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Crosby High School


Table of Contents Argus is back. After some years the Crosby School newspaper
has been revived by a dedicated group of students willing to take
I mpor tant Dates/ Events on the challenge of resurrecting a new and exciting project. What
I nter views the students are getting is a valuable insight into the workings of
Non-Fiction Wr iting a hands on IT project. A lot of the writers have remarked that they
Reviews cannot believe how much time and effort has gone into even the
Spor ts most infant stages of the paper. It's a great lesson for staff and
Feat ur es students alike. The idea of a new school newspaper was exciting
Classic Crosby but now everyone involved has a real understanding of the work
Quotes that goes into such a project. The idea of collaboration has taken
on a new meaning for everyone. And well done. And thanks.

Staff Writer

Team Argus is always accepting submissions. Send us your stories, essays, favorite quote, artwork,
picture, song lyrics. Send your ideas on what you would like to see in our school newspaper. The Team
will consider all of your thoughts. Let's make this a meaningful and worthwhile publication. Let's put
Crosby on the Journalism map with your creativity and endeavor. We are waiting. Student names inside.

St u den t s of Ar gu s Stephen Diggs
Benjamin Carmona Livia Dragoj
Brittany Dejesus Kyra Green
Alex Angueira Carmen Echevarria
Julia Baksh Neisha Sanchez
Ambria Balram Adwoa Yirenkyi
John Caceres Kayla Velez
Kevin Candelaria- Santini Camila Meijas
Brooke Del Buono Hennessy Collazo
Francisco Deleon Angelina Ovalles
Luz Diaz

Kayla McDonald


Team Argus would like to thank all the staff members who helped in many different ways to make this project possible.
A special thanks to all the class members who have worked tirelessly with the multitude of tasks involved.
Also thanks to Jalin Feliciano and Christian Acevedo for assisting with technical issues.


We thought our first feature would include the Gardening Club. It seemed
to be a great place to unearth this project. Best wishes to the Gardening
Club and we hope that you grow.

Gar den in g Clu b

St ar t s: Sept em ber 21, 2018
Days: Thur sdays Time: 2:00 - 3:20
The club is going to mow the lawn fir st then it will star t. They are
looking for new students to j oin. The Gar dening Club is going to
teach you how to plant flower s, and how to cut weeds; you are able
to j oin the club with your fr iends and have a good time! I t
promises to be a lot of fun.


Ar gus Thoughts

Bullying Article

Throughout the year s there have been many victims of bullying.
M any teenager s, children, even adults suffer from being bullied.
M ost of the time they tr y to find a way out of it by : r unning away,
self-har m, dr ugs, and suicide. Bullying happens the most dur ing
school time, and nobody really does anything to stop it. Bullying
other s is not okay. Some students bully other s because they're going
through something at home and need to let their anger out on
someone else r ather than talking to someone about how they feel.
Another reason people bully other s is to help make them feel better
about themselves r ather than helping out and doing something
about it. I t can also be peer pressure from someone else. No matter
what reason it is it's still wrong. You don?t know how anybody is
feeling or what they're thinking. Ever yone goes through things.
Think about how you would feel. Nobody should have a reason to
feel bad about themselves because of you. Nobody deser ves to be
bullied, j ust be kind and help each other instead of br inging each
other down. L uz Diaz

Stop I t! Say Something!

Ar gus Thoughts

Ways of Peventing School Violence Article Finally, enlist social media companies in the effor t
to detect threats; most young people today use
Violence in schools has spread widely throughout the social media to express their feelings and
nation, leading to many problems among students, aspir ations. I n the case of school shooter s, these
families and residents of these areas. However, there posts are often violent. A single violent post is
are many ways we can stop or prevent violence in har dly a guar antee of homicidal acts, of cour se. But
schools. Having secur ity in schools is a great possibility evidence strongly indicates that repeated
that would help reduce problems in schools. Recent expressions of this nature can be a sign of trouble. I
national tr agedies have placed secur ity at the top of the would like companies like I nstagr am, Twitter and
pr ior ity list for many school leader s. Almost three Snapchat to create algor ithms to identify repeated
four ths of the United States teens are afr aid of violent on-line threats and automatically aler t local law
cr imes amongst their peer s. Below are some ways of enforcement. Near ly all youths and a maj or ity of
getting r id of violence in schools: Teach social and adults use social media. Above are some ways I
emotional skills; lear n social skills from ever yday think school violence can be prevented if these
inter actions with each other. This teaches young people measures are taken into consider ation to save more
how to control their emotions, recognize other s feelings lives.
and help to negotiate; hire more counselor s and school
resource officer s; due to budget cuts, many schools
have few or no tr ained school psychologists, social
wor ker s or adj ustment counselor s on staff. These
mental health professionals are society?s fir st line of
defense against troubled students especially with the
cur rent case of adolescent depression and anxiety.

Adwoa Yirenkyi

**************************** The Urge

Mrs. Carter Resisting the urge to talk to you
It?s like trying to stop breathing
Attendance Counselor I start to feel tightness
In my chest, a heavy weight
If there was one thing you can change in dragging me
Crosby High School what would it be? Down.
I remember how calm I felt
? I would not change anything about the Laying on your chest
students but change the circumstances of the As you held me
community. I would say teachers have a hard Pure serenity.
time starting over as if they have so they don't
change the way they look at students they treat Hennessy Collazo
them as if every single student is the sam.?

What are some thoughts about the Jambo?

? Crosby High Football Freshman team lost
because of the Freshmans attitude. All together
they gave up as one instead of working
together. The assemblies on we had on the first
few days of school I saw them wearing new
Jerseys but they weren't wearing it with pride.?

Car m en's Com m u n iqu e

Waterbury much pain. If someone you've done this to someone?
Losing people day by day. Imagine that was done to someone you?re close
Our close friends or family with Imagine the pain and suffering
Hurt The grievance
Violence. The crying every night.
These kids are too young.
When someone gets hurt we put up on saying
?Prayers to??or when they actually pass away Mothers who can't see their children succeed
?R.I.P to ? .? Fathers who can't teach their son how to drive
But people don't learn. Instead we have to wear white t-shirts
Stealing cars, Throw flowers into a falling casket
Using weapons going 6 feet under
Fighting over ignorant things.
Life is hard these days
Let?s speak about what happened in Miami. No one can tell you different
The man thought he could go No one can tell you how things are supposed to
and shoot at a large amount of police be
and his consequences was he had no face.
It?s your life, your decisions
The first thing some people do is start Every other week someone is
recording. Hurt by weapons
Waterbury had lost a huge amount of young People scared to leave their homes
adults Thinking is this my last day?
Adults with kids.
Would I lose someone today?
When you go for a ride
have you seen a pole honoring someone who This world isn't the same anymore.
has died?
Either car accidents Carmen Echevarria
Someone murdered.
Who cares about getting even with someone?
Lives are getting taken soon.


Review s

Review on the movie Cyber Bullying
Type of movie : Emotional, realistic, teen movie, serious, heartbreaking, depressing, inspiring etc.
Overview : A woman tries to help her teenage daughter when she becomes the victim of on-line bullying.
Other people?s opinion : This movie raises awareness of on-line safety for teens

I'm sure every year teachers give a lecture out to students about bullying and on-line harassment. Indeed many kids listen to
the procedures in school, but what about out of school? Cyber-bullying can be done from any device, including the one that?s
currently in your hands. Commenting under someone?s page, texting, messaging or even playing on-line games it?s important
to avoid saying anything harmful, even if it might be in a jokingly manner. The fact of the matter is ?if you have nothing nice
to say you shouldn?t say it at all.? The problem with children, students and even adults is they don?t take the time to understand
how one comment can affect someone. In this movie ?Cyber bullying,? a woman tries to help her teenage daughter when she
becomes a victim of on-line bullying. The film gives a deep meaning of high school life and cyber-bullying, what it means to
be suicidal, what it feels like, emotions and thoughts. I recommend this movie to high schoolers because it gives them a sense

of what life is like when you're being bullied and it will allow them to think about the next time they're about to write or

comment something hurtful.
Julia Baksh

Review on the MTV series SCREAM

This is a very brutal series and since it's the Fall I would like to incorporate it for shows to watch if you're interested
in horror movies, shows, etc. This show has very dramatic scenes. It's not very scary to me; It's more comical and
dragged. One would say it's very fake but entertaining to watch, but if you're looking for a good suspense, then
maybe. It's a blood spiller so if you're disgusted by blood I don't suggest you watch. I rate this show a 8/10.

Kayla Velez

In t er view s

Coach Sully Interview Students of Crosby Interview

Expectations for the year? What grade should we start thinking about colleges?
Sophomore year.
Hoping to have really good results and Should we start a nursing program for the people who want
we have a lot of returning players this to be part of the health industry? Yes, because students who
year. want to become nurses can gain experience and prepare for
Anything to look forward to? college.
Outwork every team we face, and Should all grades be allowed to vote for student council?
qualify for the NVLs Depends, but yes for the most part because it's all of the
How many hours is usually a students' school not just seniors.
game/practice? Pre-season practice Do you think we should have a casual dance besides prom
is 2 ½ hours and matches are 80 and homecoming? Yes, more people would end up going
minutes which is broken down into 2 because they wouldn't think they need a date to go.
minute halves. Do you think we should be able to wear any khaki or black
Anything extra you would like to share? bottom as in leggings or sweatpants? Yes, maybe casual
The team would be appreciative if the Fridays would be nice we could pay a dollar or something
school body would go and support them and I think we should be allowed to wear leggings.
at their home games. Come out and
support the team, the fee is free! Brooke DelBuono
Camila Mejias

Bu lldogs On Th e Keyboar d

Review on the Ser ies Review on the Ser ies ATYPI CAL

How To Get Away With M ur der (5 seasons) Atypical is a Netflix Series about an 18 year old guy named
Sam who has autism and is going to face a lot of new
This is a great mystery and drama series I believe experiences and will need to learn from those experiences by
everyone should watch.There's so much suspense himself. This original series from Netflix is very interesting
and crazy plot twists engaged into this show that is and fun to watch because it shows you how the life of an
is almost hard to keep up. People have undercover autistic person; it also can teach you how autism works and
endeavors and these characters are obsessed with make you think about the different kinds of autism. It also
Annalise Keating and don't want to let her go. She shows how an autistic person acts, but this show is not only
protects these five kids the best way she can as about Sam being autistic, this show it?s mostly about the
murder cases begin to unfold. Family Gardner. Casey who is Sam?s sister and younger than
him, will take care of Sam and protect him in school but she is
Kayla Velez also going to face many problems in her life, such as family,
high school, and relationship problems. Some other characters
who are going to face many problems are Doug and Elsa
Gardner (Sam and Casey?s parents). Atypical is a show that
can teach you and show you a lot of things and not only that
but it can give you a really good time because it is a show with
a lot of funny moments. Atypical is a 100% recommended

Luis Raya Hernandez

Laugh at the night, at the day, at the moon,
laugh at the twisted streets of the island,
laugh at this clumsy boy who loves you,
but when I open my eyes and close them,
when my steps go, when my steps return,
deny me bread, air, light, spring,
but never your laughter for I would die.

Pablo Ner uda (1904 - 1973)

Crosby Classics

The L otter y Death in the Woods

By Shirley Jackson. By Sherwood Anderson

The Lottery is a short story by writer Shirley Jackson, This story is about the death of an old lady that no one knew

in which its plot consists of tragedy and death. The well until she died. It is written in first person point of view

story takes place in an unknown small community. from the perspective of a young man. The old lady, in the story,

The head of each family is to partake in a once-a-year was poor and lived a hard working life. As a young girl she was

tradition they call ?the Lottery ?in which they a house maid for a German family that lived on a farm. The

participate in the middle of the small community. man that she worked for always tried to assault her and his wife

Each head of the family member get a slip of a paper hated her. All she did on the farm was feed animals and the

and one slip of paper has a circle. They get these family. One day, she met a man and they got married then they

papers by the Major of the community putting them in had two children, a boy and a girl. The girl died as a child and

a box. Who ever gets the circle at the end is subject to the son grew up to be just like the father. In the beginning of

a terrible fate. Even children partake in this awful their marriage, things were good but started getting worse
tradition. The book itself is ironic due to the fact the through time. They had a farm, a few animals, and some dogs.
lottery is supposed to be something fun but in the Her husband was always making her cook and feed him, their
book it's something very different, and very sinister. son, the animals, and the dogs. They didn?t have a lot of money
The reason for this 'tradition' is to address the issue so she had to kill some of the animals which made things
of the number of people in the community. Camila worse. The husband was also always leaving on trips and one
Mejias time before he left, he took their son and they were gone for a

Reading can take you places all the long time. The lady got older and overworked and her
money in the world cannot shoulders were getting bad. One snowy night she went out to
town to get some food to feed the animals and so that she

would have enough food to feed her husband and son. As she

was walking up a hill to get home, she took a break to rest on

Happy En din gs the top of the hill.. This short story seems filled with
symbolism. What is the reader to make of the old woman?
By Margaret Atwood What about the narrator? Is he reliable? What's the significance
This story is certainly unique in many ways. ?Happy of the use of beauty in the ending? There are lots to think about

Endings?written by Margaret Atwood tells a series of with this story... It seems simplistic and straight forward but

stories within one. It?s interesting and mysterious nothing ever is.

because, though she uses the same names, she

describes different situations, Atwood uses the same The Death of the Moth By Virginia Woolf (1942)

names. It almost makes me want to say it?s like ?The Death of the Moth? is an essay about the life of a moth

alternate universes and all the people are connected, with the true nature of life and death. It was written in first

except not in the same ways. John and Mary go person point of view by Virginia Woolf in June of 1942. It is

through many different scenarios- all in which end about the author experiencing a moth trying to escape her

tragically (except one). I like the message Atwood is windowpane before it dies. In the essay, the moth plays the role

trying to send out. She says that love is complicated - of natural life and the life of the moth. When Virginia first sees

anything other than that is unreal. She tells us to read the moth, she sees it living its life to the fullest. Then the moth
dies, it makes the readers question what the moth is going
?Part A?if we want a happy ending. ?Part A?is the
through. One moment the moth is flying around and resting on
basic story: boy and girl meet, fall in love, and live
the corners of a window then all of a sudden, the moth falls
happily ever after, but that?s only practical in the least.
upside down and struggles to get back up. It fought to get back
As for the rest of the stories, those aren?t happy at all. up but after several attempts, it gives up and accepts what was
?Part B?through ?Part F?are raw and realistic.
about to happen. The brings up that fact that death is
Atwood explores several ways John and Mary?s love unavoidable and there is no point of fighting it. The author

could have ended and all are true and perceived as relates the moth to humans by comparing their similarities. She

beautiful in the world of literature. sees the moth struggling and was about to help it but she

realized that the moth was on the verge of death.

Stephen Diggs

To All t h e Boys I've Loved Bef or e Review :

by Kevin Candelaria-Santini

To All The Boys I?ve Loved Before is a Netflix Original teen romance film released on August 17th, 2018 the film made the
headlines thanks partially to its diverse cast including lead actress, Lana Condor as our main character, Lara Jean Song Covey.
The film is an adaption of a popular YA romance novel of the same name; the story centers on the aforementioned Lara Jean
who?s a girl entering her junior year of high school and who has been afraid of entering a romantic relationship with any of the
boys she?s had a crush on. She writes love letters to them but never sends the letters. She instead keeps them in a box from her
late mother as a form of coping with her situation. One day those letters get sent out to all of the boys she had crushes on,
making for quite a cute premise in my opinion. Now to properly start off this review I would first like to discuss the area where
I feel the movie shines the most: its writing. Admittedly I?m not overly familiar with the source material but most of the
characters were enjoyable and none of them unintentionally made me hate them. Lots of similar films aimed at a teenage
audience will have characters speak in an unbearable combination of outdated slang and stale memes, while here the most you?ll
get of that is the occasional ?lit."

"Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and
sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How
may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!" a quote
from The Crucible Benjamin Carmona

But the dialogue in To All The Boys I?ve Loved Before was quite enjoyable being both funny and heartwarming at times with
some nice moments between Lara Jean, her family, and Peter (one of the letter recipients) with dashes of comedy mixed in.
Although I don?t want to spoil too much of the movie for you all reading, I just have to share one moment I really enjoyed.
After a party Lara Jean and Peter visit a local cafe to relax and talk, Lara Jean says something along the lines of ?The more
people you let into your life, the more they can walk out.? as she reveals why she didn?t want to enter a real relationship before
and talks about her deceased mother. Peter then tries to relate with her by talking about his father who?s absent for reasons I
won?t disclose which makes for one of my favorite tender moments in the movie. Lara Jean and Peter have chemistry; their
characters compliment each other very well throughout the movie. But as you might have expected, although I do feel it?s
writing is its best quality it still feels cliche at moments. I think I?d like to describe it as ?a pleasant drive on a well-worn road.?
One thing I have a problem with is some characters just feel like copy and paste high school archetypes: you have your popular
mean girl, the token LGBT character, towards the first half of the movie. I felt Peter was a bit of a generic cool jock but I
believe he ?redeemed? himself by the time the second half came along. All of the actors do their best and succeed to varying
degrees, I don?t remember any outright bad performances and Lara Jean?s actress Lana Condor exudes a certain warmth; she
brought out Lara Jean?s best qualities on-screen,

"If I?ve only one life to live, let me live it being
grateful for my friends and, oh please, let me live it
laughing out loud" -- Gina Barreca

Edwin M. Culver, M.S. Physics & Robotics

Hu m an Kindness

To All The Boys I've Loved Before continued... I must say I might have fallen for Lara Jean as well by the end of the film and
I was quite happy for her when that ending came. It is a nice experience seeing Lara Jean grow as a person and begin owning
her own true feelings. Another thing I?d like to mention is Lara Jean?s Korean-American heritage adds a bit more depth to the
character and I liked seeing this bit of representation when Asian American leads are a bit of a rarity in Hollywood. Another
actor I enjoyed was John Corbett as Dr. Covey, Lara Jean's father, most of his jokes got a smile or small chuckle from me, plus
Dr. Covey was also part of another one of my favorite scenes. Also I almost forgot to mention Noah Centineo, Peter?s actor, as I
said before Lara Jean and Peter have a great chemistry on screen and that?s in no small part thanks to Centineo. Noah Centineo
gave an excellent performance on par with his co-star Lana Condor and it was very heartfelt in my opinion, also I would like to
mention he?s a pretty dang handsome dude. Now from a technical aspect this movie isn?t extremely remarkable, the camera

work is passable but I don?t remember any especially good looking shots with the exception of one at the very end of the movie.
The soundtrack is filled with electronic and pop hits such as ?I Like Me Better? by Lauv, ?Cool Out? by Matthew E. White, plus
?Chinatown? by Wild Nothing amongst the ones I recognized. Much of the soundtrack wasn?t to my own tastes in music but I
imagine others may enjoy it. I even have a few people in mind as I write this. There were definitely no songs that had me trying
to plug up my ears or damage them to the point where I can?t hear so I don?t have to listen to them anymore. If I had to rate the
movie on a scale from 1 - 10 I would give it a score of 7.5/10. It was a fun watch.

Crosby Sports

Football Team

Crosby Football Players took part in a
recent community event supporting
the victims of domestic violence.

from the Coach...Crosby Football has faced a good deal of adversity this season. It has put our
players to the test on many occasions. Although we faced many struggles it has been rewarding
knowing that we overcame those obstacles. Starting the season we knew we were a young team that
is rebuilding. With only 6 seniors and 6 juniors our roster has only been made up of a dozen upper
class men. Our young bulldogs have made some great strides realizing "we're all we got." This has
been our quote we have stuck by through thick and thin throughout the season. We will continue to
grow and be a force to be reckoned with in the near future as our young bulldogs become bigger,
stronger, faster, and most importantly, more experienced.


John Caceres I nter view I Interviewed one of Crosby football players to hear their thoughts on the Jamboree and how they felt

about their games. The first person I heard from was Michael Liberte on how they weren?t catching the ball with great passes and that
resulted in their losing the game. I also asked Michael if he could back and change anything to do better in that game. He said ?he
would just like the team to be more prepared for games like this. ?

Clubs and groups is where you make life long friends

Ar gus Feature

from Encyclopedia Britannica

An American author Joan Didion, (born December 5, 1934, Sacramento,
California, U.S.), American novelist and essayist known for her lucid prose
style and incisive depictions of social unrest and psychological

from California Notes...

...I seem to have gone to dances and been photographed in pretty dresses, and also as a pom-pom girl. I seemed to have been a
bridesmaid rather a lot. I seem always to have been ?the editor? or the ?president.? I believed that I would always go to teas.
This is not about Patricia Hearst. It is about me and the peculiar vacuum in which I grew up, a vacuum in which the Hearsts
could be quite literally king of the hill. I have never known deprivation.
I have lived most of my life under misapprehensions of one kind or another. Until I was in college I believed that my father
was ?poor,? that we had no money, that pennies mattered. I recall being surprised the first time my small brother ordered a
dime rather than a nickel ice cream cone and no one seemed to mind.
My grandmother, who was in fact poor, spent money: the Lilly Daché and Mr. John hats, the vicuña coats, the hand-milled
soap and the $60-an-ounce perfume were to her the necessities of life. When I was about to be sixteen she asked me what I
wanted for my birthday and I made up a list (an Ultra-Violet lipstick, some other things), meaning for her to pick one item and
surprise me: she bought the list. She gave me my first grown-up dress, a silk jersey dress printed with pale blue flowers and
jersey petals around the neckline. It came from the Bon Marché in Sacramento and I knew what it cost ($60) because I had
seen it advertised in the paper. I see myself making many of the same choices for my daughter.
At the center of this story there is a terrible secret, a kernel of cyanide, and the secret is that the story doesn?t matter, doesn?t
make any difference, doesn?t figure. The snow still falls in the Sierra. The Pacific still trembles in its bowl. The great tectonic
plates strain against each other while we sleep and wake. Rattlers in the dry grass. Sharks beneath the Golden Gate. In the
South they are convinced that they have bloodied their place with history. In the West we do not believe that anything we do
can bloody the land, or change it, or touch it. How could it have come to this. I am trying to place myself in history. I have
been looking all my life for hTiostaolrlythaenbdohysavI?eveyelotvteodfNinedtfliitx. revJioeawn Didion

I found this movie to be very funny and relatable it?s about a girl in high school

A big thawnhkoyisouthetoodLdivoinaeaonudt dBoreosonk?tehawvheoapbuoyt fgrireenadtoerfafonrytthiinngto, sthheeihra'smthoenssetesr ' poster.

letters she wrote for every boy she ever had a crush on including in the ages

of elementary . Her little sister secretly goes behinl d her baEcvkearnyd setxupodseens th,er

letters. The story unfolds with a love that wasn't really expected, i suggest

everyone to watch to get a better idea of this netflix movie. every day,
a success.


Michael Veronneau


Albanian American Club ...............Mrs. Kollchaku Agriculture Tech Club .................. Mr. Pepe

Argus .............................................Mr. Morgan Art is My Voice.............. Mrs. Byer-Alcorace

CAD Club ......................................Mrs. Bissonnette Christian Studies/Music Club ........ Mr. Schumacher

Coding Club ...................................Mr. Johnson Communicating with Nature ...........Mrs. Byer-Alcorace

Crosby Knitters ................................Miss Carvalho Crosby Literary Society .Ms. Sullivan, Mrs. Difronzo Ms. Donohue

Dance Team? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Ms. Daley Enrichment Club .............................. Ms. Miccio Ms. Spence

Envirothon .........................................Mrs. Yolanda Lee First Robotics ..........................Mr. Johnson Mr. Culver

Garden Club .......................................Mrs. DelaRosa Ms. Spagnoletti Mrs. Stowe

International Language Club...............Mrs. Garcia National Honor Society.......................Mrs. Difronzo

Natural Hairspiration ..........................Ms. Munoz Relay for Life ......................................Miss Carvalho

Science National Honor Society .......... Mrs. Lee Mr. Kilpatrick Singing Choir .................Mr. Ferreira
Spectrum Club ....... Ms. Poitras Steel Pan/ Caribbean Music Club .........Mr. Ferreira

Student Council......Ms. Nicholas Student Leaders and Ambassadors ............. Mr. Veronneau

Video Production Club ........... Mr. Johnson West Indian Club ......................... Mr. Lewis

Yearbook ...... Ms. Veneziano Young Educator Society (Yes) ................ Mrs. Wainwright-Staton Mr. Mosley

Crosby students on a recent College Tr ip


College Tou r t o DC 2018

Hispan ic Her it age Celebr at ion 2018

Crosby students and
staff doing good things


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