot a ompound ow Emmons, said, “The new additions to the

isually Impaired daptive ideo eries provide additional

ow to oach daptive rchers resources to further help coaches improve

their adaptive archery programs and coach

adaptive athletes. rchery s contin-

ued partnership with isabled ports

and their dapt chieve rogram is help-

ing to further increase the accessibility of

archery and the depth of the aralympic

athlete development pipeline.

rchery is one of those sports that

one can do for fun or competition said

isabled ports xecutive irector

lenn erry. ur partnership with

rchery is exciting in that it broadens the



Craig reach of the sport to people with varying
Dougherty physical disabilities and affords more
people the opportunity to experience the
Outdoors Industry thrill that comes with hitting a bull’s-eye.”
Mourns Craig Dougherty
USA Archery also offers sanctioned
NorthCountry Whitetails Founder and outdoors event opportunities and athlete clinics for
writer Craig Dougherty passed away on October disabled veterans, and administers the
29 at the age of 70. Veteran’s Monthly Assistance Allowance
Program with the focus of promoting
With master’s and doctoral degrees from athlete development and participation in
Syracuse University, Craig worked as a teacher Paralympic archery.
before getting his start in the outdoors industry
with his own consulting business. During his tenure The Adaptive Video Series was
in the outdoors industry, he held executive posi- funded by the Grants for Adaptive
tions with Crosmna Corporation, Golden Eagle/ Sports Program for Veterans with
Satellite Archery and Bear Archery. In addition, he disabilities and Members of the
was Chairman of the Board and a lifetime mem- Armed Forces from the United
ber of the Quality Deer Management Association States Department of Veterans
(QDMA) and played a major role in forming the Affairs. | FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT
National Deer Alliance. He served on the Board of USAARCHERY.ORG.
Directors of the National Bowhunters Education
Foundation and the Archery Trade Association. PSE Archery Commits worldwide as a leader in the archery in-
Craig also contributed to a number of publica- to S3DA Sponsorship dustry. Their long-standing commitment
tions, including The Hunting Page, Deer and Deer to quality and excellence is displayed
Hunting, Outdoor Life, and Whitetail News. Scholastic 3-D Archery is excited to an- daily through their product line and com-
pany ethics. PSE Archery has made the
A passionate outdoorsman, Craig founded nounce PSE Archery as its latest sponsor. commitment to sponsor S3DA, and the
NorthCountry Whitetails LLC based on his interest company is excited to begin this journey
in land management practices, as well as deer and As a strong supporter of both archery and with such a reputable organization. This
deer hunting. He wrote several books with his son, sponsorship allows S3DA the opportunity
Neil, on the topic. conservation, PSE Archery has decided to to further the goal of transitioning youth
into competitive and recreational archery,
Craig was also committed to introducing youth commit sponsorship dollars to assist S3DA conservation and a lifetime of enjoyment
to the outdoors. Contributions in his name can in the outdoors.” | FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT
be made to the National Archery in the Schools in its mission to grow youth archery and PSEARCHERY.COM.
Program or to the QDMA Field to Fork Program.
bowhunter participation. PSE has released TenPoint Partners with Celebrity
Craig is survived by his wife, Janet O’Neil Game Chef Denny Corriveau in All-
Dougherty; his daughter and son-in-law, Laura -specific versions of the tinger Natural, Wild Game Recipe Series
and Christopher Willkens; and his son and
daughter-in-law, Neil and Marie Dougherty; and Max hunting bow and the Centrix SD TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is proud
his grandchildren, Regina and Steven. to announce it has partnered with celebri-
short-draw target bow. This new spon- ty game chef Denny Corriveau in produc-
ing a new wild game cooking series, The
sorship is just the first step in what will TenPoint Table, which debuted September
26 on TenPoint’s YouTube channel.
be an exciting partnership.
ooted in the field-to-table concept of
“We’re immensely excited to be com- sustainable living, Chef Corriveau com-
bines his 25 years of experience as founder
ing on board with the S3DA program,” said of the Free Range Culinary Institute and

Lonnie Workman, vice president of sales

for PSE Archery. “They run an amazing

program, and what they do is becoming

more and more important every day to

the continued vitality of our industry. We

can’t overstate the value of the amazing

contributions the S3DA program makes

to educating youth about competitive ar-

chery, hunting and wildlife conservation.”

S3DA Executive Director Jennie

Richardson said, “PSE Archery is known


Bowtech Announces 2020 Target Line The Specialist II answers the call
of legions of aspiring competitive
Bowtech is proud to announce its new 2020 target shooters for a moderately priced,
bow line: the Reckoning 38 and Specialist II. feature-rich target bow. Priced at
just $799 MSRP, the Specialist II is
The Reckoning 38 was engineered in equipped with a multitude of tech-
response to the tremendous success of nical features, including Bowtech’s
the eckonin , the first bow to feature proven Binary Cam System, which
Bowtech’s patented DeadLock Technology. enables awless nock travel and
With an additional 3 inches of axle-to-axle simple set-and-forget tuning. It’s
len th, the eckonin o ers indoor, out no secret that target archery can
door and 3-D target shooters even greater be a si nificant investment. hose
stability while maintaining the ultra-wide just getting started in the world of
riser design and industry-leading accuracy competitive shooting need a bow that
of the original Reckoning. The revolutionary will allow them to not only compete
DeadLock Cam System allows shooters to but to do so without breaking the
spend less time tuning their bow and more bank. The Specialist II is that bow. |
time on the range. Just tune it, lock it and
trust it. Once the desired adjustment is
achieved, the cam is locked in place, en-
suring permanent, dead-on accuracy, shot
a er shot.

his lifelong love of hunting with wild Recently named a member of TenPoint’s
National Pro Staff Team, Chef Corriveau
game recipes in this uni ue cooking se- is the first wild game chef to hold a
national pro staff position for an archery
ries that inspires cooks of all experience manufacturer.

levels to prepare wild game more deli- strong need exists to share wild game
education with those who embrace the
ciously and proficiently. outdoors and learning the proper meth-
odology for wild game preparation ensures
“Our business over the past 25 years that future generations will learn how
to best utilize this sustainable resource,”
has prided itself on its commitment to said hef orriveau. I am looking for-
ward to working with the Ten oint Team
the care and conservation of our natu- to bring you delicious recipes insights
and tips that will help you to gain profi-
ral resources and has advocated for the
ciency in your wild
humane and responsible management game preparation. |
of wildlife said Ten oint ichard OF THE TENPOINT TABLE,
Bednar. “This partnership is a natural YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

extension of this commitment and we

are proud to welcome hef orriveau as a

member of our team.”





PSA: New #ATA2020 Event! Attend “Connections: An ATA Happy Hour”


E njoy free food, drinks, games way to watch elite archers in action, and shooting techniques. If you miss
and entertainment at the ATA share laughs and stories with friends, out during the event, don’t worry. The
competition will remain open through-
Trade Show’s newest event. and celebrate your hard work and out the Show.

What’s the best way to enjoy yourself accomplishments. The pros will also share shooting
and equipment tips with attendees
after a long, busy day at the 2020 ATA A competition featuring elite archers during the event. Learn all you can,
and then pass it on to your customers,
Trade Show? will be the event’s main attraction. who will be impressed to hear who
taught you. If you don’t think they’ll
Attend the ATA’s new event, “Connec- Watch these top archers hit long- believe you, get a photo of you with
an elite archer, and then frame and
tions: An ATA Happy Hour,” from 6 to distance bull’s-eyes. The competition will display it at your shop.

8 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 9, in Exhibit be unlike anything you’ve seen at other This two-hour event will provide
plenty of seating if you’d rather sit and
Hall J. happy hour events. It’s an exciting ele- chat with friends over free beer and
hors d’oeuvres. And when you’re feeling
All registered Trade Show attendees ment that will make for a memorable more energetic you can play backyard

are welcome. Watch and interact with experience.

elite and celebrity shooters. You can also To keep the party going, you’ll even

network with retailers, manufacturers, get to shoot against the elites in friendly

ATA staff and like-minded business pro- competitions on the how s certifica-

fessionals over free beer, food, games tion lanes. Everyone, including the pros,

and entertainment. will use basic “no-frills” gear to keep

The Connections event offers a great things even while testing their skills

The event will allow you to mingle with professional
archers, industry friends and sta members.

Enjoy free food, drinks, games and entertainment
at the ATA Trade Show’s newest event.



“It’s informal, free and sure to entertain,”
Lewis said. “We welcome all registered
ATA attendees to join us in Hall J immedi-
ately after the Trade how oor closes.

Start your Trade Show weekend right
by attending the Connections: An ATA
Happy Hour. It’s a can’t-miss event!

PHOTO © ATA Mark your calendar!

Learn about USA Archery’s Explore Archery program directly from USA Archery coaches. Who: All Trade Show attendees and


When: 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 9

games near the entrance. events can boost your profit and profile. Where: Exhibit Hall J at the Indiana
Connections: An ATA Happy Hour is In addition, the National Field Archery
Association will offer an educational Ex- Convention Center
also a great place to learn! Receive bro- plore Bowhunting opportunity.
chures and practical knowledge about For more information, check your Trade
programs and revenue-generating ideas Maria Lewis, ATA’s senior director
for your shop. Discover how to include of the Trade Show and membership, is Show Tuesday email communications.
USA Archery’s Explore Archery program excited about the new event and hopes
in your business, and learn how rental Trade Show attendees and exhibitors You can also visit for
equipment, birthday parties and corporate will join the fun.
more details.

Questions? Contact the ATA member-

ship and Trade how office at -

or [email protected]



Archery Industry Members Participating in the Sport

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO: Visit or mail a color image with your name,
address, where the animal was taken, and archery gear used—both manufacturer and model—
to Inside Archery Power of Participation, P.O. Box 25007, Colorado Springs, CO 80936.

Niko Markos • Wisconsin Whitetail Ilar Paul Meeks • Kansas Whitetaill

Lake Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing Manager Great Day Inc., President

Bow: Mathews TRIAX Sight: Garmin Xero Other: Lumenok Crossbow: Carbon Express Other: API Outdoors

Arrow: Easton FMJ Rest: QAD H Nock, Scent Arrow: Carbon Express Ladderstand, ScentBlocker,

Broadhead: Innerloc Carnage Release: TRU-FIRE Thief Broadhead: Rage Hypodermic Mossy Oak


Mark Cuddeback • Canada Moose

Non Typical, Inc., Owner/CEO

Bow: Prime Ion Rest: Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V Paul Biggs • Arizona Elk

Arrow: Carbon Express Release: TRU-FIRE The Outdoor Group, Producer/Editor

Broadhead: artcra Other: Peregrine Venture Bow: Elite Ritual 30 Broadhead: Slick Trick ViperTrick Release:
Scott Echo
Sight: TRUGLO Bucket Pack Arrow: Victory RIP Elite Sight: CBE Engage

Matt Bateman • Alaska Caribou

Grim Reaper Broadheads, Sales Manager

Daniel Karcher • Indiana Whitetail Bow: Hoyt RX-3 Rest: Ripcord LOK

Bear Archery, Industrial Designer Rest: Arrow: Gold Tip Pro Hunter Release: Spot Hogg WiseGuy
Bow: Bear Kuma 30 Broadhead: SIK SK2 Biscuit Broadhead: Grim Reaper Pro Series Other: TightSpot Quiver,

Arrow: Gold Tip Kinetic Sight: Trophy Ridge React V5 Sight: Black Gold Ascent Verdict King’s Camo


You don’t call your company young. Founded in 2006, the company
“Victory” unless you intend to win. has spanned a great distance quickly.
In a little more than a decade, it has
At least, that’s how the team at Victory gone from a new business to one of the
Archery sees it. “Victory” is more than definitive leaders in arrow technology
just a name, more than just a logo. It’s a and manufacturing.
mission and a mentality. It represents
a desire to succeed in a highly competi- The recipe behind that success is
tive marketplace, and it represents a far from simple. It involves a com-
desire to see pro-shops and archers suc- plex mixture of the right people, the
ceed, too. right choices and the right technology.
One thing is certain, though: Victory
Compared to the industry’s oldest Archery is here to win, and it’s
companies, Victory Archery is fairly doing exactly that.

By Daniel Allred



The Carbon Arrow Experts

Victory Archery’s founding placed it into a unique
position from the very beginning. You see, Vic-
tory Archery was established by a company called

which speciali ed in carbon fiber technolo-
gy. created a variety of tubular carbon fiber
products, like golf shafts and wheel spokes. See-
ing the natural similarity between these products
and arrow shafts began making carbon fiber
arrows in 1999 for certain manufacturers in the
archery industry.

Eventually, MSV decided that it could build a
stand-alone company around its carbon fiber ar-
rows, rather than just selling shafts to other man-
ufacturers. ictory rchery was officially born and
its solid background in carbon fiber technology
gave it the ability to accelerate and truly innovate

the arrow market with the introduction of
the new micro-diameter VAP arrow.
In 2010, Victory Archery was


sold to another carbon fiber golf shaft example is industry veteran Steve generation of arrows.
company, called Aldila Golf Corpo- Greenwood, the company’s general “The thing that really sets
ration. Three years later, Victory manager. Greenwood’s career in the
Archery was sold again, this time archery industry can be traced back us apart is the fact that we are ver-
to Mitsubishi Chemical America, to 1980, when he started working for tically integrated,” Steve Greenwood
a leading name in the automotive a company called Custom Archery explained. “As part of Mitsubishi, we
and aerospace industries, to name Equipment, creators of the innovative are the only arrow manufacturer
just a few. As part of Mitsubishi that actually makes our own car-
Chemical America, Victory Archery’s - aliber uted arrow. ears later bon fiber. e build everything from
access to cutting-edge technology Greenwood helped establish Ameri- scratch from the fiber up and we
and manufacturing processes grew can Arrow Company, which was ul- have access to an incredible amount
exponentially. timately purchased by Easton. From of carbon fiber knowledge. itsubi-
there, Greenwood entered the car- shi is a leading supplier of carbon
This is only one piece of the puzzle, bon business with a company called fiber worldwide. e know we are
though. The other key factor behind Blackhawk Arrows, which ended up going head-to-head against the best,
the company’s success is the indi- being purchased by Gold Tip. but our vertical integration puts us
viduals who are actually operating in a great position. I think we have
Victory Archery and applying this Long story short, Steve Greenwood more engineers at our disposal than
advanced technology to the needs of has dedicated his life to archery— most of our competitors do com-
archers and bowhunters. and more specifically—to arrows. bined, and Mitsubishi’s whole intent
Now, as general manager of Victory is to grow this company and make it
Like all truly successful companies Archery, Greenwood is able to use the the number one player in the arrow
in the industry, Victory Archery’s staff incredible resources of Mitsubishi business.”
lives and breathes archery. A prime Chemical America to create the next


It’s also worth noting Greenwood’s it 24/7. That’s really how we got to diameter and durable
unique upbringing and relationship where we are today, and that’s how construction maximize
with hunting. English by national- we’ll continue to grow.” speed, accuracy, penetration
ity, Steve Greenwood was born and and dependability.
raised in India, where he grew up This core team of passionate ar- The RIP XV ■ One of the fastest ar-
hunting dangerous and exotic game. chers includes: Jayson Bentcik, na- rows on the market, the RIP XV
When he was 16, he visited the U.S. tional sales manager; Nate Watts, features a small .204-inch inner di-
and tried archery for the first time. QC manager; Devin O’Dea, marketing ameter, and it weighs around 6 GPI.
These experiences inspired a life- and graphics manager; Tod Boretto, This incredibly lightweight shaft is
long love for archery and hunting. lead engineer; Myke Santiago, tech- also constructed with high modu-
nical sales & pro staff coordinator; lus carbon fiber allowing it to reach
Steve Greenwood is also far from and Michele Arias, customer service. incredible speeds, cut the wind for
alone in this endeavor, and he cred- Together, this group has a tremen- greater accuracy, and remain intact
its much of the company’s success to dous amount of archery and hunt- after hard impacts.
the similar passion and determina- ing experience, and with their access The Xtorsion ■ This heavy-duty
tion of his team. to Mitsubishi’s advanced technology, shaft is on the opposite end of the
they have created some truly incred- weight spectrum. It’s constructed
“Growing up in India, I got to do a ible arrow designs. with a unique design that com-
lot of stuff that hunters only dream bines stainless steel mesh with high
about,” Greenwood said. “I hunted Here’s a quick overview of some of modulus carbon fiber and unlike
dangerous game in India, Africa and the company’s most popular and ef- aluminum/carbon arrows, they are
other various places, so it was in my fective hunting shafts: far less prone to bending. This in-
blood. The other key behind Victory The VAP ■ Developed by Tod Boretto credible combination of materials
Archery’s success is that my team in 2010, this is the breakthrough that provides extreme levels of kinetic
has that same passion. Pretty much really put Victory Archery on the energy and penetration, making it a
all of them grew up hunting and/or map. The VAP is a ±.001-inch micro-
worked in an archery pro-shop. It’s diameter hunting shaft that’s con-
not just our job. It’s our hobby and structed with high modu-
our passion. We live and breathe lus carbon fiber. Its small


top choice among big game hunters. have extremely light and fast arrows
Like Victory’s other offerings, it’s also like the RIP XV, and we also have our
extremely durable and accurate. super heavy Xtorsion shaft. We have
The VAP TKO ■ An embodiment of the same variety in our target shafts,
the company’s technological abili- whether it’s a lightweight small di-
ties, the VAP TKO brings a lot of great ameter arrow that’s great outdoors in
things to the table. It has an incred- the wind, or a large diameter indoor
ibly small .166-inch inner diameter arrow. We have really been
for even greater speed and wind- able to cover all the bases over
cutting capabilities, and it incor- the years.”
porates the company’s exclusive
MaxxKe Technology, which is an ad- All considered, Victory Ar-
vanced 3K carbon weave that reduces chery has proven itself as a
torque for faster arrow recovery in definitive pioneer of small
diameter, highly accurate
ight and even greater accuracy. carbon arrows. The compa-
This unique “carbon weave technol- ny’s products are truly made
ogy” also provides tighter spine con- by archers for archers, and
sistency and durability. each design is meticulously
enhanced with technologies,
The company has many more de- features and quality control
signs in addition to these. In fact, measures that ensure a fun
Victory Archery has a specialized ar- and successful experience for
row for just about every archery pur- end-users.
suit out there.
Indeed, the little details re-
“We literally make an arrow in ev- ally matter to Victory Archery.
ery diameter, and we have a particu- Just look at the way the com-
pany approaches the spine
lar style of arrow for almost every alignment of its arrows.
application you can think of,”
said Devin O’Dea. “We


“Because of the way a carbon arrow is
made, there is a section of the arrow that
is distinctively stiffer,” Greenwood said.
“Every arrow we make goes through a
pneumatic device that compresses it
about 12 to 14 inches. We use this as a test
to ensure that the shaft doesn’t have any
defects, but we also noticed that the ar-
row would always bend and rotate in a
way that revealed the stiffer part of its
spine. Now, all of our arrows are spine
aligned, meaning that stiffer section is
marked during that process. It sounds
like something insignificant however
I can assure you that it makes a differ-
ence. It might not be noticeable at 10 or 15
yards but it s definitely noticeable from

to yards especially with a fix-
blade broadhead. e were one of the first
to really focus in on spine alignment,

and now some other companies are
starting to pay more attention to it
and follow in our footsteps.”

In addition to this spine align-
ment process, Victory arrows are
weight matched to +/- 0.5 grains for
precise shot consistency. The company
also coats its arrows with a proprietary
ICE nano ceramic coating, an advanced
material that improves penetration and
provides easy removal from targets.
Clearly, technology plays an important
role in the company’s success, but there
are a few other important factors at play.

A Dealer-Centric Company

Since the beginning, Victory Archery has
invested a great deal of effort in helping
independent pro-shops succeed. After
all, many of the company’s leaders have
worked in a pro-shop, and they under-
stand the important role that archery
pro-shops play in the industry.

“Our main focus has always been on
the dealer network,” said Nate Watts. “We
are really able to see things from their
perspective, and that’s be-
cause we’ve been


there. We know what the customers will 41
be looking for, and we try to ensure that
they receive top-notch stuff. We also stand
behind our products, warranty them and
support them every step of the way.”

Victory Archery’s approach to pro-
shop-only products also helps strength-
en and protect dealers.

“We go through huge efforts to make
sure that our dealers have a hassle-free
product they can sell, and we also make
sure that consumers can’t undercut them
online said evin ea. ll of our ag-
ship hunting arrows are dealer-only, so
that means that some of the best arrows
we make can’t be bought online. We un-
derstand that the dealer truly is the life-
blood of the industry. A lot of companies
say they are out there for the dealer and
that they protect the dealer, but then
they are selling consumer-direct on their


website, completely undercutting the
dealers that they say they are protecting.”

Victory Archery also spends a great
deal of time and energy to enforce MAP
pricing, ensuring that these pro-shop-
only arrows remain exclusive to dealers.

“We invest about $20,000 a year to
monitor and police MAP pricing,” said
Jayson Bentcik. “We have a program that
tracks our SKUs all day every day, and ev-
ery morning we get a report that shows
who is breaking MAP by selling on Ama-
zon, eBay or wherever else. If someone is
buying our pro-shop-only products and
then selling them online, we just won’t
sell to them anymore. We are constantly
monitoring MAP to protect shop owners
and their pricing. We take it very seri-
ously, and I think our dealer base sees
that because it has helped us gain a lot
of business. We truly are here for them,
and they want to invest in a product and
company that helps them thrive.”

As part of Mitsubishi Chemical Amer-
ica, Victory Archery is also able to use its
vertical integration to provide dealers
with best-in-class profit margins.

“We have arguably the best margins in
the industry,” said Devin O’Dea. “Because
of our vertical integration with Mitsubi-
shi, we are able to keep our cost down on


raw materials. We don’t have 43
to buy materials with a mark-up from
another company, and that allows us
to pass that discount down to the dealer
and end consumer. They aren’t just mak-
ing a 25 or 35 percent margin. They’re
making a 50 or 60 percent margin in
most cases. All together, we are able to
offer dealers a pretty great deal. We have
a full selection of high-performance ar-
rows with excellent straightness and
weight consistency. We offer a better
margin. And it’s pro-shop only, so you
can t find it anywhere else.

New Innovations
on the Horizon

Another important factor of Victory Ar-
chery s winning-mentality is the com-
pany’s constant drive to create new in-

“We are truly trying to make some-
thing new and something better every
single year said ayson entcik. e re
not just slapping a new logo or a new
label on the same old shaft and calling
it the latest and greatest. We are con-
stantly looking at new designs and new
materials to create arrows that perform
better, and I think people see that. They
think of us as the carbon arrow experts,
and they are interested and excited to see
what we will come out with next.

Victory Archery certainly didn’t disap-
point for 2020. In fact, the company is
unveiling some genuinely groundbreak-
ing new arrow shafts. Key among them
is the new VAP SS.

“The VAP SS is building upon the con-
cept of the torsion arrow said evin

ea. The torsion is a really heavy
shaft. The combination of stainless steel
mesh infused into carbon causes it to
weigh around 12 grains per inch. It’s a
fantastic shaft for someone who really
wants all that momentum and weight,
but we knew there was a lot of demand
for an equally durable arrow that is a


little lighter and faster. That’s ex- market in 2020, and like Victory Ar- durability. The V-TAC 27 will be a big
actly what we did with the VAP SS. chery s other agship hunting arrows hit for indoor shooters. It’s a heavy,
We managed to use a different style it will be a pro-shop-only offering. And thick and super forgiving shaft, and
of stainless steel mesh, so it’s like a Victory Archery didn’t stop there. The that’s exactly what indoor shooters
micro-diameter lightweight version company is also unveiling the new V- are looking for. The V-TAC 25 is thin-
of the Xtorsion. We are maintain- TAC target series, which is sure to be a ner and has a lower GPI, and it will be
ing that durability and that unique winner in the competitive scene. a real line-cutter for events like ASA
combination of carbon and stainless and 3-D shoots. Then we have the V-
steel, but we were able to get the GPI “We are mainly known for our TAC 23, which is a little thinner and
down, and that will allow you to real- hunting arrows, so we made the deci- lighter, and it will be a great choice for
ly build up the FOC. It’s an absolutely sion to put more emphasis on our tar- World Archery, FITA and NFAA events.
bone-crushing, phenomenal arrow. get line,” said Jayson Bentcik. “There And again, they all have our exclusive
When we came out with the Xtor- are three new shafts in this series: carbon weave technology that keeps
sion, we actually had a lot of people the V-TAC 23, V-TAC 25 and V-TAC 27. our tolerances very precise and al-
asking for a lighter, micro-diameter They feature the same MaxxKe car- lows the arrow to recover quicker in
version. Now, one year later, we were bon weave technology that we use
able to create exactly that.” on our TKO arrows, which makes ight for better accuracy. The -T
the spine tolerances super tight and series is definitely going to
The revolutionary VAP SS will hit the be very popular
provides a lot of


among target shooters.” 45
Naturally, Victory Archery

will be displaying these new
designs at the 2020 ATA Trade
Show. Be sure to pay the team
a visit to learn more about these
groundbreaking new offerings.


Victory Archery’s relatively quick rise
to the top is clearly no uke. The com-
pany has been unyielding in its mis-
sion to create truly remarkable ar-
rows, and it’s managed to outdo itself
year after year.

This is only fitting for a company
with “Victory” in its name. The com-
pany’s team wants to live up to that
name and be the best.

ictory is definitely our goal said
Nate Watts. “To be victorious, you have
to constantly be learning, excelling and
improving—and that’s what we do.
That’s what helped us grow in leaps
and bounds over the last few years.”

In the meantime, though, Victory
rchery is fulfilling an even higher
purpose by supporting independent
archery pro-shops and safeguarding
their future.
“Innovation is obviously important
to us, but I would say our commitment
to dealers is even more important,”
said Devin O’Dea. “We really stick our
neck out for pro-shops. We could eas-
ily sell more arrows if we went con-
sumer direct online, and we get a lot
of complaints for not selling online.
The reason we don’t do that is because
we know pro-shops are facing a lot of
competition online, and there needs
to be manufacturers that stick up
for them. Dealers are the foundation
of our business. They are our friends
and family members. We care about
them and want them to succeed, and
at the end of the day, our innovations
are just a tool to accomplish that.”





Sneak Peek
By Patrick Meitin


2020 COMPOUND BOW Sneak Peek

There was a time not out on many beneficial Mathews, Inc.
so long ago when the developments.
average bowhunter pur- Mathews’ 2020 VXR series (28 and 31.5)
chased a bow and shot it Of all the technological is nothing short of remarkable. They
until the wheels, some- improvements that occur meld target-bow technologies into com-
times quite literally, fell off. in the archery industry— pact and maneuverable hunting bows
A new-bow purchase was from tougher broadheads for more stable and forgiving shoot-
considered only after cam and arrows to more user ing. Mathews owner and CEO, Matt
pivots wallowed out, axles friendly sights and ar- McPherson, says they have changed
bent, limbs cracked or limb rows rests—nothing is as the geometry of the entire bow to cre-
pockets grew sloppy and intriguing to archers and ate a longer riser, while maintaining
began to reveal a noticeable bowhunters as compound- relatively compact lines. The long-riser/
slip in accuracy or silence. bow innovation. The case short-limb configuration results in -
This had a lot to do with could easily be made that and 31.5-inch bows that feel and shoot
the slow advancements in you could strip old acces- like models much longer between the
compound technologies in sories from an old bow, axles.
those days. In other words, attach them to a new-
not a lot was gained by year-model compound and VXR bows are fueled by the award-
buying a new bow every see a marked boost in accu- winning highly efficient and extremely
single year. Today, techno- racy. The latest compounds accurate Crosscentric Cam system. The
logical progress arrives at a are not only more accu- VXR 28 produces arrow speeds up to 344
meteoric rate, to the point rate and forgiving, but ever fps, and the VXR 31.5 reaches 332 fps.
that any archer shooting a quieter and faster. Here is a SwitchWeight Technology allows deal-
bow that is more than three sneak peek at some of the ers/owners to change peak draw length
or four years old is missing hottest models for the 2020 and draw weight in 5 pound increments
season. via the cam’s module, eliminating the
need to change limbs. They are offered in
60-, 65-, 70- and 75-pound peak weights,
with modules programmed to provide
ultra-smooth draws and maximum ef-
ficiency at specific settings. odules are
available in 80 or 85 percent let-off for
further customization.

Better yet, new VXR riser geometry
boosted cam efficiencies and enhanced
the effects of 3D Damping, resulting in
less vibration and shot noise, as well as
faster arrow speeds. Also new for 2020
is the optional Silent Connect System
(SCS). They are attached at threaded
taps within each limb cup, which al-
lows users to hook up Mathews’ new
bow rope and bow sling quickly and
silently. The Engage Grip interface


ensures consistent hand placement to the cam center to eliminate cam lean. Guard and ShockWaves limb dampen-
and shooting comfort for all hand sizes, An all-new Align Lok level is integrated ers. The Status EKO is also part of Bear’s
eliminating torque for improved accu- directly into the riser to quicken the set- dealer-only Legend Series. • Check it out
racy. This unique interface is also com- up process and help better align a bow- at
patible with Mathews’ Engage Grip Side sight’s second and third axis. The Status
Plates. Like past models, the stream- EKO propels arrows to IBO speeds of up Xpedition Archery
lined, micro-adjust UltraRest Integrate to 344 fps with a 6-inch brace height,
MX by Quality Archery Designs mounts and it has forgiving and steady 33-inch New for 2020, Xpedition Archery’s MX-16
directly to a dovetail milled into the rear axle-to-axle specs. This bow also holds features precision engineering that re-
edge of the sight window. Mathews is new Contraband Strings, engineered sults in a perfectly balanced caged-riser
also offering a new mbush reen fin- with the perfect blend of performance, to elevate bowhunting success. The MX
ish, in addition to seven other solid and durability and stability in extreme tem- Series (including the MX-15) is fueled
camou age options. peratures. Sleeker, smaller and light- by Kevin Strother’s newly designed 80-
er SonicStops dual string suppressors percent let-off (adjustable) HDS cam. This
The VXR 28 measures 28 inches keep shots on the hush, and silence is system allows archers to manipulate
between the axles, weighs 4.44 pounds further enhanced by a Hinged Roller feel and performance through limb or
and has a 6-inch brace height. It is cable stops, and it accommodates draw
being offered in peak draw weights
of 60, 65, 70, and 75 pounds and draw
lengths of 25.5 to 30 inches. The VXR 31.5
has 31.5-inch axle-to-axle specs, weighs
4.66 pounds and has a 6-inch brace. It
is offered in peak draw weights of 60,
65, 70 and 75 pounds and 26.5- to 31-
inch draw lengths. • Check them out at

Bear Archery Mathews Bear
VXR 28 Status
Bear’s 2020 Status EKO has a completely
redesigned cam system. The company’s EKO
Align Lok Technology is imbedded in a
superbly balanced, “hollowed” riser, along
with other proven technologies available
only from Bear. The EKO Cam System
allows users to customize the let-off to

or percent without sacrific-
ing performance and while also main-
taining consistent draw length. The EKO
system eliminates cam lean throughout
the draw cycle for impressive accuracy
via the system’s revolutionary Spiral
Cable Track. As cable load increases, the
Spiral Cable Track moves pressure closer


2020 COMPOUND BOW Sneak Peek

lengths from 26 to 31 inches in half-inch through cable and/or limb stops, and explained in a video at
increments through a rotating module. archers are also able to use cable and set. The system will help dealers save
Limb stops create a rock-solid back wall, limb stops together to create that just- time during the setup process.
while the cable stops allow for a softer, right feel via 20 adjustment positions.
more cushioned feel. In response to cus- Elite’s 2020 Kure has forgiving 32-inch
tomer demand, these bows feature quiv- The Kure includes Stabilock Limb -inch axle-to-axle specs and a
er mounts and rear stabilizer-mounting Pockets that are wider for added stabil-
options. The MX-16 propels arrows to ity. They also feature ¼-inch axles and 6 9/16-inch brace height. The 4.6-pound
IBO speeds of 348 to 352 fps via a 6-inch larger bearings to further improve sta- Kure is available in draw lengths from 23
brace height. The bow weighs 4.2 pounds bility. Perhaps most exciting is S.E.T. to 30 inches and with 40-, 50-, 60-, 65-
and measures 32.75 inches between the technology implified xact Tuning and 70-pound peak draw weights. With
axles. It can be ordered with peak draw which provides a fast and easy micro- an IBO speed of 335 fps (with 80 percent
weights of 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds, tune system for adjusting limb-pocket let-off the ure is sure to be a hit. •
with nine different string colors. It s fin- pivot angle and cam lean (similar to Check it out at
ished in Realtree Timber, Edge or Excape yoke tuning or shimming to correct
camou age or olten lack Tactical tail-right and tail-left paper tears all Bowtech
Sand or Ops Greens solids. • Check it out without a bow press. S.E.T. Technology is
at The 2020 Revolt and Revolt X from
Bowtech introduce patented Deadlock

Elite Archery Xpedition Elite
MX-16 Kure
Elite Archery released several new tech-
nologies for 2020, all of which are found
on the new Kure. The crux of this tech-
nology is the ability to custom-tune
bows to particular shooting styles, rests,
grips and arrow/broadhead combina-
tions. Elite says this makes the world’s
most shootable bows also the most
tunable. The new ASYM Tri-Track Cam
system provides that hallmark Elite feel.
A smooth draw cycle gently transitions
through let-off, deep valley, high let-off
and a rock-solid rear wall. The ultra-
stable cam system is fully synchronized
and laterally balanced to provide true
nock travel and unparalleled stability.
The cam system is equipped with an
exclusive Versa Mod Rotating Module,
allowing 7 full inches of draw length
adjustment in ¼-inch increments and
70- to 90 percent let-off, without a bow
press. The back wall can also be adjusted


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