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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2017-08-01 12:37:15

Crest Dynamics Newsletter Aug 2017

Self Realization August 2017

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Crest Dynamics

Official Newsletter of CreOsftfiDciyanlaNmewicssletter oMf Cidre-MstaDyy2n0am15ics
August 2017

Customer Care Tips: Authentic Leadership &
Social Influence
1. Never walk or turn away from an
approaching customer - yes, it may Part 2/2
have just turned tea-time for you, but
the least you should do is assure the Social skills are one of the main tools for building high performance
client that you will find a colleague to teams in that they help to build trust, respect, team spirit, and reduce
assist them. conflict among the team members. This in turn creates an
atmosphere of caring about each other.
2. Be visible to your clients, but don’t
hover. Social skills may be defined as being able to communicate and
cooperate effectively within and across culturally diverse boundaries
3. Learn to politely end conversations (organizational, geographical, demographic, professionally) –
with overly-chatty clients when other experimenting, innovating, connecting, sharing, learning together
customers may need your assistance. and supporting one another.

4. Customers who walk into your store Supportive Leader - Support and Reward and punishment leaders.
are more important than those who Recognize and reward followers;
call over the phone - a phone call can help with team member's provide punishment when
always be returned but snubbing a required (normally in the form of
client to finish your phone call might development, show counselling).
be the last you ever see of them.
consideration, and is people
5. Refrain from commenting about
other customers within earshot of your oriented.
clients; it is both unprofessional and
might lead your clients to wonder Directive Leader - Delegate tasks Charismatic Leaders - Have a
what you say about them. to new team members and use strong effect on followers by
when a culture or situation appealing to their emotions,
6. Smile when greeting customers, prefers that the status be well aspirations, needs, and values.
smile when you answer the phone, defined.
and smile as your customer leaves. Boundary Spanning Leader -
Participative Leaders - Involve Build networks for the team by
7. Always thank the client for stopping team members in decision representing the team with
by, even if they did not make a making by using different higher-ups and connecting them
purchase. approaches depending upon the with other groups.
situation; listen to disparate
voices, and then create an Social Leader - Build and forge
alliance. social exchanges.

Dealing With ‘No’ Free e-Learning Courses

Don't take it personally Human Capital Recruitment & Acquisition
Sales is full of rejections. You need at least to learn to Lessons: 15
put failures behind you. Look forward. There are Methodology: Audios, Notes, Assignments
many more people out there who are desperate for Duration: Self-paced by 31st Dec 2017
what you are selling. Assessment: Assignment
Award: PDF Certificate
Be objective. Separate the problem from the person,
just as you might when you are selling. In fact you can Malaysia Industrial Court Cases Analysis
sell to yourself the benefits of (this time) not Lessons: 10 Cases Analysis
completing the sale. Methodology: Cases, Assignments
Duration: Self-Paced by 31st Dec 2017
Leave the door open Assessment: Assignment
Thank the person, whatever they say. Thank them for Award: PDF Certificate
their time and for listening. Appreciate their situation
and why they are not ready to take things further Visit for details and
today (note the assumption that they may be ready registration.
another day).
Contact Us for Training Quotation
Learn from it
Take the opportunity to learn from what happened.

Think about the conversation, what was said and how
it flowed. Think about the body language and voice
tone. Were there any key moments when things went
awry? How might it have been different? How might
another person act and talk, perhaps a sales person
you admire?

Be open and honest (but not berating) with yourself.
Do you have any deep needs or limiting beliefs that
are getting in the way? Are there any preferences that
you have that are making you miss things? Are you
trapped in any dysfunctional games that are
preventing you from selling more often?

Lean Enterprise Reduce external failures

Improving Quality Lower By “external failures” I mean quality issues that result in customer
Manufacturing Cost chargebacks, lost business, lawsuits, poor reputation, etc. In short,
all the negative consequences related to shipping substandard
If you work on improving quality, product to a customer.
you will cut your costs at the same
time if you follow the right Reduce internal failures
What is an “internal failure”? A quality issue that is found and
So, how can better quality lead to corrected before the goods are delivered to a customer.
lower costs? What is the “right
approach”? Such issues can also be quite expensive, but usually less so than
external failures. Associated costs include sorting a a batch and
correcting it, throwing material out after it was processed, last-
minute changes in the production plan, delays for other orders, etc.

Reduce the testing & inspection budget

Nearly all factories above a certain size have a budget for a quality
department. It includes checking components and products,
reporting and analyzing results, and following up on quality
improvement activities.

There are many ways of refunding this budget. Here a few ideas:

 Making good use of an IT system to reduce paperwork and
double handling of data;

 Giving some of the inspection work to production operators;
 Setting up a reasonable testing plan rather than testing

every SKU.

Increase production equipment efficiency

Preventive maintenance improves the quality of the
equipment’s output, since some quality issues are caused by
equipment that goes out of spec (e.g. worn tools).

But preventive maintenance also improves the machines’ uptime,
and thus reduce operating costs per produced unit. Improve operators’ productivity

e-Newsletter Subscription The preparation of work instructions (WIs) and the training of
operators to follow these WIs clarifies what needs to be done in
e-Mail us if you wish to put your production. It removes confusion and uncertainty and focuses
colleagues or HR friends on our e- everyone on the ‘best way’ to manufacture. It means labor
Newsletter database. productivity is higher and quality is better.

e-Resources In addition, mistake proofing some of the operations results in
higher quality (fewer human mistakes) and higher productivity (no
Register to access e-resources. time wasted double-checking how a part is positioned, for
example… and much less re-work).
Training Proposal

Contact us to design and deliver your
training programs.

The Busy Woodcutter Productivity Training Programs HRDFSBL

Once upon a time, a very strong The third day he tried even harder, *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM
woodcutter asked for a job in a but he could only bring 10 trees.
timber merchant and he got it. The Day after day he was bringing less Leadership & Supervision
pay was really good and so was the and less trees. Proactive Supervisory Skills
work condition. For those reasons, Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
the woodcutter was determined to “I must be losing my strength”, the Leadership Master Practitioner
do his best. woodcutter thought. He went to Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
the boss and apologized, saying Thinker
His boss gave him an axe and that he could not understand what Shift Your Leadership
showed him the area where he was going on. Lean Leadership
supposed to work. Executive Management
“When was the last time you
The first day, the woodcutter sharpened your axe?” the boss Continuous Improvement
brought 18 trees. “Congratulations,” asked. Kaizen Made Ezy
the boss said. “Go on that way!” Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
“Sharpen? I had no time to Understanding Lean Manufacturing
Very motivated by the boss words, sharpen my axe. I have been very Office Lean
the woodcutter tried harder the next busy trying to cut trees…” Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
day, but he could only bring 15 Poka Yoke
Training Within Industry
astrkeeths.e experts >>> Productivity Improvement Techniques
5S Step by Step Approach
Moral: We sometimes get so busy that we don’t take time to sharpen Auditing for 5S Compliance
the “axe”. In today’s competitive world, most people are so busy failing Jidoka
to focus on developing their knowledge and skills. Statistical Process Control

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Performance Improvement Strategy
Time Management & Personal
Communicating at Work
Performance Appraisal
Administrative Skills
Building Superior-Subordinates
Conflict Management
Coaching & Counseling Skills
Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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