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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2019-04-16 06:21:52

Crest Dynamics Newsletter April 2019

Self-Realization April 2019

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Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy PLT

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Official Newsletter of Crest Dynamics Mid-May 2015 April 2019

Leadership: organizations miss this the reciprocity reaction kicks in
and they want to put in more effort. Somehow many
Empathy Leadership organizations miss this basic, yet very important point
when it comes to leadership behaviors. Successful
According to studies carried out by Development organizations are aware of this and their leaders
Dimensions International (DDI), empathy is the continuously look for ways to notice, compliment, and
biggest single leadership skill needed find ways to show their appreciation to their staff.
today. According to Richard S. Wellins, senior vice
president of DDI, “Being able to listen and respond 3. Your employees will work better with each other
with empathy is overwhelmingly the one interaction
skill that outshines all other skills.” Other research Not only do employees that feel valued and
has backed up DDI findings. Dianne Crampton at appreciated want to do more in their work, they want to
Gonzaga University found that “Empathy is a do more for their fellow employees. When empathy is
universal team value that promotes high demonstrated at the top, it is passed down throughout
commitment and cooperation in the workplace.” the organization, resulting in an increase in teamwork,
a decrease in staff conflict, and a decrease in
Some companies believe that empathy is so workplace disruption. This collaboration will result in
important that they send managers to “empathy better coordinated work effort and increased
training.” According to the Wall Street Journal 20% productivity.
of employers now offer empathy training, which is up
substantially from 10 years prior. 4. Everyone will be more creative

Here are four reasons that empathy is becoming the People who perceive they are part of an organization
number one leadership skill: and feel heard and appreciated tend to risk more and
look for ways to add increased value to the
1. Your staff will be more loyal organization. They are more likely to put time and
energies coming up with new ideas, processes, and
One of the struggles that every organization faces is methods to improve their own work and move the
retaining talented staff. One of the most common organization forward. Their commitment to the
cited reasons for people leaving an organization is organization makes them feel that their success and
lack of trust in and appreciation from those they that of the organization are interrelated, boosting their
report to. Empathy increases trust, a sense that staff desire to find new, better, and more efficient ways of
are valued and cared about. Whether in our working.
personal relationships or part of an organization, we
will be more likely to stay when we feel like we are © Harvey Deutschendorf
heard, appreciated, and cared about.

2. Your staff will be more engaged

Have you ever noticed that when someone close to
you notices how you are feeling or tells you much
they appreciate something you have done for them?
You automatically have the urge to do more for
them. In terms of employee engagement, it is known
that when leadership demonstrates to employees
that they care, the reciprocity reaction kicks in and
they want to put in more effort. Somehow many

Sales Process: Handing Objections

Part 4 of 5

7. We’re Happy With Our Current Solution, 8. Call Me In Six Months
Again, this may be a tactic to get you to simply
It may be that they are simply happy and content go away.
and no amount of persuasion will change that.
Or it may be that something will be different in
In which case, move on to where your services will the next few months.
make a difference.
Use the comment to be interested in what
But a quick comment or two on how your solutions changes may happen in that time that justifies
have helped other companies to be even better you calling them back.
than before may cause the prospect to stop and
think that maybe there could be better things Something simple like ‘OK, Mr Prospect, I’ll do
ahead, if they only just take the blinkers off and that. Tell me, what will be different in six months
look around. that will justify me calling?”

That opens up the chance for you to create a gap This question may still receive a brush-off, in
between where they are now and where they could which case you simply build up your value over
be with your solution. that time period so they really want to talk to
you in six months.
For Training Proposal
Or they may share information with you that
eMail: could really mean ‘call me in six months’ like an
[email protected] invitation to tender or an expansion of
Tel: 03-3884 7357

In which case, you have a reason to call back.

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Health Wise:

Human Resource: Quote

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to.”
~ Sir Richard Branson

“In most cases, being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.”

~ Tina Fey

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Self-Development Mastering
Self-Leadership Tip No. 8
Building Strong
Crest Dynamics
Tip No. 7 Services
Helping Your

You can empower others by sharing your tips, One of the great honors in the workplace is
routines or efficiency methods that work you. being a person that people want to genuinely
work with.
Ways of helping co-workers can include being
responsive, helping to clear backlog, assisting in It starts from the little things such as saying “hi”
coming up with solutions, helping to explain in the morning and saying “have a good
complicated processes, training them on using evening” when you leave for the day, to being
new systems and being collaborative in sharing polite and respectful, to expressing gratitude
relevant information with team members. and saying “thank you,” to being accountable
and reliable.
Other methods are listening to others view points
and opinions, willingness to learn from others, Building strong working relationships with
supporting other departments, giving kudos to coworkers goes beyond small talk. It requires
team members on their accomplishments, genuine effort and takes time to achieve.
participating in office communal and volunteer
activities and participating actively in meetings When you start working in a new organization,
and voicing your thoughts and comments. introduce yourself to others and learn how
different people work and interact with each
Additionally you can act as an accountability other.
partner to check-in, encourage and motivate a
colleague who is working on achieving specific Make a sincere effort to get to know others by
goals. asking respectful questions, learning what they
do, inviting them for lunch or a walk and
Demonstrate willingness to pitch in and help getting to know their interests both at work and
others when they run into challenges. If outside work.
necessary, be willing to roll up your sleeves and
do what it takes to help a colleague meet a Remember to acknowledge special occasions
critical deadline even when it might call for such as birthdays and work anniversaries.
working a few late nights and weekends.
Maintain regular contact with your colleagues.
You cannot dream yourself When nurtured well they could turn into lifelong
into a character; you must friends.

hammer and forge one. Furthermore, having strong work bonds and
friendships at work can help to increase your
morale, job satisfaction and productivity.


Lean Enterprise: PDCA Creates a Culture of Critical Thinking

PDCA is a methodology used to control and continuously improve processes and products. The roots of the
philosophy can be traced back to the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1959. The father of modern quality
control, W. Edwards Deming, referred to it as the “Shewart Cycle” and commonly referred to it as PDSA. It is
known as a system for developing critical thinking.
PLAN – Assess the current process or product and figure out how it can be improved.
DO – Enact the new process or product by testing small changes and gathering data.
CHECK – Evaluate the data and results from the new process or product.
ACT – If there is improvement from the standard, then it becomes the standard. If not, the existing standard
remains in place and more learning is required.
Toyota (TPS) and other lean manufacturers contend that an engaged and problem-solving workforce
utilizing PDCA creates a culture of critical thinking and is much better able to innovate. This philosophy enables
the manufacturers to stay ahead of competition through rigorous problem solving and innovation. PDCA should
be continuously implemented in increasing spirals of knowledge. This is especially crucial at the beginning of a
project when crucial data is not available. The method provides feedback to support or negate hypotheses. It
allows us to be approximately right rather than absolutely wrong.
By utilizing the PDCA, it allows manufacturers to avoid “analysis paralysis,” which is a state of over-analyzing or
overthinking. When in this state of mind, the situation can appear to be so complex a decision or action is never
taken. The decision can appear be overcomplicated, with too many detailed options to make a decision. It
seems to best leave the problem alone and deal with the issues rather than risk change.

© Shmula

Inspiring Story: Training Programs HRDFSBL

Find Happiness *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM

Once a group of 50 people were Everyone was frantically searching Leadership & Supervision
attending a seminar. Suddenly the for their name, colliding with each Proactive Supervisory Skills
speaker stopped and decided to do other, pushing around others and Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
a group activity. He started giving there was utter chaos. Leadership Master Practitioner
each attendee one balloon. Each Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
one was asked to write his/her name At the end of 5 minutes no one could Thinker
on it using a marker pen. Then all find their own balloon. Now each Shift Your Leadership
the balloons were collected and put one was asked to randomly collect a Lean Leadership
in another room. balloon and give it to the person Executive Management
Now these delegates were let into whose name was written on it.
that room and asked to find the Within minutes everyone had their Continuous Improvement
balloon which had their name written own balloon. Kaizen Made Ezy
within 5 minutes. Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
The speaker then began, “This is Understanding Lean Manufacturing
You cannot happening in our lives. Everyone is Office Lean
teach a man frantically looking for happiness all Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
anything. You around, not knowing where it is. Poka Yoke
can only help Training Within Industry
him discover it Our happiness lies in the happiness Productivity Improvement Techniques
within himself. of other people. Give them their 5S Step by Step Approach
happiness; you will get your own Auditing for 5S Compliance
happiness. And this is the purpose Jidoka
of human life…the pursuit of Statistical Process Control
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Performance Improvement Strategy
Time Management & Personal
Communicating at Work
Performance Appraisal
Administrative Skills
Building Superior-Subordinates
Conflict Management
Coaching & Counseling Skills
Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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29B, Jalan Bayu Tinggi 2A/KS6, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Batu Unjur, 07-3535 562
Taman Bayu Tinggi, [email protected]
41200 Klang, Selangor. 03-3884 7357
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