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300 hour Yoga teacher training course in India by Yoga alliance approved Ashram. Learn 300 Hour yoga TTC program and grow yourself personally and professionally. Contact us now!

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India | Book Your Seat Now

300 hour Yoga teacher training course in India by Yoga alliance approved Ashram. Learn 300 Hour yoga TTC program and grow yourself personally and professionally. Contact us now!

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300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training / 300 Hour yoga course

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training $1699

 10th - 08th Every Month   |   Recurring Event  

It is important information for our ego to obtain that nobody advanced. We are all able to learn more and Yoga is
a subject which no one can know everything about. Yoga is forever evolving and we invite you to continue
learning about Yoga in the 300 hours Teacher Training Course. You will be able to join only if you have completed
a 200 hours TTC already. This next level course will ensure you receive the tools to become the best potential
teacher. You will connect with our community of passionate teachers at our east meets west Ashram. Our
program is a unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

International Yoga Ashram is a Registered Yoga School from Yoga Alliance USA and we have created a program
which will prepare you to illuminate and blossom as a Yoga Teacher. You will receive skills and gain the
confidence to thrive and succeed in the Yoga universe. The 300 hours Teacher Training is a multi-styled course
where you will learn traditional Hatha Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Next level
knowledge on Asanas, teaching methods, Pranayama, Anatomy and Philosophy is covered. We dive deep into the
topics of the Bhagavad Gita scripture, Bandhas and Kriyas for a more authentic experience. From this uplifting
training you will leave with new gained wisdom and inspiration to teach artful theme sequences. In the separate
Art of Alignment classes, we emphasise adjustments to be able to work with different body types and students
with injuries. You will learn different ways to support the individual in asanas by using props. Everybody can do
Yoga we just need the tools to teach modifications to make an asana available. Together with the anatomy
classes, you will become aware of how a small movement can change the asana and the benefits. Kriyas are an
important part of yoga and you will practice Neti, Trataka (gazing) and the Kunjal cleansing technique. Different
styles of meditation will be introduced and students are guided to become aware and control the mind though
active and non-active methods.

A mandatory practical exam is done in the end of the course. Here the students teach their personal created
sequence and will afterwards receive feedback highlighting the good parts and advice on how to become an
even better teacher. In philosophy and anatomy there will also be a theoretical exam. We kindly ask for you to

understand the importance of being present. Students should attend all classes in the program to complete the
course. Only then will you be able to receive a certificate. Of course we are flexible when it comes to sickness and
if you become ill, please let us know and we will take care of you and help you recover. We will then deal with the
classes missed and find a way for you to leave with a certificate in hand.


10th Apr - 08th May 1499 USD 1699 USD BOOK
2019 1699 USD NOW
1699 USD
10th May - 08th Jun 1499 USD 1699 USD BOOK
2019 1699 USD NOW
1699 USD
10th Jun - 08th Jul 1499 USD 1699 USD BOOK
2019 NOW

10th Jul - 08th Aug 1499 USD BOOK
2019 NOW

10th Aug - 08th Sep 1499 USD BOOK
2019 NOW

10th Sep - 08th Oct 1499 USD BOOK
2019 NOW

10th Oct - 08th Nov 1499 USD BOOK
2019 NOW

10th Nov - 08th Dec 1499 USD 1699 USD BOOK
2019 1699 USD NOW


10th Dec - 08th Jan 1499 USD

10th Jan - 08th Feb 1499 USD 1699 USD BOOK
2020 NOW

10th Feb - 08th Mar 1499 USD 1699 USD BOOK
2020 NOW

10th Mar - 08th Apr 1499 USD 1699 USD BOOK
2020 NOW


Hatha Yoga with proper Bag with International Yoga Private room with attached
alignment and adjustment Ashram logo bathroom

Hatha Vinyasa (Flow) Book 'Asana, Pranayama, Shared room with attached
Ashtanga Vinyasa Mudra, Bandha' by Swami bathroom

Philosophy and history of Yoga Satyananda Saraswati Ayurvedic diet and living
Pranayama (Breathing Hot shower 24/7
techniques) Neti pot
3 vegetarian meals
Meditation and Yoga Nidra Movie night (Yogic and Breakfast
Anatomy of yogic practice spiritual movies) Lunch
Mudras (Gesture) Customised training for a
better learning experience


Bandhas (Energy lock) Note book Filtered drinking water 24/7
Kriyas (cleansing method) Stationary Hot drinks available 24/7-
Asana adjustment classes Cooking class
Sightseeing trip to nearby Different kinds
Mantra chanting Free WIFI
Power back up 24/7


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served six days a week Monday - Saturday and is
included in all our packages.
We serve healthy nutrition and sattvik food for daily wellbeing and energy for your practice.
The food is tasty and will make you crave for meal time.
The buffet meals provided are freshly cooked and will be slightly different daily.
Breakfast consists of fresh fruit, porridge, muesli with curd, upma (south Indian delicacy),
toast, butter, peanut butter, honey, fresh juice or smoothie.
Lunch is dahl made of lentils, seasonal vegetables, rice, chapatti and fresh salad.
Dinner consists of a cooked seasonal vegetable dish, soup, rice, chapatti and fresh salad.
We eat meals in silence to be aware, fully enjoy and practice gratitude for the meal

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 Rishikesh, India  Rishikesh, India  India, Rishikesh

300-hour yoga teacher training

On this page, you will be able to read all about our 300-hour yoga teacher training. You can find all the important
information that you need to know about the yoga teacher course. If you are interested in going to our 300-hour
yoga teacher training in India, then keep on reading!

What should I bring to the yoga teacher

When you are going to our 300-hour yoga teacher training in India, the only thing you should bring yourself is
comfortable clothes to practice yoga in, a completely white outfit for our ceremonies and a blanket to cover
yourself in for the Shavasana, Yoga Nidra, and early morning pranayama. Do know that the weather changes
depending on the month and season that you are staying at the Ashram. Therefore, please bring appropriate
attire. You do not need to bring any yoga equipment, as we will be providing you with all the equipment and tools
that you will need for the study.

Vegetarian food 3 times a day

We understand that during your yoga teacher training you will be absorbing a great amount of information, and
you will need to be well rested and relaxed without any external distractions, as the 300-hour yoga teacher
training is intensive. With this in mind, we offer simple, comfortable, safe and clean housing for all of our students.
Our aim is for you to have no concerns that will distract you from your daily yoga practice. For accommodation,
you will be able to get a private room with an attached bathroom or a shared room with an attached bathroom.

Furthermore, healthy, nourishing and vegetarian food is also offered to our students. We use local, fresh and
seasonal food to revitalize you after your long days of practice and study. Meals are provided 3 times a day, from

Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a holiday for staff and students and we strongly encourage you to explore some
of the many delicious food offerings in the local area.

Why we want you to join our 300-hour
yoga teacher training in India

There are many reasons for us to want you to join our yoga teacher training in India. First of all, we hope that our
training offers you much more than just a certification. We know that you have a yoga teacher hidden deep
inside of you – and we want to lure that teacher out. It is important for us, that you, though our yoga teacher
training, discover your own unique voice and yoga style. You will hopefully feel the changes within your spirit,
when you give yourself fully to the yogic lifestyle. Our yoga teacher training in India will most likely be the start of
your new life-long yoga practice, and we hope that you will devote yourself to the path of yoga.

If you have any questions for us, please call us on 91 88 94 46 16 05, or write an email to
[email protected]. On our website, you can also see our most frequently asked questions.
You might get all the answers to your questions here – if not, feel free to contact us.


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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh GET DIRECTION

FROM INSTAGRAM  +91 8894461605
+91 9805294290

[email protected]

 Monday - Saturday:
6.30 Am - 07:00 Pm



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