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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2018-09-30 00:12:06

Crest Dynamics Newsletter October 2018

Self Realization October 2018

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Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy PLT

A HRDF Registered Training Provider LLP0003452LGN

Leadership: Flexibility Official Newsletter of Crest Dynamics Mid-May 2015 October 2018


LEAD Leadership

Part 6/6

The worst bosses are like those cheap little battery- Leadership Empowerment
operated toy cars you buy for your kids: they only go one And Development
direction, and if something gets in their path they just
bang up against the obstacle until the obstruction moves LEAD Skill No. 6:
(if it ever does). People like this are very difficult to work Communication Skills
for. They don’t listen to your objections or ideas for
improvement; they just continue to try to get all of their Some of the biggest issues in the workplace
employees to do things the “right” way (i.e., the way the come from lack of communication or
boss has always done it). miscommunication, so improving your
communication skills is so important. Leaders
A good boss is flexible enough to understand that there need to have incredible communication skills.
is more than one route to success. Good bosses know Think about all of the different scenarios such as
the difference between giving you an assignment and sharing vision, motivating your people, sharing
telling you how to carry it out. They’ll help you when you bad news in a gentle manner, etc.
need assistance, but they won’t force you to follow their
way of doing things. The flexibility also extends to How To Build This Skill
personal considerations. Flexible bosses know that the
most important thing about your work is that the job gets  Work on your body language. It’s amazing how
done. They know that your prompt arrival at the official much body language can affect how you
start of the business day isn’t that big a deal as long as it communicate.
doesn’t interfere with your results, nor does it matter
what you wear as long as it isn’t disruptive. Flexible  Speak clearly, slowly, and try your best to avoid
bosses understand that personal issues sometimes filler words like “um” and “like”.
require you to take unscheduled time off from work,
although they expect that you’ll be mature enough to find  Watch your tone of voice and make sure that
someone else to take over any pressing you’re using a calm, peaceful tone.

Sales Process: Questions to Ask Customers

followed the last time they chose.

Here are three critical questions you need to Or they may have a certain budget that they
confirm with your customer before you have a have decided to stick to, no matter what.
hope in progressing the sale:
Find out the criteria they are going to use to
Who Is Going To Make The Decision? judge whether they will use you, and you’re
firing on all cylinders.
That’s pretty obvious, but do you know who the
key influencers are, too? Why Are Those Criteria So Important?

Who are the people the decision-maker is going to Ask your customer why that particular reason is
take counsel from, ask approval of, or commit the so important to them.
product and services to?
It may be that other projects are running parallel
If you know who the influencers are, you may be in to the use of your product or service.
a position to present at their level, too.
You can then make sure your services can
What Criteria Do Your Customers Use To Make assist the customer achieve their goals.
The answer to these questions will assist you in
Each decision-maker will have their own way of developing a closer partnership with the
deciding on how the decision will be made. customer and put you in prime position in their
If you haven’t sorted out what those ways are,
you’re toast. © Sean McPheat

They might want a particular ROI, or completion
within a certain time frame.

They may wish to follow a certain process that they

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Health Wise:

Having a good night’s sleep comes with countless health
benefits like sharp brain functions, strong immune system,
healthy skin and reduced risk of heart diseases and high
blood pressure. However, a lot of people are having trouble
falling asleep or staying asleep. Nevertheless, certain foods
can be added to your diet to help increase your chances of
getting a good night’s rest.

Human Resource: Managing Relationship

Rather than seeing the HR/manager relationship as one where one party has more power than the other, see it as
a partnership. This means we are solving problems and completing projects together.

A key to building a good HR reputation is the relationship a company’s HR department has with its managers. If
managers are unhappy with HR, it is likely that they are spreading that attitude to their employees.

I think it can be easy to become jaded in HR, especially because we often see the worst of employees and have to
deal with some messy situations. It is important that we keep this out of our relationships with managers because
working with them will ultimately help us improve the workplace.

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Connect2LEAD Office Office Kaizen
Commit, Energize, Connect Quick, Simple, Cost Reduction

Sales PDCA
Problem Solving Techniques
Coaching &
Counselling Highly Effective
@Workplace Supervisory Skills

Lean Enterprise: 5. Ensure that all product components have
been quality-tested. Develop testing
Lean Manufacturing Tips procedures and controls at several check-
points in the process to detect problems at
1. Start by eliminating waste. This is one of the the earliest possible stage. Fine-tune the
core principles of lean manufacturing. system to identify problems, make the
Typically, you may use a value stream analysis necessary corrections or improvements and
to identify wasteful activities occurring at the move forward.
plant. At the same time, you can intensify
efforts to find more efficient ways to add value 6. Extend employee autonomy. Give more
to the company’s product line. (See right-hand employees authority to make decisions and
box for examples of waste.) provide them with the tools and methodology
for doing so. You can take this step even
2. Reduce unnecessary inventory. The cost of further by establishing teams to measure
maintaining excess inventory generally work progress and improve techniques.
outweighs the potential benefits you might Frequently, companies find that viable
realize. It can tie up resources, slow down solutions may be presented by employees
response time and complicate quality-control below the management level. Plus, this kind
issues. Overstocking may become particularly of involvement can improve morale and
problematic if some of the inventory eventually performance.
becomes obsolete-which is often the case.
7. Solicit customer feedback. After developing
3. Shorten production cycles. What used to core product features, use a systematic
take days or even weeks to complete can now approach for obtaining input from customers.
often be accomplished in a matter of hours. The system should be designed to adapt to
Utilize the technological capabilities currently at changes over its lifespan. Taking this step
your disposal. Disciples of lean manufacturing can enable you to satisfy customer needs
preach the production of small batches where within your basic framework
you can add “bells and whistles” to later
product versions. 8. Reach out to suppliers. When it is
appropriate, make suppliers “partners” in the
4. Speed up response time. For years, lean manufacturing process. By combining
manufacturers emphasized the need for cooperation from suppliers with
making accurate forecasts of market implementation of lean manufacturing
requirements. However, this is not always the principles, benefits can be realized by all
optimal approach in a fast-paced environment. parties. This also helps strengthen existing
Alternatively, it may be preferable to develop a relationships vital to your manufacturing
system that can react swiftly so you can operation.
capitalize on market changes.
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Inspiring Story: Reactions & response Training Programs HRDFSBL

*Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM

The taxi driver replied, “Sir, there Leadership & Supervision
Proactive Supervisory Skills
are many people who are like a Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
Leadership Master Practitioner
garbage truck. They are full of Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
frustration, anger, Shift Your Leadership
Lean Leadership
disappointments. As all these Executive Management

garbage piles-up and they need to Continuous Improvement
Kaizen Made Ezy
dump it and sometimes they Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
Understanding Lean Manufacturing
dump it at you.” Office Lean
Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
Tony took a taxi and it took off for He continued, “You don’t have to Poka Yoke
the airport. The taxi driver was take it personally and just wave Training Within Industry
driving on the right looking for a and smile at them and move Productivity Improvement Techniques
parking space and suddenly another on…we don’t need to take that 5S Step by Step Approach
taxi got off its parking space right in garbage and spread it around at Auditing for 5S Compliance
front of his taxi. our homes or workplace.” Jidoka
Statistical Process Control
Tony’s taxi driver applied the brakes
and they were saved just by an inch Management
from getting into an accident with Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
the other taxi. Performance Improvement Strategy
Time Management & Personal
The driver of the other taxi looked Effectiveness
back and started yelling at Tony’s Communicating at Work
taxi driver. His taxi driver didn’t get Performance Appraisal
angry and he just smiled and waved Administrative Skills
Building Superior-Subordinates
in response to the other taxi driver’s Relationship
behavior. Conflict Management
Coaching & Counseling Skills
Tony was surprised to see this Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
response of his taxi driver and Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
asked him, “Why did you do that? Skills
Weren’t you angry that he almost Managing Absenteeism
got us into an accident and it was Inspiration for Work
his mistake and yet he was yelling at Motivational Programs, and more
Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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