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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2019-02-28 07:51:28

Crest Dynamics Newsletter February 2019

Self Realization February 2019

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Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy PLT

A HRDF Registered Training Provider LLP0003452LGN

Official Newsletter of Crest Dynamics Mid-May 2015February 2019

Leadership: Thoughtful Leadership 1. Make Yourself Accessible
Part of putting your name out there is by getting
Part 1 of 2 your name everywhere. Always open the door for
inquiries from media outlets and bloggers,
Establishing yourself as a thought leader, somebody especially on platforms that are popular with your
who drives innovation and the discussion of new target audience. Let them splash your name on
ideas within an industry is a valuable and ultimately their pages and screens. It can help tremendously if
profitable goal for any businessperson. It can both you nurture your relationships with these folks. Let
boost credibility and make your brand more visible them know you're always available for a quote or a
on multiple platforms. Thought leaders are popular, live broadcast hit. Boost your visibility and share
well-respected and are able to create more your expertise in many places as possible.
connections. They are revered by customers and
industry experts alike. 2. Love What You Do
If you're going to be known as an authority on a
But becoming a thought leader can't happen topic, you better be passionate about it. You will be
overnight. It takes a lot of work and careful planning writing and speaking about your industry on a
to put yourself in a position to earn recognition as a regular basis and talking about the same concepts
go-to authority on industry developments. Gaining and ideas in different cycles for many years. This
the respect and loyalty of others takes time and shouldn't be a problem if you love what you do, but
dedication. It goes beyond simply having the if not it can be draining. Believe in what you're
knowledge; you have to put yourself out there and doing, and others will follow. People who are
draw an audience to your expertise. Once you do enthusiastic about a topic will also be able to sniff
reach the summit, you have to introduce new ideas out anybody who isn't. Don't try to be something
on a consistent basis in order to maintain your status you're not. Be authentic.
within the industry.
© Emma Knightley
Everybody has to start somewhere. Are you ready to
learn about how to become a thought leader? Here
are 10 tips to get you started.

He that cannot obey, Change of Telephone Number
cannot command.
With immediate effect our Klang
Valley office number will be:

03-3884 7357

Sales Process: Handing Objections improve results in the future for them, so when
the time comes to renew or replace, your
Part 2 of 5 product is on their list of preferences.

3. “We’re Already Using Competitor X For This 4. “We Don’t Have A Problem With That
Product” Right Now”

For most salespeople, this is the end of the line, as Very often, this comes up because they are in a
they take the slow trudge back to their office and, contented position, comfortable with what they
head bowed, tell their manager there’s no chance have and the results they are getting.
with this prospect.
Instead, feel happy that the prospect has actually They may not know that your product offers
realised they have a need for a product like yours. gains they may not have thought of or allows
Find out how the relationship is going with their them to increase benefits they didn’t know
current supplier, and if there is anything, they are about.
still looking for that they are nor enjoying with that
supplier. Highlight areas that your product or service
How’s the relationship going? offers that they maybe hand’t considered.
Is there anything more they could get that they
aren’t at the moment? Offer solutions that would take them from where
Questions like these sometimes creates they are now to a better productivity, process,
dissonance with the prospect; they start to wonder profitability or procedure that they weren’t
if everything in the garden really is as rosy as they aware of.
Talk about how your product may be able to Help them see that being comfortable now
doesn’t mean things won’t be better in the

© Sean McPheat

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soon as possible.

Health Wise:

Human Resource: Building Positive Workplace Climate Part 4/4

Don’t forget to celebrate! —Take time to recognize and celebrate a project milestone, an important job well
done, an accomplishment that represents a professional stretch for an employee.

Conduct regular team meetings—Regular team contact builds relationships, provides an important venue to
share important information, and problem-solve together. Team meetings are an excellent place to build in
positive interactions. Start or end with appreciations or positive/humorous experiences of the week.

Encourage creativity and collaboration

In-House Training Awesome Support –
Going Beyond Training

Our In-House Training Package Include the Following at FOC

❖ Pre-Assessment

❖ Awesome in-House Training

❖ Solution Oriented Program

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❖ Follow-up / Coaching Session

Contact us to design and customize your In-house programs as ❖ Telephone / e-Mail Support

per needs. All our programs are conducted using accelerated ❖ Report

learning techniques and psychological approach. FOC for Min Two Days Training Within Peninsula Malaysia


Mastering Begin by doing your actual job exceptionally well and then
identify areas where you can contribute over and above
your normal tasks.

Self-Leadership When you have identified specific work-related tasks and
Crest Dynamicsprojects that you can do, run these by your manager to let
T ip No. 3 Services them know what you want to work on and reassure them
that this will not affect your regular roles.

Seeking More The next step is to begin working on a few small tasks over
Responsibilities and above your normal duties and keep repeating these
tasks till you get comfortable doing them and gradually
increase the amount of extra work that you are capable of
handling. You can also help your manager to handle some
of their priorities.

Over time you might end up doing a lot of extra tasks that add value to your team and department and you
could even end up being considered for a job promotion.

Mastering In a typical work setting, problems occur every now and
then. It is viPtasl ytcohowloorgkicoanl building one’s skills and
Tip No. 4 confidence cionmpeAroupbplpermwoiatshcolhvoipntgionsso that you can identify
Tackling Challenges / problems, and choose the best

Problem Solving solution.

The first step in problem solving is to clearly understand the
problem so that you can come up with correct solutions.

Some questions to ponder on during problem solving

process include: What is the problem? When did it happen?
Why did it happen? What solutions have we tried before?
What solutions worked and which ones didn’t? How can we

solve this particular problem? How much time do we have?

If the challenge being addressed is big, break it down into smaller pieces and resolve each section at a time.

Each time you come up with a solution for a problem then implement the solution and it work outs well, this in-
turn helps to strengthen your problem solving skills.

Some solutions may work and others might not, on average strive to come up with as many good solutions as
possible. Brainstorming with others similarly helps to identify options and narrow down choices.

Leadership Education And Development

Lean Enterprise: Hoshin Kanri

The concept of Hoshin Kanri provides clarity and
focus to an organization, by aligning strategic goals
through all levels of an organization. It creates an
organic flow of information which runs through an
organization, where goals run down from
management, through the mid-level operation to
the production floor. In return, the flow reverses
and the production floors provides resulting
actionable data flowing up through mid-level
operations to management, thus providing

Taking the first step of implementing Hoshin Kanri begins with developing long-range strategic goals for the
organization. A good rule of thumb is to limit the strategic goals applied to five or less to be truly effective. It
also allows the focus of energy and resources on what efforts are most important to the organization.
Remember, if everything is important, then nothing is important. They should also be either evolutionary or
revolutionary. Evolutionary is incremental achievements through continuous improvement. Revolutionary is all
about taking big strides, making breakthrough changes with dramatic scope. Both types of goals are crucial to
the life of an organization.

The next step would be to develop the tactics for implementing the goals identified. This step is the purview of
middle management operations. They are the experts at implementing and allocating resources. There should
be a respectable period of thoughtful back and forth between management and mid-level management to
ensure goals are clearly understood and that there is a strong alignment between tactics and goals. Over time,
tactics can be adjusted and should be, as things changes. Results must be measured and calibrated.

In the final stage, production operations at the supervisory and team levels work out the details on strategy and
clearly understand the strategic goals. This is where the action takes place and success will be measured.
Management and leaders must stay connected with actions being implemented, mainly through Gemba walks
and monitoring of production data flowing up from the production floor.

The flow created with Hoshin Kanri closes loops and ensures focus, clarity and highly efficient operations. It
allows organizations to be agile and flex to changing situations in an efficient manner.

© Shmula

Inspiring Story: Dad calmly took control and began Training Programs HRDFSBL
gently pulling the arm trying to *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM
The Folly Clinging
extract the hand from the vase. He Leadership & Supervision
The little boy walked slowly into the tried loosening it up with soapy Proactive Supervisory Skills
room where his mother was sitting water. Still nothing. He then got Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
at her desk writing. She glanced some vegetable oil from the kitchen Leadership Master Practitioner
down at him and saw that he was and poured it around the wrist and Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
carrying a very precious vase that let it seep into the vase. He wiggled Thinker
her grandmother had given her. it some. It still did not budge. Shift Your Leadership
Almost absentmindedly she said to
him, “Robert, go put the vase down Lean Leadership
before you drop it and break it.”
“I give up,” the dad said in Executive Management
“I can’t,” he replied, “I can’t get my
hand out.” desperation. “I’d give a dollar right Continuous Improvement
now to know how to get it out.” Kaizen Made Ezy
“Of course, you can,” she said, “you
got it down there.” “Really?” little Robert exclaimed. Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
Then they heard a clinking sound Understanding Lean Manufacturing
He said, “I know, mom, but it won’t Office Lean
come out.” The neck of the vase
was very narrow and his hand had and his hand slid right out of the Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
fit it neatly inside and it was now up
to his wrist. He continued to insist vase. They turned the vase upside Poka Yoke
that he could not get it out. Growing
a little concerned, his mother called down and a penny plopped out. Training Within Industry
out to his dad.
“What’s this?” they said in unison. Productivity Improvement Techniques
5S Step by Step Approach

“Oh, that’s the penny I put inside. I Auditing for 5S Compliance
wanted to get it out so I was Jidoka
clutching it in my hand. But when I Statistical Process Control

heard Dad say he would give a Management
dollar to have the vase free, I let go.” Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Performance Improvement Strategy

How often do we cling to things Time Management & Personal
when they are nothing in Effectiveness
comparison to what could be ours? Communicating at Work
Performance Appraisal

Administrative Skills

Building Superior-Subordinates


Conflict Management

Coaching & Counseling Skills

Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach

Behavioral & Performance Interviewing


Managing Absenteeism

Inspiration for Work

Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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