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Chroma_Divine Savior Academy

8.5x11 Literary magazine

Keywords: Literary magazine

Cover artwork by Mayra Abadie. Chroma is Network58’s literary magazine.
This literary magazine’s purpose is
to showcase work from Divine Savior
Academy’s high school students. Such work
includes poems, short stories, photography,
and other artwork.

The name Chroma reflects the variety of color
found in art, just like the variety of written
and visual work found in this magazine. Each
year, the theme of the literary magazine will
be based on a certain color and will be tied
into that issue’s contents.

Students submit their work for consideration
in the magazine, and a panel of judges
evaluates each submission to determine
inclusion in the magazine.

Each work is used with permission of the
author/artist and may not be reproduced
withour further consent.

Divine Savior Academy Chroma, Volume 1
A Christian Academy Dedicated to Excellence
Divine Savior Academy Mayra Abadie, Editor
10311 NW 58th Street Michael Babler, Faculty Adviser
Doral, FL 33178 Copyright © 2015 Network58. All rights reserved.
305.597.4545 Chroma is part of Network58, the student
news media group on Divine Savior Academy.


Eburnean is a shade of white, and like each of Chroma’s submissions, everything begins
with a blank canvas. Whether a piece of art or a short story, artists and authors begin with
a vision that will result when a white canvas is overcome with life. All things are formed by
an initial thought or idea. It is not until the author or artist begins to dedicate themsleves

to fulfilling this idea that something extraordinary is produced. Not only is the result
significantly appealing to the mind because of its beauty and language, but the eburnean

canvas on which the piece of art is created is a key component to the result; it is the
foundation for all things beautiful, wonderful, and appealing ­-­ life.

Peace with an Enemy

Chained in opposition
Imprisoned in pleasant lies
Living in a world
Where not even my last breath will be mine
To give and spread the wealth
Is what they deceived me of
Only to see myself left
With the memories of a country I once loved
I would die for her
I helped her bloom
But there came a dreadful day when
I would speak words of truth
Only to be led to my tomb
I am a prisoner of war
On my home grounds, you see,
Where the battle and the enemy
Spring from a man’s eternal tyranny
I plead and I beg
Behind these rusted bars
For a renewing of my emotional and mental scars
Do not support her, though
I caution you
For all your doubts
Will surely come true
Suspect what you will
And trust who you desire
But remember this:
It was one spark that begot this fire
Look at me now
I had dreams just like yours
That instantaneously turned into a million closed doors
But there is one secret that I choose to release:
To tame this beast
One cannot simply seek peace


In my darkest time
I seek a spark of light
That may simply soften my hardened heart
I am called out
To the deepest depth
Of an ocean of grace
The waves violently turn
My soul doubtingly stirs
No peace is found
For my focus is not on you
Keeping my faith alive
I follow the unknown
Each step among the waves
I find myself closer to your heart
Youprovide my peace
With you I am free
With you I am made clean
In the ocean of my fears and failures
I am sinking -
A reaching hand
Gives me a final chance
For in this sea
My storm was suddenly calmed
I kept my eyes on you
The light that came from the heavens
The peace that came from your cross

Peace with an Enemy by Mayra Abadie
Oceans by Mayra Abadie
“Out in the Dark” by Paulina Alvarez


“Don’t leave me all alone,” said she,
tears streaming down her cheeks.
Sobs heaving from her chest, she did
Hold ever fast to me.
“I will not let you go,” said I,
Holding back my tears.
Though voices spelled inside my head
My worst and greatest fear.
The day I feared had finally come;
We wept in an embrace
I whispered in her ear the words
I had not strength to say.
“I must leave you now,
Though I wish I never would.
I promise I would stay with you
If only I could.”
“But love knows no distance!
Nor does friendship ever fade.
Whatever distance we’re apart,
I will hold you in my heart.”
“Don’t leave me all alone,” she said.
And I replied, “I won’t.”

Goodbye by Elena Mueller
“Lady in Red” by Paulina Alvarez

Sitting high above in my tree, The
I see you strolling aimlessly, Owl
Out in the dark
And through the long open dirt road.

I watch you as the slight wind blows,
Sending chills to creep through my skin and bones.
It reminds me of the time I let you in,
Undoubtedly, my greatest mistake now that my patience wears thin.

I know you do it to feel whole
For your are a poor unfortunate soul,
Putting on a facade
So people don’t notice you’re a flawed fraud.

Trying to find a place to belong,
You tear down anyone who comes along.
Always craving total control,
Mindlessly inflicting heavy tolls.

I can hear your footsteps on the floor
As you come closer than before.
The way you walk makes it seem like you’ve got it all,
But I know that’s just to cover up when you fall.

Your pace comes to a stop,
And your knees drop.
You stare at the roses growing from the ground,
Reaching your hand out for the first one found.

It’s similar to what you do to others,
Having no feelings of guilt or regret hover.
Stupidly so, you have the rose torn
Prickling your skin with its thorns.

Haven’t you heard my dear?
For it is quite clear
What you give
Is what you get.

So it seems like your bridges are burning
And the tables are turning.
Oh! How I couldn’t wait to get you off my chest
For I realized from all my choices, you weren’t the best.

Enclosed are the feelings I never told you
For the moments you had for me were few.
Don’t think I didn’t notice
Your true motive.

You are a set of empty promises
Only looking for dominance
Trying to fool the whole world
Having people’s thoughts swirl.

But now it’s time for you to leave
For I chose to no longer grieve.
Noted to not be as risky
Always making a 360

The Owl by Paulina Alvarez Having my own back
“Ukranian Revolution” by Santiago Muñoz So security is something I won’t lack.
And if ever asked about you
I’ll simply answer with “who?”

Shoulders and Blades Piece of Mind

I woke up that morning outlining the curves I see the synapses of my brain
of my shoulders with the axis of my eyes. in a scan, a thundering

Soon, the needles will enter my skin like of uncertainties, a raging war
intruders, a whirlpool of anesthesia will swirl between

through my veins. I imagined being wheeled into heart and mind, nerves and arteries
sterile hallways, the air feeling antiseptic around me, running

the contractions in my heart beeping parallel like logic and faith,
on the monitor in foreign symphonies yet intersecting

at the thought of the scalpel gliding through in the midst of this spiraling, two
my shoulder capsule, every incision awakening separate hurricanes

the anxiety running through my bones. And the scars, of being, gathering heat through
the only chronicles of my pain revealed with my fires. I have tried to extinguish

every stretch and lift like a tattoo. I swallow these winds inside my head with
my imploding panic. Breathe. one. two. three. four. words flooding

We’re taking you in now. You’re all ready pages like rain, wisdom buried
for surgery. Outside, the city falls in bookshelves and textbooks,

asleep in dark slumber. but the storm continues
to surge,

and I am caught
in its eye.

But in this relentless
whirlwind, I have found

the source of peace, celestial
and divine, breezing

through in the quiet rustling
of leaves, breathing

into my ear, a gentle and holy
whisper, my calm

after every storm.

Shoulders and Blades by Maham Zafar
Piece of Mind by Maham Zafar

“Dancing Lights” by Paulina Alvarez

Hope Is Last to Die by Luzmariana Iacono
“Saved through Him” by Daniel Padron

Hope Is Last We are guardians of our dreams,
Even though not all of them become true.
to Die Everyone has a dream,
But not everyone is willing to accomplish it.
Hope is what the world lacks, We don’t know our purpose in life,
It is a relationship in where we rely on God. It’s a secret,
Hope is the key to the victory, But we must not lose the hope,
In which dreams are predictors. To continue believing in God.
Hope is the word of fulfillment,
We get after we stumble. We are only masters of our present,
Hope is life. Because the past has already flown away,
And the future is yet to come.
As the saying goes: “Hope is last to die” There is, when we rely on God,
If you are here in front of my eyes, And his plans,
It’s because we hoped to be here. Which can only be made true,
Then destiny interferes, If we have faith.
But more than destiny, Before our journey on Earth ends,
We can say is a new part of God’s plan, We must admit that,
Till now not revealed, Hope is last to die.
But enclosed between our actions.

“The Dresses” by Guilherme Pereira
“Sonic the Hedgehog” by Guilherme Pereira

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