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Published by capintec, 2015-10-07 15:08:45

CapIMAGE ™ SFOV Gamma Camera


SFOV Gamma Camera

Small Field, Big View


S F O V G amma came r a

CapIMAGE™ provides versatility for multiple patient
positions to accommodate planar, gated
and dynamic images

CapIMAGE is a small field of view gamma camera system ideal for imaging small organs and body parts
including the thyroid, parathyroid, planar bone images, and gated cardiac studies. Additionally, CapIMAGE
provides a convenient platform for pediatric imaging. CapIMAGE can improve instrumentation and staff
productivity by providing an alternative for imaging small organs; thus, freeing up the large field of view
gamma cameras for the more complex procedures such as whole body imaging, SPECT and SPECT/CT. This
optimization of instrumentation can improve both patient flow as well as staff utilization.

System’s Features- A Number of Options

Buttons Interface Clear Angle Markings
Quick-release solenoid locks for rapid Allow for precise head positioning
manual tilt/rotation of detector
Laptop PC
Handheld Collimator
Rapid collimator terminal incorporated into the
exchange with a single onboard laptop
button release Energy spectrum and persistence
Lightweight LEHR and scope are integral to the acquisition
LE Pinhole collimator functionality on the onboard laptop
Optional ECG software and gating
standard with camera device expands camera versatility

Highly Adaptable Head Wheel lock release
Accommodates upright or supine Quick-set wheel locks for safety
patient imaging
8.25 inch circular field of view Laptop Base Rotation
180 degree swivel base plate
Adjustable Height for Laptop for optimal patient
Push-button activated set-up/monitoring
motorized motion sets
detector height Compact footprint
Fits easily through standard door
Movable Gantry frames
Free-rolling wheels for ease of

CapIMAGE™ SFOV Gamma Camera- Item #5830-3001

if diversity and quality are key to YOUR practice

LAO Pinhole Thyroid RAO Pinhole Thyroid CapIMAGE Offers:
• Unique detector stability
ANT Pinhole Thyroid ANT Thyroid (LEHR Collimator) • High quality spatial and energy resolution
• Algorhythms optimized for photon position

User-Defined Processing Protocols:
• Image filtration
• Flexible display formats

User Defined Acquisition Protocols:
• User defined static, dynamic and gated
acquisition protocols
• Thyroid uptakes and imaging
• Parathyroid imaging
• Gated cardiac imaging
• Planar skeletal imaging

Gated MUGA LAO Gated MUGA ANT DICOM Interface:
• Rapid data communication with HIS/RIS and
PACS systems
• Worklist data can populate the data fields for the
required exam
• Processed studies pushed to the DICOM server
for review on any functional workstation
• Optional workstation software available

Diverse Planar Applications

Right Hand Right Shoulder Left Knee Thoracic Spine


S F O V G amma came r a

Acquisition and Processing

Hardware: Laptop- Min. 1200 MHz Pentium III Windows Vista

Minimum screen resolution 1400x1050

Acquisition functionality:


Processing: On board user processing for image manipulation and


Persistence scope: 256x256 matrix plus energy spectrum

Pixel size: 4 mm square (64 matrix) or 0.5mm (512 matrix)

Zoom factors: 1-5 user selectable in 0.1 increments

Image orientation: 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees

User definable acquisition protocols: Pre-defined acquisitions with all parameters set:

Select acquisition, position camera (manually), hit


Manual definition of acquisition protocols

Patient data entry and manipulation:Manual entry (and editing) of patient information

HIS RIS Patient database (via Access and Interfile


Patient dataset export: DICOM 3.0. Manual “push and automatic “push”

protocol. Configurable (Password protected)

Image display for all dataset types: Selectable gray and color maps

Cine display for dynamics and multi-gated

Static: User selectable with energy correction

Gated: User controlled with beat rejection adjustment

Matrix: 64,128, 256, 512, 1024 pixels

Energy windows: 3 datasets can be acquired simultaneously

Up to 3 windows can be summed within each

acquired dataset

Termination: Preset or manual

Automatic stop: Time or counts

Time: 1-10,000 seconds

Counts: 1-1,000,000 kcounts

Camera QC (user accessible): Software that specifies the uniformity during QC

Uniformity correction Isotope and collimator specific; Intrinsic or extrinsic
Detector peaking: Automated calibration procedure
Uniformity check: Isotope and collimator specific
Intrinsic or extrinsic flood check
“Low count” for visual checks
“High count” for automatic NEMA analysis and
Reporting comprises measured energy peak,
uniformity results and energy resolution
Resolution check: 4 field bar phantom image visual inspection
Camera QC: QC settings preset with software
NEMA: Compliant software for testing built in


S F O V G amma came r a

System Specifications

Specifications CFOV UFOV Specifications

Intrinsic Spatial Resolution Intrinsic Flood Field Uniformity at 75 kcps

FWHM <3.7mm <3.7 Integral <2.7 <2.7

FWTM <7.6mm <7.6mm Differential <1.7 <1.7

Intrinsic Energy Resolution Multiple Window Spatial Resolution <2mm

FWHM - <9.42% System Sensitivity

Intrinsic Flood Field Uniformity LEGP Collimator 270 cpm/µCi

Integral <2.5% <2.5% Detector Size 8.25 in

Differential <1.5% <1.5% Energy Range 55-200 keV

Intrinisic Spatial Linearity Crystal Thickness 3/8”

Absolute <0.5mm <0.5mm

Differential <0.2mm <0.2mm

Intrinsic High County Rate Performance

Maximum Count Rate 250kps

Environmental Specifications Optional Accessories

Temperature/Humidity 15-30° C(59-86° F) Diverging Collimator LEGP Collimator

Requirements 20%-80% RH LEPH Collimator LEDV Collimator

at 25° C(77° F) MUGA Option LEHR Collimator

Voltage/Current 90-264 VAC, 200VA

General Mobile, single detector system dedicated for planar imaging
Static, Dynamic, Gated Planar.
System type: 60 cm (W) x 118/173cm (H) x 13-0 cm (D)
Acquisition types: 23.6” (W) x 46.5/68.1” (H) x 51.2 (D)
Approx. Dimensions <200 kg (440 lbs.)
>64 cm/25.2” from edge of gantry to center of detector UFOV
Weight: Approx. 75-130 cm/29.5”-51.2” (parallel hole collimator surface
Detector Reach above floor level)
Detector Height
Motorized with two speeds
>4.5 cm/sec
Motions <1 cm/sec
Manual with lock
Detector vertical: >-35 to +90 degrees
Fast speed: Manual with Lock
Slow Speed: >-90 to +180 degrees
Detector tilt:
Detector Rotate:

Created for use in Multiple Clinical Environments
And for various imaging applications


LEDV Collimator: LEPH Collimator:
Item #5820-2001 Item #5820-0024

MUGA Option:
Item #5830-2002

Gated Trigger Monitor:
Item #5830-2002

LEHR Collimator:
Item #5820-0023

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, Capintec and CapIMAGE are registered trademarks of Capintec, Inc.

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