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Published by Haley White, 2019-12-04 15:41:06

The Scared Giraffe

The Scared Giraffe

The Scared

By:Hailey White

It was the first day the new
zoo opened in Lebanon MO.
The Zoo was closed for a long
time because they were
building new cages for the
new animals. The zoo
animals were so excited to
meet all of the new people.

All of the zoo animals came
out and let the people see
them except for one
animal. The little giraffe
didn't want to come out
because he was scared of
the new people and he was
afraid he was going to get
made fun of.

The little giraffe was scared.
He didn't like coming out for
people to see him because
the last zoo he was at all the
little kids made fun of him
and he didn't know why. His
mom wasn't there to comfort
him when he walked out to
show himself at the last zoo
and he freaked out and
never came out to show
himself again.

All of the workers tried
getting the giraffe to come
out they tried everything.
But there was just no way
he would come out. They
tried to feed him and walk
him out, but that wouldn't
work. There was only really
one way the giraffe would
come out but nobody knew
what it was that would
make him come out.

The workers got worried
about the giraffe. So they
got a doctor to see if he
was sick and to see if thats
why he wouldn't come out.
But that wasn't the
problem. He was just
scared and wanted his
mom there with him.

The zoo workers thought
it would be best to just
bring him back to the
old zoo with his mom.
But the giraffe wouldn't
budge to even get into
the cage so he could be
shipped back. So they
was trying to think of
another solution to
make him come out to
the open.

The zoo workers had a
meeting and they finally
decided to let the little
giraffes mother come to
the Lebanon zoo. But it
would take a few days
until the mother would
get there because she
was all the way in NY.

After a couple of days of
waiting for the mother to
show up she finally got
there. The giraffe had no
idea his mom was coming
to the new zoo. They waited
for the zoo to open to bring
the giraffe to his mother.

When the zoo opened they
had a little show to show
off all the new animals.
After showing all the new
animals It was time for the
baby giraffe to come out
and they knew he wouldn't
so they brought the baby
giraffe to his mother. The
little giraffe was so excited,
he wasn’t worried about if
he would get made fun of
or not.

So the little giraffe was so
happy he forgot that he
was different than the rest
of the giraffes. He walked
out there proud and happy
because he was with his
mother. Nobody even cared
that he was different. They
all clapped and they loved
the new little giraffe.

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