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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2017-02-26 07:23:55

Crest Dynamics Newsletter Mac 2017

Self Realization March 2017

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Crest Dynamics

Official Newsletter of CreOsftfiDciyanlaNmewicssletter oMf Cidre-MstaDyy2n0am15ics
March 2017

Supervisory Tips: Keys to Lasting Customer Care

Assisting Troubled Employee “Build a great experience, customers tell each other about
that. Word of mouth is very powerful." –
1. Establish objective levels of Jeff Bezos, CEO,
work performance.
If you attended a party where the host snarled at you, reluctantly
2. Measure, Evaluate and Record offered you a drink, looked past you to greet someone deemed
job performance. more important and basically couldn't wait until you left --
chances are you would leave, slamming the door behind you
3. Be Consistent in your
expectations of employees. Unfortunately, that's the 3. Give Respect.
experience many of us receive It costs nothing to be courteous,
4. Prompt feedback to employees today. We're not treated as a but you can pay dearly if you
to communicate dissatisfaction valued customer -- a guest -- to aren't.
and to seek solutions. be respected, we're a nuisance to
be endured. We're the blaring car 4. Treat Everyone like a VIP.
5. Focus on performance Be alarm when they're trying to "There's only one boss," Sam
Specific. sleep. Flipping to the company Walton once said, "the customer.
view: customer service has He can fire everybody from the
6. Be Firm: offer the staff member become a dirty phrase. chairman on down simply by
assistance. Avoid being an spending his money elsewhere."
“armchair psychologist. Be 1. Use the Right Term.
Honest, speak with authority. First, I don't call people clients, or 5. Show immediate Action and
even customers. At my Solutions, Not Blame.
7. Prepare to cope with resistance, companies we refer to them as Sometimes things mess up, but
denial, defensiveness, and even "guests," and we are their host. apologies, which matter, mean
hostility Get the employee to We are always happy to see nothing if they aren't followed by
Accept Responsibility for them and strive to make their action. Well done is better than
making behavioral changes in job time with each of us a great well said.
performance. experience.
In short, providing great guest
8. Get a Commitment from the 2. Anticipate Needs. experience isn't its own
employee to improve specific A great waiter knows when to department. At my companies,
behaviors. refill your glass or bring the it's everybody's job. As Henry
check, just as a great company Ford said: "A business absolutely
anticipates what their guests devoted to service will have only
need, often before they know it one worry about profits. They will
themselves. be embarrassingly large."

Crest Dynamics
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Being Creative 2 of 2 New Manager Tips

4. Need a brainstorming session? Work in pairs, Don’t Make Assumptions.
not large groups. “Great leaders don’t lead people, they lead
individuals. “Listen to your team members and get to
Group brainstorming sessions can sometimes be know them personally. Ask what they want and need
frustrating and unproductive. A simple way to from you as a new manager and be humble.” When
overcome this is to break a large group into smaller an employee changes roles and becomes a manager,
teams of two or three people. Working in pairs makes his or her relationships with co-workers will also
people more focused. You feel accountable to the change. “Especially when there’s a friend in the
other person to do your fair share of the thinking. You group, you can’t have the same conversations. You
bounce ideas of each other and you offer suggestions must set ground rules,” New managers should think
on how to improve the idea. Working in pairs is also about how they will be perceived and realize
more efficient. Five groups of two can generate far expectations and skills will change.
more ideas in the same amount of time than one
group of ten. Plus, it could be a great way to get to Have Critical Conversations.
know people in your office. Emerging leaders shouldn’t avoid difficult
conversations when a problem arises within their
5. Practice the Golden Rule of Creativity team. They should make sure to speak face-to-face
Creativity is a team sport, and you’ll generate better with employees. Find the “inarguable truth” and state
ideas if you harness the brainpower of others! your interpretation clearly and concisely to take away
Colleagues will help you if you help them first. defensiveness. Ask employees for their opinion of the
Imagine you find an article online that a colleague of situation and ask about their intentions.
yours would find interesting. Make this small favor
even more appreciated by printing the article and Coach Your Team to Understand.
highlighting the most relevant parts. Write a small Managers must learn whether their team understands
note on the article pointing out how your colleague the organization’s vision and expectations. "Vision is
might use the information. And finally, hand deliver it everything for a leader,” writes business expert John
to your colleague. If more appropriate, try this same C. Maxwell in the book “The 21 Indispensable
method of personalized sharing digitally by Qualities of a Leader.” He adds: “Vision leads the
highlighting and making an email note, or social leader. It paints the target. It sparks and fuels the fire
media post. within, and draws him forward. It is also the fire lighter
for others who follow that leader.”
Drew Boyd, Coca-Cola Journey

Set the Stage >>> 9. The Lean Road Map
A recipe tells you exactly how to do something – the amounts,
Lean Best Practice 3/3 sequence and timing. There is no such recipe a lean manufacturing
success since every company starts with a different set of ingredients
8. The Lean Enterprise (or factors and constraints). However, there is a roadmap. There are
Taiichi Ohno, one of the fathers of guide posts along the way that help you determine where you are and
the Toyota Production System, said offer potential solutions to help you get to where you want to go.
decades ago that "the Toyota Learn from as many other journeys as possible to help understand
Production System is not just a the roadmap.
production system. "If you reduced
your lead time in manufacturing by 10. Develop Your Own Path
90% and can get product out in Many people have tried to succeed at lean in the past by copying
hours, but order entry takes four the solutions that Toyota or others have found, either through
weeks, then you aren't really benchmarking or out of a book.
moving forward in the market. You The problem is, this is like a kid copying off someone else's test
must attack every corner of the only to find out they were taking a different exam. Your company is
business from accounting to human unique and will likely have some unique problems and constraints –
resources to manufacturing. you must engrain lean thinking in your organization so you can find
your own answers. Never stop collecting the lessons you learn
along your path to lean. A lean manufacturing success is a long
journey that will require you to collect experiences and reflect upon
each and every lesson you learn along the way

Leadership Mind-set Tips

Serve Fist Not Demand First

A servant-leader focuses primarily on the
growth and well-being of people and the
communities to which they belong. While
traditional leadership generally involves the
accumulation and exercise of power by one
at the “top of the pyramid,” servant leadership
is different. The servant-leader shares power,
puts the needs of others first and helps
people develop and perform as highly as

“The key to successful leadership today is
influence, not authority.” The need for authority is all too frequent in
today’s society. Whether it is in work culture,
e-Newsletter Subscription outside hobbies or personal relationships, the
need to be bigger and better than those
e-Mail us if you wish to put your around us is a common thread that this first
colleagues or HR friends on our e- behavior can put to rest. When we lead by
Newsletter database. influencing others, we take our ego out of the
equation. Our focus is not on what we can
e-Resources gain, but on what we can provide others, how
we can add value to someone’s life and their
Register to access e-resources. experience of it.

Training Proposal Think about this “serve first”. “It’s the
contribution you make each day, a
Contact us to design and deliver your commitment to serve one person at a time by
training programs. one action at a time.”

Story: Baby Camel Wisdom Training Programs SBL

A mother and a baby camel were Mother with pride said, “My son, *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM
lying around, and suddenly the those long thick eyelashes are
baby camel asked, “mother, may I your protective cover. They help to Leadership & Supervision
ask you some questions? Mother protect your eyes from the desert Proactive Supervisory Skills
said, “Sure! Why son, is there sand and wind”. Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
something bothering you? Baby Leadership Master Practitioner
said, “Why do camels have Baby after thinking said, “I see. So Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
humps?” Mother said “Well son, we the hump is to store water when Thinker
are desert animals, we need the we are in the desert, the legs are Shift Your Leadership
humps to store water and we are for walking through the desert and Lean Leadership
known to survive without water”. these eye lashes protect my eyes Executive Management
from the desert then what in God’s
Baby said, “Okay, then why are our name are we doing here in the Continuous Improvement
legs long and our feet rounded?” Zoo!?” Kaizen Made Ezy
Mother said, “Son, obviously they Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
are meant for walking in the desert. Moral of the Story: Understanding Lean Manufacturing
You know with these legs I can Skills, knowledge, abilities and Office Lean
move around the desert better than experiences are only useful if you Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
anyone does!” are at the right place. Poka Yoke
Training Within Industry
Baby said, “Okay, then why are our Productivity Improvement Techniques
eyelashes long? Sometimes it 5S Step by Step Approach
bothers my sight”. Auditing for 5S Compliance
Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
ask the experts >>> (FMEA)
Statistical Process Control

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Performance Improvement Strategy
Time Management & Personal
Communicating at Work
Performance Appraisal
Administrative Skills
Building Superior-Subordinates
Conflict Management
Coaching & Counseling Skills
Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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