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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2017-09-30 11:00:32

Crest Dynamics Newsletter Oct 2017

Self Realization October 2017

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Crest Dynamics

Official Newsletter of CreOsftfiDciyanlaNmewicssletter oMf Cidre-MstaDyy2n0am15ics
October 2017

Supervisory Tips: Boss vs. Leader

1. Be approachable: An efficient Part 2/2
supervisor will make sure that
there is enough trust and 4. Leaders teach and learn rather than expect and ignore.
openness between her and A true leader is the person who has self-esteem, but who is not
the employees for the latter to arrogant nor embarrassed to learn from those with lower titles. They
come to her with their know that it is never late to learn more.
This explains the tendency of leaders to always pay attention to their
2. Positive attitude: Be polite. colleagues, knowing there is always more to learn from them.
Wish employees good Moreover, leaders are not only takers, but givers, as well. A good
mornings and be generous in leader is not greedy for sharing knowledge and experience with
thanking them. Inquire after someone else; instead, the leader teaches and nurtures new
about their families off and on. professionals.

3. Criticize constructively: 5. Leaders take part rather than stay aside.
While bosses choose to stay aside in the job, leaders take initiative.
When mistakes happen a They watch over the progress of work, make adjustments where
necessary and aid team members. They choose to be a part of the
good supervisor tries and team rather than bossing the team around.

understands the reasons 6. Leaders reprimand rather than scold or shout.
When necessary, a leader offers constructive criticism. However, a
behind the mishap. She leader never scolds or shouts at any individual, especially in public.
They do understand that they are dealing with people and no one
criticizes or assesses the has right to humiliate others. Rather, the leader talks to the person
individually and without any spike in temper.
employee in proportion to the
7. Leaders establish equal relationships.
mistake. And it is always Anyone who has ever worked on a team knows what it feels like
when the manager chooses his favorites and non-favorites. It always
better to not to scream or causes stress and tension among team members which
compromises productivity.
scold in front of the others.
A good leader tries to treat everyone equally and to not allow
Give constructive feedback; personal preferences affect the team dynamic.

show them the right way to do


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Improve Your Ability To Diagnose Make sure your diagnosis extends to all parts of the
organisation before prescribing your solutions. Make
Part 2/3 sure you understand how what you provide will
impact other areas of the organisation and make the
2. Remember that you are treating an individual adjustments necessary to ensure that you don’t
improve something at the cost of something else.
In sales, we tend to talk about our clients by using
their company name. It is almost like that company is This means taking time to understand. It means
an individual entity. And in some ways, it is. But a postponing your desire to sell your solution. It means
company is really a staggeringly complex number of being professional. Remember that you are not
parts and systems that are all interrelated. Problems treating a single entity. You are treating a complex
in one area have a way of spilling over into other array of interconnected systems.
areas. That is why an excellent diagnosis considers
the effect of the solution on the whole. Contact Us for Training Quotation

The dissatisfaction in an organisation can be found,
the symptoms identified, and the root causes
discovered. But this doesn’t mean that the diagnosis
is over and that it is time to present solutions. To be
really great at diagnosis, you have to understand how
your solution will impact the rest of the organisation.
When you make a change here, what happens over
there? You need to be aware that every action has an
equal and opposite reaction.

A doctor who did a poor diagnosis once prescribed
me an anti-convulsant drug. One of the primary side
effects of the drug was that it caused kidney stones,
and it was recommended that the drug not be given to
patients who had a history of kidney stones. A
familiarity with the side effects and a single question
would have revealed that I had had a kidney stone
removed in the past. Fortunately, I read the
accompanying documentation.


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Training Proposal Cellular Manufacturing

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Act of Kindness thought for a second and put those Training Programs HRDFSBL
bananas back. He went back to the
MWr.isPdhilolipms woafs Bjuisrt bgaetlting ready to old lady. She recognized him instantly *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM
and “Sir, I can’t match that price, I
leave his office and he remembered won’t be able to earn any profit.” Leadership & Supervision
that his wife had asked him to bring Proactive Supervisory Skills
1KG of Bananas. When He stepped Mr. Phillips told her, “Don’t worry Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
out, he saw an ill-looking old lady about the price, I will pay you $10 Per Leadership Master Practitioner
across the road. She was selling fresh KG! Now, give me 2KG.” The Old Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
bananas on the street. Mr. Phillips Lady got very happy, she packed Thinker
usually buys bananas from a grocery 2KGs of Bananas and said, “I can’t Shift Your Leadership
shop few blocks away from his office take $10 but I will take $7 per KG. I Lean Leadership
but since he was in hurry to reach appreciate your kindness.” She also Executive Management
home today, he thought about buying told him, “My Husband used to own a
them from across the road only. small fruit shop but he got very sick. Continuous Improvement
We have no child or any relatives who Kaizen Made Ezy
He went to the old lady and asked her could support us. We had to sell his Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
the price. She quoted $7 per 1KG. He shop to cover his medical bills but he Understanding Lean Manufacturing
told, “But the store where I usually buy could not survive.” Tears were flowing Office Lean
from gives them for $5 per 1KG, can from her eyes. She said, “But now to Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
you not give me for the same price?” support myself I am trying to sell what Poka Yoke
The Old Lady told, “No Sir, I cannot I can afford to buy and sell, so I can Training Within Industry
afford to match that price. I can sell survive for what’s left of my life.” Productivity Improvement Techniques
them to you at $6 per 1KG. That’s best 5S Step by Step Approach
I can afford to give you for.” Mr. Phillips Mr. Phillips told her, “Do not worry, Auditing for 5S Compliance
told her, “never mind”. He left in his car you are doing good and from Jidoka
towards the usual grocery shop. tomorrow on, I will only buy bananas Statistical Process Control
from you.” He pulled out his wallet
He went inside and picked up a good and gave her $100 extra and said, Management
bunch of bananas. He went to the “Take this, bring more different fruits Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
cashier to pay for them but he was to sell tomorrow, consider this an Performance Improvement Strategy
surprised when the cashier told him advance payment for fruits I will be Time Management & Personal
that price per 1KG is $10. He told the buying from you. You can earn more if Effectiveness
cashier, “I have been buying bananas you have more choices of fruits to Communicating at Work
from here only for some years and this sell.” The Old Lady thanked him. Performance Appraisal
is a steep price increase, can’t you Administrative Skills
offer me a better deal for being a loyal Later, He recommended many of his Building Superior-Subordinates
customer?” The Manager overheard colleagues to buy fruits from the lady Relationship
him and came there. He told Mr. which they did. And with the support Conflict Management
Phillips, “Sorry Sir but our prices are from Mr. Phillips and many other Coaching & Counseling Skills
fixed, we do not bargain.” Mr. Phillips buyers, she made a better living. Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
felt little bad with that flat attitude. He Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
Moral: Often we choose to go in big malls or big grocery shops for a shopping. Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
We always pay the fixed price without bargaining. That is fine as we all have Motivational Programs, and more

askwchetohniceeeeesdxaptnoedsrpptsaero>ep>lae>mwohmo erunnt their business have their liabilities too. However, Sales & Customer Care
and think that why we have no courage or reason Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
to bargain while shopping at big shops and why we try to bargain heavily with WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques
small street vendors? Think wisely. Always be helpful and supportive to

someone who works hard to earn and has a need for it. Think, what Mr.

Phillips had thought for a second and why he decided to buy from the old lady.

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