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Shanahan Middle School Newspaper 2018

Middle School Newspaper

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May, 2018 Volume 1, Edition 4

Guantanamo Bay, to be or not to be?

By: Sami Yousef

Since January 11, 2002, when it first opened, formalize your decision: A far majority of classified the treatment of prisoners as torture.
Guantanamo Bay Detention Center has seen Guantanamo Bay prisoners are innocent, says At least 26 Guantanamo Bay prisoners were
780 inmates go through its walls, and 41 still Lawrence Wilkerson, the former Chief of Staff brutally tortured in CIA camps before they
remain there today. There has been national to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Five people were transferred to Guantanamo Bay Prison.
debate on whether or not the prison camp goes in Guantanamo Bay are still imprisoned, even Nine prisoners have died in custody, seven of
against U.S law on inhumane treatment and after they have been cleared of charges and them by suicide, one from a heart attack, and
international law on political prisoners. Former were told that they will return home. 23 one from cancer. Only five percent of
President Obama had pledged to close its Guantanamo prisoners are still not charged detainees were captured by American troops.
doors for good during his 2008 presidential with a crime or cleared of charges, despite 86 percent were caught and sold by coalition
campaign, but could not deliver on his promise having been there for nearly 16 years. The forces. Only one prisoner was actually
due to congressional limitations. On January youngest prisoner held at Guantanamo was a transferred to America for prosecution. Seven
30, 2018, President Trump signed an executive 13 year old, and the oldest was 89. military prosecutors have resigned because of
order to keep the prison running. the the unjust treatment that they have
Over 200 FBI officials reported abusive witnessed.
Here are some facts that may help you treatment of prisoners. Some officials even

Flint Remains Deprived
of Clean Water

By: Rory Van Gorder

The supply of clean water to the people filtered water for drinking and the city was to death.
of Flint Michigan has been cut off and the declared in a state of emergency by the
residents have begun to retaliate on the federal government in early 2016.
lawn of the state capitol. Flint was
originally given 450 million dollars from The Flint River has an unhealthy history
the state and federal government to aid the of toxic substances infiltrating its waters
cities waning fresh water. That aid ran and when the city made the river its water
short during the week of April 7th, 2018 source, the high acidic levels started
and those who remain in the city have eroding at the lead pipes that ran beneath
been left without any reliable resources. the city. The lead then was past the point
The government claims that the issue has of being filtered out and it was consumed
been resolved, but the people still remain by the citizens who live within the city.
convinced that their tap water is not safe. According to The National Institute for
Occupational Safety and Health, ?People
In April of 2014, officials of Flint, with prolonged exposure to lead may also
Michigan changed the city's primary water be at risk for high blood pressure, heart
source to the Flint River, which caused disease, kidney disease, and reduced
high levels of lead in the public drinking fertility.? The people of Flint are also at
water due to a lack of proper water risk of anemia, weakness, and kidney and
treatment. The residents of Flint have been brain damage.If a person is exposed to
ordered to only use bottled water or extremely high levels of lead, it may lead

Orange D.C. - A Close Call

By: Rory Van Gorder had been made for a possible trip and students Student Travel, and the Olentangy Orange
and parents alike are outraged and Middle School Teachers Scholarship Fund, the
On Thursday, May 3rd, Olentangy disappointed.
Orange Middle School students received a trip has been saved and students will be able to
Orange wasn't the only school affected attend Washington DC on May 14th. Not all
crushing email stating that the eighth grade trip by the abandonment of Discovery Tours. At expenses have been covered, but the school is
to Washington DC would no longer take place. least five other districts were left scrambling
The email from Scott Cunningham, the for answers and improvising trips last minute. confident that the district and other private
One district claims to have spent $232,505 on donors will be able to defray the cost. Wish
principal of Orange, states ?Our 8th grade trip their trip. ?[A] trip of a lifetime down the Olentangy Orange Middle School goodbye as
is contracted, planned, and executed through a drain,? said Casey Muhlenther, an eighth grade
company called Discovery Tours. student from Orange. they depart for their trip as well as your very
own Shanahan eighth grade students.
Unfortunately, it appears the the company is This stressful story, however, has a
unable to financially cover the remaining costs gracious ending. With donations from the
of our trip, although families have paid in full Olentangy Orange Class of 2018, Prodigy
at this time. Our hotel, transportation, and food

bills remain unpaid to date and it appears the
owner has abandoned his business.? While
Orange was searching for a solution, no plans

Page 2 Shanahan Scoop May, 2018

Girls Lacrosse Wrap-up

By: Ella Walls

On Wednesday April 11th, came back and beat Hilliard Photo by Brent Walls
the Shanahan girls? lacrosse team Memorial on Wednesday, April 25. Girls Lacrosse game against Pickerington.
finally played their first game against One of their first games, against
Dublin Karrer, after having three Gahanna got canceled and it was
games get canceled due to the rescheduled for April 28, when they
weather. It was a close game, but won 6-4. The Scouts have had a good
Shanahan lost 9-11. The next start to the season, and there are
Wednesday, April 18, Shanahan beat many more games to come! On May
Berkshire at home, 10-4. They were 19 and 20 the team will compete in
defeated by Delaware Dempsey the Dublin Shamrock Tournament, be
home on Monday, April 23, but they sure to cheer them on!

Drama Club - Interview

By: Jaydn Cash

I talked to Caitlin Boyle, who plays What isthe play about? Have there been any problemsalong the way?
Emma/Juliet, in the upcoming drama
performance, Not Your Average, Ordinary The play is about a middle school who tries to Not big problems but nothing is absolutely
Everyday Middle School Play. To get a feel for put on a play but the play ends up getting perfect while rehearsing the show but now i
the play beforehand, I asked her a series of destroyed and the students try to ?save? the think we are going to do great.
questions about the show. play.
What made you want to do the play?
What isyour character like? How do you relate to your character?
I wanted to do the play simply because I just
My character is a very shy girl who doesn't My character Emma is very shy, and the way I love acting and being on stage.
really engage in class but has lots of friends. can relate to her is that I am also very shy.
Are you nervous? Why or why not?
What do you want to achieve out of thisplay? What are you most excited for in the show?
I am nervous just because this is my first year
I wanted to get more experience with acting on I?m excited to act with my friends on stage and doing the play and having one of the lead
stage and being able to help put on a just being on stage in general. roles, so it's a little nerve wracking.
production like this.

Caiden Hooks-He has not lost sight of his dreams

By: Madi Koons yet another obstacle, Caiden chooses to use Photo by Mrs. Hooks
his situation to help others. A few years ago, 8th grader, Caiden Hooks with his family.
?It all started when I was a little boy and I Caiden and his friend, Brandon started an
had cancer in my eyes. We had cancer organization to combine their love for way, and I think we?re seeing him learn how to
treatment for 2 and ½ years when they decided wrestling with their love for helping others. adapt to society far better than if he had
to take out my eye to save my life. I asked my Called ?Wrestling Buddies for Autism exclusively been at OSSB this year? It will
mom and dad if it would be dark forever.? Awareness?, the two use their wrestling continue to grow, and he?s so, so, so smart, and
events to raise money and awareness for I?m excited to see where he can go using the
Caiden Hooks is an 8th grade inspiration autism in the central Ohio area. They often skills he has?, Mrs. Gestosani elaborated.
right here at Shanahan Middle School. At the wrestle at Otterbein University.
age of four, Caiden lost his sight due to It appears that Caiden?s life will not be ?dark
Retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer occurring in Caiden?s teachers here at Shanahan have forever?, for Caiden himself is an incredible
young children. He will never be able to see expertly dealt with struggles regarding source of light, who we could all learn from.
again. But rather than letting his blindness be a teaching Caiden: Even though only a middle schooler, Caiden
hindrance, Caiden takes it in stride. has already accomplished so much in his life
?When it comes to teaching history, I try to and made a big impact on his community.
?Being blind is not naturally that bad, I can make it as visual as possible, I do a lot of Inspiring hope and empowerment, teaching
still get around. Now that I think about it, it things with PowerPoints and with pictures so perseverance and gratitude, Caiden truly is a
should be an experience to build faith,? he it's something the kids can see and make great role model. But he?s also just a regular
explained in an interview with 10TV News in connections with, and that obviously does not 8th grade boy.
2014. work with him.? Mrs. Gestosani, an American
History teacher on team 801, has learned a lot ?Who I really am is Caiden Hooks, the
Caiden has been involved in wrestling, together with Caiden since the fall since the individual first, who happens to have
swimming, rock wall climbing, marching band, transition from OSSB to SMS. Asperger's and visual impairment."
piano, cello, ukulele, trumpet and more
throughout the years. After years at the Ohio ?[There are] things that we don't even think
State School for the Blind, where he played in about, that OSSB takes care of, and are all of a
the school?s marching band, Caiden transferred sudden challenges that he?s faced with.? The
to Shanahan for the duration of 8th grade. Ohio State School for the Blind typically has
Caiden is now enrolled in choir at Shanahan. around 5 to 10 students per classroom, and
He also plays piano, cello, and trumpet. have an abundance of resources readily
Blessed with ?perfect pitch?, Caiden naturally available to help with student?s different
excels at music, and truly enjoys it. This year, abilities. Shanahan, unfortunately, is not as
he participated in the Olentangy Solo and equipped to help a student such as Caiden. For
Ensemble Competition for singing. example, neither Caiden?s teachers nor his aide
are trained with using a Braille Note, which
In addition to the loss of both eyes, Caiden Caiden uses in classes everyday. However,
also has Asperger?s syndrome (a high both Caiden and his teachers approach these
functioning form of Autism) as well as ADHD. obstacles with open minds and are able to use
For those who don?t know, Autism is classified oral lessons and Caiden?s talented memory to
by problems with social communication skills, learn.
repetitive behaviors, and restricted areas of
interest. Those with ADHD typically have ?I really do think, even though we had a few
trouble regulating and sustaining attention hurdles in the fall, I think he?s come a long
appropriately for an activity, and have trouble
with impulse control and organization. Despite

Page 3 Summer Features May, 2018

Summer Places to Volunteer this
Reading Summer Break

By Rory VanGorder

By: Madi Koons

Enjoy some of care, fostering, shelter
your newspaper
facility volunteer, special
staffs' favorite - Volunteering at the local events and website
reads as well as

those Orange Branch Library: photography.This
recommended Sign families up for the program is designed for
by your peers Summer Reading Program, ages 12 and older.
and teachers.

Catch these fun help young children learn - Lutheran Social
to read, and more! Services: Providing food,
titles at your - Common Ground Free shelter, and help to those

The Selection by local library or
Kiera Cass
bookstore, and

be sure to Store Ministries: A food in need. Serve in the Google Images
checkout some enchanting pantry. Make or serve warehouse and distribute
romances, unsolvable mysteries,
food, run the store, and
and some magical adventures. food, among other adoption center. Setting up

1. Eragon by Christopher take in donations.?We opportunities to serve or assisting with booths at
Paolini invite individuals, others in the various events, craft
families, and groups to community.Ages 12+ shows, etc.; helping to
2. The Giver by Lois lowry sign up to volunteer. Every - SourcePoint: Taking care organize or promote
3. The Iron Trial by Holly person, every interest, of and providing for the fundraising activities and
passion, and skill set can elderly.Office assistants, events; assisting with
Black and Cassandra

Clare be a part of making a concierge/gift shop mailings; craft making;

4. The Hate U Give by difference! Join our helpers, Ensure deliveries, performing repair work;

Angie Thomas mission today!? transportation, dining providing a foster home

5. A Wrinkle in Time by - Humane Society of room assistants, activity for a mother cat and

Madeleine L'engle Delaware County: An leaders, kitchen assistants, kittens; working on special

6. Miss Peregrine's Home adoption shelter. and more! projects and more! Ages

for Peculiar Children by Administration, animal - Cozy Cat Cottage: An 13+
transport, cat care, dog
Ransom Riggs
7. The Maze Runner by

Summer Ideas for BoredomJamesDashner

8. The Selection by Kiera By: Courtney Kossick

9. Percy Jackson and the Summer is quickly approaching, 5. Stargaze in the grass. With it!
Lightning Thief by Rick and that means many people are warm nights, nothing is
Riordan beginning to search for ways to more relaxing than laying 8. Make an obstacle course
entertain themselves during the on a blanket in the grass and race with siblings or
10. Harry Potter and the three-month break from school. and looking at the night friends. Look in your
Sorcerer's Stone by JK Here are ten ideas to help you sky. Choose some garage and create a
enjoy the warm weather. constellations you want to challenge course with some
find and look for them. of the things you find.
Rowling 1. Make s?mores. They are a After you complete it once,
11. The Grimm Legacy by simple, tasty treat that 6. Spend the day at a water change it all up!
park. Water parks can be
Polly Shulman everyone knows how to great for all types of 9. Volunteer somewhere.
people. Thrill seeker? Find Don?t have any plans and
12. Peter and the Starcatchers make. the craziest slide you can want to help others?
and ride it over and over Consider volunteering.
by Dave Barry and Ridley again. More of a relaxing Even though many places

Pearson 2. Host a party. Celebrate the
13. The Hunger Games by season and invite some
friends over. You can play
Suzanne Collins games, dance, and enjoy
14. The Hobbit by J.R.R. the freedom you have.


15. Tuck Everlasting by 3. Make homemade type of person? Lay on a require you to be 16 to
Natalie Babbitt lemonade. Lemonade is a beach chair and tan while volunteer by yourself, there
refreshing drink for those reading a book or listening are still options for people
16. The Dark is Rising by hot days. to music. as young as 12.
Susan Cooper
4. Go on a photography quest. 7. Find a new hobby. 10. Plan a picnic. Gather a few
17. Matched by Ally Condie Summer always provides Everyone has something people, or go by yourself,
18. Leviathan by Scott great scenery. From they want to get into but and have a picnic.
sunrises to flowers to they don?t have enough Complete it with some
Westerfeld beaches, there are always time for during the school fresh fruit, a slight breeze
19. The Screaming Staircase spectacular picture year. Want to get good at outside, and you have a
opportunities. drawing or learn how to calm day to just appreciate
by Jonathan Stroud play an instrument? With life.
20. The DaVinci Code by

Dan Brown

the time you now have, try

Page4 Features May, 2018

Ways To Make Money This Year would be dedicated to their work and
respectful to customers even with a
By: Madi Koons simple job like bagging groceries.
Emphasize that you are a quick learner,
Looking to make some extra money this it. Also, many community members pay are patient, and don?t imply that you are
year? Look no further! The following is a list to have someone simply walk their pets just trying to earn some quick money.
of typical ways for kids your age to earn once a day when they?re busy with Dress business-casual!
spending money. Of course, before trying out work. Tip: Always make sure you
anything, check with your parents first! know pets?medical issues, ability to be Photo fromGoogle Images
with other pets, and where they are
- Baby Sitting: There is an abundance of allowed in the house and neighborhood.
families with young children who are - House Sitting: In addition to pet
always looking for extra help in the sitting, while on vacation most people
community. . Tip: One thing many need someone to get their mail
parents look for is sitters who are CPR everyday, perhaps water plants and
certified and who have gone through mow the lawn, etc. Tip: Never share
training. (Nationwide Children?s house keys or codes with anyone. You
Hospital offers a great, thorough are getting paid to watch somebody?s
babysitting training class.) house, not your friend. Even though the
job?s simple, take it seriously.
- Pet Sitting/Walking: If you have - K roger : Starting as young as 14,
experience with animals, many families Kroger hires teens for simple jobs, such
also appreciate someone to watch their as courtesy clerks, cashiers, and grocery
pets while they go on vacations over the baggers. Tip: During the interview --
summer. Typically, the job entails most employers look for someone who
visiting the house a few times a day to
let the animal out, feed it, and play with

Taye Day

By: Avery Callison

Photo Taye Day is a day celebrated by parents, students, and friends
across the Olentangy district to honor the beloved life of Taye Alexander

Palmer. Taye passed away unexpectedly in the summer of 2016. His
adored smile and forgiving essence will forever be missed by the ones
who loved him the most. From Taye's obituary, he was known to be
?very independent and completely comfortable with who he was.? He

was given life on the Friday of April 6th, which is when Taye Day takes
place. Olentangy blue and gold ran through his blood, living life to the
fullest with things such as robotic and running clubs, riding his bike
outside, and enjoying nature in general. One of his hobbies was lego

building and he had an attraction and interest in animals and video
games. He would?ve been 14 and thrilled with the education he received
if he were still alive here in 2018. On Taye Day, some students chose to
respect and honor him by wearing red wristbands, as his favorite color
was red. The students of Shanahan should know about Taye and his

legacy, to remind them to be grateful for every day and to live life to the
fullest, just like Taye did.

Shanahan Times Contributors

Editor-in-Chief - Ella Walls Contr ibutor s to the M ay Edition
Avery Callison, Courtney Kossick, Ella Walls, Jaydn Cash,
Features Editor - Caroline Madi Koons, Nishita Chipurapalli ,Rishika Gorai, Rory
Cornely VanGorder, Sami Yousef, Marissa Johnston, Jack Steele

Sports Editor - Rory VanGorder * If you are interesting in joining the Shanahan Timesteam, next year contact
Mrs. Faith Robinson at [email protected]
Comics and Puzzles Editor -
Marissa Johnston

Staff Adviser - Erin Bush

Cor rection

In the March editon of the Shanahan Times, a mistake was made with the author of
the Diversity Day story. The author is published as Tatum Nettle, but Meenakshi
Kappagantula was the author of the story. We are so sorry for the confusion.

Page 5 May, 2018

Messages from Friends

free V bucks give Kudos to the to Shanahan When life gotcha down
all you got to do is just keep
away just subscribe Times staff for creating the paper swimming
-Dory: Maria Triplett
and starting a tradition! I am so
Have a great proud of you! Mrs. Bush you are the absolute best and
I can't wait to hang this
summer!!! summer:))) -r swoozle

Omg Ashley I love you Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!

NATALIA REESE I so much and I can't wait to 1969-1974: 37 is the Best!
LOVE YOU SO MUCH be in HS with you next year!



YEAR:)))))) -R swizz DOUG! Doug.


Vote Pocius Student of Rishika made me do this
the Year for eternity!!!

For just pennies a day, you HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pre order tickets for the
can give your child a head start Teen Titans Go movie
with the Gerber Life affordable We will miss you
grow up plan. Vidhi!!! Have fun in #bringback2010
Canada (and enjoy the
I will wear my hat everyday maple syrup). From, Goodbye Shanahan!
and think of you Mrs.Testa and I Abbey, Lyndsy,
would like to thank my friends Mackenzie, Praharna, Tia, FUBB DOUG!
teachers and coaches for making
me a better person. Katie Gatteri Sonia, and Andrea

Kirby does his taxes. Where we landin, bois?

Mr. Metcalf, Thanks for I love you SWIGGITY Phil Swift wants
giving us rolos for the past 3 SWAG!! looove N swazzle buy flex tape.
years even though we never
won any group challenges and Have a wonderful We want to wish
thank you for letting us sneak summer Shanahan and everyone a safe and relaxing
into your classroom. we will see you in summer!
-Ella and Campbell Mr. McDaniels, Mr. Tressel, and
-The Shanahan Times Mrs. Zeller

Page 6 The Year in Photos May 2018

Page 7 May, 2018

Comics And Riddles

By: Marissa Johnston

By: Jack Steele

Riddles with Rory

Congr ats to the Class of 2022 as you go from Scouts to Bear s and
Br aves! You will be missed.

Abel Abenet Karsten Bucci Haley Eisan Jacob Hoover Andrew Matlak Jared Razo Morales Nathan Tracy
Thomas Adam Jason Buck Olivia Eisenhower Avery Hoppert Cameron Matzinger Zachary Reed Christian Trask
Leah Adkins Saketh Buddala Jacob Elkin Kayla Houston Megan May Natalie Reese Caitlin Trautman
Chidubem Agudosi Jada Bugay Briana Ellis Keaton Howard Ryan May Madison Resko Celeste Trent
Gideon Alabi Hudson Bull Derin Ertin Hailey Hrusovsky Emily Mbemba Ainsley Rhoades Caden Triplett
Jonathan Anderson Bradley Bulson Ava Estep Ava Huffman Ryan McBride Jonathan Rhymond Joy Turner
Gavin Angell Gabriel Bulugaris Adeana Eubanks Sophia Huffman Matthew McCanna Zachary Rivera Lauren Tuvelle
Sofia Antonelli Austin Burchinal Olivia Everett Lauren Hughes Camryn McCulty Lillian Robertson Blake Ulry
Lucas Antoszewski Owen Burdo Caleb Falk Alexis Hunter Jacob McFarland Truitt Robinson Keziah Uthup
Quintin Applegate Megan Burger Tessa Fearn Jacob Husseini Ava McGowen Jameson Rosales Nicholas Valente
Danielle Arhin Ava Burkett Grace Fenstermaker Isabella Hutton Cole McIntyre Brock Ross Andrew Van Pelt
Arthur Armstrong Kendall Button Joshua Flesher Jimena Irineo Abundez Jonathon McNevin Molly Rowda Rory VanGorder
Ansh Arora Christian Caffey Sophia Flowers Abid Islam Ella Mendes Palmer Ryan Grace Varanelli
Ellery Ashford Delaney Callison Collin Fomich Olivia Jacobs Abigail Meronoff Jacob Ryder Derek Ventura Leal
Cameron Backstrom Ashton Carey Kiera Foreman Branson Johnson Logan Miller Kierstin Sadler Himanshu Vidhani
Trinity Bailey Maya Caron Quinton Forgrave Elizabeth Johnson Glenn Mills Emmanuel Sandoval Vishal Vivek
Varsha Bala Erin Cecil Aidan Foster Rachel Johnson Nicholas Mills Hanna Schmidt Aiden Wahls
Ella Ballard Aboubacarr Ceesay Lillian Fouch Marissa Johnston Suleka Mohamud Allison Schuliger Ella Walls
Vidhi Bar Raaga Chakilam Vaughn Fowler Nathaniel Jones David Moore Aaron Schumacher Eleanor Walsh
Colin Barga Thomas Chilicki Nina Frase Soham Joshi Robert Moore Ella Schwertfager Alexandra Walters
Nathanael Barnhart Helina Chimeless Gracy Frea Clayton Keith Hallee Morgan Evan Schwertfager Isabelle Walters
Connie Basile Sonia Chirravuri Samuel Gadkar Austen Keller Adrian Murillo Silva Brennan Schwyn Zachary Walters
Karly Batta Caroline Chubb Katlyn Gatteri Patrick Kershner Tia Nagy Unisa Seisay Caden Ward
Lani Beals Katelyn Claar Connor Gavin Ashley Kezele Natalie Naveau Rahul Sayenath Senthilkumar Cassaundra Ward
Alexandre Beaudoin Savannah Claar Trevor Gerald John Kibat Alexander Newman David Sexton Abigail Webb
Morgan Beck Andrew Clark Benjamin Gerich Min-Song Kim Khoi Nguyen Jeremy Seymour Mason Weber
Caelie Bell Mason Clark Ethan Gibbs Zoe Kohlhorst Tyler Nguyen Ramalakshmy Shankarganesh Andrea Weisgram
Elizabeth Bell Corey Clarkson Caroline Gilligan Barry Kolb Teona Noble Makayla Sheehan Kylie Weisgram
Grace Bell Laykin Cline Rileigh Glassburn Grant Kolde Aubrey O'Barr Matthew Sheehan Brian Wertz
Alyssa Bender Carlye Condon Campbell Goh-Johnson Ashlee Koon Hayley Odenweller Zachary Sherman Michael Wiehe
Rachel Bender MacKenzie Condon Rishika Gorai Madison Koons Makenna Olortiga Brown Jimmy Shielu Avery Will
Bryce Bendick Michael Condon Madison Grashel Jacob Kost Mitchell Olson Sydney Shultz Chloe Williams
Adam Berberick Tabitha Cooper Jackson Grayson Bryce Kravitz Sofia Osorno Makayla Simmons Carter Williamson
Elizabeth Berry Beckham Corbett Ashley Green Cole Krenek Cameron Osterholt Austin Sizemore Jonathan Williamson
Quinn Berry Caroline Cornely Thomas Griffith Pranav Krishnamoorthy Mason Pak Elaina Smith Hunter Wilson
Ryan Betts Brock Corry Kelsey Hall Turner Kronewetter Shriya Palusa Elijah Smith Stephen Wilson
Cole Beverick Samuel Cory Matthew Hall Shiv Kumar Aryan Panpalia Ethan Smith Abbey Windsor
Anushka Bhagat Patrick Cotton Emily Hamric Cameron Kuriger Heather Park Leah Smith Jacob Wiseman
Rushi Bhatt Marilu Crawford Alissa Hanes Matthew Laci Connor Parks Lyndsy Smith Noah Workman
Nicholas Biehl Blake Cruz Jonathan Harder Hannah Lamar Michael Parsio Rylie Smith Aiden Wosiak
Benjamin Binkley Victoria Cruz Christian Hardin Sydney Lane Sophia Pasquale Danielle Snopik Caleb Yarnell
Kaitlyn Birch Valeria Cuellar Ritika Harish Megan Langford Asia Pasqualone Trey Soards Elaina Younoszai
Grant Bishop Michael D'Arcangelo Benjamin Harless Joseph Langoehr Jinit Patel Nicholas Steurer Sami Yousef
Chase Blackburn Thomas Dalchuk Lindsey Harner Lauren Lanzendorfer Vaidehi Patel Sidney Strawser Zackary Zielinski
Allison Blair Paige Dargatz Abigail Harrell Richard Latshaw Nathan Patton Dalan Sullivan Benjamin Zimmer
Clarissa Blatnik Karlie Davis Kaleb Harrell Olivia Lehigh Ava Marie Perry Adriana Sweeney Andrew Zivich
Jonathan Bobadilla-Perez Morgan Davis Rylee Hauck Noah Lentz Savanna Perry Alyssa Sweeney Abigail Zunic
Payton Boerner Leanne De Silva Nicholas Hawkins Ian Lewis Taylor Petersen Bryce Sweeney Joshua Zunic
Jack Bolkovac William DeBlock Brayden Heidrich Sydney Lewis Colin Pethtel Olivia Sweeney
Makar Borchshev Liane DeFalco Kyler Heitzenrater Noah Loris Ryan Petrone Serena Sweeney
Hanna Borer Evan Delaney Zander Held Aaron Losee Abigail Phillips Keegan Syroka
Grace Bossetti Natalia Diaz Anthony Heuser Jared Lovell Tyler Phillips Lexie Syroka
Dzerassa Boutaeva Bailey Dimich Alexander Hines Monserrat Loyola Nicholas Piccioni
Kenneth Boyle Lucy Dix Alexandra Hinton Rupal Mahajan Tristano Pitetti Gabriella Taylor
Colin Brabb Camryn Draper Brandon Hire Rachel Malek Ryan Pocius Charles Thacker
Skylar Breckler Ryan Dunnick Megan Hoeppner Maleah Mangham Kanae Price Owen Tharp
Kira Bretzinger Maia Dursik Caroline Holland Isabella Marshall Eduardo Prisbrey Gavin Thomas
Samantha Brown Tyler Ebare Zachary Hollenbacher Luke Martin Eva Pyle Tyler Thompson
Gabriel Bryant Ayden Edge Ava Homer Vivian Martin Kathleen Radda Nicholas Tiberio
Isabelle Bubnick Andrew Ehrhardt Caiden Hooks Rachel Mathew Praharna Rajesh Lillian Towles

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