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Published by angela, 2018-10-30 11:03:53

Argus newspaper

Argus newspaper

Crosby High School




Table of Con t en t s

- I mpor tant Dates/ Events
- I nter views
- Non-Fiction Wr iting
- Reviews
- Spor ts

St u den t s of Ar gu s

1.Benjamin Carmona 11.Stephen Diggs

2.Brittany Dejesus 12. Livia Dragoj

3.Alex Angueira 13. Kyra Green

4.Julia Baksh 14.Carmen Echevarria

5.Ambria Balram 15.Neisha Sanchez

6.John Caceres 16.Adwoa Yirenkyi

7.Kevin Candelaria- Santini 17.Kayla Velez

8.Brooke Del Buono 18. Camila Meijas

9.Francisco Deleon 19.Hennessy Collazo

10.Luz Diaz 20.Angelina Ovalles

2 21.Kayla McDonald


Gardening Club

St ar t s: Sept em ber 21, 2018
Days: Th u r sdays
Tim e: 2:00 - 3:20
Th e clu b is goin g t o m ow t h e LAWN f ir st t h en it
w ill st ar t . Th ey ar e look in g f or n ew st u den t s t o
join . Th e gar den in g clu b is goin g t o t each you
h ow t o plan t f low er s, an d h ow t o cu t w eeds,
you are able t o join t he club w it h your fr iends
and have a good t im e!

Pep Rally

clu bs: f in d good f loat s*
Sen ior s----> black
Ju n ior s----> Pin k

Soph om or es----> Yellow
Fr esh m en ----> Gr een

Novem ber 5t h - Novem ber 9t h
HOM ECOM ING - Novem ber 9t h ,
6-10 p.m .

In t er view s

Students of Crosby Interview

What gr ade should we star t thinking about colleges? Sophomore year.

Should we star t a nur sing progr am for the people who want to be par t of the health industr y? Yes,
because students who want to become nur ses can gain exper ience and prepare for college.

Should all gr ades be allowed to vote for student council? Depends, but yes for the most par t because it's
all of the students' school not j ust senior s.

Do you think we should have a casual dance besides prom and homecoming? Yes, more people would end
up going because they wouldn't think they need a date to go.

Do you think we should be able to wear any khaki or black bottom as in leggings or sweatpants? Yes,
maybe casual Fr idays would be nice we could pay a dollar or something and I think we should be
allowed to wear leggings.

Brooke DelBuono

Coach Sully Interview

How do you feel about this upcoming soccer season?
Eager to get this season on the way because the team has been putting desire and
willingness of wor k, it?s going to have really good results and we have a lot of retur ning
player s this year.

Anything to look for war d to?
Outwor k ever y team we face, and qualify for the NVL s

How many hour s is usually a game/pr actice?
Pre-season pr actice is 2 ½ hour s and matches are 80 minutes which is broken down into 2
minute halfs

Anything extr a you would like to share?
The team would be appreciative if the school body would go and suppor t them at their
home games. Come out and suppor t the team, the fee is free!

Camila M ej ias

No n -Fict io n

Nonfiction Bullying Article

Throughout the year s there have been many victims of bullying. M any teenager s,
children, even adults suffer from being bullied. M ost of the time they tr y to find a
way out of it by : r unning away, self-har m, dr ugs, and suicide. Bullying happens
the most dur ing school time, and nobody really does anything to stop it. Bullying
other s is not okay. Some students bully other s because they're going through
something at home and need to let their anger out on someone else r ather than
talking to someone about how they feel. Another reason people bully other s is to
help make them feel better about themselves r ather than helping out and doing
something about it . I t can also be peer pressure from someone else. No matter what
reason it is it's still wrong. You don?t know how anybody is feeling or what they're
thinking. Ever yone goes through things. Think about how you would feel. Nobody
should have a reason to feel bad about themselves because of you. Nobody deser ves
to be bullied, j ust be kind and help each other instead of br inging each other down.

L uz Diaz


Violence in schools has spread widely throughout the nation, leading to many problems among
students,families and residents of these areas. However,there are many ways we can stop or prevent
violence in schools. Having secur ity in schools is a great possibility that would help reduce problems in
schools. Recent national tr agedies have placed secur ity at the top of the pr ior ity list for many school
leader s. Almost three four ths of the United States teens are afr aid of violent cr imes amongst their
peer s. Below are some ways of getting r id of violence in schools. Teach social and emotional skills;
L ear n social skills from ever yday inter actions with each other, this teaches young people how to
control their emotions, recognize other s feelings and to negotiate. Hire more counselor s and school
resource officer s; Due to budget cuts, many schools have few or no tr ained school psychologists, social
wor ker s or adj ustment counselor s on staff. These mental health professionals are society?s fir st line of
defense against troubled students especially with the cur rent case of adolescent depression and
anxiety. Finally, Enlist social media companies in the effor t to detect threats; M ost young people today
use social media to express their feelings and aspir ations. I n the case of school shooter s, these posts are
often violent. A single violent post is har dly a guar antee of homicidal acts,of cour se. But evidence
strongly indicates that repeated expressions of this nature can be a sign of trouble. I would like
companies like I nstagr am,Twitter and Snapchat create algor ithms to identify repeated online threats
and automatically aler t local law enforcement. Near ly all youths and a maj or ity of adults use social
media. Above are some ways I think school violence can be prevented if these measures are taken into
consider ation to save more lives.

Adwoa Yirenkyi


Review on the movie ?Cyber Bullying?

Type of movie : Emotional, realistic, teen movie, serious, heartbreaking,
depressing, inspiring etc.
Overview : A woman tries to help her teenage daughter when she becomes
the victim of online bullying.
Other people?s opinion : This movie raises awareness of online safety for

I'm sure every year teachers give a lecture out to students about bullying and
online harassment. Indeed many kids listen to the procedures in school, but
what about out of school? Cyber bullying can be done from any device,
including the one that?s currently in your hands. Commenting under
someone?s page, texting, messaging or even playing online games it?s
important to avoid saying anything harmful, even if it might be in a jokingly
manner. The fact of the matter is ?if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn?t
say it at all.?The problem with children, students and even adults is they don?t
take the time to understand how one comment can affect someone. In this
movie ?Cyber bullying,?a woman tries to help her teenage daughter when she
becomes a victim of online bullying. In this movie it gives a deep meaning of
high school life and cyberbullying, what it means to be suicidal, what it feels
like, emotions and thoughts. I recommend this movie to high schoolers
because it gives them a sense of what life is like when you're being cyber
bullied and it will allow them to think about the next time they're about to write
or comment something hurtful.
Julia Baksh.

SCREAM , MTV series
This is a very brutal series and since it's October I would like to incorporate it for

shows to watch if you're interested in horror movies, shows, etc. This show has very
dramatic scenes . It's not very scary to me; Its more comical and dragged. If one would
say it's very fake but entertaining to watch if you're looking for a good suspense. It's a
blood spiller so if you're disgusted by blood I don't suggest you watch. I rate this show

a 8/10.
Kayla Velez

Spor t s

Volleyball Team

Football Team Soccer Game Cheer leading Team

Crosby Football has faced a good deal of adversity this season. It has put our players to the
test on many occasions. Although we faced many struggles it has been rewarding knowing that
we overcame those obstacles. Starting the season we knew we were a young team that is
rebuilding. With only 6 seniors and 6 juniors our roster has only been made up of a dozen
upper class men. Our young bulldogs have made some great strides realizing "we're all we
got." This has been our quote we have stuck by through thick and thin throughout the season.
We will continue to grow and be a force to be reckoned with in the near future as our young
bulldogs become bigger, stronger, faster, and most importantly, more experienced.

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