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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2017-10-28 22:37:58

Crest Dynamics Newsletter Nov 2017

Self Realization November 2017

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Crest Dynamics

Official Newsletter of CreOsftfiDciyanlaNmewicssletter oMf Cidre-MstaDyyn2a0m15ics
November 2017

Supervisory Tips: Take Care of Your People

I have always believed that if you get the “people thing” right there is
no challenge that is insurmountable. However as so many leaders
have learned the hard way, discount your people and they will
definitely discount you as well as your organization. All the time
spent on developing strategy are lost if talent is not a part of this
process. Do you have the right people; how are they feeling about

Five New Supervisors Mistakes Are we developing a culture based on the employee experience the
same as we do for our customers? A dear friend of mine told me one
Mistake #1: day that his role as the CEO of a major hospital here in Dubai is to
Worrying too much about what people “take care of the people that take care of the people.” Quite a little
think about you. tongue twister, but very clear in its meaning. Are we running our
business this way? If we spent as much time on our employees as
Mistake #2: we do our customers, over time we would see monumental results.
Being too tough, or immature or

Mistake #3:
Blaming management and HR without
taking ownership.

Mistake #4:
Giving and accepting excuses.

Mistake #5: That simple lesson can’t be taught in an off the shelf leadership
Not confronting unacceptable class or some off-site. Just conquer the basics and begin your
behavior and performance leadership journey from there. Concentrate on your people. Get to
We are Here to Help. know them not as workers but as human beings that want respect
from you.
Reach out to us and start a
conversation about how we can help Take care of your employees and you need not worry about some
your organization improve results and customer experience score; the better you do your job on the former,
outcomes by strengthening the the latter will take care of itself. © Ron Thomas
leadership skills of your managers,
supervisors, team leaders and lead .
hands through our dynamic highly

We provide follow-up, on-line revision
and final report absolutely free.
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Improve Your Ability To Diagnose To do this work, you have to be a good detective,

Part 3/3 following the trail of evidence, asking the question
3. Build a Diagnostic Tool
If you have been in sales for any time at all, you have
You can build a diagnostic tool of your own. surely followed this path to discover that the root
cause was something other than what you had
Make a list of the questions that you need to ask to originally believed. If you have been at this game a
not only identify the symptoms, but to get to the your solution.
cause. Your questions need to confirm not only what
you can visibly see and measure as the symptoms, Make sure your questions don’t simply confirm that
but also what is the root cause of the symptoms. your solutions will work. Ask questions that confirm all
of the areas where and why your solution may be
• Profit margins are down. wrong! This may help you prevent unintended
• Customer service scores are too low. consequences.
• Client churn is too high.
• Shipping times are too long. Make a list of the questions you need to ask to

All of these are simply symptoms. To discover the discover the root causes. Include questions that
root causes you have to continually track down the confirm that by providing a solution that improves the
“Why?” And you have to keeping asking why,
following the path wherever it leads you. Why are root cause that you improve the root cause and the
profit margins down? When did profit margins drop? symptoms. Questions like: “So if we were able to
What is causing them to be lower than you need them improve this, would it automatically improve profit
to be? What caused that change?
. Psycho-
Cybernetics Eight Steps Sales
Leadership™ Problem Warrior

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Lean Manufacturing:

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Here are some extracts from an account given by e-Mail us if you wish to put your
Michikazu Tanaka of his time working closely with colleagues or HR friends on our e-
Taiichi Ohno. Tanaka was a production manager at Newsletter database.
Daihatsu, another Japanese auto company which
worked closely with Toyota in the 1960s (from e-Resources
Fujimoto and Shimokawa eds 2009). Tanaka talks
warmly and with obvious reverence for his mentor: Register to access e-resources.

Gemba gembutsu [also genchi gembutsu: a .
commitment to seeing things (gembutsu) firsthand as
they really are in the workplace (gemba or genchi)] Free e-Learning
was absolutely fundamental to Ohno-san’s
approach. He never rendered judgment simply on Register to access.
the basis of hearing about something. He always
insisted on going to the place in question and having
a look. On occasions when we might press him for
an opinion, he’d say, “You’re the one who has seen
the thing. You know better than I do. How could I talk
about something that I haven’t seen?”

Observe, Engage & Improve Training Proposal

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Gemba gembutsu [also genchi gembutsu: a “I watched the activity in your workplace carefully for a
commitment to seeing things (gembutsu) firsthand as week, and I saw that people are working extremely
they really are in the workplace (gemba or genchi)] well. I struggled to think of something that I could do for
was absolutely fundamental to Ohno-san’s you, and my conclusion was that I have no role to play
approach. He never rendered judgment simply on here.
the basis of hearing about something. He always
insisted on going to the place in question and having I stopped by Ohno-san’s house on the way home
a look. On occasions when we might press him for Friday evening and told him what I have just told you.
an opinion, he’d say, “You’re the one who has seen He said, ‘Your problem is that you’re trying to think of
the thing. You know better than I do. How could I talk something to teach the people at Daihatsu. You don’t
about something that I haven’t seen?” need to teach them anything. What you need to do
there is help make the work easier for the operators.
(Ohno would assign individuals from Toyota to That’s your job.”
assist Daihatsu with their kaizen. On one occasion,
he assigned a Toyota production engineer to help … Ohno: “When you go out into the workplace, you
with some automation kaizen. Tanaka wondered should be looking for things that you can do for your
how it would help them.) people there. You’ve got no business in the workplace
if you’re just there to be there. You’ve got to be looking
…for a week he did nothing at all. He simply watched for changes you can make for the benefit of the people
what was happening in the workplace. On the who are working there.”
Monday of his second week at our plant, he came by
my desk and described his impressions and his
plans as follows.

Inspiring Story Training Programs HRDFSBL

Seeking Happiness *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM

A crow lived in the forest and was shoo me away. I think you are the Leadership & Supervision
absolutely satisfied in life. But one happiest bird on the planet.” Proactive Supervisory Skills
day he saw a swan. “This swan is Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
so white,” he thought, “and I am so The peacock replied, “I always Leadership Master Practitioner
black. This swan must be the thought that I was the most Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
happiest bird in the world.” beautiful and happy bird on the Thinker
planet. But because of my beauty, Shift Your Leadership
He expressed his thoughts to the I am entrapped in this zoo. I have Lean Leadership
swan. “Actually,” the swan replied, examined the zoo very carefully, Executive Management
“I was feeling that I was the and I have realized that the crow
happiest bird around until I saw a is the only bird not kept in a cage. Continuous Improvement
parrot, which has two colors. I now So for past few days, I have been Kaizen Made Ezy
think the parrot is the happiest bird thinking that if I were a crow, I Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
in creation.” The crow then could happily roam everywhere.” Understanding Lean Manufacturing
approached the parrot. The parrot Office Lean
explained, “I lived a very happy life Moral: That’s our problem too. We Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
until I saw a peacock. I have only make unnecessary comparison Poka Yoke
two colors, but the peacock has with others and become sad. We Training Within Industry
multiple colors.” don’t value what God has given Productivity Improvement Techniques
us. This all leads to the vicious 5S Step by Step Approach
The crow then visited a peacock in cycle of unhappiness. Learn to be Auditing for 5S Compliance
the zoo and saw that hundreds of happy in what you have instead of Jidoka
people had gathered to see him. looking at what you don’t have. Statistical Process Control
After the people had left, the crow There will always be someone
approached the peacock. “Dear who will have more or less than Management
peacock,” the crow said, “you are you have. Person who is satisfied Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
so beautiful. Every day thousands with what he/she has, is the Performance Improvement Strategy
of people come to see you. When happiest person in the world. Time Management & Personal
people see me, they immediately Effectiveness
Communicating at Work
. Performance Appraisal
Administrative Skills
Crest Dynamics Building Superior-Subordinates
ask the experts >>> Conflict Management
Coaching & Counseling Skills
Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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