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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2019-12-24 01:18:03

Crest Dynamics Newsletter December 2019

Self-Realization December 2019

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Official Newsletter of Crest Dynamics Mid-May 2015December 2019

Seven Leadership Secrets: #7 The incremental power of networks

Influence Through Interaction Leaders must now co-create and grow their
networks in order to build a strong group of
Secret #7 - Influence through interaction followers, who may well include other leaders. To
Leaders seek to influence others. To achieve this, maintain this network, they should engage in it,
they must serve as a reference point and guide share ideas, and always look to identify new
within specific teams, the wider organisation and opportunities. An effective network will always be
the world at large. The primary followers should be greater than the sum of its parts.
the leader’s team. Leaders can encourage good
‘followership’ by empowering their people and Social media platforms offer great potential for
collaborating with them on new ideas in what might forming these leadership groups. Leaders should
be termed a co-leadership process. also seek face-to-face contacts to build stronger
networks outside their immediate circle.
Leadership through collaboration
For this process to be successful, leaders need to
demonstrate their emotional intelligence. They must
show their understanding of multicultural
environments and interact effectively with people of
different cultural backgrounds.

A participative style will enable leaders to harness
brainpower internally and externally to devise the
best solutions and gain buy-in to them. Leaders
need to gain and maintain influence in a world
which is at the same time more complex,
transparent and interconnected.

A global leader should be able to demonstrate the

attributes of an explorer, with a gift for empowering

their followers wherever they are based in the

global economy. © Page Executive

Habits of Successful Business Development
Manager Part 2 of 3

Increase Your Research Base Improve Your Persuasion And Influencing
There are few things better suited to improve your
value to your customers than becoming a Whether you are working with colleagues, your
knowledge-base and expert for their business. boss, prospects or existing clients, habitually
improving your persuasion and influencing skills
When you cease being seen as a ‘sales’ person, or will always be a great skill to master.
someone who is trying to build business for
themselves, and become a true asset to your For something to become a habit, you have to
client’s business, you become increasingly practice often and learn to develop it.
valuable to them.
By practising persuasion skills, you start to master
The way to do this is to increase the amount of the key art of communication and show clients and
research you carry out so it becomes a daily habit. others what you can accomplish when you put
your mind to it.
Link this back to habit one and you generate
reasons for the clients to rely on you for advice and © Sean McPheat

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Health Wise:

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Crest Dynamics

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Lean Enterprise: Why Lean Fail? Lean Supervisory Management

Let’s start with the most visible causes of failure. It has been reported that about 70% of
The technical ones. Lean is a thinking system performance-improvement initiatives fail to
that includes tools, not a system of tools. When achieve desired results. The primary causes are
leadership doesn’t understand this basic fact, unrealistic expectations regarding effort and
there’s a low ceiling on improvement. results and too much focus on short-term
improvements instead of long-term capability
Slapping tools on a factory without specific just- building. Too many consultants and
in-time purpose that matters to employees, and organizations stress the tools and the results
on top of whatever is already in place, won’t they can achieve without considering the long-
work. Yet, it’s a common form of “lean term implications. Success relies on focusing on
implementation.” That effort is typically led by both short-term gains and long-term culture
someone who fails to realize that Toyota change – That is, using the tools as the
designed tools to meet its needs, not anyone mechanism for change versus the objective of
else’s, and that tools are a means to an end and the change.
not an end. Copy-paste isn’t a good approach,
especially when you don’t understand what Lean Supervisory Management focuses on
you’re copying. continuous improvement as well as the tools
organizations can use to achieve long-term
A second cause of lean disintegration is growth. Readers will gain new knowledge while
managerial. Lean is unlikely to fit well into also challenging their peers, seniors,
current management systems, yet management subordinates, and their own thinking on Lean.
rarely thinks its processes need to change. Contact us for details.
When conversation is about “who” and a culture
of blame instead of on process, lean is absent.
Additionally, problem solving can require new
skills and time to get to root cause. The same
managers that fail to provide that support are the
ones expressing frustration at repeat problems.
Band-Aids make a simple system complex and
do not drive problems from the business.

The third source of lean failures is philosophical.
When people are viewed as an expense, there
will be trouble. When the numbers are more
important than learning, there will be trouble.
When leadership says “we want to do lean”
instead of “we want to become lean” it rarely
understands the pervasive nature of
organizational change required. © Becky Morgan

Inspiring Story: Expect No Reward From……. Training Programs HRDFSBL

*Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM

The Crane, as you can imagine, was Leadership & Supervision
very uneasy about putting her head Proactive Supervisory Skills
in Wolf’s throat. But she was Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
grasping in nature, so she did what Leadership Master Practitioner
Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
the Wolf asked her to do. When the Thinker
Wolf felt that the bone was gone, he Shift Your Leadership
started to walk away. Lean Leadership
Executive Management

A Wolf had been feasting too “But what about my reward!” called Continuous Improvement
greedily, and a bone had stuck the Crane anxiously. Kaizen Made Ezy
crosswise in his throat. He could get Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
it neither up nor down, and of “What!” snarled the Wolf, whirling Understanding Lean Manufacturing
course, he could not eat a thing. around. “Haven’t you got it? Isn’t it Office Lean
Naturally, that was an awful state of enough that I let you take your head Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
affairs for a greedy Wolf. out of my mouth without snapping it Poka Yoke
off?” Training Within Industry
So away he hurried to the Crane. Productivity Improvement Techniques
He was sure that she, with her long Moral: Expect no reward for serving 5S Step by Step Approach
neck and bill, would easily be able the one who has no honour. Staying Auditing for 5S Compliance
to reach the bone and pull it out. “I in a company of selfish people will Jidoka
will reward you very handsomely”, not do anyone any favour. Statistical Process Control
said the Wolf, “if you pull that bone
out for me”. Management
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Performance Improvement Strategy
Time Management & Personal
Communicating at Work
Performance Appraisal
Administrative Skills
Building Superior-Subordinates
Conflict Management
Coaching & Counseling Skills
Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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