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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2017-09-03 08:36:56

Crest Dynamics Newsletter Sep 2017

Self Realization September 2017

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Crest Dynamics

Official Newsletter of CreOsftfiDciyanlaNmewicssletter oMf Cidre-MstaDyy2n0am15ics
September 2017

Supervisory Tips: Boss vs. Leader

1. Don’t try to be everyone’s friend. Part 1/2
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t While a leader can be a boss, not every boss is a leader. Although
be friendly. leaders and bosses have nearly identical definitions, in effect, they
are different in today's competitive world. While a boss is mostly
2. Fair and equal are not the same concerned with outcomes, a leader feels responsible for the process
thing. Employees want to be of that outcome and the people who see it out.
treated fairly.
1. Leaders lead rather than rule.
3. Ask for feedback and input. You
don’t have to know everything. Throughout history, the best chiefs headed their troops in fights or
campaigns or whatever. The troops were not afraid because their
4. Find someone you can trust (and leader was right there with them. Leaders are there to lead the team
vent to) about work. Sometimes forward and to move together.
as a supervisor, you will have
access to confidential 2. Leaders listen and speak rather than command.
Bosses tend to give orders; they need their employees to listen and
5. Take every opportunity to to obey. However, leaders always listen to the opinions of their
improve your people skills. No colleagues and regard them as important.
matter how long you’re in the
corporate world, never turn down Leaders are always ready for advising, discussion and any feedback
training. You can even learn an employee has to offer. This reciprocity makes any individual
something from bad training. employee feel stronger and gives him or her confidence to follow the

3. Leaders motivate rather than terrify.

While working on projects, people have their ups and downs.
Through this roller coaster, bosses are more likely to intimidate into
action while leaders will motivate to action.

One of the best things about leaders is that they offer empathy and
prepare a group for the tasks at hand. This is very important, seeing
as whenever colleagues are not prepared for certain duties, leaders
are there to support, teach and back them up. Leaders know that
each employee is on the team for a reason and they have faith in
every concerted effort.

Improve Your Ability To Diagnose Free e-Learning Courses

Part 1/3 Human Capital Recruitment & Acquisition
Lessons: 15
1. Suspend your judgement and be open to Methodology: Audios, Notes, Assignments
exploring Duration: Self-paced. Six Months.
Assessment: Assignment
The first way to improve your ability to diagnose is to Award: PDF Crest Dynamics Certificate
learn to suspend your judgement. Just because you
have seen the signs before and have been able to Malaysia Industrial Court Cases Analysis
make an improvement for a client who shared these Lessons: 10 Cases Analysis
signs and symptoms, does not in any way suggest Methodology: Cases, Assignments
that what you have done before will work in this case. Duration: Self-Paced. Sox Months.
Assessment: Assignment
It might work, and it might not. It might need minor Award: PDF Crest Dynamics Certificate
changes and modifications, and it might need to be
scrapped for a whole new solution. You must be open Visit for details and
to exploring. registration.

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To really perform a great diagnosis, you need to be
able to stop yourself from the tendency to draw
analogies from one set of circumstances to another
long enough to make sure you really understand the
root cause.

The symptoms and the signs, the causes of the
dissatisfaction, may be the same, while having very
different root causes.

Lean Enterprise

Beyond Cost Reduction

We agree that Lean, Six-Sigma and TQM have served the industry
well. For decades, these approaches have helped companies save millions.
But in order to succeed in the decades to come, a new approach is
e-Newsletter Subscription needed to meet the new challenge – sustainable growth. For many,
growth has been a top priority, yet this core driver is typically not part
e-Mail us if you wish to put your of the mix in traditional lean thinking.
colleagues or HR friends on our e-
Newsletter database. Three key elements to take into consideration for the 21st century
approach to Lean
1. Behavior-focused approach emphasizing people and
Register to access e-resources. management systems vs. just taking a process focus.

Training Proposal 2. Growth contribution across the entire organization; recognizing
the impact on the customer experience.
Contact us to design and deliver your
training programs. 3. Operational excellence

The leaders of the 21st century are going beyond holistic operational
improvement strategy, beyond people, processes and management
systems, and transforming “lean” to a “lean forward” approach – a
behavior-focused approach that makes change sustainable to drive

The Wisdom of Birbal Training Programs HRDFSBL

The wisdom of Birbal was unparalleled “Emperor Akbar sends you his good *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM
during the reign of Emperor Akbar. But wishes and blessings for the wedding
Akbar’s brother in law was extremely of your son. Please accept the gift he Leadership & Supervision
jealous of him. He asked the Emperor has sent.” The merchant felt honored Proactive Supervisory Skills
to dispense with Birbal’s services and that the king had sent a special Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
appoint him in his place. He gave messenger with such a precious gift. Leadership Master Practitioner
ample assurance that he would prove He honored Birbal and gave him a Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
to be more efficient and capable than large number of expensive gifts and a Thinker
Birbal. Before Akbar could take a bag of gold coins as a return gift for Shift Your Leadership
decision on this matter, this news the king. Lean Leadership
reached Birbal. Executive Management
Next, Birbal went to the area of the
Birbal resigned and left. Akbar’s brother city where the poor people lived. Continuous Improvement
in law was made the minister in place There he bought food and clothing in Kaizen Made Ezy
of Birbal. Akbar decided to test the new exchange for a hundred gold coins Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
minister. He gave three hundred gold and distributed them in the name of Understanding Lean Manufacturing
coins to him and said, “Spend these the Emperor. Office Lean
gold coins such that, I get a hundred Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
gold coins here in this life; a hundred When he came back to town he Poka Yoke
gold coins in the other world and organized a concert of music and Training Within Industry
another hundred gold coins neither dance. He spent a hundred gold coins Productivity Improvement Techniques
here nor there.” on it. 5S Step by Step Approach
Auditing for 5S Compliance
The minister found the entire situation The next day Birbal entered Akbar’s Jidoka
to be a maze of confusion and darbar and announced that he had Statistical Process Control
hopelessness. He spent sleepless done all that the king had asked his
nights worrying how he would get brother-in-law to do. The Emperor Management
himself out of this mess. Thinking in wanted to know how he had done it. Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
circles was making him go crazy. Birbal repeated the sequences of all Performance Improvement Strategy
Eventually, on the advice of his wife, he the events and then said, “The money Time Management & Personal
sought Birbals help. Birbal said, “Just I gave to the merchant for the Effectiveness
give me the gold coins. I shall handle wedding of his son – you have got Communicating at Work
the rest.” back while on this earth. The money I Performance Appraisal
spent on buying food and clothing for Administrative Skills
Birbal walked the streets of the city the poor – you will get it in the other Building Superior-Subordinates
holding the bag of gold coins in his world. The money I spent on the Relationship
hand. He noticed a rich merchant musical concert – you will get neither Conflict Management
celebrating his son’s wedding. Birbal here nor there.” Akbar’s brother in law Coaching & Counseling Skills
gave a hundred gold coins to him and understood his mistake and resigned. Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
bowed courteously saying, Birbal got his place back. Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
askMothrael:eTxhpeermtson>e>y>you spend on friends is returned or reciprocated in some Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
form or the other. The money spent on charity gets converted into blessings Motivational Programs, and more
from God which will be your eternal property. The money spent on pleasures is
just frittered away. So, when you spend your money, think a little, if not a lot. Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

Central Region: Southern Region:
29B, Jalan Bayu Tinggi 2A/KS6, 6, Jalan Austin Heights 1/30,
Batu Unjur, Taman Mount Austin,
Taman Bayu Tinggi, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
41200 Klang, Selangor. 07-3535 562
03-3322 1832 [email protected]
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