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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2018-09-01 11:14:38

Crest Dynamics Newsletter September 2018

Self Realization September 2018

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Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy PLT

A HRDF Registered Training Provider LLP0003452LGN

Official Newsletter of Crest Dynamics Mid-May 2015September 2018

Leadership Receiving Feedback

LEAD Leadership Arguably more important than how you give feedback,
is how well you’re able to take it.
Part 5/6 Hopefully, you don’t get defensive and react
Leadership Empowerment
And Development Smart leaders understand that they need to
constantly grow and get better, and receiving
LEAD Skill No. 5: constructive feedback is the easiest way to figure out
Giving & Receiving Feedback how you can optimize your behavior for your team.

Giving Feedback A question you should be asking yourself is, do
We’ve written a lot about how to give feedback to people on your team give you feedback?
your team because it’s one of the most important
things to do, but one of the hardest things to get right. If not, then you need to figure out why? Do they feel
People react differently to different things based on comfortable? Do you encourage them to give
their personality, and so leaders need to be mindful of feedback? You should. It will help you grow and
this and be a little more sensitive with their feedback. become a better leader.
The keys to remember when giving feedback are:
How To Build This Skill
• Focus on the behavior, not the person
• Be specific and clear • Actively solicit feedback from your team. Tell
• Give feedback in real-time everyone on the team that you want them to
give you feedback.
How To Build This Skill
• Practice makes perfect. The more you give • Listen, don’t speak. Your first reaction will be
feedback, the better you’ll get with it. to defend yourself. Just listen and understand.
• Be open and honest, don’t do the feedback
sandwich. • Ask follow-up questions to get more details
• Use one-on-one meetings as a structured way like “Just to make sure, when I did X, you
to give feedback. felt…”


“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to
nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.” -

Frank A. Clark

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s
how we improve.” - Bill Gates

Sales Process: Connecting Sales Process to Buyers Journey Part 3/3

Step 4: Test & Validate Step 5: Codify, Train and Commit
Moving a sales organization to a new way of
Changes to sales processes can be sensitive and thinking is hard. By investing in training, you’ll
justify the adage “measure twice, cut once.” We help reps more deeply understand your new
recommend identifying a few high-performing sales process and the reason it will make a positive
reps who are consultative, customer-first thinkers difference for them.
already. The biggest reason is that they’ll likely In addition (and if you haven’t already), be sure
have immediate, market-validated feedback and to digitize your playbook. By delivering your
recommendations on whether or not revisions to playbook in accessible, easy-to-consume,
your sales process will correspond with the buyer’s modularized chapters, you’ll give reps the head
journey. (Note: Many of these reps are also likely start they need. This is one of the best ways
to be active participants in your sales enablement we’ve seen to codify a sales process and move
strategy.) organizations forward fast.

You should also test the effectiveness of your new Crest Dynamics
process by running a pilot program. Train a subset
of your sales team on the advantages of linking
your sales process to the buyer’s journey, and how
to translate guidance into action steps. If your
sales cycle is long or complex, it may be difficult to
confirm the benefits of your new process with a
statistically relevant sample. However,
salespeople will quickly acquire a gut feeling on
whether or not it’s working and – until additional
data can be gathered – should be trusted for near-
term insights.

Crest Dynamics Corporate Membership

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• e-Resources – Business News, HR, Manufacturing & Customer

Service Magazines, Topic Wide Audios, etc.
• Pre & Post Training Assessment & Support.
• Membership Certificate.
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soon as possible.

Health Wise: Human Resource: Inspiring HR Quote

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the
workplace.” ~ Doug Conant

Doug Conant served as Campbell Soup Company’s
long running President and CEO until 2011. Under
Doug’s leadership Campbell Soup Company
reversed a decline in market value, improved its
financial profile and enhanced its diversity and
inclusion practices. To get the company back on the
right track Doug knew he had to win over his people
first. Coming into the position right after a recent
round of layoffs, team morale was incredibly low.
Doug knew he would have to support his people
first if he wanted any chance of success. We see
this all the time in business. Successful managers
are successful because of the people behind them.
The lesson to be learned? If you step up for your
people they’ll step up for you.

In-House Training Awesome Support –

Going Beyond Training

Our In-House Training Package Include the Following at FOC

❖ Pre-Assessment

❖ Awesome in-House Training

❖ Solution Oriented Program

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learning techniques and psychological approach. ❖ Report

FOC for Min Two Days Training Within Peninsula Malaysia

Behavioural & Performance Focused Training: Crest Dynamics
A Sought-After Training Provider

Crest Dynamics


Accelerated Psychological
Learning Approach


Connect2LEAD Office Office Kaizen
Commit, Energize, Connect Quick, Simple, Cost Reduction

Sales PDCA
Problem Solving Techniques
Coaching &
Counselling Highly Effective
@Workplace Supervisory Skills

Lean Enterprise: approach to leadership by observing their bosses on
the job, and end up copying the behaviors they like
Lean Manufacturing People Strategy Part 2/2 or vowing to do things differently.

3. Traditional Approach: Hire for skills and Formal leadership development, if it happens at all,
experience occurs in bits and pieces during infrequent seminars
The common-sense approach to recruitment in in which participants are “talked at” for a few hours
manufacturing is to hire people who have the about leadership. As most manufacturers were more
experience and skills to meet the demands of the segmented in the past, this approach to leadership
job. In the environment of Industry 4.0, however, development was often good enough to accomplish
the pace of change has accelerated, quickly baseline quotas in various parts of the company. But
making skills and experience irrelevant. Instead, in the streamlined world of Industry 4.0, such an
personality is proving to be much more relevant on inconsistent approach hampers collaboration and
the job. stands in the way of implementing major changes.

In fact, a 2015 study by The MPI Group showed Industry 4.0 Leader Approach: Create
that, at more than 300 manufacturing sites, poorly purposeful learning journeys
selected personal attributes and competencies A purposeful learning journey combining face-to-
were much more likely to be the cause of face learning with online learning that helps hone
termination than technical and professional “know- on-the-job-skills can help manufacturers achieve
how,” education, or past achievements. more consistency in their leadership. This learning
should be spread out over a specific time frame to
Industry 4.0 Approach: Hire for learning avoid overwhelming participants.
Industry 4.0 leaders must demand a radical shift in Given enough capital, any manufacturer can invest
their hiring and promotion practices to focus less in the latest technology. But without the right people
on skills and experience, and instead look for in place to optimize that new technology, it will take
individuals who demonstrate strength in agility, a long time to recover the investment.
continuous learning, interpersonal communication,
and proactive problem-solving skills.

Manufacturers should start by looking for these
skills within their existing workforce, and ensure
that these skills are either already present or
developed in their leaders before they apply these
radical new criteria across their frontline hiring
practices. Otherwise, companies may see an
uptick in turnover and worker dissatisfaction as
workers who are ready to learn, grow and adapt
feel thwarted by their leaders.

4. Traditional Approach: Learning to be a
leader happens by trial and error
Manufacturing leaders often determine their

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Fill in Your Soft Skill Gap by emailing to:
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Inspiring Story: Wisdom Training Programs HRDFSBL

Funny Joke *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM

Once a wise man held a seminar to Moral: If you don’t give your Leadership & Supervision
teach people how to get rid of hundred percent in a relationship, Proactive Supervisory Skills
sorrows in their life. Many people you’ll always keep doubting if the Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
gathered to hear the wise man’s other person has given his/her Leadership Master Practitioner
words. The man entered the room hundred percent. Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
and told a very funny joke to the Thinker
crowd. The crowd roared in Two Neighbours Shift Your Leadership
laughter. Lean Leadership
Executive Management
After a couple of minutes, he told
them the same joke and only a few wise and successful man bought a Continuous Improvement
of them smiled. beautiful house with a huge orchard. Kaizen Made Ezy
But, not all were happy for him. An Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
When he told the same joke for the envious man lived in an old house Understanding Lean Manufacturing
third time no one laughed anymore. next to him. He constantly tried to Office Lean
make his fellow neighbour’s stay in Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
The wise man smiled and said,” You the beautiful house as miserable as Poka Yoke
can’t laugh at the same joke over possible. He threw garbage under Training Within Industry
and over. So why do you cry over his gate and made other nasty Productivity Improvement Techniques
the same problem over and over?” things. 5S Step by Step Approach
Auditing for 5S Compliance
Unnecessary Doubts One fine day the wise man woke up Jidoka
in a good mood and went into the Statistical Process Control
A boy and a girl were playing porch to notice buckets of garbage
together. The boy had a collection of thrown there. The man took a Management
beautiful marbles. The girl had some bucket, cleaned his porch. He Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
candies with her. The boy offered to carried a bucket and went to knock Performance Improvement Strategy
give the girl all his marbles in his envious neighbour‘s door. Time Management & Personal
exchange for all her candies. The Effectiveness
girl agreed. The boy gave all the The envious neighbour heard a Communicating at Work
marbles to the girl, but secretly kept knock at his door and gleefully Performance Appraisal
the biggest and the most beautiful thought, “I finally got him!”. He Administrative Skills
marble for himself. The girl gave him answered his door ready to quarrel Building Superior-Subordinates
all her candies as she had with his successful neighbour. Relationship
promised. That night, the girl slept However, the wise man gave him a Conflict Management
peacefully. But the boy couldn’t bucket of freshly picked apples Coaching & Counseling Skills
sleep as he kept wondering if the girl saying, “The one who is rich in Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
had hidden some more tasty something, shares it with others.” Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
candies from him the way he had Skills
hidden his best marble. Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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