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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2018-05-29 08:45:14

Crest Dynamics Newsletter June 2018

Self-Realization June 2018

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Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy PLT C

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Official Newsletter of Crest Dynamics Mid-May 2015 June 2018


LEAD Leadership

Part 2/6

Leadership Empowerment How To Build This Skill S
And Development
You’ve got to give it to get it. Show your team that A
LEAD Skill No. 2: Trustworthiness you trust them by giving them freedom and e
autonomy. kn
Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy writes p
in her book “Presence” that when people first meet Open up and share a personal story to help people yo
you, they ask themselves two questions right away: get to know the real you. That vulnerability will help th
people see you as trustworthy. w
a) Can I trust this person? p
b) Can I respect this person? Spend more time with your team, like eating lunch
with them, or going to work events. As you spend B
In her research, she found that in professional settings more time with them, you’ll get to know them and su
people believe that being respected is more important, build that trust. cu
because we want to appear smart and knowledgeable cu
enough. th

But Cuddy says that being trusted is the most S
important factor for how people evaluate you. They th
want to know if they can trust you. co
Even if you’re the smartest person in the room, if
people don’t trust you, they won’t respect anything
you’re saying.

Customer Service:

Customer Care Experience

Customer Care Experience

Starbucks Ritz-Carlton

A few weeks ago this story was featured on almost Although the Ritz-Carlton has already established a
every news site and with good reason. As most of you worldwide reputation for treating guests like royalty,
now, Starbucks is a company that prides itself on its one manager literally went the extra mile for one of
personal customer care. By writing down your name on his customers.
our cup of coffee they form a personal bond between
he barista and the customer. (And if you think they’re The story goes as follows: A family whose son is
writing down your name wrong on purpose, you’re highly allergic to dairy was always careful to bring
probably right.) their own supply of specialized eggs and milk.
Unfortunately, their food got ruined during their trip to
But one employee took it to the next level and made the hotel and they weren’t able to find the needed
ure one of her deaf customers would receive the best items in town. However, the manager in charge
ustomer care possible by learning sign language. The remembered a store in Singapore that sold them and
ustomer shared this story on his Facebook page and asked his mother to purchase and fly them by plane
he rest is history. to the hotel located 2.5 hours away.

Starbucks created a ton of goodwill and became one of Although No. 7 of the Ritz-Carlton services values
he most talked about brands on the internet for a states that “Teamwork must be used to meet the
ouple of days. All thanks to one employee that acted individual needs of our guests”, the manager
of his own accord. exceeded his responsibilities by asking help from his
mother. It shouldn’t be mentioned that this family in
the future became a loyal client spreading the gospel
of the Ritz-Carlton forever.

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Health Wise: Human Resource:

Be A Value Contributor & A Game Changer

Effective use of your mental capital and networking
ability can be extremely useful to a human
resources professional. The ability to discover the
right talent and address your company’s specific
business problems are what you are judged on.

But there’s a difference between being an order-
taker and a creative influencer on your company. In
an episode of the television series Mad Men, the
reason for an account executive’s promotion is
explained to a rival as, “the rare gift of making
[clients] feel as if they haven't any needs.”

That same gift is true of the most successful human
resources professionals. They anticipate the needs
of their organizations’ department heads, ensure
that they are cared for, and provide creative
solutions before there are any problems that need
to be addressed. You will be more valued, and your
job will be more interesting!

In-House Training Awesome Support –

Going Beyond Training

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learning techniques and psychological approach.  Report

FOC for Min Two Days Training Within Peninsula Malaysia

Behavioural & Performance Focused Training: Crest Dynamics
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Crest Dynamics


Accelerated Psychological
Learning Approach


Connect2LEAD Office Office Kaizen
Commit, Energize, Connect Quick, Simple, Cost Reduction

Sales PDCA
Problem Solving Techniques
Coaching &
Counselling Eight Dimensions
@Workplace Supervisory Skills

Lean Enterprise:

Belief Drives Behaviour

People operate every day and make decisions No matter what level in the organization, individual
based on a lifelong set of beliefs that have been beliefs drive behavior. For management, those beliefs
developed over time. We are constantly creating shape the entire organization. Their Management
new beliefs based on our daily interactions with style, how they interact with subordinates, how they
everything around us. set policy and procedure, and how they develop
organizational measurement systems, all shape the
These beliefs are based in religion; culture; overall management system.
relationships with our parents, friends, relatives,
coworkers, pets; and our past work environment,  Do you believe that people are trustworthy?
to name a few. The result is that we have many  Do you believe that people seek responsibility and
beliefs that drive our daily behavior and our
reaction to the surrounding set of circumstances accountability?
we face.  Do you believe that people seek meaning in their

Adopting a Lean philosophy is much more than work?
learning a set of new tools. It is about adopting a  Do you believe that people naturally want to learn?
new belief system, one that is rooted in a Lean  Do you believe that people do not resist change but
operational philosophy. The difficulty with this is
that most often people hold on tightly to their they resist being changed?
beliefs and are reluctant to change them. This is  Do you believe that people prefer work to being idle?
especially true of management. Typically the
higher up in the organization you go, the more How you answer these fundamental questions defines
difficult it is to change one’s philosophy or belief your beliefs regarding employees and indicates what
system. type of management style you will project from your
position in the organization.

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Inspiring Story: Seek The Right Association Training Programs HRDFSBL

*Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM

A teacher shows three toys to a The Second toy represents those Leadership & Supervision
student and asks the student to find people who listen to you all your Proactive Supervisory Skills
out the differences. All the three toys things and gives an impression that Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
are seemed to be identical in their they care for you. But as in the toy, Leadership Master Practitioner
shape, size, and material. After keen the needle comes out from a mouth. Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
observation, the student observes These people will use your things Thinker
holes in the toys. 1st toy it has holes and the words you tell them against Shift Your Leadership
in the ears. The 2nd toy has holes you by telling it to others and Lean Leadership
in ear and mouth. The 3rd toy has bringing out the confidential issues Executive Management
only one hole in one ear. for their own purpose.
Continuous Improvement
Then with the help of the needle, the The Third toy, the needle does not Kaizen Made Ezy
student puts the needle in the ear come out from it. These kinds of Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
hole of the 1st toy. The needle people will keep the trust you have Understanding Lean Manufacturing
comes out from the other ear. In the in them. They are the ones who you Office Lean
2nd toy, when the needle was put in can count on. Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
the ear the needle came out of Poka Yoke
a mouth. And in the 3rd toy, when Moral: Always stay in a company of Training Within Industry
the needle was put in, the needle a people who are loyal and Productivity Improvement Techniques
did not come out. trustworthy. People, who listen to 5S Step by Step Approach
what you tell them, are not always Auditing for 5S Compliance
The First toy represents those the ones you can count on when Jidoka
people around you who gives an you need them the most. Statistical Process Control
impression that they are listening to
you, all your things and care for you. Management
But they just pretend to do so. After Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
listening, as the needle comes out Performance Improvement Strategy
from the next ear, the things you Time Management & Personal
said to them by counting on them Effectiveness
are gone. So be careful while you Communicating at Work
are speaking with this type of people Performance Appraisal
around you, who does not care for Administrative Skills
Building Superior-Subordinates
Crest Dynamics Relationship
Conflict Management
ask the experts >>> Coaching & Counseling Skills
Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
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Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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