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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2016-12-14 08:05:11

Crest Dynamics Newsletter Dec 2016

Self Realization December 2016

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In this issue >>> Self Realization

Supervisory Tips 2/3 Official Newsletter of Crest Dynamics
Ohno on Shift of the Mind-set
The Right Attitude
Does Training Matter?
Analyzing Data
Leadership Mind-set Tips
Story: Dancing Cow

December 2016

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Crest Dynamics

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.....inspiring your people

Supervisory Tips 2/3 Ohno on Shift of the Mind-set

5. Disciplined: If a supervisor is Taiichi Ohno introduces that people tend to accept common
disciplined then only can she expect theme by saying “This is not sense, even if it is wrong. People
the people to be so. The boss is an common sense. Get ready for a may think a certain method is the
example – Come on time, meet the different way of thinking.” best, or even know that it is not
time-lines, set a behavioral code if but accept that it can not be
necessary. When a misconception becomes changed.
accepted as common sense
6. Feedback/incentives: Promotions, progress stops, says Taiichi If you do kaizen based on an
feedback, raises and accolades Ohno. For example there may be extension of your current
should be showered on the deserving a way of doing things that is not thinking, your results will be
people. great but is low risk so that limited to 10% or 20%
becomes the accepted norm. improvement. Ohno says you
7. Be an example: Be hands on – Do Even if the rewards are small, if have to turn your thinking upside
not just always delegate. At times the the risk is small then this is often down. To find a new path to
boss should take on projects too. She the preferred method under success, a mindset revolution is
may try picking up something less "common sense". required from everyone in the
attractive or uninteresting and organization.
complete it wonderfully. This sets an Ohno argues for a change of
example to all the team about taking mindset "to go beyond common This is particularly true when
up challenges and about how any sense". He says that it's better to implementing one-piece flow.
work is important. go after the big reward, People think its common sense
recognizing that there may also that making a large batch of parts
8. Positive attitude: Be polite. Wish be big risks. These big risks is quicker than working on one
employees good mornings and be simply need to be counteracted. piece at a time. In fact, traditional
generous in thanking them. Inquire It takes courage to step outside cost accounting will tell you that
after about their families off and on. of common sense, but this is the after a changeover it's cheaper to
way "to go beyond". run 10,000 pieces on a press
instead of 1,000 pieces. It's no
Whether it's top management, wonder that misconceptions hide
middle management, workers, or within "common sense".
labor union representatives,

The Right Attitude

Attitude is the way you define and interpret your experiences. Your attitude
is the sum total of your beliefs, assumptions, expectations, and values. It
determines the meaning or significance you attach to events and your
response to them. Picture your attitudes as a glass shield that covers your
head and body; nothing gets to your eyes, ears, nose, or brain without
passing through your attitude shield.

The right attitude has the following characteristics:
 reality, risk-taking and responsibility
 Imagination, innovation and integrity
 Goals-oriented, graciousness, and greatness
 Habits, health, and humor
 Time, thinking and trusting.

Does Training Matter?

Times of Great Difficulty Are Times of Great Opportunity.
These times may not seem ideal at first, but they usually provide keen insight into ideas of great value. When you
are surrounded by problems, you are simultaneously given an opportunity to provide valuable solutions. When times
are good and everything is comfortably in order, it’s easy to become complacent and forget how skillful and
resourceful you are capable of being. Troubled times are necessary evils that push you forward, because they
eventually end, and the lessons and strengths you gain from them last a lifetime.

Use the Right Tools and Skills for the Job
Regardless of your operation – staff motivation is influenced by the following factors: having the right person in the
job who is capable of doing it; equipping them to do the job by giving them the right tools and support and finally
setting realistic targets that they believe can be achieved. This shows the staff that we are responding to the
challenges of the marketplace and supporting them in every way we can.

Training is Always Good, It Keeps People Current and Focused On The Job.
Regular, effective and relevant training is massively important and a great motivator. If you want them to perform
properly and consistently then you have to give them the tools to do so. Training is always good, it keeps people up
to date and focused on the job at hand, it keeps their skills at the forefront and it will show them that management are
obviously concerned with how well they do their job, etc. If they are given good quality training that covers the topics
and issues they are faced with then they will respond and to a certain extent motivate themselves to stick with what
they learn.

Provide Challenge and Variety in the Workplace
It is important for employees to be challenged or learning new things in their job. Too often managers don’t allow
their employees to expand beyond their areas of expertise. Managers are fearful that they will need to expend too
much energy on training or reviewing work, that there will be too many mistakes, or that the employees don’t want to
have to learn more.

Change Your Mindset About The Cost of Training.
If you think of training as a business expense, that's what it becomes. However, if you think of training as an
investment, that's what it becomes. What would you rather do, pay bills or invest in your team? By thinking of training
as an investment, you will also expect a return. This focus guides you in everything from selecting the right training to
evaluating its results.

Engage in Ongoing Employee Skill Development
Managerial training responsibilities extend far beyond simply going over work procedures and sending employees to
classes when they need to master a new skill. Effective workforce training is an ongoing process that requires
supervisors to engage in ongoing skill development with their employees. Managers must engage in informal training
needs assessment on an ongoing basis, paying attention to employees' strengths and weaknesses and identifying
gaps that can be overcome through training opportunities.

Set the Stage >>> Be multi-value oriented in all expressions.

Analyzing Data  Avoid two-value orientations, such as yes/no questions.

QC Circles need a well-  Use expressions for which multiple values can apply—explaining the
defined process for collecting method, amount, and extent of things.
facts and data that help them In two-value expressions, evaluation is by only one scale (e.g., something is
to understand situations in either good or it is bad, with no degrees in between). Actions based on
real time and develop two-value orientations will often fail to reach objectives.
countermeasures In multi-value expressions, rather that an all or nothing choice, a more
(implemented through the detailed degree of evaluation is possible (e.g., with options such very bad,
following PDCA bad, so-so, good, and very good). Even under complicated conditions,
management cycle or the actions taken from multi-valued orientation have a high chance of reaching
QC Story) to address their objectives.
problems and prevent them
from recurring.
Correct use of verbal
information (words):
 Translate verbal language

into report language.
 Avoid making inferences

or conclusions.
 Communicate objectively

with logical language.
 Translate emotional

language into logical
language before
presenting it. Leadership Mind-set Tips

e-Newsletter We can hire people to turn up to work and go through the basic motions
Subscription for a certain number of hours. But we can't buy their enthusiasm, their
cooperation or their commitment.
e-Mail us if you wish to put your
colleagues or HR friends on our 1. Give them a job that will interest and
e-Newsletter database. challenge them - that's just as
important to them as money.
2. Ensure they know they are an
Register to access e-resources. important part of the team.

Training Proposal 3. Build an informal, happy, egalitarian,
flexible work culture.
Contact us to design and deliver
your training programs. 4. Give them freedom to try things out,
learn and grow.

5. Show lots of appreciation for the job
well done.

6.Give them responsibility as a mark of faith in their
abilities and to show your trust in them.

7. Listen to their opinions.

inspiring thoughts... Training Programs SBL

Here they are, the inspirational story, sure to stir you and get *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM
you moving through the day. Whether you feel stuck or just
need a good dose of inspiration from great minds, these should Leadership & Supervision
do the trick. Be sure to feed your brain inspiring stories and Proactive Supervisory Skills
quotes daily, since it needs to be fed regularly just like the rest Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
of your body. Leadership Master Practitioner
Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
Dancing Cow who played a lively score with the Thinker
same result - no reaction from Shift Your Leadership
Michal and Kental started arguing the cow. Lean Leadership
as to which of them wrote the better Executive Management
music. "My music is better," Michal "It's a lost cause," Michal cried.
said. "My melodies bring tears to "Your cow does not have a Continuous Improvement
the eyes of all women." musical ear." "Well, I don't know Kaizen Made Ezy
about that," the peasant replied. Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
"No, my music is better," Kental "If you would lend me your Understanding Lean Manufacturing
disagreed. "My scores are more instrument for a moment, I could Office Lean
enchanting than anything! Your play something for her." Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
music couldn't move a cow, my Poka Yoke
poor Michal." Intrigued, Michal and Kental Training Within Industry
handed over the balalaika. The Productivity Improvement Techniques
"And what do you think? That your peasant did his best to imitate 5S Step by Step Approach
scores would make it dance?" the humming of the flies and the Auditing for 5S Compliance
mooing of little cows. The cow Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
The dispute was in full swing when lifted her ears, started whipping (FMEA)
a peasant passed by, leading his her tail from side to side, and Statistical Process Control
cow back home from the field. The walked closer to the peasant as if
two musicians saw an opportunity to hear the music better. Management
to put their theories to the test. Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
If you have trouble Performance Improvement Strategy
"Hello there," they said. "Would you communicating with people, it Time Management & Personal
mind if we played something for may be that you are not playing Effectiveness
your cow?" "Well, if it gives you the music they are used to Communicating at Work
pleasure, why not? She's seen a lot hearing. Don't try to flatter your Performance Appraisal
worse in her day, I can tell you." listeners, but speak with words Administrative Skills
that they understand. Don't try to Building Superior-Subordinates
Michal warmed his hands, tuned his impose your meaning by using Relationship
words and sentences that are too Conflict Management
absaklathlaeikeaxapnedrtpsla>y>e>d the most complex. Coaching & Counseling Skills
Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
beautiful melody ever heard by a "Because we think that we have Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
cow. But without result - the beast to persuade, we forget how to Skills
ruminated without moving an ear. listen." - Robert Shapiro Managing Absenteeism
Vexed, Michal passed the Inspiration for Work
instrument to his compatriot, Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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