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Optility Sell Sheet

Optility Sell Sheet


The CRC®-OPT-4 Smart Dose Calibrator sys- Features
tem is a fully integrated network ready dose Optility™ Nuclear Medicine Management Software
calibrator and management program which • HL-7 Interface
supports all nuclear medicine and radiophar- • DICOM Interface
macy functions. Both the CRC®-PC Smart • Bar Coded Inventory
Dose Calibrator and Optility™ Management • On Line Ordering Functions
Software can be displayed on the same large • Intuitive User Friendly Screen Flow
All-In-One touch screen PC. The result is the • Health Physics Services
fastest and most user friendly approach avail- • Highly Customizable Labels and Reports
able for processing orders, tracking inventory, • HIPPA Compliant with Multiple Security Levels
measuring and dispensing doses, patient • Flexible Customer Support Options
record-keeping, and regulatory compliance.
Optility™ is available in three versions: NMM CRC®-PC Smart Dose Calibrator
for Nuclear Medicine imaging sites, CPM for • Network Ready with Remote Connectivity
radiopharmacies, and NPM for sites that per- • Display can be Viewed Remotely within Network
form both operations. The CRC®-PC Smart • Direct Interface to PC- no Readout Required
Dose Calibrator is available in two models: HL • User Adjustable Threshold for Fastest Response
for unit dose hot lab and RPh with extended • Smallest Calibrator Footprint
high range for cyclotron or generator sites. • Ethernet Communications
The Opt-4-Smart Dose Calibrator system can • Software Upgrade via Ethernet Interface
be configured to meet your individual facil- • Power over Ethernet or USB port
ity’s needs, and easily upgraded if processes • Database stores QC, Moly and User Logs

The CRC®-OPT-4 Smart Dose Calibrator
provides users with the most economical ap-
proach to both fast, accurate measurements
and comprehensive information manage-
ment for all your Nuclear Medicine and
radiopharmacy needs.

Issue Date: 2/4/2018 7 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932 • PH: 201.825.9500 or 800.631.3826 • WEB:


Optility™ Software CRC®-PC Smart Chamber

Network Functions Ionization Chamber
• Optional 20” All-In-One Touch Screen PC • Type: Thin wall, deep well, sealed and pressurized
• 64 bit, Windows 10 or above • Fill Gas: Ultra-Pure Argon
• Client Server Application, Local or Remote
• HL 7 Import and Export Functions Electrometer
• DICOM Import and Export Functions • Accuracy: Better than ± 2%
• On Line Ordering via Web Supports Alternate • Linearity: Within ± 2%
Management Systems • Response Time: Within 2 sec., 4 to 16 sec. for very
• Export data to Excel or .xlm Formats low activity samples
• Data Import from Most Management Systems
• Multiple Security Levels Assure Full Repeatability of Measurement
Confidentiality of all Data • Repeatability: Within ± 1% within 24 hours, during
• On Line Software Updates and Training which time the Calibrator is on all the time.

Nuclear Medicine Functions Measurement Range
• Tracks Doses from Orders to Disposition • Type: Auto Ranging
• Maintains Patient Dose and Exam Records • HL (Hot Lab) 6 Ci Tc-99m, 2 Ci F-18
• Flexible Patient Scheduling Options • RPh (Pharmacy) 72 Ci Tc-99m, 20 Ci F-18
• Full Health Physics Compliance
• User Definable Trigger and Notification Levels Programs
• Statistics for Patient Data and Procedures • Daily: Auto Zero, Auto Background Adjust, Data
• Daily Task Log with Action Reminder Check, Accuracy and Constancy, Voltage Test
• Automated Linearity Testing
Pharmacy Functions • Nuclide Library
• Tracks and Manages Receiving, Inventory, • Moly Assay
Components, Kits, and Waste Functions • Utilities including Decay Calculator
• Full Traceability from Generator to Unit Dose • Ci or Bq Option
• Maintains Batch or Lot Records
• Checks License Limits against Orders Chamber Power
• Business Module includes Invoicing and • USB: 5Vdc, 0.5A
Financial Reporting • Power over Ethernet (PoE): 48Vdc, 0.35A
• Analytics To Monitor Productivity and Identify
Customer Trends

Optional Components

Optility™ Labels: Dymo Label Writer Printer Symbol Bar Code Reader 20" All-In-One Touchscreen
Item #7120-00543 450: Item #2000-0007 LS 2208: Item #5010-0028 Computer: Item #5030-0055


7 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932 • PH: 201.825.9500 or 800.631.3826 • WEB:

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