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Published by capintec, 2018-02-24 18:02:53

PET Brochure

PET Brochure

At Capintec, our commitment to PET covers not only our
full line of products, but our belief in the importance of
coordination. We are experienced in working closely with
the manufacturers of scanners and cyclotrons and with
architects and builders to coordinate the design, planning
and installation of your equipment.

We fully understand Capintec’s range of products has long served the needs of the nucle-
the needs for: ar medicine community---from our first CRC® dose calibrator with
• Precisely engineered and built a single ion chamber, to our most recent CRC-55t® series of cali-
brators have allowed us to become a leading supplier of healthcare
for continuous, reliable use products associated with diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, and
• Products that provide high levels radiation protection.
Through the development of a complete measurement and protec-
of protection tion system designed specifically for PET, and drawing on 45 years
• Design flexibility to adapt to dif- of experience in radiation protection, we are positioned to provide
you with the best designed, built and guaranteed radiation measure-
ferent environments and activity ment, protection and storage products available today.
• A modern, aesthetically appeal-
ing appearance
• A technical staff to provide
training and service upon and
after installation at the facility
In addition, our engineering depart-
ment utilizes the latest 3D model-
ing design software. It allows us to
customize products to suit particular
design requirements. Using these
skills, Capintec will deliver and install
a complete system, on time and on

FDG Production and Dispensing

Capintec’s Hot Cells and Mini Cells have been successfully installed
and are in use at some of the largest and best known PET facilities

• Brookhaven National Class 100 cGMP Dispensing Hot Cell

• Cornell University-Weill Medical

• Johns Hopkins University
• Yale University
• GlaxoSmithKline
• Pfizer
• University of West Virginia
• MD Anderson Medical Center
• Bristol-Myers Squibb
• Berkeley National Laboratory
• Columbia University
• Mayo Clinic
• Massachusetts General Hospital
• Abbott Laboratories
• University of Pittsburgh
• Wake Forest University
• University of Buffalo
• University of Louisville
• University of Texas
• University of California-San

• University of Virginia
• University of Utah
• University of Alabama
• Cardinal Health
• Banner Health

Hot cells with 3 piece horizontal door design and optional manipulators


• Precision engineered and designed with your needs in mind Custom Quad Hot Cell Configuration
• Manufactured using the highest quality materials
• Craftsmanship construction
• Shielding on all sides (360°)
• Attractive exterior design in neutral gray or white tone or your

choice of color (optional)
• Rugged exterior design to withstand daily rough handling while

maintaining its attractive appearance
• Standard shielding options of either 60mm or 75mm Pb (thicker

shielding also available)
• Compounding Aseptic Isolators with Class 100 clean air technol-

ogy available with compliance to FDA cGMP guidelines and USP
• Large field of view 12” x 12” on horizontal door and 12” x 14” on
vertical door; 5.2g/cm3 Lead glass window on all configurations
• Testing validation and certification provided
• Custom configurations available

Hot cell with seamless stainless steel

Hot cell with 3 piece horizontal door design shown with body shield in
place for effective radiation protection

• Large workspace areas Hot cell with optional side door
• High intensity illumination to facilitate handling of radioactive

PET products
• Seamless welded stainless steel interior
• Dose Calibrator Chamber is mounted flush, recessed into floor of

Hot Cell, suspended on support bracket with positron shield
• Optional remote digital readout can be mounted on face of Hot

Cells or as specified
• Design accommodates your choice of remote manipulator tech-

nology from either Tru-Motion, Inc. or Central Research Labora-
tory (CRL), Inc.
• Quick disconnect fittings for gas and liquid utilities

Hot cell with prechamber

Custom production hot cell


• Standard shielding options of either 60mm or 75mm Pb
(thicker shielding available)

• Dual configuration cells with “over/under” design, side by
side configurations and large working space permits use with
all current automated synthesis modules, in any configuration

• Optional waste chute and storage available
• Modular design
• Optional viewing windows available
• Shielding on all sides (360°)
• Stainless steel lined on all sides and doors
• Custom configurations available

Custom Mini Cell Configuration

Custom Mini Cell Configuration

Dual Mini Cell with viewing Dual Mini Cell with optional waste cell
windows Configuration


Capintec provides custom shielding for a wide range of hoods and
enclosures. Whether you require an one inchof lead surrounding
a work area or 2” of PET thick shielding and an integral lead glass
mobile body shield for quality assurance or dose preparation. Capin-
tec’s engineers will be able to design custom hood shielding to your
Fully shielded Biological Safety Cabinet and Radioisotope Fume
Hoods feature a mobile body shield with lead glass, to view the
working area while protecting the worker. The mobile body shield
can be moved to allow replacement of filters and for certification
and servicing the hood. The mobile body shield moves smoothly
into place or out of the way. Our engineers will be glad to work with
you to design the product that best meets your needs. Detailed draw-
ings and specifications for typical designs are available to assist your
efforts. Drawings for custom configurations are available on request.

Fully shielded biological safety
cabinet with sliding L-block

Fully shielded laminar flow hood side by side with radioisotope fume hood Fully shielded Biological Safety Cabi-
net side by side with dual mini cell
• Wide variety of shielding applications from 1” (25 mm) lead to
2” (50mm) PET thick shielding

• Optional lead glass mobile body shield or Sliding L-Block
• Flush mounting for dose calibrator ion chambers
• Environmental shielding for dose calibrator or other equipment
• 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft. configurations available
• Designed for use with Capintec’s Mobile PET Shield to insure

workbench safety during chemistry intervention
• Optional shielded waste cave available


Capintec’s PET products address radiation shielding and personnel safety with innovative product technology that
help you meet ALARA requirements while providing fast and efficient means of handling your high energy PET
radionuclides. We offer a free design service and custom design to your specifications.

Custom PET Work Stations


• 2” lead shielding in brick kit
• Lead glass view windows
• Variable exterior dimensions
• Optional removable stainless steel tray for work areas
• Compartment for sharps and storage
• Heavy gauge steel hinges for durability
• Heavy duty locks for security
• Optional shielding for base
• Soft white, textured polyurethane enamel finish (optional colors


Large Capacity Waste Unit


• Large cabinet with a 7 gallon polyethylene waste container
• Fully lead lined
• Choice of lead thickness (1” or 2”)
• Waste port built into work surface
• Large door for easy access
• Heavy gauge steel hinges for durability
• Sleek stainless steel work area with a 4” backsplash and a 1/2”

spill restricting lip
• Soft white, textured polyurethane enamel finish (other optional

colors available)

Standard Storage Cabinet


• One or two door selection
• Choice of lead thickness (1” or 2”)
• Heavy gauge steel hinges for durability
• Heavy duty locks for security
• Two adjustable shelves
• Sleek stainless steel work area with a 4” backsplash and a 1/2”

spill restricting lip
• Soft white, textured polyurethane enamel finish (other optional

colors available)

Shielded Animal Holding/Storage Cabinet


• Front two doors (available with one door)
• Lead thickness (1”)
• Interlocking design for added radiation protection
• Internal charcoal filtered exhaust
• Air intake on rear
• Heavy gauge steel hinges for durability
• Heavy duty locks for security
• 2 sliding trays (stainless mesh) or 3 adjustable shelves
• Soft white, textured polyurethane enamel finish (optional colors

• Soft no stress lighting

CRC®-Ultra Dose Calibrator


• Up to eight chambers with remote readouts, well detector and
beta detector

• Enhanced PC control allows user to control readout through the

• RS-232 or USB bi-directional ports
• Software controlled switching features

CRC®-55t PET Dose Calibrator


• 8 inch color VGA LCD touch screen display
• Improved user interface
• Alpha numeric touchpad for quick and easy data entry
• 28 programmable isotope keys
• Programmable intelligent remote display
• Software upgrades via Ethernet/USB
• Expanded measurement range
• Measures up to 20 Curies of F-18
• Dual chamber options

Caprac®-t Wipe Test Counter


• Meets or exceeds all requirements for wipe test counting, and
accurate for use with high energy PET radionuclides

• Measure for measure, no other well counter equivalent offers the
speed, accuracy and ease of operation

• Performs wipe test in just 6 seconds
• 256 channel MCA with detailed spectrum for identification anal-

• Programmable conversion of data into either cpm, dpm, nCi or

cps, dps, or kBq
• Optional auxiliary shield for high background areas

511 “L” Block Table Top Shield

The newly designed 511 “L” Block Shield is placed in front of the
Drawing Station and used to provide a protected work area for safe han-
dling of 511 keV nuclides. The front wall and the base of the unit are
constructed of steel frame and lead brick. A 4” thick lead glass window
offers maximum protection and an unrestricted viewing area. In addi-
tion, the lead glass is protected on both sides from scratches by a sheet
of plate glass.
The 511 “L” Block Shield is shipped disassembled for convenient
handling, and is easily assembled on site. Side walls are available as an

511 keV Spring Arm Dose Drawing Station

• Ideal for dispensing unit doses and QC samples from bulk vials
• Design employs a 511 “L” block body shield and 8”x 8”x 4” high

density 5.2g/cm3 Lead glass for accurate volumetric determination
during dose drawing
• Includes specially designed tungsten vial shield, custom fitted 10cc
tungsten 511 dose drawing syringe shield, and double clip syringe
holder. (5cc 511 KeV syringe shield may be substituted)
• 360° articulating arm provides smooth, easy continuous positioning
• Arm lock prohibits inadvertent movement

511 C-Tec Syringe Shield

This special Syringe Shield is manufactured to provide shielding for 511
keV nuclides. The 511 Syringe Shield is made of Tungsten with a 0.5”
lead equivalency. It has a viewing area of 0.75” thick lead glass sur-
rounded by a rubber grommet to prevent damage to the glass. Fluores-
cent gold gloss covers the interior of the syringe shield for exceptional
visibility of the syringe contents.
An optional “Double Clip” security holder is also available.

511 Dose-Drawing Syringe Shield

The 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shields are constructed with the same
featured shielding as the 511 C-Tec Syringe Shields. The needle end
of the syringe shield has a Tungsten disc that protects the user’s hands
during the dose drawing procedure.
There are 2 pins in the end disc that secure the shield to the Drawing
Station. This allows single handed dose removal from the drawing sta-
Sizes Available: 5 cc, 10 cc and 20 cc


Our manufacturing facility and design teams are within easy reach located in Pittsburgh, PA and Ramsey, NJ. This
gives you the ability to have control over all aspects of the project. Whether you choose a standard product or cus-
tom configuration, you will be pleased with our capabilities and support before and after the sale.


If you are planning a PET project, be sure to call Capintec to request the following:
• Comprehensive PET information package including detailed product literature, drawings/specifications for

standard products, custom design capabilities, and pricing
• Schedule an initial exploratory meeting to review your requirements with key members of our design team
• Visit one of our many PET installations located throughout the U.S.
• Plant Tour- schedule a visit to our manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, PA. Meet with members of our

engineering and design teams and see Capintec quality manufacturing firsthand.

PET Support Services for Site Planning
and Installations

• Laboratory planning with custom product designing and on-site
installation management

• Supplies and equipment including ‘turn key’ packages for PET
radiopharmaceutical production and quality assurance testing

Call us today for more information at:
1.800.631.3826 / 201.825.9500

or email us at [email protected]

7 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932 • 1-800-631-3826/201-825-9500 • [email protected]

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