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Shanahan Middle

Order# 285608

Kellogg Spotlight Winter Sports Riddles with

814 Shanahan Road Lewis Center, Ohio

December, 2017 Volume 1, Edition 2

Victory for the Shananagans! Wildfires Obliter-
ate the Forests Sur-
By Marissa Johnston, 8th Grader rounding Sunny
Los Angeles
On Saturday, December 1st, 2017, Photo by Beth Johnston
Shanahan’s robotics team, The Shanana- By Rory VanGorder, 8th Grader
gans spent all day at competition to learn A.Bhagat, V.Cuellar, Coach Bubnick, A. Schuliger, I. Bubnick, S.Lewis,
that they had moved on to the semi-fi- The 100,000 acres of land in southern California
nals qualifying competition on January place in core values and received medals gan’s anticipation rose when they started being scorched by the blazing embers, diverts the daily
6th. The team started their day with pre- for their participation. Another team, to call the teams that were moving onto lives of residents to safer paths away from the Thomas
sentations on core values, their robot The Brain Builders won first place for the semi-finals. They found out they Fires inferno rage. The spreading of these wildfires to
MAKASAVI, and their project on mi- the highest point scoring robot so they came in 4th overall and were moving on! the coastal regions of Los Angeles became a catalyst for
croplastics. This year’s theme was hy- moved on immediately. The Shanana- the evacuations of more than 38,000 people. According
drodynamics where participants had to to CNN, the fires have been diligently churning out
come up with a project affecting water charred forests since Monday, December 3rd and local
and program their robot to complete fire departments continue to work on containing the
tasks that relate to water. flames, but have yet to completely annihilate the issue.
While fires engulf their surroundings, more develop and
During the part called “The Robot grow. Three additional fires commenced on the morning
Games”, the robot started to get con- of December 4th and two began in the afternoon of De-
fused with the programs. Therefore, stu- cember 6th. The wildfires have caused 31 deaths and
dents were forced to wait for round two. countless burns as well as devastated California’s once
Round two was The Shananagan’s best booming wine country. Fires have spread down to San
round by far, scoring them 125 points Diego injuring six more and destroying anything and
and bringing them to 2nd place. By the everything in its path.
end of the games they were in 7th place.
The Shananagans won a trophy for first

Berlin Pride:

It's Forever
By Jack Davis, 7th Grader cipal, and teacher. Of 60 candidates who applied
for the job, Spinner was the district’s choice. Photo, Olentangy District Newsletter
“This is my 23rd year in education and my Spinner has lived in the community for over 20
17th as an administrator,” said Principal Todd years and is very supportive of the schools. The Berlin High School official logo was created by a future OBHS student.
Spinner who sat down with me to discuss the
newest addition to the district, Olentangy Berlin As far as hiring is concerned, Spinner has will start without a senior class, due to redis- interview, I asked, “What are several things you
High School. OBHS will be opening in the fall hired 40 staff members, including teachers, the tricting criteria). would like incoming students to know?” His an-
of 2018, as soon as construction is finished. “The athletic director and his personal assistant, but swer struck me as profound. “I want them to
inns were full at the other three high schools,” he has had more than 100 teaching interviews As we drew to a close, I asked him about the know that they will have the same opportunities
he joked, “so this will allow students to attend a and he will look forward to his announcing the kind of culture and environment he hopes to they could at any other school in the district, that
fourth, great high school. It will allow everybody results soon. What does he look for in his teach- build in the school. The response was simple we are 110% for them, and lastly, and most im-
to take a breath of fresh air and have a little ers? “Positive people, teachers that are able to and to the point. “A positive, safe, and educa- portantly, ‘Berlin pride: it’s forever’.”
breathing room at the other three buildings.” build relationships with their students. Obvi- tionally stimulating environment.” To end the
ously, they need to know their content area. I
Spinner has been on staff at four other also look for folks that are willing to do what-
schools in Columbus, including Dublin Scioto ever it takes for Berlin High School.” On the
High School, Marion Harding High School, athletic front, it looks like OBHS will be split be-
Delaware Hayes High School, and most recently, tween divisions one and two, but nothing will be
Westerville Central High School. He has held confirmed until the final enrollment numbers are
multiple titles, including principal, assistant prin- shown. He expects between 900 and 1,000 stu-
dents in year one, grades 9, 10 and 11 (OBHS

Hour of Code Water Catastrophe in Puerto Rico

Contributor, Mrs. Amy Brown tens of millions of students worldwide to com- By Sami Yousef, 8th Grader many water sources throughout the island. CNN recently in-
puter science, inspiring kids to learn more, terviewed a man that explained their ordeal. The people of the
On Wednesday, December 6th, Shanahan breaking stereotypes, and leaving them feeling Since September, when hurricane Maria pummeled its island have no choice but to get their water pumped from fed-
students participated in the international event, empowered.” More than 180 countries are cur- gargantuan winds into Puerto Rico, leaving about 35% of citi- erally designated hazardous waste sites by authorities. These
THE HOUR OF CODE. Mrs. Brown organ- rently participating and having great success. zens without clean drinking water. That’s approximately men fill large trucks and the trucks are sent off to residents of
ized the school-wide event and it was a great 1,281,514 who were forced, to drink from contaminated water the island in a chance to get themselves any form of water to
success; student and parent feedback was pos- Mrs. Brown remarked, “It was so exciting storage zones, and some of that water is dangerously hazardous. drink, wash, and bathe in.
itive and encouraging. to walk into classroom after classroom and see
students and teachers enjoying the experience As reported by CNN, Hurricane Maria, a powerful cate- “The area was polluted with industrial chemicals, includ-
According to the event website, The Hour of coding for the very first time. My hope is gory four hurricane with wind speeds that reached 155 miles ing tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene, which ‘can have
of Code is a “global movement introducing that a seed of technology was planted.” per hour, killed hundreds. It knocked out power to 90% of the serious health impacts including damage to the liver and in-
island, uprooted trees, destroyed homes, and created wide- creasing the risk of cancer,’ according to the EPA” says CNN
spread flooding throughout the island. reporter John D. Stutter.

The utter devastation caused by the hurricane destroyed

December, 2017 Shanahan Scoop Page 2

Kellogg's What Subject is Most Important

By Caroline Johnston, 6th Grader people. People say that things
they learned such as grammar or
Over 510,000,000 (6.7% of editing skills help with everyday
the world's population) adults in life and communication. The sur-
vey found that the second most
the world have a
commonly used
By Rory VanGorder, 8th Grader dents because of kids are stressed or college degree, but
upset, they are most likely not paying subject after
out of all those
college is math,
attention, and having that outlet can people what sub-
If you’ve walked the halls of Olen- keep them calm and focused. Addition- according to
tangy Shanahan Middle School (SMS), ally, the American Psychological Asso- ject do they use
31.8% of peo-
you may have noticed a furry friend ciation states that “One in every four the most? 200 col-
ple surveyed. It
among its masses of students. Meet teenagers struggle managing their lege graduates
is used for sta-
Kellogg, the service dog working at stress from school.” The Animal Smart were surveyed,
Shanahan to make it a less stressful and Organization, claims that “Playing with tistics, or tasks
more welcoming environment. It all or petting an animal can increase lev- and 60.1% of peo-
like calculating
started when Mrs.Dasbach, an inter- els of the stress-reducing hormone oxy- ple said English
dosages of med-
vention specialist at SMS, brought her tocin and decrease production of the was the most used
icine, shopping
service dog in training, Kellogg, to stress hormone cortisol.” One of these subject. Out of all
Caroline Johnston prices, baking
school. After organizations pres- the responses,
noticing the smiles "I definitely think she ents a problem and people tended to Most used subjects after college and cooking,
she brought to relaxes people and the other presents a etc. The other
passerbys in the solution. Kellogg is think that commu-
subjects that
hallway, Mrs.Das- you can see her in a a part of this solu- nication is the most important
bach started to classroom and she tion.By having a thing in a successful life, because rated on the lower end of useful-
bring her happy seems to know which service dog around, in many jobs you have to write ness are, social studies at 2.9%
companion to students at SMS emails, reports, or just talk to and science at 5.2%.
Shanahan on a reg- have been able to

ular basis. “I think kid to go up to." reach down and pet a Should Cursive Make A Comeback?
it's important to dog. This seems like

have Kellogg such a simple thing, pist in Great Falls, says,¨Because
but having this con- all letters in cursive start on a base
Mrs. Dasbacharound the school line, and because the pen moves
because she makes nection, students are able to manage By Sanjana Suresh, 7th Grader fluidly from left to right, cursive is
easier to learn for dyslexic students
people laugh. I can't walk down the their stress. Mrs.Dasbach describes this The common core education who have trouble forming words
hallway without everyone smiling” She by saying “I definitely think she relaxes standards dictate that cursive will correctly.¨ What do you think? Do
claims. Kellogg has impacted Shana- people and you can see her in a class- no longer be taught in elementary you think cursive should be in-
han's students immensely by providing room and she seems to know which kid schools. This started a huge contro- cluded in the curriculum?
an outlet for some of the special needs to go up to. If you stand back and ob- versy among teachers, parents, and
students. Mrs.Dasbach states that serve, you can see that she just pads educational directors. Advocates Google Images
“Talking to Kellogg helps students who around the classroom, she doesn't re- for the change explain that cursive
might not be able to communicate their ally disturb anybody but she just kind is not useful after typing came into A Washington Post study found that
feelings because...she can't judge them of de-stresses you.”In the few years she play. They say that instead of learn- 59% of U.S. schools teach cursive.
and she keeps all secrets, and then they has been here, Kellogg has improved ing cursive they should have a class
feel better enough to go back to class the lives of students and staff at Shana- for keyboarding. Others such as
and eventually tell other people too. If han Middle School by providing a Linden Bateman, an advocate for
someone walks down the hall with her, comforting presence and reducing learning cursive, argue that it helps
everybody talks to them, and it has stress. You can often find her playing with hand-eye coordination. He
brought out many friendships, just talk- the courtyard with tennis balls or hap- says,"´more areas of the human
ing about Kellogg." This supports the pily prancing the halls. brain are engaged when children
idea that Kellogg is extremely critical use cursive handwriting than when
they keyboard.´" They also argue
in the education of a portion of our stu- saying that students who knew cur-
sive had better math and reading
scores than students who didn't.
Deborah Spear, an academic thera-

School Sports Safety
By Lauren Tuvelle, 8th Grader heard of, but there is a lot they do to
Mrs. Dasbach prevent the chance of commonly oc-
This fall, OHS sophomore soccer curring injuries in the sport. Former
Kellogg happily poses for a picture player, Aneesha Rockwell, mistakenly defensive line player, Trevor Tuvelle,
headed the ball in the Olentangy vs. states that after eight years of football,
Westerville Central game, trying to he “never got injured”.He also said,
maintain her position. Afterwards, the “but if you do get injured, go to the
student talked about feeling “dizzy” trainer and they’ll check you out.” To
and proceeded to converse about con- prevent injuries, he said, “Before
cussions. Aneesha’s friend, Elizabeth practice, we stretch. We lift because
Zimdars, suffered a concussion at one the stronger you are, the harder it is to
of the OHS girls soccer team practice get hurt. We did neck exercises be-
by hitting her head on the ground. Do cause it helps reduce the chance of
sports teams take the right precautions concussions.” Although coaches can-
to keep their players safe? Injuries on not 100% prevent injuries, they do try
the OHS football team are not un- to reduce the chance and keep their
team healthy and safe.

December, 2017 Features Page 3

It's Time to Act!
Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Harming the Earth

By Meenakshi Kappagantula, 7th Grader

One of the most dangerous atmosphere and is affecting long- farts/belches!), and land use,
term weather patterns. In other deforestation, etc., Now you
environmental problems today words, it is a rise in average glob- know the entire issue. So it’s up to
al surface temperature. The main you. Kids are the future genera-
that will continue to be present if a cause of this grave climate issue is tion. Furthermore, if the risk of
the emission of greenhouse gases. this problem keeps exponentially
major action isn’t taken, is global This is commonly known as the growing, then we will have to face
‘greenhouse gas effect’ which grave consequences, So, from now
warming. The average tempera- takes place when the earth’s on, think twice before you forget
atmosphere traps heat from escap- to turn off your light/fan in your
ture, since 1906 has increased ing into space. This may be sur- bedroom or even throw away
prising but the most common and organic waste. It is time to take
between 1.1 to 1.6 degrees fahren- abundant greenhouse gas is water our future into our own hands.
vapor! The main causes of this Make a good decision and it could
heit. This has drastic effects on emission are electricity consump- possibly impact the future.
tion and production, transporta-
nature. This is causing animals to tion, industrial work (like burning Source: Sources of Greenhouse
fossil fuels for energy), agriculture Gas Emissions.” EPA,
be in constant relocation, to try to (weird but true- for example cow Environmental Protection Agency,
Web.14 Apr. 2017,
find new homes. It is causing

melting glaciers and change in

precipitation patterns. These may

not seem like big problems, but

climate experts project that tem-

peratures will increase at least 8° Google Images

by the year 2100. It will soon A factory produces greenhouse gases.

arrive. This is a result of

changes experienced by the earth’s

School Horoscopes
By: Lillian Towles

Are Non-Christian Astological Signs as Natural likes a post from two years ago:
Religions Occurring Events: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces
Aries: Volcano: unpredictable, vio- Openly likes and comments on
By Natalie Reese, 8th Grader lent, explosive other people's stuff: Aries, Libra,
Leo, Sagittarius
In some American K-12 public Taurus: Earthquake: destabiliz-
ing, powerful, releases lots of energy The embarrassing mom: Cancer
school systems, school breaks are Google Images The Signs as Animals:
Gemini: Whirlwind: short lived, Gemini: A peacock, unique and
centered around the American being centered around Christian hol- not very destructive, exciting ready to show off
idays, students of other religions Scorpio: A parrot, talkative and
lifestyle and the Christian religion. Religion in America don’t get time off for their religious Cancer: Tsunami: overbearing ready to shine
holidays. For example, Jewish stu- and can bring ruin Capricorn: A rabbit, energetic and
Even in school systems that support effects on the students. dents may miss numerous school ready to play
One anonymous eighth grade student days due to Rosh Hashanah. Even Leo: Wildfire: contagious, fast, dif- Aquarius: An elephant, gentle and
diversity, Christianity clearly pre- attending Shanahan Middle School though these students may have the ficult to stop friendly
said that two of the biggest holidays opportunity to get excused absences, Taurus: A crab, mean and self cen-
vails. The two longest breaks in her religion, Diwali and Navratri they are still missing classes and Virgo: Fog: even, misty, condition- tered
mean as much to her as “Christmas have to catch up on work which is al How to Find Your Sign:
in the majority of schools are winter means to Christians”, yet they are not making a healthy learning envi- Aries: March 21 - April 19
not represented or or talked about in ronment. Libra: Monsoon: unpredictable, Taurus: April 20 - May 20
break and spring break, both occur- school. Another eighth grade stu- unbalanced Scorpio: Thunderstorm: Gemini: May 21 - June 2
dent, Rishika Gorai, said “There powerful, dark, destructive Cancer: June 21 - July 22
ring on Christian holidays, have been religious festivals I could- Leo: July 23 - August 22
n’t be a part of because of school.” Sagittarius: Tornado: short lived, Virgo: August 23 - Sept. 22
Christmas and Easter. An article by In addition to major school breaks full of energy Libra: Sept. 23 - October 22
Scorpio: October 23 - Nov. 21
the Huffington Post shows religion Capricorn: Blizzard: cold and Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21
unrelenting Capricorn: Dec. 22 - Jan. 19
statistics for large cities, one of them Aquarius: Jan. 20 - Feb. 18
Aquarius: Aurora barbados: mys- Pisces: Feb. 19 - March 20
being Columbus, and the majority of tical, rare, phenomenon

people claim a branch of Christianity Pisces: Sunrise: symbol of a new
or are religiously unaffiliated. Other
The Astrological Signs on Social
holidays that are as big as the biggest Media:

Christian holidays for other religions Scrolls down the feed laughing at
the stupidity of their peers: Gemini,
are not represented throughout Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

school systems. This can have large Stalks their crush, accidentally

10 Ways To Help Others This Season

By: Madi Koons

MoMM Holiday Blessings (serving YWCA Family Shelter (serving meals Charlotte Cornely with help from Caroline Cornely
poor families Christmas) to homeless families) For more informa-
tion, visit Salvation Army (providing clothes, 6th grader Charlotte Cornely surveyed her friends and
For similar opportunities, visit momm- assistance, and more to those in need) For got these results. or contact Phil Callaghan Patches of Light (helping low income more information, visit
at [email protected] families with everyday issues) For more
information, visit patches of People In Need Holiday Clearing
Agora Ministries (volunteering to work House (providing new toys, clothing,
with children of low income families) For Meals On Wheels (preparing and deliv- food and more to struggling families in
similar opportunities, visit lssnet- ering meals to elderly) For more informa- Delaware County) For more information, tion, visit visit

Open Shelter (volunteering for home- Ronald McDonald House of Central Humane Society (helping animals in
less people living on land) For more Ohio (a safe haven for families with ill shelter) For more information, visit hsd-
information, visit children) For more information, visit

Features The Shanahan Times Page 4
December, 2017

A Novel

By Madi Koons, 8th Grader Bunch
Donthireddy, Claire Emanuel, Madison Gemmill
Shanahan’s Battle Of The Books program is Sankeertana Gudla, Ankit Maharana, Grace Photo by Madi Koons
gearing up for their competition in the spring! 6th Nguyen, Andrew Norbuta, Kaitlynn Prindle, and
grade Battle of the Books meets on Wednesdays Sujan Sriam. The 8th Grade Battle of the Books team prepares for competition in March.
during advisory with Mrs. Moffett, 7th grade
meets during advisory on Wednesdays with Mrs. 7th Grade members are Joshua Abraham, Misha Holiday Life
Nichols, and 8th graders meet during lunch on Ahuja, Hailey Akey, Olivia Alphonso, Elias Hacks
Wednesdays with Mrs. Biggam. Students are Ashanin, Sanjna Balakrishnan, Kiruthiga Bala-
given a list of books in the beginning of the school murugan, Avni Bhave, Charishmareddy
year, and students will compete in the spring Buchireddy, Nishita Chipurapalli, Elizabeth
against rival schools to show off their knowledge Crego, Davis Deal, Srikruthi Godavarthi, Sanjusha
of the books. During meetings, students create Gudla, Dylan Hagerman, Molly Hartzell, Kassidy
questions about the books they read, such as “In He, Andrew Inamdar, Shriya Kamtam, Meenakshi
which book is the main character a pickpocket?”. Kappagantula,Nithya Kondagari, Alissa Luchi-
As the competition grows closer, Battle members anova,Anushka Maharana,Anika Paul, Paige Paw-
will practice against each other, buzzing in when likowski, Swetha Sri Raji, Sanjana Suresh,
they hear a question about a book they read. Niharika Talele, Saharsh ThummalaOlivia Trox-
Throughout the year, students will learn reading ell, and Tyson Wooddell.
and time management skills, as well as develop
the ability to analyze novels. Representatives for the 8th Grade include Leah
Adkins, Varsha Bala, Isabelle Bubnick, Megan
Sixth Grade Battle of the Books participants in- Burger, MacKenzie Condon, Caroline Cornely,
clude Hetanshi Bar, Gregory Conkling, Charlotte Adeana Eubanks, Campbell Goh-Johnson, Is-
Cornely, Abhinav Dendukuri, Sumanth Reddy abella Hutton,Madison Koon, Lauren Lanzendor-
fer, Aubrey O'Barr, Ryan Pocius, Praharna Rajesh,
Trey Soards, Ella Walls, and Stephen Wilson.

Dear Maggie

By Maggie it. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teach- By Tatum Nettle, 7th Grader candy canes, a hole punch,
and string. All you need to
Dear Maggie, ers if you are struggling or don’t un- 1.) Have a certain color do is hole punch the tree
I am super stressed out about all wrapping paper for each cutout, then tie the candy
derstand something. It’s better to ask person you give gifts to, so cane to it. It will make cute
my tests. I study but I keep getting C’s. you can easily know who and easy ornaments.
HELP! for help in the beginning than to let it each gift is for.
3.) Crush up candy canes
From, Stressed in School all pile up. Get together with some 2.) Make easy gifts for to easily use in hot choco-
friends and family using late, cookies, and more.
Dear Stressed in School, friends and ask them for help too. Do only Christmas tree cutouts,
Trust me, I know that school can
you have an older sibling or friend that
definitely be hard. It can be super over-
whelming sometimes. But it is okay to has already been where you are?
ask for help. Don’t think that it means
that you’re dumb or that you can’t do Maybe they can help too. We are al-

most half- way through the year and

you have survived this far.

You can do this!

Love, Maggie

If you would like to be featured,

email Maggie at

[email protected]

Interview With Amanda MacDonald, Admissions Counselor at Ot-

terbein University

By Madi Koons, 8th Grader differently about something.” demics are your top priority, but so often I classes are offered ... take those! We also re-
MK: “What advice would you give to stu- think students believe we’re only looking at alize that high school is a transition, so it
Koons: “You say students should take time their GPA, but really the classes they’re tak- may be a little difficult … so having that
to figure out what is important in a college dents looking to apply to a college?” ing are just as important. If Honors and AP contextual information is really important. I
for them and to be open to experiences and AM: “I would say, it is a college, so aca- would say taking the time to figure out who
conversations. Could you expand on that?” their admissions counselor is and reaching
Google Images out to them … is really helpful. The summer
MacDonald: “You may get advice from before their senior year is a really good time
friends or family members … and although Otterbein University was founded in the mid-1800's because then we’ll … talk to them before we
it is a family decision when it comes to col- visit their school in the fall, so we can start
lege, I think that it’s just important for me to that connection and correspondence. A lot of
remind students that you’ll be the one going students don’t realize why we look at [test
to college and starting your own life … Life scores] but it’s really to ensure that they’re
moves so fast that simply taking time to ei- successful at the college … And then ex-
ther write about college or think about it is tracurriculars. At least for Otterbein, we re-
really important. Being open and having ally value community service and leadership.
those conversations I think is smart because So if a student is involved in, say, student
you may think you want to do something but council, or they play lacrosse and they’re the
every single day you will be exposed to new captain, that really bodes well, because it
experiences … which may make you think shows us they have leadership skills ... So
it’s a really full rounded look at the student.”

December, 2017 Sports and Activities Page 5

SINK IT! That's De-
By Danielle Arhin, 8th Grader

On Tuesday November 28th, the 8th grade By Caroline Chubb, 8th Grader
Shanahan Girls Basketball Team kicked off their
season in a home game against Westerville Shanahan Middle School has yet an-
Blendon Middle School. The girls defeated other extracurricular, Debate Club. Run by
Blendon to start off their season with a strong volunteer parent, Natalie Chubb, the group
win. began in the fall of 2013. Since then, the
number of members has doubled to approx-
The girls: Karsten Bucci, Camryn McCulty, imately 40 students, of all grades. The cur-
Danielle Arhin, Lauren Hughes, Jaime Rosales, rent season will start up in January of 2018.
Rachel Matthew, Isabelle Walters, Alex Walters, Meetings will tentatively be held Thursday
Lexie Syroka, Rileigh Glassburn, and Caroline evenings in the SMS library. Towards the
Gilligan are lead by Coach Hannah McQuistion. end of their season, the district hopes to hold
We wish them good luck this season! its intra-district competition in March.

On Tuesday November 28th, the 7th grade With the help of their leaders, current
Shanahan Girls Basketball Team started their high school forensics members, parents, and
season off with a strong win against Westerville facilitators, the competition will be com-
Blendon Middle School. prised of many different rounds and cate-
gories. As a group, some of their main
Coach Kathleen Cummings is leading the Photo by Ethan Grunkemeyer, 7th Grader focuses include learning how to make an ef-
girls: Alexis White, Reagan Richeson, Camryn fective argument supported by facts, physi-
Cummings, Hope Gravely, Kennady Wiley, Mal- Jack Huskey (#4) hits a three in the 7th grade Scouts victory at home cal presentation, vocal quality, gestures, and
lory Kolath, Caroline Hennegan, Abby Mclaugh- over the cardinals. fluent delivery. “My goal as the coach is to
lin, Jonna Spohn, Paige Pawlikowski, and help students face the anxiety that comes
Jocelyn Franz this season. We hope to see more! Sizemore, Gideon Alabi, Gavin Angell, Jimmy Blendon Middle School. with public speaking and learn to express
Shielu, Brandon Hire, Ryan Petrone, Jake Mc- their ideas clearly, as well as listen to and
On Tuesday November 28th, the 8th grade Farland, Keegan Syroka, Luke Martin, Matthew Coach Christopher Holly led the boys: Jack consider the perspectives of others,” Chubb
Shanahan Boys Basketball Team began their sea- Hall, and Nick Steurer brought home a win led Huskey, Josh Riley, Jared Moeller, Tate Middle- remarks. If any student is interested in par-
son with a road game against Westerville by Coach Kevin Wolfe. We hope for more wins! ton, Will Biggins, Jaiden Gupta, Harrison Ron- ticipating, join the Debate Club Schoology
Blendon Middle School. nebaum, Jason Inbody, Logan Howell, Mathios group and look for updates on the upcoming
On Tuesday November 28th, the 7th grade Abenet, Max Bihler, Reid Apke, and Richie season
The boys: Andrew Boyle, Abel Abenet, Austin Shanahan Boys Basketball Team opened their Morton to take a road victory. We wish them
season with an away game against Westerville luck!

Athletes favorites are usually Pump it Up and Photo by Shanahan Times Photo Staff
Up Close Cheerleaders, are you Ready? The cheer-
leaders also work hard on dances for half- 8th Grade Wrestler Vaughn Fowler and 8th Grade Basketball Cheerleader
By Natalie Reese, 8th Grader time shows. If you haven’t seen them in Lani Beals
action, catch them at a Tuesday or Thurs-
The 7th and 8th grade cheerleading day home game this season! 8th grader
squads, coached by Mrs. Boerner and Vaughn Fowler describes wrestling for
Miss Wood, are in the midst of their sea- Shanahan as “hard work, fun and in-
son and enjoying it so far. They cheer at tense”. He has grown up with wrestling,
each home game, so they are able to root as his dad and current coach has been a
for both the boys and girls teams. 8th coach for 20 years. Mr. McCormick is the
grader Lani Beals has been cheering for other coach and practices are challenging.
the Scouts since the 7th grade. She de- Vaughn thinks that training, along with
scribes everyone on the team as being losing big matches are the most difficult
“fun and nice to be with” and also men- parts of the sport. There is also a chal-
tions that you really do need to know bas- lenge to make and contain certain weight
ketball for cheer for it, so you know when classes for meets. He describes his great
to do which cheers. Lani says that crowd experience wrestling as a 7th grader.
“Last year we had a really good team and
won a lot. Everyone won at least one
match and it was a lot of fun.” Good luck
to the 13 8th graders and six 7th graders
who are representing the Scouts on the
mats this winter!

Youth in Government Winter Sports ² Remaining Home Games
By Meenakshi Kappagantula, 7th
Grader to the Ohio Statehouse, to present your bill 7th/8th Boys Basketball
to your peers. The really great thing about Dec. 19th vs. Big Walnut
The YMCA Youth this is that, you get divided into two
groups- Senators and Representatives. You Jan. 4th vs. Kilbourne
in Government is a start with a small committee, then if your Jan. 11th vs. McCord
bill is passed, you present at the floor in Jan. 23rd vs. Hyatts
great i-period to join front of everyone (in your house or sen- Jan. 25th vs. Liberty
ate). Finally, if your bill gets passed again,
if you are interested it goes to the governor. A cool thing 7th/8th Girls Basketball
about this experience is that there are Jan. 8th vs. Jones
in learning about how ‘elections’ in the previous year for Youth Jan. 16th vs. Orange
in Government Governor, Speaker of the
a bill becomes a law House and Senate President/President of January 18th vs. Berkshire
the Senate. The elected people stand in
and even getting a those positions for the next year. YIG is a 7th/8th Wrestling
great event that helps improve and Jan. 17th vs. John C. Dempsey M.S.
first-hand experience! strengthen your leadership and analytical
skills. It is a place where students “im-
The Ohio State- It is a great event merse themselves in experiential civic en-
where you learn more gagement and to, quite literally, practice
house democracy” says YIG. So what are
about your govern- you waiting for? If you are interested,
come and join next year! There are oppor-
ment and making new friends from kids tunities for you in high school too!

all over Ohio. In this club, you come

up with an idea for a new law or make an

amendment (change) to an existing law,

and write a bill. At school you will revise,

edit and practice. At the end, you represent

Shanahan Middle School at the statewide

middle school Youth in Government con-

ference. At this conference, kids from all

over Ohio come to share their bill hoping

to get it passed. At the event, you stay in

a hotel downtown for two days and walk

December, 2017 Puzzles and Comics Page 6

5LGGOHV ZLWK 5RU\ Comic by Zoe Maddox, 7th Grader






Riddles by Rory VanGorder, 8th Grader Charles Schulz
Comic by Ben Harless, 8th Grader

Comic by Caleb Baker, 7th Grader Comic by Betsy Zavala, 7th Grader

The Shanahan Times December Issue Staff
Editor-in Chief: Ella Walls Layout Editors: Marissa Johnston, Gracy
Frea, Features Editors: Caroline Cornely, Campbell Goh-Johnson,

Lauren Lanzendorfer Contributors: Danielle Arhin, Caleb Baker,
Caroline Chubb, Caroline Cornely, Charlotte Cornely, Jack Davis, Ethan

Grunkemeyer, Caroline Johnston, Meena Kappagantula, Elizabeth
Koeppen, Madi Koons, Zoe Maddox Tatum Nettle, Natalie Reese, Jack
Steele, Sanjana Suresh, Lauren Tuvelle, Rory VanGorder, Sami Yousef,

Betsy Zavala
Distribution: Rory VanGorder, Vaidehi Patel

Staff Advisor: Erin Bush

Comic by Jack Steele, 7th Grader Google Images

December, 2017 Puzzles and Brain Benders Page 7


1) Magnanerie _____

2) Madarosis _____

3) Telestich _____

4) Hallux _____


1) c 2) d 3) a 4) b


Fill all the blank squares with the correct numbers. In a
9 by 9 square Sudoku game:
* Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1
through 9 in any order
* Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1
through 9 in any order
* Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must in-
clude all digits 1 through 9

December, 2017 See you next year! Page 8

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