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Published by capintec, 2018-02-24 18:00:01

Optility Brochure

Optility Brochure

A Nuclear Medicine Management Software Like No Other...

Optility™ is a Nuclear Medicine Management Software Package available in
three forms- Optility™ NMM, Optility™ CPM, and Optility™ NPM. It effi-
ciently captures and retrieves all regulatory and administrative data. It keeps
track of all patients, procedures, drugs and health physics functions with the
touch of a few keys. It allows you to print predefined reports or export the
data to excel spreadsheets or XML formats, and to create your own custom
Don’t lose the data you’ve been acquiring for years within the Nuclear Med-
icine Manager®, Commercial Pharmacy Manager®, or Nuclear Pharmacy
Manager®! With Optility™ you can convert all of your information: drugs,
procedure settings, health physics configurations, referring physicians cur-
rent and historical patient data for immediate use within the program.

Paired with the Most Trusted Dose Calibrators on the Market.

For over 45 years, Capintec has consistently used superior technology, mate-
rials and workmanship in our dose calibrators.
All of our dose calibrators are constructed utilizing our unique proven cham-
ber designs and high grade pure aluminum alloy. Additionally, our quality
precision rotary welded technology assures optimal chamber pressure with
NO gas leakage for years of steady, consistent and reliable use.

Interfacing with a CRC® Dose Calibrator is simple. When connected, an
icon appears on screens where the dose calibrator can be utilized. When on
an activity field on the screen, simply press CTRL ENTER to pull the value
from the dose calibrator, rather than typing in the value. This saves time and
potential mistakes.
This option is available in a number of screens, including dosing screens, kit
prep, elutions, and health dose calibrator health physics tests.

Optility™ is Available in Three Forms

Optility™ NMM Optility™ CPM Optility™ NPM

For Hospitals and Clinics that dose For Radiopharmacies that dispense For Institutions, such as large
patients and perform studies. nuclear or P.E.T. prescriptions universities that perform studies
and dispense prescriptions.

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