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Published by capintec, 2018-02-24 16:20:19

Captus 700t Well Counter

Captus 700t Well Counter

Captus 700t Well Counting System Small in size... power packed

The Captus® 700t Well Counting System is a Features
512 channel Touch Screen MCA with a • 8 ” SGVA touch screen color display
simple, easy to use menu-driven format. The • Easy to follow Menu Driven Program
system includes automated calibration and • Automated calibration using Cs 137
QC functions, and peak identification. Wipes • Automated Background subtract
may be setup by location, type, and trigger • Comprehensive automated QC module
levels. Lab tests modules for Schillings, • Automated Diagnostics of Programs
Blood Volume (Cr-51 or I 125), and RBC and Data Integrity
Survival. The 2 inch shielded Sodium Iodide • Automatic and Manual ROI selection
Detector provides excellent sensitivity for • Data storage and archive functions
low activity measurements in only a few • Nuclide Library for Isotopes and Efficiencies
seconds. • cpm, dpm, Bq, or uCi units
• Detailed Spectrum Display and Print Option
Captus® 700t Well Counting System: Item #5430-3143 • User Definable Wipe Test Protocols
Cs-137 0.5 uCi rod source: Item #0975-137R • User Definable Wipe Test Groupings
Eu-152 0.5 uCi rod source: Item #0975-152R • User Definable Trigger Levels
• Automated Lab tests for Schillings, Blood Volume,
Optional 2" Shielding Well Detector: Item #5430-0069 and RBC Survival
Protective Well Liners: Item #5420-0121 • Compatible with Nuclear Medicine
Management Systems
Protective Screen Covers: Item #7900-0352 • Printer Options for Hard Copy Printouts
Wipe Spot Pads: Item #5420-0086 • Multiple Report Option Formats

Test Tubes (100 Count): Item #5420-0090 Specifications 0413
Epson Roll Printer Item: Item #5430-0058
• 512 Channel MCA
Roll Paper: Item #9282-0009 • Maximum count rate of 100,000 cps
Epson Ticket Printer: Item #5430-0100 • 2 ” Drilled Well Shielded NaI detector
CRP-200 Dose Tickets & Labels: Item #7120-1199 • 512 Channel MCA
• 1 “ lead shield standard
Minor Spill Kit: item #0601-0009 • 2” lead shield optional
• QC includes Efficiency, Reproducibility,
Chi-Squared, MDA
• Brass liner to eliminate backscatter
• USB and RS 232 Communication Ports
for PC and Printer
• Optional Cs 137 rod source (required for calibration)
• Optional Eu 152 rod source, (provides additional
isotope identification accuracy)
• Optional Epson Roll Printer

7 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932 • PH: 201.825.9500 or 800.631.3826 • WEB:

Captus 700t Well Counting System Dimensions / Power Requirements / Printouts

• Console Measurements: 9.5" h x 9.0" w x 10.5"
(42 x 23 x 22 cm)
• Weight: 15.2 lbs. (6.9 kg)

Power Requirements (With circuit protection,
line filter and isolation transformer)

• Standard: 115V 90-127V 50-60HZ
• Optional: 220V 180-250V 50-60HZ

Well Counter
• Weight: 250 lbs (113.398 kg)
• Cable length: 4 ft. (48 in.) (121.92 cm)
• Total Height (Including handles ):18.875”
(47.9425 cm)
• Total Height (not including handles): 17.25”
(43.815 cm)
• Well Counter Diameter: 6.625” (16.8275 cm)
• Base Plate Diameter: 8” (20.32 cm)


The CAPTUS® 700t easily performs wipe test counting
with full cpm/dpm reporting. Thanks to its high performance
512 channel MCA, nuclides are identified automatically.
Corresponding ROIs can also be displayed.

Whether you choose the dedicated well counter or
optional drilled crystal configuration, the CAPTUS® 700t
offers you up to 5 wipe categories with adjustable trigger
levels for each category, dpm reporting, full spectrum
display and complete report printing.


The 512 channel MCA coupled with the large display
screen allows full spectrum displays of all your
acquisitions. The MCA includes various setups for ROI,
automatic peak search and identification programs.


The CAPTUS® 700t is programmed for a variety of lab
tests including Schilling, Blood Volume (Cr-51 or I-125)
and Red Blood Cell Survival. Results are automatically
calculated and displayed for your review. A printout of the
results is also available for patient record keeping.

All lab test modules feature easy step-by-step programs
to guide you through each acquisition, eliminating
calculations and saving you time!

7 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932 • PH: 201.825.9500 or 800.631.3826 • WEB:

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