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Published by Kris, 2019-12-03 10:30:54

December 2019 Newsletter

December 2019 Newsletter

Company News

October 2018

A Letter From the President tate Utility Contra ctors, In

October , 2018 President
c. S

I sit here today writing this message and waiting for Hurricane Michael to show up on our
doorstep tomorrow, and I cannot help but think of all of our employees, families, friends and
associates who are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Our thoughts and
prayers continue for all those affected by this record breaking storm. I also want to let
everyone know that because we have been blessed in many ways as a company, that we will be
making a sizable donation on behalf of the State Utility Employees to the Hurricane Florence
Relief Fund.

We are winding down a summer that has been over the top busy for all of us. I know many of
you have put in long hours and will continue to do so because of our workload. I want to let
you know how much we appreciate all the efforts put forth by everyone. Even though we are all
working very hard, let’s not lose our focus on WORKING SAFELY. You all have done a pretty
good job so far this year so let’s be sure we keep it up.

As you will see in the pages to follow, Becky Norwood has officially retired and we miss her
dearly. On behalf of everyone who has worked with Becky through the years, we thank Becky
for her hard work, dedication, friendship and listening ear to so many of us. Thanks for all the
memories Becky. They will be cherished for a lifetime.

I’m excited about the work we have picked up the past couple of months. We have probably
the largest backlog of work that we have ever had at any one time in the line and plant
divisions combined, and as our Founder Frank Carpenter would say “now it’s time to go get it
built - on time and under budget!”

Project Spotlight Line

Pump Station 10 Force Main - Wilmington, NC
-Cape Fear Public Utility Authority-

Chris Chavis Mason Goslee

Danny Hunt

Start Date: January 2018 Interesting Fact: Contract Amount: $3.2 Million
Completion Date: November 2018 2000LF of 30” Force Main Peak Employees : 10
2000LF of 30” Fusible Directional


Project Overview and Purpose
Pump station 10 force main replacement will give CFPUA a new 30” force main to connect PS 10(New Hanover
county’s largest pump station) and the WWTP. TB Landmark installed the complicated directional drill underneath
both Smith Creek and Martin Luther King Parkway. Mason Goslee and crew are working to install the connecting 30”
force main to PS 10 and through the existing waste water treatment plant. The multitude of existing utilities and
wet summer conditions have added to the challenge of installing the large diameter force main.

Barry Thorneburg

Don Wing Michael Watson

Charles Moon Kelly Trump Brandon Compton Kyle Bennett

Tom Mager Dustin Jankowski Michael Kennedy

Project Spotlight Plant

Muddy Creek WWTP .30 MGD Expansion

William Cochrane Jimmy Kimrey

MudCdoyreyCGarbebaerkd Crew Pick To be Added

Thomas Collett
Chris Mangum

Start Date: February, 2018 Thanks For Your Hard Work Contract Amount: $4.6 Million
Completion Date: April 2019 SU Employees : 6

Project Overview and Purpose: The purpose of the project is to expand the plant from 100,000 gal per day to
300,000 gal per day. Construction involves the erections of (2) 40’ diameter Steel Clarifiers, installation of (1)
Aqua Aerobic Mini Disk Filter, demolition of existing UV equipment, Installation of (2) new UV Disinfection Units
and piping, Installation of new RAS/WAS pumps and piping, Modifications to (4) existing steel Aeration Basins,
conversion of (4) 12’ diameter steel Clarifiers to Sludge Holding Tanks, Installation of new Influent PS Grinder
Pumps, Installation of new EQ Basin Pumps and piping, Installation of new Screening Equipment, Installation of
new Chemical Storage Structure, Installation of (3) new Blowers, Site Piping, Electrical and SCADA Modifications.

Impressive Fact:

Large amounts of rock had to be removed by

hand between structures using jack hammers,

sledge hammers and shovels due to the lack of

space for machines and pre-existing pipe.

P:\PL...\John Payne.jpg

Thoughts & Prayers Announcements

A Smoking Legend Finally Goes To Pasture

Becky Norwood Retires A smoking legend finally goes to pasture. 30-213 LS 108 Link Belt
Crawler Crane went home to another pasture in SC recently. The unit
Congratulations to Becky Norwood! was purchased in the late 80’s and was first used on a plant project in
As of August 15th, Becky has eastern NC. It served our company well for over 30 years. It is now
officially Retired owned by a small quarry company in Inman, SC.

Becky began with State Utility on October Announcements
7th, 1986 when there were approximately
10 – 12 office and shop employees located Mike McLamb (Exc. VP Plant Division Manager) Mike & Jeanne
in the basement of the Dickerson McLamb’s son Michael recently got engaged to Ms. Anna Stewart.
building. She worked full-time for over 32 The wedding is set for May 18, 2019 in Raleigh, NC. Michael works
years while she and Bill raised their 3 for Hazen & Sawyer, PC in Raleigh as an engineer. Anna is a graduate
boys. There wasn’t a question that could student at NC State, studying veterinarian medicine. The couple will
be asked that Becky couldn’t answer or live in Raleigh. CONGRATULATIONS!!
send you in the direction of an answer.
Marvin Moses (Foreman Line Division) Marvin was promoted to
We certainly hope that Becky enjoys every Foreman with our line division this past April. He started with State
minute of retirement. She definitely Utility in 2006. CONGRATULATIONS!!
deserves it, but oh how she will be missed!
Zack Wooten (Project Manager Plant Division) and his wife are
Thanks for your Service!! expecting a baby girl this January. This will be their second child.

If any of you have anything you would like to be shared with
the SU family in the next Newsletter please email Kris Hannah
([email protected]).

Thoughts & Prayers

Jimmy Coore’s (Superintendent Plant Division) mother went to be with the Lord on August 11, 2018. Ms. Virginia
Pettit Coore was born October 6, 1934. She was very involved in her church, Mt. Vernon Springs Presbyterian
Church, near Siler City, NC. She taught Sunday school and was very involved in WMU. Mema as her grandchildren
and great grandchildren called her, will greatly be missed. She loved many, and was loved by many. Thoughts and
prayers for the Coore family.

Employee Spotlights

Roberts Photo Ronnie Singleton
To be Added
once received Ronnie started with State Utility’s Line Division back in October 1995 and worked with
us for a little over 10 years. After a short stint away from State Utility he rejoined the
winning team and has been back with us a little over 4 years. Ronnie joined State
Utility Contractors to advance his career and open the door to new opportunities.
Ronnie is currently the lead track hoe operator on the Line Divisions Burgis Creek
Sewer Improvements project located in Rock Hill, SC . He works with Andrew Young
and crews.

Ronnie enjoys playing pool and watching football in his spare time!

-Ronnie enjoys working at State Utility “because he makes money and enjoys the people he works with”-

Thanks for all your hard work!

Brice Cates

Brice was recruited out of Western Carolina University’s Construction Management
program after he completed 2 summer internships with our Plant Division. Brice
proved his worth during the summers of 2016 and 2017 and was offered a full time
position after graduating. In January of 2018 Brice started full time as a Field
Engineer on the Plant Division’s Hardeeville Water Reclamation Facility Expansion
project. Over the past 9 months Brice has helped Superintendent Thomas Ward and
crew during the final stages of the project.

Brice has a girlfriend of 3 years named Taylor. In his free time Brice loves to hunt and fish, spend time with his
girlfriend and friends and family.

What Brice enjoys most about working at State Utility is -“ by far the people I work with. It’s a close knit group
that feels like a family”

New Jobs this Quarter

Plant Jobs Bid Date Line Jobs Bid Date

Broad River Water Treatment Plant 3-6-18 Michael Baker Bridge # 210 2-27-18
Expansion Rutherfordton, NC $2.1 Replacement Charlotte , NC $466,235
Oak Island Bypass Repairs Oak Island, 5-17-18
NC $381,600
Lincoln County Water Treatment
Plant Expansion Lincoln County, NC 6-21-18 FY18 Small Diameter Water & Sewer Renews
$10.94 Million Services Contract 2 Renewal Charlotte, NC 10-1-18
$2.41 Million

McDowell Creek WWTP Reliability 8-21-18 Clifton Drive Sanitary Sewer Relocation 6-22-18
Improvements Phase II Charlotte, Design-Build Project Fayetteville PWC, NC
NC $7.2 Million
$2 Million

Harnett County WWTP Sludge 9-11-18 FY17 Water & Sewer Extensions/ 7-23-18
Dewatering Improvements Replacements Sanitary Sewer Projects
Lillington, NC $11.6 Million Contract 3 Renewal Charlotte, NC $2.55

Buck Waterline Design Build Phase 1, 7-16-18
Section 1 Rowan County, NC $75,000

Four Mile Creek Tributary Sewer 8-24-18
Replacement Charlotte, NC $2.43

Happy Birthday

July - 2018 August - 2018 September - 2018 October - 2018 November - 2018

Ann Maness - 7/02 Jorge Landaverde - 8/01 Tommy Smith - 9/07 Kyle Gandy - 10/01 Porfirio Vazquez - 11/04
MIke Nobles - 7/05 Olin Thompson - 8/01 Peggy Taylor - 9/11 Hunter Hinson - 10/04 Jayson Terrell - 11/09
Martin Minyard - 7/09 Steve Snavely - 8/01 Corey Gabbard - 9/11 Matthew Hamrick - 10/09 Robert Singleton - 11/12
Jimmy Coore - 7/10 Jimmy Kimrey - 8/04 Anthony Smith - 9/12 Eric Smith - 10/09 Gregorio Abundez - 11/17
William Cochrane - 7/11 Pete Isenhower - 8/07 Derrick Morgan - 9/14 Charles Moon - 10/13 Terry Deese - 11/21
Ronnie Singleton - 7/12 Bill Cheek - 8/10 Cameron Lotharp - 9/14 David Powers - 10/13 Trey Eaves - 11/22
Susan Graves - 7/15 Wade Burgess - 8/10 Nick Allen - 9/16 Andrew Merritt - 10/17 Stanley Griffin - 11/24
Matt Williams - 7/16 Zach Wooten - 8/11 Eliezer Perez - 9/18 Jerry Knox - 10/17 Keechan Ware - 11/24
Jameathan Williams - 7/17 Chris Mezzanotte - 8/12 Robert Zarko - 9/21 Alphonza Damon - 10/18 Lisa Williamson - 11/26
James Pridgen - 7/19 Patrick Green - 8/15 Clifford Wilhelm - 9/21 Chris Heyward - 10/19 Edwin Vazquez - 11/30
Marvin Moses - 7/20 Eric Harbison - 8/17 Warren Bailey - 9/23 Andrew Young - 10/22
Derrick Tyler - 7/21 Frank Miller - 8/19 Mason Goslee - 9/25 Bill Norwood - 10/29
Carlos Cortes - 7/24 Dustin Wagner - 8/20 Scotty Norwood - 9/27
Barry Thorneburg - 7/26 Kris Hannah - 8/20 Brandon Compton - 9/29
Rey Garcia Blanco - 8/25
Jagarion Ivey - 8/29


Cold Weather Safety

It is hard to believe that Fall is already upon us. Halloween is just a few weeks away, and it seems more often than not we have
our First Frost right about Halloween, so here are a few tips on staying safe on the job during cold weather.

Do a 5 minute warm up and then a few light stretches before starting work. Pulled muscles are more likely to occur in cold
weather because your muscles tighten up and contract in the cold. Don’t stretch a cold muscle without warming up! A
warmed muscle contracts more forcefully and relaxes more quickly. Therefore, both speed and strength should be enhanced,
and the likelihood of muscles being forcefully overstretched and causing injury is reduced.

You can become dehydrated in cold weather if you don’t replace fluids. Dehydration reduces blood flow to the skin, which can
lead to cold injury. Don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol contributes to dehydration and widens blood vessels, causing heat loss. Alcohol
also impairs judgment and reduces sensitivity to cold.

Serious injuries can result from trip and fall incidents. Watch for areas that may become slick when wet. Watch for ice patches
on the ground, and pay special attention when getting on and off equipment. Walking on ice can be dangerous. Many cold
weather injuries result from falls on ice-covered sidewalks, steps, and driveways.

With a combination of water, oil, and ice, the roadway isn’t the safest place to be, so use caution when driving. Drive at speeds
appropriate for the weather, roadway, and traffic conditions. Don’t tail gate, lack of tire traction may send you into the rear of
the vehicle in front of you! With the time change we can expect to see a lot of deer on our ride to and from work again. Fall in
the Carolinas often means morning fog. Fog Driving Safety Tips: Drive with lights on LOW beam. Reduce your speed and watch
your speedometer. Fog creates a visual illusion of slow motion when you may actually be speeding. Travel with the driver’s
window partially open. Listen for traffic.

Keep hands, feet, and head covered, and wear several layers of loose-fitting clothing. If you clothing becomes wet, immediately
change to avoid cold-weather injuries like hypothermia. Weather can change quickly. From Freezing (7am) to Warm (12pm) to
Freezing again (5pm). Wild temperature swing can be felt between Sunny and Shady spots as well! Dress in layers so you can
remove or add clothing to match your work environment. It is a good idea to keep some extra cloths handy in case you get
soaked during the day.

Additional effects of cold weather on your body can include:
Numbness - It’s usually in your extremities (fingers, toes, ears, nose tip, and cheeks)
Shivering - This is the body’s way of trying to warm up
Immersion Foot (Trench foot) - This is damage you get if your skin is exposed to cold and dampness too long. The skin
doesn’t actually freeze, but you can get swelling, tingling, itching, loss of skin, or skin ulcers.

Make sure to use the buddy-system when working in cold weather. Signs that people are being affected by the cold include a

change in behavior patterns, a change in skin or lip color (blue, purple or gray), or shaking. When these symptoms are present,

affected people should be taken indoors as soon as possible Any Safety Questions or Concerns Contact:

Chris Ricketson

CCOOLLDD Mobile - 980-275-9280

Jason Walker

Mobile - 330.316.6565

From The Shop

While you are doing walk around inspections and checking fluid levels
on machines daily, safety goes hand in hand. When you start to get on
a machine and climb, make sure you use the 3 point contact so you
don’t slip and fall. Look for cracks, leaks, and anything that looks
different. When checking oil and coolant, look to see if there is any
dampness around radiator and heater hoses. As the temperatures
start to cool down, machines create a cold water leak. When it gets
hot, it stops leaking. Most of the time you can tighten clamps and it
stops. When you get down from a machine, climb back down. If you
jump off and your feet slip, you could fall and injure yourself on tracks
or other objects. Same thing on loaders, backhoes, and flatbeds.

Always do your pre-trip inspections of flatbeds, trucks and trailers, and
fill out inspection book.

Always make sure what you are hauling is secured, regardless if it is
equipment or pipe, etc. While you are tying down equipment or other
items, look at your chains (for bad links or hooks), and straps (for torn
or worn areas) on trucks and trailers. If they are damaged, let me
know so they can be replaced.

At the end of every day, tracks on excavators and dozers need to be
cleaned out so that the rollers that carry tracks will turn freely. When
they quit turning because of mud built up on frames, it causes the
rollers to flat spot and stop turning, creating more expenses for the

Housekeeping on trucks and equipment - Please keep trash, bottles,
and cans out of the cabs of machines and trucks. When you leave truck
or piece of equipment, put trash in a trash can. If a drink can or piece
of foil makes contact with voltage of power wire/fusebox, it can start a

TAKE CARE OF THIS EQUIPMENT If there are any problems with equipment or trucks etc., tell your
IT HELPS PAY YOUR SALARY! supervisor so they can call me about the problem. Any damage on
MAINTENANCE IS IMPORTANT! equipment or trucks needs Any Equipment Questions or Concerns Contact:
to be reported immediately. Wade Burgess - Mobile - 704-400-2308


Human Resources

State Utility Welcomes Two New Employees


I am Susan Graves, new Controller for State Utility. I joined
the company in June of this year.

My husband and I grew up in South Carolina and jumped at
the opportunity to return to the Carolinas last year. I have
spent the last twenty years working in finance in the
telecommunications industry in Atlanta, GA.

I will admit it has been quite a change in pace to move
from the city of Atlanta, GA to the town of Wingate, NC but
I think we are adjusting just fine. We have two grown
daughters. One who is working in retail here in NC and one
who is in healthcare in Charleston, SC. We also have two
dogs, Zoey and Jack that occupy a lot of our time.
I am thrilled to be part of the State Utility team and look
forward to working with everyone.

Susan Graves - Controller

Jason Walker - Safety Coordinator Hello to all.

For those of you I haven’t met, I am Jason Walker, the new
Safety Coordinator.

I am originally from Ohio but have traveled quite a lot
throughout my life. The past five years I worked in the gas
and oil industry for Kinder Morgan as an Operation
Specialist. During this time I served as site safety lead and
was the safety committee chair for our station. Prior to
that, I worked in the commercial construction industry as a
pipefitter/welding foreman, installing chilled water
applications. My wife and I both graduated from the
University of South Florida but met while serving in the
United States Air Force. Jessica and I are the proud parents
of Rachel, our two year old daughter. I look forward to
meeting and working with you all.


Throw Back 1994

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