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Perfect 200 hour yoga teacher training in India. Become a worldwide certified Yoga Alliance 200-hours Yoga Teacher and work globally. Book your seat now!

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India | International Yoga Ashram

Perfect 200 hour yoga teacher training in India. Become a worldwide certified Yoga Alliance 200-hours Yoga Teacher and work globally. Book your seat now!

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200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training / 200 Hour yoga course

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training $1299

 10th - 05th Every Month   |   Recurring Event  

The intensive Yoga Teacher Training at International Yoga Ashram is residential and gives you the opportunity to
fully engage yourself in your sadhana and study traditional Yoga in the very land where Yoga originated from.
Become a worldwide certified Yoga Alliance 200-hours Yoga Teacher and you will be able to teach globally.

The program in Rishikesh, India concentrate on preparing you as an individual teacher with basic understanding
of all aspects of Yoga from the theoretically to practically and is beneficial for all levels. It is not necessary to be
very flexible or advanced in your asana practice to complete the course. After your training you will without a
doubt notice a transformation and feel a change in your mind and body. When you go back to society you can
see yourself as a new one. You have consciously changed yourself by completing a Yoga Teacher Training. The
experience will boost your self-confidence and bring you clarity when teaching with compassion. With a strong
foundation you will learn the art of being a skilful teacher and you will feel empowered to make Yoga a path of
your life. When becoming a teacher of Yoga, it is important to learn qualities of how to assist and correct students
with an understanding of the student's process. Learn how to instruct and demonstrate the different styles of
Yoga and how to design a practice and class with on point time management and themes like chakras or focus
on a specific body part. You will feel a great improvement within a month and pick up vital characteristics of a
Yoga teacher.

The 200 hours Teacher Training Course invites you to purify your body through powerful asana practices and your
mind through guided meditations. You will experience the training to be healing as you learn breathing
techniques in the Pranayama classes. The designed program includes Hatha Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa Flow and Yin

Yoga. The asana practice is done early morning and afternoon. Art of Alignment is a topic which we are very
passionate about at International Yoga Ashram and will be covered in a class exclusively to learn how asanas
can be modified and adjusted securely. Everything that you learn will be profound knowledge for yourself, but you
will also learn how to teach others the methods in all subjects covered.

Towards the end of the training there will be a practical exam where every student lead and train their own class.
Afterwards feedback will be given to understand how they can grow as a teacher and which parts were on point.
There will also be a written exam. It is important that students attend all classes to complete the course and
receive a certificate. If you become ill, please inform us so we can help you recover and we will find a way for you
to graduate. If all of the above resonates with your heart, our teachers warmly welcome you to become a radiant
and inspiring holistic Yoga teacher.


10th Apr - 05th May 1199 USD 1299 USD BOOK
2019 1299 USD NOW
1299 USD
10th May - 05th Jun 1199 USD 1299 USD BOOK
2019 1299 USD NOW
1299 USD
10th Jun - 05th Jul 1199 USD BOOK
2019 NOW

10th Jul - 05th Aug 1199 USD BOOK
2019 NOW

10th Aug - 05th Sep 1199 USD BOOK
2019 1199 USD NOW

10th Sep - 05th Oct

10th Oct - 05th Nov 1199 USD 1299 USD BOOK

10th Nov - 05th Dec 1199 USD 1299 USD BOOK
2019 NOW

10th Dec - 05th Jan 1199 USD 1299 USD BOOK
2020 NOW

10th Jan - 05th Feb 1199 USD 1299 USD BOOK
2020 NOW

10th Feb - 05th Mar 1199 USD 1299 USD BOOK
2020 NOW

10th Mar - 05th Apr 1199 USD 1299 USD BOOK
2020 NOW


Hatha Yoga with proper Bag with International Yoga Private room with attached
alignment and adjustment Ashram logo bathroom

Hatha Vinyasa (Flow) Book 'Asana, Pranayama, Shared room with attached
Mudra, Bandha' by Swami bathroom
Philosophy and history of Yoga
Satyananda Saraswati Hot shower 24/7
Pranayama (Breathing
techniques) Neti pot 3 vegetarian meals

Meditation and Yoga Nidra Breakfast

Anatomy of yogic practice Movie night (Yogic and Lunch
Mudras (Gesture) spiritual movies) Dinner.
Filtered drinking water 24/7
Bandhas (Energy lock) Customised training for a Hot drinks available 24/7-
Kriyas (cleansing method) better learning experience Different kinds
Asana adjustment classes Free WIFI
Manual Power back up 24/7
Mantra chanting
Note book


Cooking class

Sightseeing trip to nearby


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served six days a week Monday - Saturday and is
included in all our packages.
We serve healthy nutrition and sattvik food for daily wellbeing and energy for your practice.
The food is tasty and will make you crave for meal time.
The buffet meals provided are freshly cooked and will be slightly different daily.
Breakfast consists of fresh fruit, porridge, muesli with curd, upma (south Indian delicacy),
toast, butter, peanut butter, honey, fresh juice or smoothie.
Lunch is dahl made of lentils, seasonal vegetables, rice, chapatti and fresh salad.
Dinner consists of a cooked seasonal vegetable dish, soup, rice, chapatti and fresh salad.
We eat meals in silence to be aware, fully enjoy and practice gratitude for the meal

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 Rishikesh, India  Rishikesh, India  India, Rishikesh

200-hour yoga teacher training

Your stay and 200-hour course at International Yoga Ashram will be personalized and designed for you to
experience the most benefits throughout your yoga instructor training. Our yoga instructor training in Rishikesh
gives you the opportunity to discover your own unique voice as a yoga teacher and it creates the perfect
opportunity for you to self-transform and for your self-realization.

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh greets your entire human being with luxurious green nature and
the flow of the Ganges creates the most soothing atmosphere you have ever experienced. The refreshing prana
from the majestic mountains generates a calmness within your soul for you to dedicate yourself to the yoga
practice. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to become a yoga instructor with a massive amount of

Become a yoga instructor

Our instructors’ motto is ‘do yoga be happy’. Our teaching atmosphere is extremely kind and we aim to teach with
great patience and understanding. We believe that this builds an environment where students can easily obtain
skills and important information.

Our professional teachers will guide you beyond your limits with ease. The world needs your unique individual
being and you can use your voice to share your journey and knowledge. Our wish is to share the ancient
knowledge of yoga so that our graduates can share the same lifestyle and knowledge with the world.

Great food for Everyone

We understand that during your yoga teacher training you will be absorbing a great amount of information, and
you will need to be well rested and relaxed without any external distractions. With this in mind, we offer simple,
comfortable, safe and clean housing for all of our students. Our aim is for you to have no concerns that will
distract you from your daily yoga practice.

Healthy, nourishing and vegetarian food is also offered to our students. We use local, fresh and seasonal food to
revitalize you after long days of practice and study. Meals are provided 3 times a day, from Monday to Saturday.
Sunday is a holiday for staff and students and we strongly encourage you to explore some of the many delicious
food offerings in the local area.

Why we think you should join our 200-
jour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

The whole meaning behind our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is to offer you much more than just a
certification. We want to educate the yoga teacher that is hidden deep within you, and give you all the tools that
you need, to live a life devoted to yoga. Through our yoga teacher training, we also hope that you find your own
unique voice and style of yoga. We hope that you will feel the relaxing changes in your body and mind, after
giving into to the lifestyle that is yoga. Furthermore, our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh will hopefully plant the
seed for a future of a life-long practice and devotion to the path of yoga.

If you have any questions for us, you can call us on 91 88 94 46 16 05, or you can write an email to
[email protected]


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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh
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 +91 8894461605
+91 9805294290

[email protected]

 Monday - Saturday:
6.30 Am - 07:00 Pm




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