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Published by capintec, 2015-10-09 10:33:56

CAP-Lift Brochure

CAP-Lift Hands free dose measurements...

• Reduces hand and body exposure
• Stainless steel construction
• Auto return to elevated dose reception

• Small size hand control and/or

optional foot switch
• Standard and optional custom lengths
• Color coded supply lines
• Perfect alignment with all Capintec

dose calibrators
• Pneumatic system for faster operations
• No electrical power needed
• Includes foot pedal
Note: This unit requires a low pressure or
regulated pressure to operate. A
minimum of 25psi supply line is needed.

Standard CAP-Lift: Item Dimensions
Item #5130-30251 • Height of lift mechanism: 19 1/4"
from top of chamber
• Diameter of lift stand: 6" at top
of chamber
• Travel: 8" (Standard) Custom
travel lengths available for
situations where lift stand is not
sitting directly on the chamber
• Control Box: 4" x 4" x 2"

• Replacement Dipper:
Item #5120-20302

6 Arrow Road, Ramsey, NJ 07446 • PH: 201.825.9500 or 800.631.3826 • WEB:

PET/511 keV Products Shielded Hoods for Any Application

Capintec provides custom shielding for a wide range of
hoods and enclosures. Whether you require an inch of lead
surrounding a work area or 2” of PET thick shielding and an
integral body shield for quality assurance or dose preparation,
Capintec can provide a shielded hood for your applications.

Fully shielded Biological Safety Cabinet and Radioisotope
Fume Hoods feature a mobile body shield with lead glass, to
view the working area while protecting the worker. The
mobile body shield can be moved to allow replacement of
filters and for certification and servicing the hood. The
mobile body shield moves smoothly into place or out of the
way. Detailed drawings and specifications for typical designs
are available to assist your efforts. Drawings for custom
configurations are available on request.

• Shielding applications 1” (25 mm) lead and 2” (50mm) PET thick

• Choice of top mounted mobile body shield or Sliding L-Block with
leaded glass window

• Flush mounting for dose calibrator ion chambers
• Environmental shielding for dose calibrator or other equipment
• 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft. configurations available
• Optional shielded waste cave available

511 Stainless Steel "L" Shield protects the user's hands during the dose drawing
This shield is designed for There are 2 pins in the end disc that secure the shield to
facilities that prepare and the Drawing Station. This allows single handed dose
dispense high activity 131I removal from the drawing station
therapy doses. The shield SIZES AVAILABLE: 5 cc, 10 cc and 20 cc Drawing Shield Dia.
offers excellent protection
from beta and gamma 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 5cc: Item #0665-2017
radiation and has a fully 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 10cc: Item #0665-2011
shielded floor. The lead 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 20cc: Item #0665-2018
glass is 3.5 inches thick to
shield out the high energy 511 C-Tec™ Syringe Shield
gamma photons from this
radionuclide. This special Syringe Shield is
manufactured to provide shielding for
Specifications 511 keV nuclides. The 511 Syringe Shield
is made of Tungsten with a 0.5" (12.7
• 13.78" W x 12.2" D x 17.64" H mm) lead equivalency. It has a viewing
• 1.42” lead thickness area of 0.75" (19 mm) thick lead glass
• 11.61 W” X 8.98” H X 2.68Tk 4.7 g/cm3 density lead glass. surrounded by a rubber grommet to
• Weight: 227 lb. prevent damage to the glass. Fluorescent
gold gloss covers the interior of the
511 Stainless Steel "L" Block: Item #0550-0003 syringe shield for exceptional visibility of
the syringe contents.
511 Dose-Drawing Syringe Shield An optional "Double Clip" security holder
is also available.
The 511 Dose Drawing
Syringe Shields are 511 C-Tec Syringe Shield 5cc: Item #0665-2020
constructed with the same 511 C-Tec Syringe Shield 10cc: Item #0665-2015
featured shielding as the 511 C-Tec Syringe Shield 20cc: Item #0665-2021
511 C-Tec Syringe Shields.
The needle end of the
syringe shield has a
Tungsten disc that

6 Arrow Road, Ramsey, NJ 07446 • PH: 201.825.9500 or 800.631.3826 • WEB:

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